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Chapter 10

Kyoya held the notebook, turning it over in his hands. It was by no means expensive. In fact, the price sticker was on the back loudly screaming, "I cost 200 yen!" The label on the front was nothing special either. It was clearly handwritten in sharpie; however, Kyoya noted how neat the handwriting was. The whole thing was simple. Yet it meant the world to him. It puzzled him to know end as to why though. He guessed that it was the fact that even being near the intriguing Freshman alone made him nervous. Or he supposed that it was because the gift came from the heart, as corny as it sounds. She went and spent her own money on him with no questions asked and no regrets. It was something new for Haruhi Fujioka that no one else has seen yet.

The limo came to a stop in front of the Ootori mansion and Kyoya hid the dark purple notebook from his driver's eyes as he opened the door for him. Kyoya exited the car and made his way to the front door. A last minute perusal through his luggage was in order before he left tomorrow. He brought out his key and opened the door, holding out his coat to a maid as he entered. He was heading to the stairs when the maid called after him.

"Ootori-sama, you have visitors waiting for you upstairs."

"Oh? And why are they upstairs when they can politely wait for me down here?" He asked irritated. In all honesty, he wanted to be left alone at this point.

"M…my apologies Ootori-sama. But they insisted." Kyoya inhaled slowly, keeping his exhaustion in check. He was starting to feel the effects of this morning's early rising. He had Tamaki to blame though. He had no doubt in himself that as soon as his luggage was in order, he would take heed to the nearest recliner, couch or bed. He continued on upstairs and made his way to his room. He opened his door to find Honey sitting patiently on the couch with Mori standing next to him.

"Welcome back Kyo-chan!" Kyoya lifted his head a little to hide the annoyance in his eyes with his glasses.

"Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai," He acknowledged, "What a pleasant surprise." Kyoya couldn't help but be slightly suspicious of them. Visiting their kohai wasn't something Honey did regularly unless he was traveling with the Host Club. He also knew that Honey was actually quite perceptive and smart when it came to the Host Club. Kyoya knew nothing good would come out of this meeting for him. But at least it would be interesting.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"We wanted to talk to you Kyo-chan and it was really important."

"Why didn't you ask me at dinner?

Honey opened his mouth to answer when Mori interjected with a low, "Bad idea." There was silence in the room for a minute and Kyoya was foreshadowing the worst to come with this conversation.

"Do you have any cake?" The small blonde asked hopefully.

"I can prepare some for you if you would like." Honey grinned.

"That'd be great!"

Once Honey got his cake, Kyoya excused himself to the loft of his room where the bed was. His suitcase was jam packed with regular dress shirts and pants (freshly ironed) along with his dress shoes and a select few ties. There were also some comfortable lounge clothes thrown in there in any case of an "off day" as well as some "pajamas" which were just some t-shirts and sweatpants. And of course, there were the necessary toiletries: toothbrush, tooth paste, hair brush, socks, etcetera. In his carry on was his laptop( which would probably come out tonight anyway because he could only be off his laptop for so long), his wallet, and his black notebook and pen.

Remembering the gift he had acquired, Kyoya reached behind him and grabbed the dark purple notebook from Haruhi. He flipped through the freshly blank pages nonstop, thinking tirelessly. Regardless of how cold he seemed to be acting towards her, she was still nothing but friendly to him. And it made him wonder whether he was right about her and Tamaki. He noticed that even though they talked to each other, nothing remotely romantic was going on between them. He was certain of that much. Then again, Haruhi wasn't and probably will never be one for public display of affection. To add onto that, she seemed to be solely focused on him but that could be his big ego talking. Or it could be the fact that he was leaving to another country. But, he was leaving to get away which was cowardly. And Kyoya knew this. He wasn't going to lie to himself, it just leads to issues. Kyoya was ashamed of the realization and it rid him of some pride he possessed, but as long as no one knew that, there was no harm. He could just disguise his setback (heartbreak, sorrow, anguish, grief, distractions, etc.) with a simple business trip. It sounds like a good idea but Kyoya knew it was probably his worst and complications, not to mention consequences, would arise from it. But every result that he calculated from it wouldn't hurt his image in society, just the psychological part.

"That was thoughtful of Haru-chan wasn't it?" Kyoya looked up to see Honey and Mori watching him. Kyoya tucked the notebook in his carry on and stood up.

"Yeah, I suppose it was." Honey sighed sadly.

"Kyo-chan, what're you doing?"

"What do you mean Honey –senpai?"

"Why are you leaving?"

"To help my father on his business trip of course."

"I don't think that's true." Kyoya tore his eyes away from his senpai's and sat down on the bed, bringing out his laptop.

"And why do you say that?" He asked signing into his profile. Honey exhaled deeply. He knew Kyoya was trying to avoid the conversation; Kyoya knew what Honey wanted to hear.

"Kyo-chan…do you like Haru-chan?" On the outside, Kyoya remained unfazed by the question, but on the inside, Kyoya's stomach flipped slightly in anxiety. Kyoya considered completely ignoring the two until they went away, but that would be futile. The two were masters in martial arts; patience was their second nature. To add on, both of his senpais knew much more than they let on. Otherwise they wouldn't ask the question. So he just kept his calm exterior, opened up a few things on his computer and began typing as he said, "It is a great possibility." Kyoya could see out of the corner of his eye, Honey getting excited, so he cut him off before he could fully explode.

"However, it does not matter. I'm already leaving for America." He didn't tell them that he has also already told Haruhi he wasn't interested.

"It's not like you're going to be leaving forever Kyoya." It was Mori who answered that time and so Kyoya looked up from the screen.

"That's true. But she has many other wonderful people to make her happy. Not just me. Not like I would be any good at it anyway. Besides, I've seen who makes her truly happy." Honey looked at Kyoya bewildered.

"Wait a minute! Kyo-chan! Do you think Haru-chan is-!" A firm hand landed on Honey's shoulder (Mori's) that interrupted him. He shook his head inconspicuously at Honey and turned away.

"We'll let you finish up Kyoya. Goodnight." Kyoya nodded and looked back to his computer, trusting that his senpais knew the way out. Honey solemnly climbed on Mori's back and they left Kyoya's room and eventually the Ootori mansion.

Getting into the limo, Honey finally let out his frustration.

"He's got it all wrong Takashi!" Mori grunted in agreement. Honey cuddled his Usa-chan to his chest.

"He thinks she's dating Tama-chan…I wonder where he got that idea."

"Something probably happened."

"I hope it wasn't anything bad." Mori nodded.

Haruhi trudged into her apartment, exhausted. Of course, she had fun with the host club but it had been a long day. She spent a good hour looking for a gift for Kyoya and then she left with the twins and Honey and Mori to set up the party room for Kyoya's arrival. And then everything else was the interacting part but you must always add extra effort to keep up with everyone.

She entered the house but didn't get very far until Ranka barreled into her and crushed her into a hug.

"Ha-ru-hi! Welcome back! I hope you had fun but I've just missed you so!" He exclaimed in a sing-song voice. But Haruhi responded with a sudden groan of pain. Ranka released her, startled. He watched as Haruhi clutched her stomach and continued to groan.

"Oh, oh dear. I'm sorry Haruhi." She shook her head slightly.

"It was nothing you did dad. Of course I would appreciate it if you toned yourself down a little, but it's just a stomach ache. It seemed to have snuck up on me." Ranka was not convinced by this. He had noticed that Haruhi was not completely "germ free" yet, but a month had passed since the first ordeal and it seemed that it hadn't fully gone.

"How have you been feeling lately Haruhi?" She lifted her head to look at her dad with a questioning gaze. She slowly, cautiously, straightened up from her hunched over position.

"I've been perfectly fine." A lie. Ranka could pinpoint it in her voice. It was too try hard, too convincing.

"Really now? Then why has the pain reliever been moved into the bathroom?" She stared blankly at him.

"No reason. I just took some for a headache and forgot to put it back." Another lie.

"Haruhi, why have you been getting night fevers?" She continued to look at him with a blank expression.

"I have? I haven't even noticed." All lies. By this point, Rank was frustrated. He's noticed all this and more! She was constantly taking pills for headaches and stomach aches, taking naps, and on many occasions, Ranka has woken up in the middle of the night to see her checking her temperature.

"Why am I having a hard time believing you?" Haruhi remained silent and looked away from her father. Ranka exhaled slowly and crossed his arms.

"That's what I thought. Haruhi dear, why don't you just stay home from school if you are ill?"

"I'm perfectly fine dad. It's probably just a passing germ. Besides, Kyoya-senpai said I was fine too." Ranka scoffed at his daughter.

"Pfft, yeah like two weeks ago. Speaking of which, I heard that you two have been avoiding each other…and also that it was going well between you guys!" Haruhi took some time to keep her act together as to not show any emotion to her father. Any ounce of nervousness, sadness, or uncomfortableness was fuel for Ranka. He would find her out if she didn't control her emotions. There was no way she would ever let him find out and get his hopes up (whatever hopes they may be).

"I have no idea what you mean dad." Ranka narrowed his eyes at her. He wanted to ask her about the time Kyoya brought her home from school that day when she fell unconscious when she was ill. But he promised him he wouldn't say a word. And even if he did tell Haruhi, she wouldn't believe it. She would wave it off with her usual "he only gets involved if there is merit." But Ranka could tell that the "merit" for Kyoya was no doubt his daughter whether he or she noticed it or not.

Haruhi could tell the discussion was over so she excused herself and went to the bathroom. She wasn't feeling so well, but she wasn't about to tell her dad that. Ranka watched her and when she entered the bathroom, he crept up to the door and pressed his ear against it. He could clearly hear Haruhi dry heaving on the other side. He wanted to say something, but Haruhi wouldn't let him do anything about it. She was just that stubborn.

In the bathroom, Haruhi stared in horror at the toilet. She didn't think that the "passing germ" was something to worry about. But if she was puking up blood, it was time to worry. She wiped her mouth, a red smear now on the side of her hand, and flushed the toilet. She took a deep breath and opened the door to face her father. She knew he had been listening. He had already been onto her. He looked at her with worried eyes but she remained calm and said, "I don't think I'm going to be able to see Kyoya-senpai off tomorrow." Ranka took her to the futon immediately.

No matter what, Kyoya would always hate mornings. He had an early flight this morning leaving at 7:40 a.m. and so he had to wake up at the glorious hour of 5:30 in the morning. That didn't make for a happy Kyoya. He woke up at the second alarm clock, knowing that if he kept snoozing it (trying to pound the life out of it), he would never wake up and he'd be late (and he would be short another alarm clock). So he reluctantly threw the sheets off of his body, grabbed the clothes on the chair that were set out for him, and headed to the bathroom to shower. By the time he was ready, a dark cloud had covered Kyoya; one that clearly told passerby's that 'there is danger and you need to back off'. The servants definitely didn't need that "warning cloud" to know that their master was not going to be in any good mood. So they hurriedly packed his bags into the limo and got out of his way for Tachibana to handle. And he did. He opened the door for Kyoya and let him in, not saying a word. Tachibana learned that unless the master said something to you, you remain silent.

Kyoya slid into the car and grabbed for the coffee that Tachibana had provided for him in the cup holders. He took a big gulp and settled into the seats, trying to relax himself. He would be riding in the

plane with his father and it would not benefit him if he was in a bad mood while he was present. He was grateful that he had decided to go ahead without him and meet him at the airport. He took another gulp before setting down the cup and reaching for his carry on. He wouldn't allow it to be carelessly thrown into the back. When he deemed everything to be in place, he told Tachibana to go ahead and drive. Once he felt the car gently jolt forward and begin its way down the driveway, Kyoya brought out his black notebook for one last note.

September 30th: Going away on a two month business trip. Father and I are not due to be back until December 10th at the latest. As a side note, this book is full.

It really wasn't.

Kyoya closed the notebook and shoved it back in his bag.

Kyoya arrived on time to the airport as expected. He got out of the car, grabbing his bag and slinging it over his shoulders. Tachibana was already by the trunk and taking out his luggage. He handed his suitcase to Kyoya, to which he took the handle, and then bowed to Kyoya, preparing to take his leave. Tachibana was not allowed to come with Kyoya on this trip since his father was bringing his own bodyguard. That didn't mean he wouldn't be in touch with Tachibana. Kyoya gave him a nod and began making his way to the entrance. He was about to cross under one of the boarding stations when he heard loud knocking. He looked up to see an excited Tamaki grinning stupidly at him from upstairs. The twins and Honey and Mori were with him. He looked away and sighed. He knew he might as well let them see him off before he's gone for a couple months. He could also thank Haruhi one more time for the gift. He checked his bag into the system and went through security with no trouble at all and began making his way to the gate. Tamaki saw him from a mile away and began running towards him like a madman which alerted the others. Tamaki slammed into him once he was in range and trapped him in a hug. Kyoya almost thought that his angry morning cloud would peek out from his exterior and lash out.

"Oh Kyoya! I'm just gonna miss you so much!" Kyoya removed Tamaki from his being and gave him a knock on the head.

"I won't be gone for long. Besides, you would probably forget I'm even gone in the next fifteen minutes." While Tamaki was nursing his head, the others came over to meet him. They crowded in front of him; all present except for Haruhi. Which was odd. He knew she said she was going to be here. He wondered what stopped her. He didn't let his thoughts drift towards Haruhi for too long though. That was way too troublesome.

"When will you be coming back Kyo-chan?"

"Hopefully by December 10th."

"That will be a long time Kyoya-senpai. How will the Host Club even survive while you're gone?" Hikaru asked him. Kyoya smirked and looked at the blonde who was still rubbing his head.

"I'm sure you will be fine. Just make sure Tamaki doesn't put the club in too much debt."

"That's rude Kyoya!" Hikaru and Kaoru snickered.

A hand came down on Kyoya's shoulder. He turned to see his father, silently warning him that it was time to board the plane soon. Kyoya nodded and watched his father walk to the gate. He readjusted his glasses and turned to his friends.

"I appreciate you guys seeing me off. Tell Haruhi I said bye."

"Have a safe trip Kyo-chan!" Kyoya nodded and went to the gate, gave the ticket to the attendant and disappeared down the long corridor to his plane. The group waited until Kyoya's plane took off before silently agreeing to visit their missing host.

All the hosts thought it was weird that Haruhi had not come to the airport. They remember her saying she would and Tamaki had planned to give her a ride from the get-go. But she said that she would take a bus instead. She knew Tamaki would pick her up way too early. When she hadn't arrived at their meeting time, they (Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru) couldn't help but panic a little. They were forming a search party, with Honey and Mori observing, when Tamaki caught sight of Kyoya and got excited. The mention of Haruhi brought him back to Earth and when Kyoya left, they knew to go investigating.

Tamaki knew to do some private investigating. He wasn't going to ignore the fact that he saw a burning passion in Kyoya's eyes as he was looking and talking to Haruhi. It was something he's never seen in Kyoya before; something completely foreign to Kyoya's facial features and expressions. And when he told them to say goodbye to Haruhi for him, he seemed disappointed that she could not be there. It bothered him in a way, the way he was looking at her. It made him jealous. He didn't know what to think of it just yet. But he knew that if anything were to happen, he would have competition. He wasn't going to give up on Haruhi just yet. There was still a chance.

They arrived at the apartment complex and knocked on the door. To their surprise, Ranka answered the door with a grave expression on his face.

"Oh hello boys."

"Hi Ranka-san. We thought you would have been at work." The twins harmonized. Tamaki kept a distance between him and Ranka.

"Well I would be, but something came up. What are you guys doing here?"

"Do you know where Haru-chan is Ranka-san?" He sighed deeply and turned his head around looking at something in the house before he answered.

"Oh yes, she's here. The poor dear is not feeling very well I'm afraid. My apologies to Kyoya-kun in advance. I know he was expecting everyone."

"She's sick?" Tamaki asked quietly.

"Again?" Kaoru asked.

"How?" Hikaru added. Ranka ran a hand through his hair and groaned in frustration.

"I don't know, I don't know! She just went into the bathroom and came out saying she wouldn't be able to go to the airport."

"May we see her?" Tamaki asked hopefully. He looked back into the house for a second before shaking his head.

"I don't think so boys. That might not be a good idea. She's sleeping anyway." Tamaki and the twins looked like they were about to argue when Mori grabbed the twins and Honey began pulling on Tamaki's arm in a playful manner. Mori and Honey began steering them away, with the other three trying to escape, when Mori called back to Ranka, "Thank you sir. We'll be on our way." Ranka nodded and shut the door while Mori and Honey wrestled with the struggling men.

Ranka went back to the bedroom where Haruhi was sleeping on the futon. She crashed as soon as he set it up and soon developed a fever. He took the towel off her scalding forehead and ran it under cold water before wringing it and placing it back on her forehead. He sat next to her for a while and watched her sleep. During the silence, Ranka recalled a memory from one of Kotoko's doctor's visits when she first started getting sick.

It was around autumn when Kotoko started catching frequent fevers. They both thought it was just from the change in weather, but as winter left and spring came, Kotoko hadn't gotten any better. If anything, she got worse. Ranka took her to the doctor to see if they could just get some prescription medicine to help her get better, but the doctor had other news.

"I'm sorry to say that your wife has been diagnosed with leukemia." No one in the room spoke. Ranka and Kotoko were afraid to. Kotoko looked away from everyone and just sat quietly. The doctor asked to speak with Ranka and he quietly followed him out of the room.

"How could this be?" He asked quietly once he was out in the hallway with the doctor.

"Well it could have been hereditary or it could have been chromosomal complications. Either way, Fujioka-san, these things happen."

"But we thought it was just the common cold." The doctor looked away from the man's sad eyes and drew his attention to the clipboard he was holding.

"That's not what your wife told me."

"What do you-"

"She said she's been throwing up for some time now, along with other symptoms including loss of weight and joint pains. I thought it best to have her tested and unfortunately, the results were positive." Ranka was silent for a while, taking everything in.

"There's one other thing Fujioka-san. I understand that you have a daughter?" Ranka nodded, not quite sure where he was going with it.

"Well I just thought I'd let you know that there would be a possibility of your daughter inheriting the disease as well. Children whose parents suffer from leukemia are predisposed to it by fifteen percent." Ranka was in shock. He knew he couldn't do anything about it though. Neither knew either was carrying a disease. There was no way they could know this would happen. There was no way they could have prevented this.

Ranka just nodded and went back into the room with his wife.

Ranka had worried ever since the doctor told him Haruhi could get leukemia and that she would suddenly keel over. But as the years passed, she showed no signs of fatal illnesses except for common colds and fevers. Even then, she didn't get sick often. Soon he started to disregard the fact she would ever get sick and thought the doctor was wrong. But now…

Ranka sighed and brushed some hair from his daughter's sweltering forehead before getting up to call a doctor.

Two weeks had passed since Kyoya left and the remnant members of the host club had not heard squat from Haruhi since then. Tamaki considered calling Kyoya to ask him if they could borrow his police force for an investigation. That idea was immediately vetoed and he had his phone confiscated for the day to get the point across. Everyone was still worried though, especially when Ranka had told them that Haruhi wasn't feeling well. She hadn't been in school either and with the two hosts missing, it was hard to keep up with the abandoned ladies. The group had tried to visit Haruhi numerous times, but Ranka shot them down. They all felt completely helpless.

After a long day of hosting, Tamaki hastened to clean up and then leave.

"What's the rush Tono?" Hikaru asked.

"I'm going to try to visit Haruhi again."

"You don't quit easily do you senpai?" Kaoru asked, rolling his eyes.

"I just have a good feeling about today." The twins shrugged and pitched in to help including Honey and Mori. They decided they didn't have anything to lose.

So they cleared away the leftover food and commoner's coffee (and the broken teacups that somehow crashed to the ground. It's been decided that no one tells Kyoya) before locking up the 3rd music room and leaving the school.

They all piled out of their limos when they reached Haruhi's street and ambled up the stairs to the Fujioka's apartment. Tamaki knocked and waited with bated breath for Ranka to come and shoo him away again. Instead, when the door opened, they came face to face with none other than Haruhi! Tamaki almost fainted, but he was caught by the twins. But they, too, were surprised. So were Honey and Mori. Not by the fact that she answered the door, but by the fact that she honestly looked as healthy as ever when she supposedly wasn't feeling well. She only looked a little fatigued and her sudden staggering confirmed her exhaustion. She began to fall forward and with Tamaki already in the twins' hands, the two began to panic about what to do. Luckily, Mori was ready and was able to get to Haruhi in time and steady her. She leaned on him to support her weight and smiled at him.

"Thanks Mori-senpai." He just gave her a worried expression and led her into the apartment with the other following. After she kicked off her slippers, her dad ran into the kitchen with frightened eyes.

"I leave you to go to the bathroom for one minute and then next thing I know, you are out of the room! You scared me half to death!" Mori gave her a scolding gaze but she just shrugged it off. Mori didn't want to let it go though. If she knew she ought to be resting, she should be in bed. Getting up and risking her health was not worth answering the door, even if it was for her friends. She should know better. Mori picked her up, ignoring her protest, and began carrying her back to the bedroom. He set her down only when he was through the doorway. Ranka sighed in relief.

"Oh thank you Mori! She's stubborn when she wants to be." Everyone in the household glared at Haruhi for being irrational once again. She held up her hands in defense.

"Hey, there was company outside Dad! Besides, I was feeling unproductive being stuck in this room all day." They knew that wasn't true and considering the big pile of books next to the futon, they concluded that she was more than productive. Probably more productive than she should be. She noticed the uncertain looks they were giving her and sat back down on the futon.

"Sorry Haruhi," Ranka said to his daughter, "But it's the doctor's orders." Haruhi just sighed.

"Well anyway, what're you guys doing here?" She asked.

"We wanted to come visit you." Tamaki answered exuberantly.

"It's gotten terribly boring without you at school." Hikaru added. She clasped her hands together as if to keep them busy and looked down guiltily.

"Sorry about this guys. It's been a hectic couple of weeks."

"But you look fine Haru-chan!"

"Exactly Mitskuni! That's because she's been resting…like she should be doing now." Haruhi glared at her father and his comment.

"I've been resting long enough. I feel fine right now dad. Besides, I want to tell them what's going on before these three pester me about it." She said gesturing to Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru. Ranka looked at her in consideration before sighing in defeat, nodding and leaving the room. When he left, everything was silent and the atmosphere was suffocating. Everyone could sense that there would be some sort of bad news coming from this and everyone was quite wary about it.

Well the day before Kyoya left, it was right after I came back from the party, when I started to feel sick." She told them about how she figured she was too sick to go to the airport and how she had also been developing night fevers. Tamaki was already over-reacting by then but the twins shushed him so she could continue. She told them how she noticed she's still been sick even after the first time. She said that she thought she was still getting rid of the germs but what proven wrong when she began vomiting blood.

"You were bleeding?!" Tamaki shrieked. The twins looked at each other worriedly and Honey began tearing up.

"Guys calm down. Just listen. My dad called the doctor and we had him look me over." She went silent and began playing with her fingers. Judging by her actions, she didn't want to say what happened next. Everyone was quiet until Mori urged her with a gentle, "And?" She took a deep breath and looked at her friends with sad eyes.

"The doctor said that there is a chance I have leukemia." Everyone who was sitting down stood up and looked at her in disbelief, and Mori, who was already standing, widened his eyes.

"What?!" She looked away unimpressed, trying to keep them from worrying, but in truth, she was terrified.

"Guys, he said it was just a possibility."

"Well how can you know for sure?" Tamaki asked.

"He said I could come into the hospital for tests." They all waited for her to continue but she didn't. Hikaru impatiently asked, "Well? What were the results?" His voice was tight.

"Results? Hikaru, I didn't go to the hospital. I've been here this whole time." There were back and forth arguments and shouting from the twins and Tamaki while the seniors were trying to calm them down. Tamaki furiously asked why she didn't go and she answered patiently that she didn't want to and that it would be too expensive. Kaoru asked why she didn't call them and she said she was either sleeping, studying so she wouldn't fall behind in school, or her dad had hidden the phone in order to get her to relax. The three were not happy with their answers.

"Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru be quiet." Mori grumbled. They closed their mouths but didn't look any less ready to snap. Honey walked up to Haruhi and gave her a hug.

"I know you're scared Haru-chan. But if that was the case, why don't you just go to see for certain whether or not you'll need extra care?" She exhaled slowly and returned the hug.

"I honestly don't feel like I need to senpai. Right now I feel fine, just a little tired. I promised my dad that if I got worse I would go then."

"Is that really a wise decision Haruhi?" Mori asked. She knew what he meant by the question. If she waited to get worse, any chance of getting treatment could be decreased. Part of her just wanted to believe she was ill due to stress, but her dad told her that her mother had had leukemia too. She was afraid of what the result would be if she did go to the hospital.

"I guess not…" That was the end of the whole discussion on her health for the day. Those words she spoke detected fear, fear for her life and they knew she was trying to keep them from worrying and they were just making it worse. Tamaki walked up to her and patted her head in apology. Everyone let the matter drop for now. Instead, they focused on catching up.

A week later, Kyoya was walking down the streets of Chicago after a long meeting with his father. His dad had told him that he was going to be going out to dinner with a couple associates tonight and that he could meet him back at the hotel when it was finished. So he had some time to spare. It was only October 22 and Kyoya was already tired with the trip. It was nothing interesting. Just some confirmations on locations for Ootori hospitals to be constructed and some meetings discussing future accomplices to have ties with for benefit of the firm.

Kyoya sighed as he walked, not really wanting to go back to the hotel just yet. In all honesty, he missed his friends. It was always gloomy in Chicago and the Americans were always rude. And he missed Haruhi believe it or not. No matter how he looked at it, there was no denying that he liked Haruhi. It was a shame to see that she wasn't at the airport. But he just had to endure seven more weeks before he could return home.

As he was walking, he passed a Barnes and Nobles book store. He happened to look at one of the windows and noticed a green poster with a tall black and white cat with a red and white striped hat. It was standing next to a text in big black letters that read, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." By one Dr. Seuss. Kyoya stood outside the store puzzling over the interesting quote and couldn't help but think that was something Haruhi would say. He puzzled more over its meaning as well.

"Be who you are and say what you feel…" He repeated the quote to himself quietly. He felt that the quote was pertaining to him and his sudden interest in Haruhi. And he suddenly got angry. He walked off and headed towards the hotel. He suddenly didn't feel like walking around anymore.

Once he was inside the room, different from the one his father was in, he lay himself down on the bed and took out his phone, finally turning the volume back on. He sighed at the missed called from Tamaki while he was in the meeting. But he couldn't say he was annoyed. It was actually the first time he called him since he got to America. He knew he would forget. Tamaki's thoughts just whirled around in his brain uncontrollably. He called him back and waited for him to pick up.

"Kyoya! You called back!"

"Hello Tamaki."

"It's nice to hear from you mon ami. How's America been?"

"It's been fine. How's the host club been?"

"Well no teacups have been broken yet that's for sure." He answered chuckling nervously. Kyoya smirked.

"Well that's good to hear."

"So listen Kyoya, I was thinking that when you get back we could have a Christmas party. Just the host club." Kyoya raised an eyebrow but continued to listen to his friend go on about how much fun it would be.

"We could even play secret Santa. Can we Kyoya? Please?" Kyoya pushed up his glasses.

"I guess we can." He heard Tamaki squealing on the other side and smirked. Tamaki got easily excited. They spent the next fifteen minutes talking about anything and everything. Except, when the two finally hung up, "anything and everything" apparently didn't include the little detail of Haruhi's leukemia scare in the midst of his swirling thoughts. Kyoya went uninformed of that for the next three weeks.

Week after week it was the same for both Haruhi and Kyoya. For Haruhi, she was still staying at home, resting. It had been so long since she returned to school and finally requested that she now had the twins bring over the assignments she would need to make up. When she wasn't too tired, she allowed everyone to come visit her seeing as she was bored to death and needed company. Although she was surrounded by her friends, she couldn't help but miss Kyoya. It just seemed so odd to have the host club there without him. And she still hated that she wasn't able to say goodbye. But she still appreciated everyone there and because they were there, Ranka could finally return to work knowing the boys

would take good care of her (except for Tamaki). One week, Tamaki was discussing the thought of having a Christmas party for when Kyoya returned. She smiled as everyone pitched in their ideas for the party.

For Kyoya, his time in America didn't get any more boring or any less annoying. His father was still meeting up with the same people over the same things and it was aggravating. The crowds in the city were nothing but a pain and the attractions that people went to everyday didn't help the fact. And when a movie called "Catching Fire" came out, the streets were packed with cars by the theater. He hated the fact that it came out on his birthday too. November 22. Not only did he have to spend it away from home with crazy fan girls piling in and out of the theater, which was conveniently placed a block down from the building he was in a meeting on that day, he had to deal with the suffocating crowds of people. Of course, Tamaki called him on his birthday and he got texts from the twins and his senpais. But it was strange not spending it at home when he could usually count on Tamaki to do something spectacular for him. Not that he appreciated it. He noticed that he didn't get a text from Haruhi though. She knew them long enough to be familiar with all their birthdays, but Haruhi did tend to forget sometimes. He didn't want to dwell on that for too long.

He also got weekly calls from Tamaki on the updates for the Christmas party. He listed all the activities, the location, the time, the food. Anything he could remember. Kyoya found himself counting down the days to when he would be on a plane back to Japan. But Kyoya would find himself getting on one earlier than he expected.

It was November 30th. He was having dinner with his father after a long discussion with a business partner. He was taking a sip of his water when his father said, "We might have to stay an extra three weeks." Kyoya swallowed the water and didn't say anything. He didn't question anything. He was too furious to trust himself to answer. All the time and effort into the Christmas party would have to be spent without him. Christmas would be spent here in America confirming the same things to incompetent idiots who didn't know how to listen the first time.

He went right to bed when they got home after dinner. He was not in the mood to do anything else for the night. But his precious sleep was interrupted by the sound of his phone blaring. He slammed his hand down on the speaker button, not caring to look at the ID and hissed out an angry, "What?"

"Sorry to wake you brother. I just thought I should let you know that one of your friends is currently at one of our hospitals."

"Akito?" His brother didn't respond and neither did he…not until the words he spoke finally clicked in his still sleeping brain.

"Wait…who? Why?" He heard Akito shuffle through some papers on the other side.

"Haruhi Fujioka." Kyoya almost dropped his phone.

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