Heart to Heart

Chapter 1: Dynamic Entry

You are now the Heir of Heart. All of your friends have just died and you are likely rocketing to your doom aboard this meteor.

Yeah, your life pretty much sucks right now.

You speculate about the fact that, being a God-Tier, you won't necessarily die from the inevitable and painful "stopping" of the meteor. Having tried, you know that even suicide can't kill you anymore. Unless its self-sacrificing, suicide is neither Heroic nor Just after all.

Though you and your friends survived your descent to Earth on these meteors even as babies so...who knows what is going to happen?

You look up to see that your small and rocky space-mount is heading towards one of Skaia's defensive portals. But the portal appears to be flashing between colors like its broken. Hmm, thats odd. Maybe it will-

Just then your thought is cut off as your meteors shoots through the portal with a Crack! and a flash of multicolored light. After your newfound headache settles down and you blink rapidly, your eyes adjust so you can see that you are now...still in space. You see some planets in the distance and what you think is Skaia, but it is unfamiliar. It looks like there are more planets than before. A different session perhaps?

You can't decide whether you like this revelation or not. It is, after all, harder to wallow in self-pity with other people around.

You decide to find out where you are going to crash and die. From your time dreaming on Derse, you recognize your destination as somewhere in The Veil. More specifically, a sizable asteroid in the The Veil. An asteroid that has you, between it and the forward facing side of the meteor. Looking straight up at the asteroid, your last thought before the collision is, Oh...Well shi-


Your existence now consists of flesh paste, bone dust, and space rock.

Be the Rogue of Heart:

You are now Nepeta Leijon. You are sitting in shock after a meteor just collided with your Asteroid Base. You had been relaxing on the roof of the base and looking out at Skaia when you saw the meteor coming. It wasn't until the last moment that you saw the person on it.

You scramble to the edge and look down where the meteor crashed, seeing a splatter of red mixed in with the rock fragments. You feel nauseous for a moment before you are startled to see the flesh paste start glowing with multicolored light. The drops all rise out of the wreckage and form together in the air over the edge of the roof in a troll-like figure.

The light fades to reveal what you recognize from your group's recent spying as a human. He is wearing a dark magenta and maroon outfit with the symbol of the Heart aspect, making you guess he is a God-Tier Hero of Heart. Aside from that he is quite pale, even for a human, and he has a mess of long brown hair. His face has a haunted look to it, with slightly gaunt cheeks and bags under his eyes. He turns his unfocused gaze toward you and gives you a slight smile...before abruptly collapsing to the roof and passing out. "Bluh..."

You gasp and pounce to his side and shake him softly. "Are you okay...?" You mew worriedly when the inert human gives no response. What should you do?


Karkitty! Your panic as to what to do is rendered moot with the arrival of your Karkitty. You turn to see him at the head of the rest of your group of friends, clearly coming to investigate the crash.

"Can you help him? I was looking at Skaia and suddenly a meteor came flying at us with him on it and it crushed him into the side!"

"THEN HOW IS HE NOT FUCKING SOUP?" The crabby troll shouts back.

"Hah." Vriska scoffs and steps forward and looks at him. "I'm guessing a God-Tier revival, obviously. Look at his outfit. Though I don't get why he collapsed though."


You mew unhappily about the argument and bring everyone's attention back to your unconscious guest. "You shouldn't yell Karkitty... But purrease, can someone help him? He's not injurred, but there must be something wrong!"

As Karkat grumbles an apology, Kanaya and Feferi come forward to kneel next to the human with you and examine him. The jade-blooded troll looked over him and said, "He Does Appear Unharmed. I Would Have To Agree With Our Leader In That His Collapse Was Due To Trauma And Stress Caused By His Passage And Subsequent Crash And Revival."

As Feferi moved her glowing hands over the human, examining him with her powers as a Hero of Life, she said, "I think Kanaya is right. He seems fin, just tired. He'll be up and swimming in no time!"

You are relieved, though still concerned. "Meokay..." You stroke the humans hair softly.

"Uh...Nepeta." You look up to see your muscular meowrail standing over you, with Sollux, Eridan, Terezi, and Gamzee still watching from near the stairs. "Might I suggest we move the human inside?"

"Okay, Equius...just be careful." You watch as your meowrail attempts to carefully pick up the human without hurting him. He STRONG-lifts the human over his shoulder and everyone starts walking back inside.

Be the unconscious human:

Command invalid. You are now the previously unconscious human. You feel your body swaying, and a pair of STRONG arms on you. You conclude you are being carried and crack your eyes open slightly to investigate.

Upon opening your eyes a girl comes into focus, following behind the STRONG person carrying you. You see her dark hair, grey skin, and wide, curious dark eyes with their strange yellow sclera. Shes wearing a green trench coat and has what looks like a blue cat-tail. But most odd, are the two small, candy-corn-looking horns poking out of her hair like cat ears.

Its that same strange girl you saw before, right before you passed out. You can sense her concern for you. You feel her caring. Thank you...Nepeta...

Her face is the last thing you see before you slip back into the darkness of unconsciousness.

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