Hey guys! New chapter. So, since someone was so curious, mostly overweight people died last chapter because PEOPLE THAT ARE OUT OF SHAPE WOULDN'T SURVIVE! They'd get overrun quickly, and it's realistic to have them die first. So, yea, anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!

The Warning: This story will be gory. Not so much I have to put it in 'M', but if your grossed out by that, sorry. Also, mild to severe swearing!

The next morning, everyone was startled awake by a loud wail. Chef bolted up, grabbing his shotgun and running towards the front of the shop.

He skidded to a halt and his eyes widened, hundreds of zombies were pressed up against the bars, and they were starting to bend in.

"North!" Chef barked, "We got a situation here!"

North came skidding around the corner, hair disheveled and glasses askew. "What?" he asked, yawning, His eyes widened when he saw the zombies and the bend in the metal bars. "Oh Scheiße!" He cursed, "Be right back." He bolted into the room where everyone was asleep. Instead of screaming at everyone to wake up, he shook them gently but urgently, and in less then 5 minutes he had everyone stirring.

During the five minutes, the bars had started to bend in severely, and Chef had taken to shooting a couple rounds into the horde.

Jo and Eva, ever the alert ones, ran around the corner to the front of the store, knives in hand. "Damn it, can't we get catch a break?" Eva snarled, stabbing a zombie in the face, he biceps rippling.

Jo sighed, "I know, right?" She cut off a head of one of the zombies in one slice.

North and Haley joined the three with their handguns and machete's.

"James!" Haley hollered, "We need everyone up and moving, soon!"

"Yeah, yeah." James grumbled from inside. Almost everyone was fully alert.

"Is there another way out of here?" Noah asked Lia worriedly.

Lia flashed her smile at him. "Of course there is! There's a hatch in the back corner that leads to a rooftop. We wouldn't hold ourselves in a place with only one exit. We just have to get everybody up there."

Noah groaned.

Everybody was now up and collecting supplies, and the bends were starting to crack, and the 5 people holding off were starting to have some trouble.

"Whoa!" Jo chuckled as a zombie snapped at her arm. "Careful there, big fellow." She decapitated it, avoiding the spray of blood issuing from it's severed head.

"Yo!" James called from inside, "We got most of our supplies, let's get the hell out of here!"

North nodded and sprinted off with Haley close behind.

Chef reloaded his shotgun and ran back, when the bars snapped, and the zombies came pouring in.

"RUN!" Eva screamed to Jo as they ran into the shop. The hatch was open and currently Harold, Cameron, Dawn, Scott, Ezekiel and Cody were up on the roof.

Eva and Jo slammed the door closed and barred it with a lead pipe. The zombies pounded on it, shattering the glass window and trying to scrape their way inside.

"Go go go!" Chef barked as Mike and Courtney scampered up the small ladder to the roof. Tyler was soon to follow.

The pipe started to bend, and the remaining people in the room blanched.

"OUTTA MY WAY!" Eva roared, grabbing Katie, who was on the ladder, and throwing her on to the roof. She climbed her way up and grabbed the two nearest people, Noah and Gwen, and hoisted them up, along with their supplies. Chris was soon to follow, the host muttering about how he forgot his hair gel.

"Well, that was fun." Noah said dryly, despite the chaos.

"What's fun about this? I got a split end!" Lindsay whined, emerging from the store below.

"Keep moving!" A voice barked from below.

Brick scampered his way up the ladder, grabbing Zoey's hand and helping her up, much to Mike's relief.

"Thank you Brick!" the MPD said, grabbing the cadet for a hug after he finished hugging Zoey.

Brick nodded and saluted, pulling out a pistol.

"Where did you get that, eh?" Ezekiel asked, scratching his head.

"It's in my luggage. Safety first." Brick stated, pulling out a magazine from his belt and loading it in. He got down beside the hatch and aimed his pistol at the doorway from the roof. "Keep it moving, guys! We don't have a lot of time. I have you semi-covered if they break through, but I've only got twelve shots!"

Duncan and Beth scampered up the ladder, the former tossing up a bunch of supplies to Tyler.

Back in the store, things were getting tense. North, Chef and Lightning were currently pressed against the door as the zombies were pounding it, the pipe breaking a long time ago. Jo was throwing up box after box of supplies onto the roof, all the people already up there catching them.

"Alright, move it or lose it!" Heather barked, elbowing Jo out of the way and climbing up the ladder.

Geoff and Bridgette saw this as their chance and quickly ran up the ladder while Jo was distracted.

After about 20 seconds, all the supplies were up on the roof.

"Okay people! Get moving!" Jo barked, getting up on the roof. Alejandro and James quickly obliged.

"Lia, Haley, get up there!" North yelled, his face, along with Lightning and Chef's, was beat red from all the straining they were doing to hold the zombies in.

Haley nodded and hoisted herself up with the help of Eva, and Lia tossed North her handgun before going up herself. The only people left in the room were Justin, who had been making sure everyone wasn't scratched or bitten, Izzy, who was cackling madly and constructing a device of some sort that no one could see, Trent, DJ, who was paralyzed with fear hiding in a corner, Sierra, who had been knocked unconscious when Eva pushed her way through the crowd, Anne Maria, who was scavenging cans of hairspray, and the three people holding the door.

"You!" Chef barked, pointing at Lightning, "On my mark, get Sierra on the roof and you!" He continued, pointing at Trent, "Help us with the door." Both boys nodded and Trent started helping them with the door.

"Go!" Chef hissed to Lightning, who promptly grabbed Sierra and slung her over his shoulder, carrying her to the roof.

"Izzy," Justin said, walking over to her as Anne Maria threw a bunch of hairspray cans onto the roof, climbing up quickly after. "What in gods name are you doing?"

Izzy turned around and grinned. "Making the ultimate destruction machine." Justin's jaw dropped. Strapped to Izzy's back looked like a mix between a leaf blower and a grenade launcher. She had taken an actual leaf blower, made some modifications so it could blow much stronger, and made a bunch of Molotov cocktails. She now had one in the leaf blower and it aimed at the door.

"Don't you need to light those?" Justin asked, but Izzy merely cackled. "That's the best part, my beautiful ex, the inside of the blower is lined with flint, and so as the bottle scrapes the flint, it creates sparks and lights the cloth! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA."

"Uh, guys? I think you should get away from the door." Justin said, pointing at Izzy who had the 'Super Zombie Destructor OVER-9000' pointed at the door.

"Crazy girl, hold your fire, and wait for my count." Chef barked. He motioned to Justin, "Get your pretty ass out of here!" Justin didn't hesitate.

"Trent, North, get up, I'll be right behind you." Chef barked. Trent went and scampered up the ladder, and the strain on the two guys increased.

"I'm going to be feeling this in the morning." North groaned.

"Just hope you can feel something come morning." Chef grumbled.

Izzy, tapping her foot, sighed. "I'm getting impatient." She said, "Hurry up! I'm firing in 10! 9! 8!"

Chef and North ran for it, not seeing DJ, who had fainted whilst hiding in the corner.

Izzy grinned as the doors burst open, hundreds of zombies trying to pull their way in. Ironically, there were so many of them, that they were stuck for a few seconds, all trying to pull themselves in.

"Muhahaha." Izzy cackled, pulling the trigger. Her device worked to perfection, lightning the cocktail and the bottle burst, sending alcohol all over the zombies as the flaming cloth lit it, and the zombies all screamed in agony and ran blindly around, some flailing back outside and some came bolting blindly into the convenience store, setting a stack of garbage on fire. The whole store was quickly engulfed in flames.

"Until next time, my pretties." Izzy said, blowing the zombies a kiss before being grabbed by Chef and hoisted onto the roof.

"GENIUS! WE'RE ALL SAVED!" Cameron rejoiced, but then breathed in. "Do you smell something burning?" The sides of the building had caught fire, and it wouldn't be long before the building caved in, and then they would ALL be dead.

They weren't really focused on this, as they heard human screams from inside the store. DJ, coming to due to the flames, was struggling against a zombie, who unfortunately for the football player, was on fire. The fire spread to DJ's cloths as a zombie took off one of his fingers.

Brick, fast as lightning, was at the hatch with his pistol. He put an expertly aimed shot into DJ's cranium, and the lovable giant fell over, screaming no more.

Everyone took a moment of silence in fond remembrance of the lovable guy, but they were brought back to reality by the flames reaching the roof.

The building across from them was a gap about 10 feet, way too far for even Eva or Jo to jump. Fortunately for them, the four survivors had thought of everything.

"Quickly guys!" Haley said, grabbing a long ladder and laying it across the gap.

"Lightest ones first!" Chef barked, and those who were light were happy to oblige.

Beth was up first, she scampered across the ladder, trying not to look at the drop which was twenty feet down into a horde of dead ones. Luckily for her, she made it across, as did Noah, Cody, Cameron, Dawn and Harold.

"Oh, this is like, so scary." Katie whimpered as she hobbled across.

"Look, boy." Chef said as he nudged Tyler, "You go on your hands and knees, got it? We won't have you tripping and dying because you're clumsy. The same goes for you too, blondie." He said to Bridgette.

By now, Ezekiel, Lia, Mike, Zoey and Scott had made it across.

Next up was Lindsay. "Oh wow." She shuddered as she approached the edge, "that's like, a LONG way down."

"Go already!" Chef barked. Lindsay 'eeped' and nodded. She put her foot forward, but unfortunately for the dumb blonde, she thought you were supposed to put her foot in the spaces between the bars. Her foot went all the way through and she hit her thigh. "SLAM!" She also hit her head on the burning building, knocking her unconscious.

"SOMEONE HELP HER!" Beth screamed from across the buildings. James and Tyler dove to save her, but she slid off, now only dangling from her limp leg, which looked broken. And the leg was starting to slide.

Tyler dove and missed, cracking his head as well on the concrete edge. He wasn't unconscious, but looked woozy.

James lunged and managed to grab her. His face broke out in relief, then shock as he realized he had only managed to grab her high-heel, and that came off easily thanks to gravity. Her unconscious body fell down 20 feet to the horde of zombies below.

"Damn it!" James cursed, looking incredibly pale as he threw her high heel away. "We need to get moving, the foundation is sinking!" he said, his voice quivering from fear.

Gwen nodded and quickly walked across, with Duncan and Bridgette in hot pursuit, the latter climbing on her hands and knees. Courtney and Geoff also made it across, as did Trent, though he lost his balance at one point.

"Oh my god." Heather said, turning green at the sound of Lindsay's body being ripped open. She took a deep breath and strode across the ladder, safely making it. Izzy was next, and she made it across on her hands, cackling wildly with Chef barking at her to 'have some sense'.

Alejandro, the ever gentleman, carried Sierra's body across. The ladder squeaked from their combined weight, but held out.

By now, the foundation was caving in at some parts, and Anne Maria almost went down.

"I gotcha." Jo said, pulling her back up.

"Go!" Chef barked as James and Justin went across, the latter falling down and having to use the ladder as monkey bars. Fortunately he was okay; the zombies disappointed they weren't going to have a gorgeous snack.

Eva grabbed a woozy Tyler, and, taking a risk, threw him across the building to Alejandro, who caught him no problem.

"You're lucky you're strong, girl." Chris grumbled to her as North made his way across.

Eva just smirked and cross the ladder in two leaps.

Haley, paralyzed with fear from the flaming building, was standing at the one corner of the building that was not on fire with a wild look in her eyes. She was staring at the flames on the other side of the building as though it was death itself. She would've stayed like that as well, if Brick hadn't nudged her. She snapped out of it, and sprinted to the ladder, leaping across in a few jumps.

"Hey, it's okay." North said, patting her shoulder, "A little fire never hurt anyone." He joked, to which she rolled her eyes.

Brick soon joined them, and Haley gave him a big hug. "Thanks Brick." She said after letting go, "I might not have moved if no one had done anything."

Brick smiled and pat her head, "It's okay, soldier. Everyone has a crippling fear."

Anne Maria and Jo had made it across, and Chris was now nervously looking over the edge.

"Do you think it's safe?" He asked, peering over the side.

"Sha-yes!" Lightning said, the only other one on the roof besides Chef and the host. "Look, Lightning will prove it to you. See?" He walked across the ladder no problem.

Chris nodded and nervously looked over the side again. Debris was sticking out from the flaming building. Metal poles were sticking straight up and jagged pieces of concrete were poking out. He gulped and then took his first step onto the ladder, then his second, then his third. Then a gust of wind blew, knocking the host off his feet.

"WAAGUH-HUPUT" The host screamed as he fell, for only about 4 feet. For a second, the host thought he had been saved, then he felt the excruciating pain in his chest and saw the metal pole sticking through it.

"AGGH!" Chris screamed as blood sprayed from the open wound. His intestines were poking out through the wound, and the host was desperately trying to push them back in with hands slick with blood, as if it would make it all better.

"No, I *Cough* don't want to die. Not yet." Chris coughed, foaming blood spurting from his mouth. "Not… yet." His head drooped, and his body slid forward, snapping the metal bar he was impaled on and sending the host to the crowd of zombies.

Most of the campers vomited, sans a few, but everyone looked a little green, and Chef seemed to be in shock.

"HURRY UP CHEF!" Voices screamed to him, but they received no response. They tried again with the same result. The building was starting to crumble. At the last second, Chef snapped out of it, and just managed to lunge for the ladder as the building collapsed, he would've been sent below had Eva and Jo not caught him.

"Idiot." Eva grumbled as Chef dusted himself off. He seemed to have gotten over it.

"Thanks." He grumbled. "Now, back to business, Eva, you grab Sierra. Is Tyler mobile?"

"Little zombie bunnies and birdies go quack quack poo." Was his response.

"Okay then, Jo, you take him." The big black cook turned to North, "You got any vehicles around?"

North nodded, "Of course we do! We lined up 15 vans, full of gas with extra jerry cans. They're in a garage."

"Which garage?" Bridgette asked, clutching her boyfriend.

James chuckled. "This one." He said, tapping his foot on the building they were on.

Chef breathed a sigh of relief. "Ain't that a bitch?" he joked.

"About time we caught a break," Anne Maria muttered.

"C'mon," Lia said, opening the hatch, "We didn't have time to totally secure this building, so we should be fast."

They all grabbed the supplies and headed down into the garage.

"Okay, each van fits 7." Cameron did a quick head count, "And there are 33 of us, we need 5 vans."

The campers all nodded and headed into various vans. Soon 5 vans were filled up with gas and supplies and they were ready to go.

Chef was driving van 1. Inside were Ezekiel, Brick, Bridgette, Geoff, Duncan and Gwen.

Alejandro was driving van 2. Heather, Scott, Lightning, Jo, Eva and an unconscious Sierra were accompanying him.

Courtney was driving van 3. Cameron, Anne Maria, Beth, Mike, Zoey and Cody were in that van.

Justin volunteered to drive van 4. Noah, Katie, Tyler, Izzy, Trent and Dawn joined them.

North was driving van 5 with Lia, Haley, Harold and James.

In van one, Chef and Ezekiel were chatting. The others had all fallen asleep.

"So, what are we going to do when we get to America, eh?" Ezekiel asked, looking over the despondent streets as a few zombies stumbled after the speeding cards.

Chef was quiet for a moment. "I don't know, homeschool...I just don't know." he finally sighed.

The prairie boy pat Chef's arm, "I'm sorry about Chris."

Chef smiled weakly. "Yeah. Me too."

In van two, Everyone was asleep but Alejandro, who was gazing over the horizon as he drove. It pained him to see his fellow cast mates die, especially after what he did to some of them. Images of DJ burning flashed through his mind, and he winced.

"What's wrong?" Heather asked from the passenger seat. She had just woken up.

Alejandro forced a smile, "It's nothing, just thinking about today."

Heather nodded, shuddering at the thought of seeing Lindsay's broken body plummeting off the building. "Well, there's not much we can do." She said with a weak attempt at bravado.

Alejandro sighed, unconvinced, and she leaned her head on his shoulder. He planted a quick kiss on top of her head, making her blush.

In van three, Courtney had switched with Cody and was now in the passenger's seat, snoring.

Cody, keeping his eyes on the road, was glad most of his friends were still alive.

Mike and Zoey were cuddling in the far back, whilst Cameron was asleep, using his hoodie as a pillow.

Anne Maria had drifted off, cracking the window with her hair as she leaned against it. Beth was snoring noisily.

Well, Cody thought to himself, I hope we're in the clear.

He kept on driving, following van 2.

In van four, Justin was driving, a little bruised up because Izzy had wanted to drive. Trent and a now-concious Tyler had come to his rescue though and restrained her. She was now sleeping peacefully, her head in Katie's lap.

Noah was in the passenger seat, using his solar-powered book light to finish his book, and Dawn was asleep next to Trent in the middle.

When Trent knew no one was looking, he peeked down at his ribcage. The scratch didn't look any better.


Trent was holding the door after Lightning left with North and Chef. A zombie arm waved through, but Chef slammed the door, separating the arm from it's owner.

Another zombie barged through, opening the door a couple inches and taking wild swings. It was able to reach up under Trent's shirt and graze his ribcage. The musician didn't make any noise, and hurried up the ladder on Chef's command.


Trent sighed miserably as he tried to get to sleep.

In van five, North was driving, with Lia in the passenger seat. Haley and James were in the middle, while Harold got the back all to himself. He was currently sleeping, as was Haley.

"Dude." James said quietly to North. "What in God's name are we going to do?"

North sighed miserably. "I don't know, bro. Damn, I love 'em, but the Total Drama guys seriously screwed us over."

Lia gave North a kiss on the cheek. "Don't worry, we were planning on heading to America anyways."

North sighed, "Not like this, and I don't even know where Finn is."

James nodded, "He never came back. I hope he understands why we left."

"If he's still alive." Lia grumbled.

North chuckled and pinched Lia's thigh.

"Hey!" She squealed, playfully smacking him.

James chuckled, "That squeal is priceless." He said, then his face fell.

"Bummed about Lindsay?" Lia asked gently.

"I hate the fact I couldn't save her." James muttered. "I failed."

Haley, who had woken up, pat his shoulder. "You couldn't do anything, it's not your fault."

"Yea, it's just memories…" James muttered, exchanging a glance with North, who nodded in sympathy and understanding.

Haley pat his back. "You should get some sleep." She said, "We all know how much you love that."

James chuckled and nodded. "I'll get in the back."

They continued on driving. Soon only North was awake. He sighed.

Back in van one,Chef sighed, "I'll miss you buddy." He whispered, thinking of the good times he had with Chris.

After a few minutes, Ezekiel added. "Maybe it will get better now?"

They had no idea.

Dead: Owen, LeShawna, Staci, Sadie, B, Sam, Dakota, DJ, Lindsay, Chris.

Alive: Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Justin, Katie, Tyler, Izzy, Cody, Beth, Courtney, Harold, Trent, Bridgette, Geoff, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, Alejandro, Sierra, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Anne Maria, Brick, Dawn, Chef, North, Lia, Haley and James.