Chapter 6: Insane Clown Problems

The clown wears an expression of manic Rage as he draws a pair of his Deuce Clubs from his strife specibus and charges the pair of you.

You steel yourself and draw on your Soul Power to coat your body in an aura of energy. As he nears he swings a club at you and you deflect it with an augmented hand, but the blow still feels heavy and you're sure it will leave a mark.

Gamzee swings at Equius with the second club when his first strike fails, but Equius also manages to deflect it. No aura. Damn these trolls are STRONG.

You exchange more blows, but this clown is quick and tough. You feel you need to knock it up a notch. "Equius, keep him busy."

The noble troll nods and catches both of Gamzee's clubs on the next downswing. He then kicks the clown in the chest, launching him back and leaving the clubs behind. Equius winces at the strain on his injured leg and then goes after him.

You watch for a moment, impressed, before remembering what he is taking over for you to do. Closing your eyes, you solidify your will and focus your power. You steel yourself and give that determination form. You reach inside and see yourself for who you are and accept it. You open your eyes with a snarl as a flash of power blinds you for a moment and you feel your body shift.

Huge, dark wings sprout from your back and claws from your fingers. Your skin dulls to a lifeless silver. Your teeth sharpen and your eyes fade to black. As your True Self takes hold you grin.

Your wings snap out and give a mighty flap, shooting you forward to the fight. Just as you near you see Gamzee kick Equius' wounded leg out and shout.


As he brings down a colorful hammer toward Equius, you swing your arm in a punch. Even though you have not reached them yet your punch extends out in a wave of energy and knocks the clown off his feet away from the noble.

"I will take over from here." Your voice resounds, with a deep echo.

He nods.

You charge after the clown.

Gamzee rises to his feet to see you soaring toward him. "Honk." He swings his hammer toward you. "HONK."

You swerve over it and bring your hands down on his head in your own hammer strike. He crashes to the ground in a heap. For a moment you think it's over. Then he gets a hand under himself and pushes off the ground, lifting his head to grin at you. You pull your hand back to send a blast of force at him, but before you can he springs to his feet and slams his hammer into your chest.

You're launched back against the wall hard and bounce off to slam into the ground. You quickly pull yourself up before the approaching clown reaches you. He swings at you again, but you catch the hammer in one augmented hand before punching him with the other.

He staggers back, but the grin never leaves his face and he follows up with another swing. You duck under it and claw across his chest.

Without even flinching, he ignores the cut and shifts the hammer's path to come down on your back with a glancing blow. It pounds you into the ground with a crunch. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU MOTHERFUCKER. Then I'll kill the peasantblood. THEN I'LL KILL YOUR KITTY BITCH. Then I'll kill everyone else. AND PAINT THE WALLS WITH YOUR MOTHERFUCKING BLOOD."

Anger fills you and you shoot up, slamming a fist into his chin in an uppercut. He is lifted off the ground and flung back several feet. You charge after him with a cry of rage. Blood trickles from his mouth as he looks up at you with that unrelenting manic grin.



You swing a fist down toward him but he sidesteps the blast of force and slams his hammer into your gut. Barely stopping yourself from puking, you're stunned long enough for him to pull it back and smash it into your back again, driving you to the ground.

He hefts it, lifting it high in preparation to bring it down on your head. But a loud hiss distracts him and he turns his head, just in time to see Nepeta pouncing from a vent but too late to stop her from clawing him across the face.

As he reels back in surprise and pain, you take the opportunity to jump back to your feet alongside Nepeta.

"Nepeta!" Equius calls in confusion.

"Stay there Equius. I will purrtect you!" She calls back without turning, looking ahead with an expression of determination.

Her arrival fills you with determination as well. Your will is restored. You give a nod of approval before turning back to your opponent.

Gamzee looks at you both with purple blood running down his face and over his wide smile. "Look whose joined the motherfuckin party. LITTLE MISS SHIPPER BITCH. Got a ship for me? MOTHERFUCKER."

"I ship you with my claws. Now come give them a kiss!" Nepeta snaps back. You raise an eyebrow, impressed at her ferocity.

"Heh, whatever. TIME TO FUCKIN FINISH THIS." He swaps his hammer out for a pair of Deuce Clubs again and charges forward.

You and Nepeta dart in opposite directions, aiming to flank him. He swipes at Nepeta, but she ducks under it and claws his side as she slips past.

You punch him in the back as he's distracted, then dodge back as he turns to swipe at you. While he's facing you, Nepeta stabs her claws into his back and clear through to the other side.

Gamzee freezes up in shock at the pain. "MotherFUCK." He slowly turns his head to look over his shoulder at Nepeta, who only glares back.

At your signal, Nepeta quickly pulls her claws out and sidesteps away from Gamzee. Before he can recover you step in and punch him hard in the face as he turns back to you. The force of the blow throws him off his feet and back against the wall.

The two of you stand ready in your combat stances as his body slides to the ground, but he doesn't move. After a few moments of watching his body lay limply at the base of the wall with a slowly growing pool of blood, you both relax.

"Equius!" Nepeta quickly runs over to check her moirail.

"I am fine Nepeta." He attempts to placate the distraught catgirl. "I foolishly allowed him an opening attack and put myself at a disadvantage."

You relax and let your Soul Form fall away as they speak.

After ascertaining he is mostly fine, Nepeta tacklepounces him to the ground and holds him tight. "I saw him choking you and I was afuraid you were gonna die! Why didn't you fight!?"

"He was my superior and-"

"Dammit Equius your life is more impurrtant than the stupid Hemospectrum!"


"No! I've had it! The Hemospectrum is over. Everybody is dead and it's just us. You need to drop it!" She drops her catpuns as she becomes dead serious, looking down at him sternly.

Equius falls silent. After a moment he looks up, past the two of you, and his eyes go wide. "The Highblood-"

"Equius enou-!"

"No I...Makara. He is gone."

You all turn to see only a pool of blood where he had lain. A quick search confirms that he is completely gone. This is not comforting. You should not have turned your back on the body.

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