Chapter 1:

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ACE: ALSO this written by a human so don't be surprise if stuff they have in vestal sound like human stuff. because this dumb human does not know anything about vestal.

Check, Check, BEEP!

Check, Check, BEEP! went the scanner.

"ACE, HURRY UP!" shouted Kyra, the female cashier. Ace puffed out in anger of hot air, giving her a glare that she simply ignored by scanning more items.

"Excuse me, young man," asked the old lady in a big-time grandma voice, "do you mind helping me carry my grocery to my car?"

"That would be Ace's pleasure," said Kyra, butting in with a fake cheery voice.

Ace grunted. "It would?" he asked sarcastically with a mock of anger in his voice, which made Kyra furious.

"WATCH YOUR ATTITUDE!" she yelled, scanning another item.

"Why, did it go running?" Ace mocked, leaning against the thing the scanner was on.

"Well, it'd better be missing, and you will too very soon," she barked backed, giving him a glare. Ace returned the glare back, both having a silent stare down that Ace was easily winning.

"Ha ha ha ha ha..." the old lady laughed, causing both of them to glare at her without thinking. "Oh... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get in the middle of this. Maybe I should carry my groceries to the car."

"That won't be necessary. Ace will do it." Kyra smiled sweetly at the woman before she turned and gave Ace a glare. "Right?" she said in an irritated tone. "...Right?" she repeated dangerously. Ace didn't answer, causing her to get mad and repeat the word "Right...?" over and over again, her tone getting more and more annoyed in the hope that Ace would answer.

Ace just picked up the old lady's bags and walked away. After a second, he turned around and said, "By the way, you sound like a parrot right now." Ace laughed and gave a small, mocking smile, which made Kyra very mad, causing her face to go red. Ace followed the old lady out, thinking, How did I get stuck with a part time job at ( don't know name yet) bagging groceries? And how did I get stuck working with that grouch of a partner, Kyra?

Oh I remember, he thought sourly, shefting the bag up to get a better grip. To get money and to get outta even bigger problem then HER!



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