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Chapter 11: A Late Night Discussion Between Friends

Previously, we see Nate thinking back and then convincing Mitchie to come over to Connect 3's home on the weekend with Caitlyn.

Jason's POV

After dinner I took my juice that Shane got me and I headed to my room. I took a seat in my chair on my balcony and stared at the goings on of LA. Los Angeles is always full of people with a lot of hustle and bustle always going on. But it is such a beautiful city to always watch.

Everyone always thinks of me being a ditz or just an idiot. But what people don't know is that I am actually not that type of person. I am smart and sure I have moments when I am a ditz but who doesn't. It's an act I go with and act stupider than I really am. Shane and Nate know that I am not as stupid as I put out to seem, but instead of it seeming make believe to people that I am just joking around has seemed to become more real lately and people just automatically see me as the moron of the three. I don't think that its right but I guess I put myself there unintentionally. I think that Nate knows that I am not as stupid as I act but Shane lately, all he can see me as is as the dumb one while Nate is the smart one and he is the rebellious one. But I think we have just been placed on these scales but we don't deserve to be put on these pedestals. I wish people could see us as other than what the media portrays us as because we really aren't who we are viewed the entire world as.

I know that Nate, yeah might still be the smart one who has everything in order but the truth is, he isn't always like that. Nate used to be the kid who loved to just experience life and have fun. He was the kid on the skateboard all the time who loved to goof off, but once we got signed and Shane went off the rails, he has become what seems to be the older of the group even though he should be actually acting as though he is the youngest and leave the decisions to someone else.

I should be the one on that level doing things like taking care of everything and being the responsible one. I used to take that role when we first started and first came to LA. I was the one who was responsibly taking care of everything but then I don't know, Shane started acting up and I knew it was a phase and he was trying to get the label to do something and change, but Nate didn't care about that. He just wanted to have everything in order and became who he is today. I wanted him to understand when Shane first started that it was an attention ploy and he wanted the label to do something, but Nate saw it as Shane was just letting it all get to his head.

I can't deny that yeah the fame after awhile did get right to his head because he became a jerk. Shane pulled a complete 360 when he all of a sudden was a jerk. He was this caring person who put everyone ahead of himself always but then, in the matter of a short time, Shane only cared about himself and what he wanted and no one else. He was the only one to change himself so drastically on the label to get their attention and hope that they notice and allow us to do what we want with our music, but of course it didn't work but instead of giving up on this, he turned full force into the jerk the world knows now and hasn't come back to who he was before. Even when he isn't around the media he still acts the same spoiled jerk way and doesn't act as though he has one caring bone in his body. He has never understood anything about all of it. He doesn't care about what anyone thinks about any of it.

But then today, after this Mitchie all of a sudden yells at him about how horrible he has been, that 360 degrees seem to turn around and he seemed like him old self a bit. It was the fresh breath of air that we all needed when she went and yelled at him. She wasn't giving him the chance to say anything. She made him listen which is something that we could never seem to get him to hear. It was though she broke through where no one else could which was absolutely amazing. I wish that either Nate or myself could have done it and fixed his attitude but maybe it was that he just needed someone who didn't know him really and just get him to realize how horrible he's been.

It was crazy to look at this day in its full. It starts with Shane being a grumpy jerk this morning to being a full blown jerk at the shoot, to running into Mitchie and getting a reality slap in the face, to coming here and him having cooked dinner and acting as though he hasn't been a jerk. It was amazing to come home to a meal that wasn't from a take out container and was actually delicious. It's been so long since we've had a Shane home cooked meal that I forgot how much of an amazing cook he is. You would have though that after all this time being such a jerk and never cooking would have made him forget or something, but it must have come back like riding a bicycle after so much time not and not forgetting how to. It was so mouthwatering as I remember when he cooks and I really hope that this becomes normal and he does this all the time again like he used.

Knock knock knock

"Come in" I put my focus back on LA and can probably guess who knocked at my door. I take a tentative sip from my juice and put it on the table next to my chair.

"Jase?" I was right, I knew it'd be Nate so I just nod and wait for him to continue. He practically throws himself into the chair opposite of mine and looks more relaxed than I have seen him in quite awhile. "I talked Mitchie into coming over here later in the week so we can actually thank her for early."

"So she said she'd come?"

"It took a lot of begging to get her to agree. She is a stubborn one. She thinks she did nothing at all."

I laughed, "She really thinks she did nothing?" He nodded "Wow, well if she had seen Shane go today from a total jerk to I think his old self in an afternoon than she must be crazy to think she did nothing."

"That's what I told her. I was like her that he totally changed after she yelled at him. I couldn't believe that she had so much in her to scream at him like that. I've never seen someone other than us or family or the label actually try and do something. It was amazing to witness something so cool."

"It was pretty awesome. But I do think that by the look of it when we first found him and ran up to him yelling his name she had no idea to start out that it was even him. I think that he just happened to run into her and she just had no clue who he was and just wanted to yell at him to start with because he did run into her and she was mad about that. But once she figured out who he was and who we were she clicked it all together and just yelled at him not caring who any of us are."

"I noticed that too. When we first got to Shane and her, she looked as though she was going to kill him, but once she figured out who we were the wheels turned in her head and she realized she wasn't going to kill just some random stranger but the jerky Shane Grey. And I think that gave her full incentive to just go and yell at him. When I talked to her after she yelled at him she said that she was annoyed all day but decided to just yell at him. And when we were talking just a while ago, I was telling her that none of us even his parents haven't been getting through to him."

"Yeah, I've been wondering why no one but her has been able to get through to him. Surely his parents should have been able to get through or even us but nothing. Why her? Is it because she's a pretty girl?"

"I don't think her bring a pretty person has to do with any of it actually. I think it's the fact that she was just some random, well not anymore, person who just happen to stumble into our lives and couldn't stand his attitude. It's not a normal thing to ever know of or see a person who is pissed off that much with his attitude. More like it is hard to ever know someone who doesn't care if she is yelling it in their face about it."

"And fans at that."

"She said that she still but has been less of a fan since his attitude. And I understand that because of Shane fans have gone away. It's not like I am happy that that is how it's been but it happens."

"I don't care if she was the biggest fan or someone who didn't like us at all. I am just glad that she went and did it."

"Ditto. It was amazing though."

"Do you think that Shane is back to his old self though? I mean the cooking…"

"I don't know Jase, I hope so though. Whatever that was though, I mean with him cooking and everything. It was as though he was normal again, as though he wasn't playing around and was acting as though he was his old self again. But I am in no way complaining, it's amazing to think that he is well himself again."

"I really hope so Nate. I really hope this all means we have the Shane we grew up with back. I miss that Shane, I think everyone does."

"Do you think, if it means that he is like this, that maybe he'll talk to his parents again? That maybe he will stay this way?"

"Hopefully. It would be great to see him talking to his parents again. I hope this means that he is going to stay this way full time. But I am scared that if the label doesn't let us change and use the music that we like again sometime soon, that well he will go back to being a jerk."

"I hope he stays this way and talks to his parents. It is hard enough for us to call our parents and them wonder about Shane, but I don't think I can deal with getting it from his parents too anymore. I know they are begging to see their kid turn back to who they raised, but it is so hard to call my parents and them asking for his parents about how he is and if there is any breakthrough to getting him back."

I was too. My parents always questioned on Shane whenever we talked. It wasn't just Shane's parents missing the old Shane, but ours as well. We all missed him. "I know Nate, it hurts hearing it from my parents as well. They are all hurting just as much as his parents are and we are. I really hope this is the turning point as well."

"So are we supposed to just go and ask him if he is changed? Or do we wait and see during this week if he keeps up with the good behavior and acting normal again and then say something? Or do we just wait for him to bring it up?"

"I don't know. I wonder if we ask him if he's changed immediately he'll snap and that'll be the end of this nice streak. Or if we wait for him to be annoyed that we didn't bring it up so that he brings it up. Or we don't say anything at all."

"I think we might want to do it because that means that if he is truly growing out of his jerky pants than we don't want to pick a battle with it by making it have to be him that makes the leap. I mean that it makes sense that he makes the reach to fix things because it is his own jerkiness he needs to fix but I think if he has to tell us than he isn't going to think that we have noticed or even cared to make amends and care that he has changed."

"Yeah I agree with you on that. It makes sense for us to confront him instead of having him have to tell us himself. If we say something first it will prove that we have noticed this. But I'd say it'd be best if we waited until tomorrow or something to see if it actually sticks."

"You're probably right about that. I don't want to wait too long though."

"Yeah I really think we need to ask him before this weekend, before Mitchie is here with her friend. I don't think she will like to be ambushed or him either without us asking him about it because she probably thinks I was joking about it all."

"Good idea. Hopefully if Shane sees her here, he won't snap at her about everything. She really didn't give him a chance to even try and make a retort. Did you even see his face when she yelled at him?"

"No. I was more in shock after what she said to him that I was more looking at her in shock but extremely amazed and grateful. I forgot to actually see what his face was registering about it"

"Yeah I was too, but I did shoot a quick glance at him and it wasn't a very readable expression. I was a mix of shock, anger, and it looked as though he was starting to notice how terrible he's been."

"Well that's good then right? That he is finally noticing how bad he's been. He had to come to that realization sooner or later even though I am quite happy to see that it is more soon than before it was too late. We could have reached a point of no return with him."

"I don't think that it would have been that bad to tell you the truth. I think that he knew deep down in that over hair producted head of his, that he wasn't or well isn't that person who he's been acting as. He knows that he is a lot better of a person with a big heart who cares about everyone over himself and not that over produced person he puts on to be. It is definitely a good thing though if he is finally seeing this all."

"Yeah, true."

"So tomorrow."


The youngest and the eldest of Connect 3 parted for the night mulling over what was to come.