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There was no reply.


Still nothing.

"Oh my god, ARIA!" A hand landed on the brunette girl's shoulder and she was forcibly turned around to meet the exasperated face of Spencer Hastings.

"Sorry, got the wrong girl." The girl smirked.

"What? What are you-" It took a moment before realization dawned on the scholar's face. "Wait, Adriana?"

"A+, Hastings. A+."

"Oh...my god. Hi!" She launched, pouncing and throwing her arms around the shorter girl. "Dear god!" She had to balance herself to keep from falling. Spencer may have been twig skinny, but the girl held more strength than anyone ever realized. Probably came from the years and years of field hockey and tennis at the country club.

The girl pulled in a breath as she was let out of the monster death grip of her friend, but wasn't able to speak a word before Spencer was going at it once more.

"When did you get back? Are you coming back to school? Does Aria know you're here?"

"One question at a time Spence. Remember, oxygen is usually considered a good thing." A laugh escaped the two girls' lips. "I got back last night. Yes, I am coming back to school. That's sorta why I'm here, and no. She was asleep by the time I got in and I figured I'd surprise her."

"Some surprise." Spencer chuckled as the girl merely shrugged.

Crash! "Woah!" In that moment, Adriana Montgomery was sent tumbling to the ground by the weight of what felt like a person and, looking up, she noticed her sister was hugging her.

"Nice to see you two Ari, though next time, why don't we just try a 'welcome back' instead of running me over. Hell, what did you do, swallow a bus?"

"When the hell did you get back and why didn't I know about it?!" Aria gave a hard slap to her sister's shoulder as they stood to their feet, a laughing Spencer in the background, amused by the twin's antics.

"Your fault. You were asleep, and I didn't want to wake you. I was jet lagged anyways. Spending a full day and a half on planes and in airports can do that to a person."

"And you didn't think to call? Text? Email? What, did England turn you Amish?"

"Text? What is this text you speak of?" That got her a look. Guess she's not amused.

"Oh come on what fun would it have been if you knew I was coming back?"

"Screw you and your fun. I missed you."

"You, my beloved sister, are bipolar, but I missed you too." Throwing an arm around her sister's shoulder, they and Spencer headed off towards the main office to pick up Ade's schedule.

By the time lunch rolled around, Hanna and Emily had been informed of Ade's return and had welcomed her back with open arms. Or rather, they'd tackled her to the ground with open arms. The news of Adriana Montgomery's return had spread fast, as news always did in high school. You couldn't so much as scratch your nose in the English Hall without someone knowing about it moments later out on the practice fields. So, sufficed to say, the return of the other Montgomery girl had caused quite a storm of whispers. Where had she been? What happened? Why is she back? Questions were asked, but rarely answered. Ade had never been one for gossip.

Unlike Aria, Adriana hadn't really been a part of Alison's group. She'd been more into hanging out with Alison's stoner older brother. Jason and Ade had always been...well, they had just been. They'd never put a label on what exactly they were, because they didn't know how to describe it. She had always hung around Jason and his friends, which had irked a lot of people given their age difference. A high school girl with a college stoner and his buddies? Over time, their drug-induced habits had quickly rubbed off on the younger girl, and more than that, as Ade grew, so did her...thing with Jason. In their drug hazes, the pair would often find themselves fumbling with belt buckles, naked limbs getting tangled together as they fell into either his bed or one at some cheap motel. It had been one of the main reasons Ali had never quite accepted Adriana into her little circle. Ade was the punk who was hooking up with Ali's older brother. That, and it often seemed that the girl's trademark ways of getting people to open up and spill their secrets never worked as well on the other Montgomery twin as the vindictive blond would have hoped.

However, closer to Ali's disappearance, Ade and Jason drifted apart, for reasons unknown to all but the two of them. Ali had picked up on this new development within a nanosecond, and had pounced the minute she suspected the bond was weak. Ade had caved accidentally, and things had just...faded.

Unfortunately, after Ade's parents had discovered the stash of joints in her room, everything had blown up in her face, and she'd been sent to a boarding school in England. She'd missed going with her family to Iceland, and although she'd spoken as often as possible to her twin in the year that she was gone, she and the oldest DiLaurentis had, in time, ceased contact altogether. She'd wanted to go back, after discovering Alison had gone missing, but not because she missed the blond. She knew what it would do to her friends. Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily...they'd been brought together by the magnet known as Alison DiLaurentis, and without that magnet, Adriana knew that gravity would take its toll. But then there was Jason. As much as he'd always sworn to despise his sister, even he wouldn't be able to just brush off her disappearance. Even Jason DiLaurentis had a heart.

But she was back now, and it looked like throughout the time between the Montgomery family's return to Rosewood and now, the group of girls had mended their bond, which was now stronger than ever by the looks of it. Ade only hoped they had room for one more.

Shaking all thoughts from her mind, Ade stood in front of the mirror in her old bedroom, pulling her hair up into a ponytail and straightening out her tank top and training shorts. Boxes were piled up against the walls in her room, but besides that, everything was the same. This was where she belonged. Rosewood was her home. It had surprised even her how she had survived being away from everything she'd ever known for so long.

There was a knock at her door, and looking through the mirror, Adriana looked at her mom as the older woman walked through the door..

"Going for a run?" With a sigh, the girl nodded, moving away from the mirror and sitting down on her bed as she worked on tying her shoes.

"Uh, yeah. Never really had much time in England." She didn't want to bring up any old memories. Now was not a time for reminiscing.

"Have you talked to your brother?" The woman was cautious when approaching this subject. Mike had, according to Aria, been...distant since their mom had come back. Apparently something had happened while she'd been away. Something involving Meredith, the woman their father had cheated with.

"He's been shifty since I got home. I mean, he said hi and welcome back and there was a quick moment containing a very tense, very awkward hug, but other than that I'm still trying to figure out if he's even happy that I'm here." Her words came out somewhat rushed, but her mom had understood them.

"Of course he's happy. He's just going through something and he...he needs some time. He'll come around."

Adriana nodded. "I hope so, otherwise I might have to forcibly knock some sense into him." She smiled as she put up her hands and threw some play punches.

"Yeah, keep those fists of fury gloved for now, ok?" Her mother smiled, and it was the first real, carefree moment she'd shared with either one of her parents since her return.

"I'll try." She spoke between chuckles.

"Thank you. I'll let you get to your run. Dinner's at eight." Nodding, she finished off her shoelaces as she listened to her mother's steps descending the stairs.

It was good to be back.

Sweat was already beading on her skin, and she'd only been running for somewhere around...fifteen minutes? Rounding a corner, she ran smack into a body. A body equally as sweaty as her own, but much firmer. Looking up, she stared into a pair of familiar green-blue eyes. Well shit.

"Jason." Ade made a mental note to thank Aria for not telling her that he was back. Little bitch.

"Aria..." Oh, and doesn't that just make things so much better. This has got to be the worst part about being a twin.

In an attempt to hide all the insecure, nervous feelings she was waging war with on the inside, she put on a smirk. "Guess again."

He looked at her like she was crazy for a moment before realization seemed to hit him like, not just a ton of bricks, but like a wrecking ball breaking through a ton of bricks and smashing into his face. "...Ade?"

"In the flesh." She couldn't completely mask her nerves there, but she tried. She should have remembered, however, that Jason had always been able to read her like a book. Luckily (or not so luckily), they were still distanced from all their time apart.

"When did you get back?" Straight to the questions. Alright...

"Uh, last night." She looked up into his eyes and noticed him scanning her. He started at her hair, which had grown since he last saw her, and almost back to its color, rather than the previous pitch black dye job.

"You look different." No shit, really?

She nodded, not really knowing what to do. "Well, It's been a year."

He didn't say anything, just looked down at her. She took that moment to analyze him as he had previously done her. If she had just seen him on the street, there was no way in a million years that she ever would have believed that this was the same guy she'd once rolled joints and drunk six packs with at two in the morning. Apparently she wasn't the only one who'd changed within the last year. His hair was still long-ish, but it was cleaner. He was clean-shaven, and no longer had the slight bags under red eyes watery from smoke exposure. He was still fit though, that was obvious. Ade had to catch herself before Jason got the chance to realize she was staring.

Their conversation was, if it was to be described in two words, short and awkward. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, Ade had bid him goodbye and run off. God could I be any more of a coward? She mentally smacked herself and stopped at a corner, leaning against a the pole of a street light to catch her breath, remembering how not-cowardly she used to be.


"Aria, your sister's swallowing my pathetic excuse for a brother again."The sickly sweet voice cut through the air, filled with obvious disgust as Alison DiLaurentis glared over her shoulder at a very dark looking Adriana Montgomery who, at the moment, practically sat on Jason DiLaurentis's lap on the banister of the porch, lips locked and a joint hanging from between the older boy's fingertips. He was practically blowing smoke into her mouth, both of them floating inches above sanity

A chuckle escaped the girl's lips as she parted from the older boy.

"You know, Ali, sometimes, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear you were actually jealous." She spoke with a sarcastic kindness in her voice, placing emphasis on Alison's little nickname as the blond glared at her from her spot on the lawn, where she sat surrounded by her little cult, Ade's sister among them. The Power Puff Girls, Jason always called them...a fitting name.

"Jealous? Of what? The fact that you and my mentally deficient"

Ade cut her off, something she knew often caused the girl to crack, even just a little bit. Hopping down from the banister she landed on the ground easily, walking over to the girl.

"Jealous, because despite everything I've ever heard you say, I've yet to see you so much as kiss a guy, let alone..." She looked back at Jason when she heard him laugh, his voice hoarse due to the smoke.

"Ugh, I seriously don't need the mental image." Turning back, she knew Alison was probably imagining a number of ways to murder her, but even if looks could kill, the most Adriana could have walked away with was a scratch on her face. Without the power of knowing Ade's secrets, Alison was just about as terrifying as the Easter Bunny.

Getting up in the girls face, Ade chuckled to herself. "We all know you can talk, Alison, but can you walk?"

"Knock it off Ade." Aria's voice spoke out, as the girl looked tiredly at her sister.

Rolling her eyes, Ade walked back up the stairs and was pulled inside by Jason's strong arms. She wasn't given time to speak a word before he grabbed her and pressed his lips hard against her own.


Her phone buzzed. Taking it out of her pocket, a chill ran down her spine as her head snapped up and she looked all around her.

Blocked ID: Touching reunion Ade, but you can't hide forever. I know what you did last summer. -A

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