Saggitaria heard the starting sound and was off like a shot, scaling the Cornucopia before her fellows could get in the way. She knew the drill - get as much equipment as possible, team up with the other Careers, and set up a base camp with all the stuff they had taken. She wasn't stupid. Not extraordinarily bright either, but she had trained her whole life for the Games. It was simply the way of her District.

After grabbing a fat bag stuffed with supplies, she chanced upon a cylinder covered with strange markings and buttons. She turned it this way and that, trying to discover what it was. She didn't have much time. The bloodbath had already begun, but she ignored the screams of the unworthy. She knew she had a minute or two before the other Careers either let her join them or killed her.

The cylinder still didn't make any sense. Saggitaria pressed a button experimentally. A beam of light shot out and cut Saggitaria and her pack in half. She didn't even have time to register shock or pain before she was dead. Why the Gamemakers thought a lightsaber at the Hunger Games was a good idea is simply baffling.

So this is my first foray into drabble writing, as well as one-shots and using a mobile device to publish. Not late-night crack writing, though, that BBC Sonfic set was a mess. Anywho, this little thing is dedicated to Jahna and Sarah. Other than that there is no explanation. I have no excuse.