Some fun I had today with my Tumblr friends...

The Walking Dead doesn't belong to me.

Part 1

"Last chance to fool around." Carol grinned at him.

Daryl stared back at her. "You better be careful. I might mistake you for being serious."

Carol paused and looked him over. "Who says I'm being anything but serious?"

"Last chance, woman." Daryl growled.

Carol leaned back and smiled. "Or what?"

"Come on." Daryl said turning away from her.

"Where are we going?"

"I'm gonna give you something to smile about."

Part 2

"Right here?" Carol asked, looking around at the corner of the yard he'd lead her to.

"It's dark. Does it matter?" Daryl grunted as he shrugged off his jacket and pulled his shirt off over his head.

Carol's eyebrows shot up and she giggled.

"What? I warned ya." Daryl's eyes narrowed. "You gonna join me here, or you just gonna laugh?"

"I just can't believe this is happening." Carol admitted.

"Only thing happening right now is I'm freezing my ass off for no God damned reason."

"Is this just because we're all going to die?"

"Carol, shut up and take your clothes off."

Part 3

"How romantic." Carol smirked and pulled off her shirt, shivering.

"Ain't got time for hearts and flowers. You changing your mind?"

"You don't scare me."

"Well then hurry the hell up before I fuckin' jizz in my pants."

Carol tucked her thumbs into her pants and shimmied out of them.

"Jesus Christ. Are you teasing me?"

"I think you're the tease." Carol said, taking a step forward and grabbing a hold of his waistband.

"I'm gonna put my hands on you." He warned, just as his mouth crashed into hers.

Part 4

Carol gasped for air as Daryl moved his mouth down her neck.

Her fingers shook as she tried unbuttoning his pants.

Daryl slapped her fingers away impatiently and freed himself, backing Carol up against the prison wall.

"Grab on." He breathed, hitching her leg over his hip.

That was all the warning she got as he sank into her.

"Fuck." He said, still for a moment. "Ain't gonna last long."

"We don't have long." Carol whispered, clenching around him.

"Christ." Daryl gripped her ass and began to slam into her, his face pressed into her neck.

Part 5

"Wouldn't mind living to do that again." Carol grinned, trying to walk on shaky legs.

"Try to look a little less like you just got fucked." Daryl suggested as the made their way back to their cell block.

"You're looking a little smug yourself. Could give Glenn a run for his money." She teased.

"Shut up." He growled, leaning over to run feather light kisses across her brow.

Their fingertips continued to brush against each other as they walked, but they did not clasp hands.

He paused before they reached the others. "I might come see you later."

"I wish you would." Carol said.

Daryl pulled her into his arms for a brief embrace. "I want you to live." He said, chin resting on top of her head.

The End