So. . . I think it should be obvious that this story is dead by now. I mean, the last time I updated it was back in April of 2013. Eesh. To explain what happened: I lost what little files I had shortly sometime in the summer of that year and never recreated them due to a lack of motivation.

Now, to the point of writing this little announcement. I hate it when stories just stop abruptly. I hate it even more when an author disappears without a trace, also leaving the story at an abrupt stop. So I decided to not do what I hate and give this poor story that barely got off the ground some proper closure.

To start out with, there was never a well-written plot for this thing. I think that's a large part of why I just stopped writing this. Sure, there were basic ideas as well as several particular scenes, but no defined endgame. I just planned for it to go along with canon for the most part in Sorcerer's Stone up through Goblet of Fire. There would be changes, incrementally large ones due to snowballing, because of Matthew's presence and the inclusion of the Dragons in our Midst canon. I had decided that there would be massive changes, perhaps eschewing HP canon entirely after Goblet, but again – there was no defined endgame to this.

I'm sure this was obvious to anyone who's read the Dragons in our Midst series (and if you haven't, why in the world are you here? Seriously, I'm curious how you would have started reading this. Send me a message or a review containing the reason, I'd like to know.), but Matthew Drake was indeed the son of Billy and Bonnie Bannister (Man, I love that alliteration!) However, he was not based on the canon Matthew. When I started planning this story, I had not yet read Bones of Makaidos or the third tetralogy. Instead, he was an entirely new character with a first name derived from the same obscure source as my account name and a last name to reference his dragon heritage. It was rather obvious, but it wasn't designed to be too terribly subtle in the first place. I can't remember why I had him go under a different last name though.

In terms of dragon heritage, he had wings (hence the backpack). However, because he had both dragon heritage and magic, he had a new ability – lasers. His wings had two claws at the point where the fingers met the arm, and these claws had the ability to project lasers. They operated sort of like the Death Star laser, with each talon firing a beam that melded together above the palm into one larger beam. He could also grip with them, I mean, they're claws. At first he could only do destructive beams, but I had planned for him to develop new skills over time. One skill I can remember is using tiny low-power beams to project directly into someone's eyes and essentially write or draw things on their retinas that only they could see. It was primarily conceived of as a method of silent communication. He would also develop the ability to eventually fire spells in this manner, without requiring a wand. Partially due to his dragon blood but also due to my explanation of the nature of magic (which I shall mention further on).

Because of these new abilities, he would have an equally large weakness. He had the light absorption requirements that actual dragons had, except not absorbing large amounts of light wouldn't kill him, just make him sick and render him unable to use his lasers. I had planned in the third chapter to reference him seeming very sick and tired, this would be due to the comparatively low light levels at Hogwarts compared to what he was used to at home.

In terms of plot, I can't remember much. I did plan to explain a little about the workings of magic. I had planned to basically explain it as "code" for reality contained within packets of light. The structure of the light would recode reality and the light energy was the energy to fuel the spell, hence brighter spells were often more powerful. As to why reality could be recoded, that was simply going to be handwaved as "That's how God made it." I did consider the idea of unifying Excalibur and the Sword of Gryffindor, but I can't remember if I devised a suitable explanation. I do remember planning to resolve the conflict between the Bible's commands against witchcraft with the obvious nature of Harry Potter by saying "It's banning magic used for evil purposes, which includes dark magic." Theologically unsound, I know, but it's for a fictional story based on two other fictional stories.

And that's about it. If anyone who happens to stumble across this has questions feel free to ask. Odds are I won't remember the answer, but that's the worst that can happen. It's not like I'll yell at you for asking or anything.