Ulquiorra strode down the white hallways of Las Noches, his piercing green eyes taking everything in. It had been nearly 5 years since he had accepted Sosuke Aizen's offer to become an Arancar.


"Then I might have an offer for you. My name is Sosuke Aizen."

"And what could a shinigami offer that I would want." If you really strained to hear it, you might have been able to hear a twinge of amusement and derision beneath the monotone. Maybe.

If Aizen heard the derision, he didn't bring attention to it. "Power."

"I have no need for power. Leave before I devour you." Ulquiorra's deep, hoarse voice deadpanned.

Aizen tilted his face slightly, his glasses shining in the light, blanking out his eyes as a slight smirk came to his face. "Ah yes, that the Hollow's Hunger… What if I could get rid of it for you?"

Ulquiorra's eyes, yellow and sulphurous, turned to the shinigami's form, truly interested for the first time since he had appeared in his domain. Remove the hunger? Such a thing was said to be impossible. He should know, he'd searched for ways to remove it for nearly five centuries. It was impossible… But if it wasn't…

"You have my attention… Speak, shinigami, or I will obliterate you where you stand."

Aizen's smirk widened slightly as he began to explain the process of turning a Hollow into an Arancar, and all the benefits and side effects, at least that he felt that Ulquiorra needed to know, to the great bat Hollow.

Ulquiorra's slitted sulphurous eyes took in the traitorous Death Gods form as he told him all about the Hogyoku and the plan for the O-Ken, with one thought prevalent in his mind.

It seems I will be changing one more time after all…"

(Flash Forward, Still in Flashback)

The great bat demon stared around the white hall of the throne room. Aizen had introduced it as something else, but it was still easy to tell that that is what it was. He stared forward apathetically as the man who was offering him freedom from the hunger as he lounged in his throne. A few other figures stood around the room. Ulquiorra had almost mistaken them for humans at first glance, before he had felt their overwhelming spiritual pressure, and then he knew what they were. Arancar. They truly were powerful, as he could feel that even the weakest was almost twice as powerful as him, a Vasto Lorde! Ulquiorra's eyes were drawn to the glowing blue orb hovering in the corner.

The Hogyoku.

The tiny little orb that made all of this possible.

His eyes turned back to Aizen, just as he finished speaking to the various Arancar.

"…and today we shall welcome a new Hollow into our ranks. Please welcome, our new Vasto Lorde, Ulquiorra Cifer." Some arancar half-heartedly applauded, but were for the most part silent. Ulquiorra didn't care. They didn't matter.

Aizen leisurely stood and, in the same fashion, walked over to the floating orb. He gently placed his hand around it, holding it as if it were made of glass. He once more strolled back to his throne, beckoning Ulquiorra to come in front of him.

"Kneel." Aizen's voice said, an almost excited edge to it. The bat hollow slowly went to his knees, his head bowing slightly.

Aizen reached forward, the Hogyoku still in his hand, and lightly placed it atop Ulquiorra's neck.

For three heartbeats, nothing happened. For three heartbeats, Ulquiorra thought it had failed. For two heartbeats, Ulquiorra felt disappointment for the first time in centuries. Then it happened.

Light flared, blinding several of the occupants in the room. Tendrils of radiance flew from the orb, wrapping Ulquiorra in a cocoon. The bright white light spread across his body from his claws to the tip of his wings.

Ulquiorra's eyes were wide as the light overtook his eyes, blinding him for a split second, before falling unconscious.

-Inside the Cocoon-

Ulquiorra looked around. He seemed to be in a forest clearing, surrounded by trees on three sides, with a deep black lake stretching off to his left. In the distance, a castle of gigantic proportions could be clearly made out. He idly wondered where he was. He turned toward the castle and decided to see what was inside. He jumped, spreading his wings and taking toward the air.

He quickly sped over the water, flying quickly toward the ever looming castle.

Finally, after nearly fifteen minutes, he landed on the front grounds, quickly striding past a hut that seemed so familiar that was lodged near a gigantic and forbidding forest. He blinked, pressing a hand to his head as it began to ache. What was wrong with him? He hadn't felt like this since he had been a Gillian, fighting against all of the voices and personalities in his head.

He continued forward, walking towards the gargantuan doors that were the entrance to the castle… School. It was a school. He didn't know how he knew that, but he was certain it was true.

He continue to walk forward, his steps shaking as he was bombarded by images. Pictures and sounds of the life of a boy. A boy named with messy black hair and emerald green eyes, a scar upon is brow and pale skin, wearing what he knew were robes, coloured in black with a lion rampart upon the breast.

He stopped in front of the gargantuan doors, his slowly shrinking (though he didn't notice this) body racked with shudders. He slowly reached a trembling hand out and rested it upon the rough wood… and pushed.

Memories, for that was what he now knew them to be, flooded his mind, of times long gone, of friends and enemies, of peace and war. Memories of the same boy he had seen before, that he now recognised as himself. These were memories of the time he had been alive.

Outside the cocoon, Ulquiorra's eyes snapped open, and for the first time in a thousand years, Harry Potter remembered.

(Flashback End)

When he had awoken, his body, once so batlike, now appeared as an older version of his body when he was alive, except now with long hair, slitted pupils and green tear tracks that matched his iris's running from his eyes down his cheeks.

His personality, too, had shifted with his change in appearance. Still cold, still apathetic, he was more cautious of Aizen than he had been before the return of his memories. He was bitter, as Aizen reminded him of Dumbledore, who had manipulated his life his infancy, no matter how well meaning. As such, he hid the a large amount of his strength, keeping in hold his ability to use the Resureccion: Segunda Etapa from Aizen and the rest of the Espada, though even without it and still holding back rather heavily, Aizen still deemed him strong enough to become the Quatro Espada, the fourth ranked among all Arancar. It went to show you what trash the rest of the Arancar were.

He walked down the hallway, returning to his quarters in Las Noches. Soon, the war would start. He would help Aizen, he owed him after all, but after that, after Aizen sat atop his throne, he would leave, free. And no one would control him again.

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