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Bella's P.O.V.

As we made our way to the office, I couldn't help overhearing the sharp intakes of breath, as well as the comments each of us received.

"Dude, that tiny girl? Totally mine."

"Whatever man. The brunette over there is way hotter."

"You're both idiots. The blonde chick is the hottest girl I've ever seen."

"Oh. My. God! That bronze haired boy is some sort of God. He's too hot for words."

"Do you see that blonde boy? I think I might faint."

"The big one is so totally hot, I just can't even."

I felt my lips curl into a snarl as girls continued to ogle my husband. He squeezed my hand, and I looked up at him. Although his face was void of any emotion, his eyes gave him away, and he harbored a murderous look. I instantly felt bad, considering that I only heard the words they were speaking, whereas he had to endure the inappropriate minds of teenagers. I squeezed his hand back and whispered, "It's okay, Edward. They'll get the hint eventually."

My words seemed to calm him some, but he was still tense, and I saw his jaw clench slightly as he glared daggers at a group of boys standing near the entrance. I sent a pleading look at Jasper, hoping he could calm him down, but to no avail. Jasper was too busy looking like he was ready to eat Alice.

I glanced back to see how Emmett and Rosalie were doing. Rose was busy checking her reflection in a mirror, while rolling her eyes at the human conversation around her. It clearly didn't seem to faze her. She knew she was better looking than all the girls here, and she wasn't worried about some scrawny little human girl. Emmett simply smirked at the girls and raised an eyebrow at the boys, daring them to challenge him. I envied their ease and comfort around human who were so clearly plotting to separate them from each other.

We walked past the group of boys at the entrance, we hadn't quite made it inside before the boys began calling dibs on who they would take. It seemed that even though we were holding hands, no one had taken the hint. Everyone seemed to be under the impression that we were siblings, nothing more.

Crowds in the hall parted to let us through, and I knew that if I were still human, I would blush. I hated the attention we were getting. Thankfully, the office was nearby, and we had all ducked inside, away from prying eyes. The secretary looked up, and her eyes widened.

"Hel – Hello. You must be the new students we were expecting. Although, I didn't know there would be that many of you. Um… I'm Ms. Matthews. Er… Your schedules are around here somewhere," she said as she clumsily shuffled through papers, clearly frazzled by the arrival of 6 beautiful teens.

She finally produced a stack of papers and passed them to us. She explained that these were our schedules, locker numbers and combination, as well as a map of the school. When she finished, she glanced down again, making sure we had everything. She nodded once, briskly, before excusing us. We were almost out of the office when she cried out, "Wait!"

We turned, and she seemed to really look at us for the first time. Her eyes stayed on the boys a bit longer than I liked, but there was nothing I could do. I wondered why she was staring at us, before realization dawned on me.

"As you all should know, Ashland is a uniformed school. Seeing as to how you are new, we will let it slide, but we expect –" Ms. Matthews was saying, before Alice cut her off.

"Actually, Ms. Matthews, we know. But, the delivery people called yesterday, and they seemed to have gotten the delivery mixed up. Our uniforms won't arrive until next week," Alice said, flashing her a smile. I almost corrected her, saying that they arrived Wednesday, but she cut me off with a low growl. I smirked, wondering what Alice was up to.

"Ah, well okay. Do you have any questions, before you go?"

"Actually, yes. You see, when we dropped our sister off at the middle school, no one seemed to be in uniform. Why is that?" I asked, remembering the lack of uniform at the middle school.

"Oh! Well, the middle school is having a pep rally today, for their upcoming basketball game. They got a no uniform pass for that." I nodded, fully understanding now. We all filed out of the office, and glanced down to compare our schedules. I grinned, noticing that I had most of my classes with at least one family member. I had homeroom and music theory with Edward. Why Alice had signed me up for Music Theory, I had no clue. I had calculus with Alice and Edward. We all had the same gym class, as well as lunch period. Since Rosalie and Emmett were posing as seniors, these were the only times I saw them. I had English with Jasper. I had history and free period with Alice, leaving me to brave biology all by myself.

"This is great! I only have one class by myself! I think I can handle that!" I said, smiling at my siblings, who seemed to be in a good mood. Rosalie and Emmett's schedule were identical, prompting a round of questions aimed at them. They simply waved it away, saying they'd tell us how they made that happen later.

"Well, let's go! We don't want to be late! Bye, guys! Come on, Jazz," Alice said, pulling Jasper away towards their first class. Emmett and Rosalie linked hands and leisurely strolled away, not caring if they were late to homeroom, if they even bothered to go. I glanced at Edward. The walk to homeroom was short, but it seemed to drag on far longer than I would have liked. We finally made it, and entered the room. Immediately, the room was silent as the teenagers stared.

Edward and I walked to the back of the classroom, and took the only two desks available. The loud conversations that had been going on became whispers as the class not-so-discreetly peered at Edward and I. We pretended not to notice, and began a conversation about our plans for later. However, we were interrupted by a slightly build raven-haired boy approaching us. He propped himself against my desk, and shot me a smile.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing." I said, deciding to be polite.

"So, you're one of the new girls, huh?" He asked. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Of course I was new. Why would he ask such an obvious question? I simply nodded, turning back to Edward. The boy looked somewhat shocked that I wasn't showing interest in him.

"Has anyone ever told you that you were beautiful?" He tried again. Anyone could plainly see that he expected this statement to move me. However, I was a married woman (not that he knew that.)

"Yes, actually. My boyfriend tells me that all the time," I said, almost bursting into laughter at the incredulous look on his face. Just as he opened his mouth to ask who my boyfriend was, the door opened, and the teacher stepped in. He was a middle aged man, with short curly brown hair, and light grey eyes. I heard the girls sigh. I supposed he was pretty good looking.

"Eric, please take a seat," he instructed, clearly not noticing Edward and I just yet. Eric mumbled something, but took his seat nonetheless. Without Eric blocking his view, the teacher now had a clear view of Edward and I. His eyes widened when he looked at me, and an almost hungry look crossed his eyes. Edward glowered at the man, and cleared his throat. This seemed to break him from his trance and he spoke up.

"Erm, hello. I'm Mr. Donovan. I'm your homeroom teacher, as well as your history teacher. You must be the new students I heard about. Come up and introduce yourselves, please."

We made our way to the front of the classroom, and turned to face the class. They stared at us, clearly excited to find out about the gorgeous new kids. Edward spoke up first.

"Hi. I'm Edward Mason, and I just moved here from Alaska with my adoptive family and girlfriend, Bella. I play the piano, and I have a younger sister named Renesmee."

"Hi. I'm Isabella Swan, but I like to be called Bella. I moved here with my family and boyfriend, Edward. I like to read, I guess."

I saw the class and teacher visibly deflate when they heard Edward and I are "dating." Some looked like they had simply given up, while others perked back up, most likely plotting to break us up. Mr. Donovan nodded, still eyeing me. He also had a look in his eyes that I didn't like. I shuddered as we made our way back to our seats.

"Okay, you guys know the deal. We've got… 10 minutes left. Do your thing, just don't get too crazy," Mr. Donovan said before taking a seat behind his desk. The class suddenly filled with voices as they assessed my relationship, and they all seemed to be on different wavelengths of what actions should be taken. I was pleased to find that half of the class had let it go easily. However, the other half were all placing bets and scheming. What unnerved me wasn't the plots, because I was fairly certain Edward wouldn't leave me. What scared me was the lengths these people would go to just to get what they wanted.

The rest of class was uneventful, although the amount of stares we were getting was a bit uncomfortable. The bell finally rang, and Edward and I popped up.

"You ready, love?" He asked, and I had a feeling it had a double meaning. I nodded once, and we made our way to music theory. I knew that today was going to be quite a day.

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