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Chapter 1: Receiving the Antidote

She was sick. It was completely obvious considering her strange behavior, and two…why wouldn't a man in love watch his beloved attentively? She was hiding it too, for the sake of the others and I was quite impressed. But if you looked closely, you could see her wiping her forehead of sweat every minute and drink so much water to keep herself cool that you'd think she was trying to drown herself. There was numerous amounts of times when I wanted to swat away the twins from her and carry her home. But all those times, I couldn't allow to guard to drop…not even for her. She noticed my twitching nerve to help her however and slowly shook her head as to set my mind at ease that she was okay. She was a strong one, I'll give you that, but I swear her stubbornness will get her killed one day. Even so, after having received her silent message, I willed all my focus to be directed at the current bidding going on in the Ouran Host Club webpage. But…that nagging cough! How could no one hear it?! Truth be told that the room she took refuge in to release her germs in peace muffled the sound a little, but none the less…I could hear it. It was one of those coughs that keep you up at night because the flem and snot is constantly clogging the back of your throat. It was one of those annoying coughs that tickles your throat and provokes your epidemic even more. Anyway you put it, she sounded miserable and there were times when I almost snapped and flew through the doors. Yet finally, even she couldn't stand her consistent coughing anymore either and fled the 3rd music room without a word. The music room had gone silent at this point. Hosts and guests all turned their attention to the door that their beloved Haruhi vanished through.

Surprisingly, Tamaki, besides me who already mustered enough strength to stray my concerned gaze to the exit, was the first to recover. He turned to the ladies with a serious expression and said "It has come to our attention as of recently that Haruhi isn't feeling well right this moment. And even though it pains me to bid you an early farewell," he said this with tear glazed eyes. ", we must end club activities early for today for the sake of our missing member." The girls looked upon Tamaki with adoration in their eyes and squeals of delight at the dedication to his fellow club members. And because of that, they willingly evacuated the host club. As Tamaki finished his quick goodbyes and apologies to the girls, he turned to me and with the fire of determination in his eyes. " Kyoya! Get the limo ready!" With my glasses, I hid the slight disappointment in my eyes that I would not be Haruhi's hero this time and brought out my phone and ordered for a car to be ready in our stead. "Don't worry Haruhi…I'm on my way."

To my chagrin, the host club piled into the limo that was waiting for us at the entrance of the school. And once the door snapped closed, Tamaki ordered the driver to go. The twins were pressed up against the window, Honey was nervously eating cake (I'm not sure how he got it though…) as Mori watched him with a concerned expression. Only me and Tamaki remained calm…which was slightly unnerving. You'd think that Tamaki would be flailing about the vehicle by now with a bullhorn in hand screaming through it in a desperate attempt to find his "beloved daughter." However, Tamaki's reaction in this dire situation only confirmed my suspicion of him being a future roadblock in my attempt to woo Haruhi. After the little incident at the bridge during the Ouran fair, Tamaki's feelings changed and it didn't go unnoticed by anyone. He became less chaotic around her and treated her more fragilely and delicately than he had before. At first, as Tamaki jumped off the bridge after Haruhi, I feared he would kiss her or worse…she'd share the same spark of romance that Tamaki held within himself. But…a mere hug kept Haruhi at fair game. Ever since then, I've kept a close eye on her relationship towards him and fortunately, she only saw him as a hopeless idiot from what I've seen. Still…Tamaki will prove to be a challenge whether or not Haruhi returns his feelings. He would never accept even a budding romance between us. I shouldn't let that stop me though since I'm Kyoya Ohtori…and I always strive to achieve what I want.

Where the hell could she be? A sickly person can only travel so far! Then again, we are talking about Haruhi here. But still, I don't think even she can outwit her illness. But our options were limited. As we arrived at the Fujioka household, we found no one home. And at that "shocking news", that's when Tamaki began to panic. "KYOYA! MY LITTLE GIRL! SHE'S NOT HERE!" Tears began trailing down his cheeks as he looked at me with his violet blue eyes. As much as I hate to help him when it would give him an advantage, I came up with the proposition that we split up and cover more ground in order to find Haruhi faster. Everyone readily agreed. Honey and Mori headed to some nearby shops in the neighborhood, the twins began their venture towards the park and Tamaki decided to stay with the apartments in case Haruhi was on her way and someone missed her and to ask around if anyone's seen her . I, on the other hand, as I ordered for a car to come get me, contemplated her possible locations. She was having a coughing fit when she exited. "So she'd probably be weak from coughing so much, which means she can't have gotten far…DAMN!" The car pulled up in front of me and I quickly boarded, forgetting to buckle up as I yelled, "To Ouran! And hurry!" The driver quickly sped off and I sat back in the leather seat with my hands over my face in utter shame. How could this little detail be missed by someone of my intellect? "She hasn't even left the school yet…shit!"

The car pulled up to the front gate, yet not coming to a complete stop, and I burst through the car doors. Unfortunately, my "leap of faith" caused my ankle to twist in a sickening direction on impact. However, the pain was ignored. I ran through the gates and entered the almost deserted building. The building was dark. My only source of light was the dim orange light of the setting sun that streamed through the windows of the school. It was rather annoying since low light is the number one cause to the constant headaches I endure every day. Yet, the pain AND annoyance was both pushed aside. I reached the staircase and climbed them ever so quickly that once I turned the corner, I almost bumped into Haruhi, who was leaning against the wall that was supporting her strength to keep her upright. I stopped in front of her as well as Haruhi who looked at the body in front of her confused. Obviously wondering why there was a person in front of her. She lazily lifted up her head and met my eyes with her exhausted honey-brown ones. "Kyoya-senpai?" And with that, she began to sway before collapsing into my arms. I caught her easily, since she weighed almost nothing which was quite concerning. "Do you even eat? Or is this a result of your current health?" I placed a cool hand on her forehead and once my skin made contact with hers, I jolted back in surprise. It felt as though she just visited hell! With no second thoughts, and biting my tongue hard to make up for the pain I was ignoring in my ankle, I picked up Haruhi bridal style and began exiting the school.

"Don't worry Ranka-san, Haruhi is safe. She's just feeling a little under the weather…It's just a slight fever. Nothing a little medicine and rest can't fix…Of course, I'm not leaving her in her time of need….Absolutely, I will have her home as soon as she's feeling better…Arigatou, good bye." I juggled the cell I was holding along with the Pepto Bismal in my hand as I headed back upstairs where Haruhi was resting. I had to make sure I called her father because from how well I know Ranka, he'd call the F.B.I. if he found that Haruhi wasn't at home safe. Then again…I'd do the same thing if I were to find out the same information as well. But being the selfish man I am, instead of bringing her home I brought her to my own. No doubt Tamaki would be all over her if I brought her back where he was waiting. "Note to self: Tell Tamaki that Haruhi has been found…if you remember." I smirked at the thought of Tamaki camping by the front door of the Fujioka household waiting for Haruhi who would never come.

I continued up the stairs and turned a quick left where the guest bedroom was. I opened the door to see Haruhi sleepily looking out the window at the soft red-orange colors of the sunset. She turned her head and smiled softly as I entered. "Hey Kyoya-senpai." I gave her a nod of acknowledgment and sat down at the chair next to the bed she lay on. I began filling up the small plastic cup I had in hand with the Pepto Bismal and Haruhi watched with wide eyes as the thick dark pink liquid spilled out of the bottle. "Wha…what is that?" she asked quietly. "Pepto Bismal." I said wiping the edge of the bottle onto the edge of the small cup. Once I screwed the top back on the bottle, I lifted my head up and began handing her the cup. She only pushed it away with a scrunched up face. "Drink." I inquired, but she shook her head, keeping her lips tightly closed. "Oh I see, not a very good med taker…let's change that." Forgetting about my self control and any consequences this would come with, I threw the liquid into my mouth…but didn't swallow. I quickly but carefully trapped Haruhi beneath me and crushed my lips to hers before she could refuse.

She struggled underneath me, but I only patiently waited for her to calm down; keeping my lips firmly but gently on top of hers. Once she relaxed a little, keeping the liquid secure in the pouch of my cheek, I flicked her lower lip with my tongue and probably out of exhaustion to keep her guard up, she opened her mouth slightly. At this point, I slowly let the medicine seep from my mouth and into hers. Haruhi, still determined to keep the disgusting liquid from going down her throat, battled with her tongue to delay the Pepto Bismal from exiting his mouth. On the other hand, I thought Haruhi was acting "positively" toward my method of giving her, her medicine. Excited, I quickly released the rest of the medicine from my mouth and began retaliating to keep my position and dominance in her mouth. The medicine was entirely in Haruhi's mouth and there was no way to spit it out, so she reluctantly swallowed and concentrated her focus on getting the intruder out. But, I noticed that Haruhi was barely trying to push me away. Of course there was the possibility that she was delusional from her illness, but…for some reason, Haruhi began participating in the kiss that I somehow changed it to. She placed her hands on his chest and lightly pushed, but I allowed something akin to a purr escape me as I worked inside her mouth. I slid my arms down from the side of her head to her thighs and stroked them lightly.

She shivered with excitement and wrapped her arms around my neck; tangling her fingers within my dark raven hair. Noticing her change in behavior, I smirked against her lips. Even though I know I'm basically taking advantage of her since she was between a state of being ill and drowsy, I couldn't miss out on this opportunity since this will be the first and the last time I get to do this since when I'm done, she will never want to see my face again. Besides, she tasted so good. So good it frightened me. Her original flavor was a very subtle sweet. Not like candy sweet (which I absolutely loathe), but like a plain pastry sweet. Almost like vanilla cake. Her flavor, mixed with the acrid and tangy flavor of the medicine, was absolutely irresistible. The remnant layer of the zesty bubblegum that coated her tongue was hard to resist and, Haruhi unknowing his intentions, fought with her in order to taste the desirable mixture on her tongue. He soon searched thoroughly through out her mouth for any more hotspots that held the intoxicating flavor. But soon Haruhi began to repeatedly whimper from under him. With a small growl, I pulled away to see a panting Haruhi, eyes closed; asleep. I sighed at the fact that the effects of the medicine have over come her body. But as I was about to get up, I noticed a small trail of pink saliva (which was the cause of the dye from the medicine) on her lips. I licked my own hungrily and slowly ran my tongue over her lips to finish off the portion of ambrosia she left for me.

Once I finished, I slowly got off Haruhi, covered her back up with the blanket she origionally had on her and exited the room. I laid against the door, searching my taste buds for the flavor that was already disappearing. I touched my lips softly as the last of the bubblegum left me, but I grinned. That was the best first kiss I think anyone has ever gotten before.

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