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Looking over to the window, he saw it was almost a bit past noon. The giant ball of blinding light that might possibly be the sun had passed over the school a while ago, and was now beginning to descend slowly. That meant they would have to move soon. He sighed, turning a bit when he heard the 'splorch' as Ragnarok stuck out of his back and laid on his head.

"So? Now what? We're in a different place, and the whole world has gone to hell. This is worse than when the girls in school were talking about that fucked up book, about the fairy with glitter around it, drinking animal blood, being fast as fuck, reading minds, being an insomniac, and having a chihuahua as a rival." grumbled Ragnarok.

It took a second for Crona to realize what he was talking about. "You mean the Twilight books and movie?"

"Yeah, that shit! What the hell was that about!?"

Crona, for once, had to agree. He saw the first movie and regretted seeing it almost instantly. Then he saw half of the second movie, and walked out of the movie theatre, walked up to the cashier, broke the glass, and took his money back. Nobody dared to stop him. Had he asked, though, he would have been surprised that the cashier would have given him the money.

"Anyway, what now?" Ragnarok repeated the question while looking over at the other two girls. "You have two hot babes here, one of them with shredded clothing that hides nothing, and blue lingerie to boot! And the other has just as big boobs as well! What the hell are you doing here when the girls are over there!" he sounded more playful than annoyed, but that didn't really stop him from pulling on Crona's face.

"Stoppit! Stop, it hurts!" he cried out. Almost instantly, Ragnarok stopped and disappeared. Just in time too, because the two girls were beginning to wake up, and he wan't sure how they would react to a black chibi-thing that was attached to his back. Shit would only get worse.

"Are we leaving now? It would be (yawn) best if we move soon." Toshimi said drowsily, rubbing her eyes while Misuzu stretched out, lifting her bust nicely and letting Crona see every curve as she arched her back. He quickly looked away while trying to calm down.

'Horrible thoughts! Think of horrible thoughts! Big kishin-Ragnarok! Naked Black*Star! Kidd in his mansion after an earthquake! Patty when she's sugar high! Soul in a tutu!' All these thoughts were passing through his head in a failing attempt to not think of the globes that were jiggling around not ten feet away from him. He managed to calm down enough to answer, "Y-yeah, it m-might be f-for the best i-if we m-move -the... the sun w-will set soon." He still thought the sun was weird. It didn't have a face, and it was painful to look at. God forbid the same happened to the moon!

"Like I said before, there's a storage closet not far from here. I'd suggest the kendo-club's equipment, but that's a floor up and on the other side of the school." Toshimi said, tying the front of her shirt to make it so that it was still (barely) presentable. Her belly was showing though, and her skirt was still pretty ripped up, so her lingerie was visible. And Ragnarok was right, it was a nice dark-blue color... Crap, the thoughts weren't working anymore.

"R-right! Le-let's get g-going then!" Crona stammered, taking a step towards the door while flexing his fingers a bit. He would have normally used Ragnarok in sword-form, but he was still cautious of showing them anything that would scare them. Hell, he would have to be careful not to be injured either. He might end up showing them the Black-blood, and that was already a bad thing among normal people. So he would rely on his strength alone. That didn't seem like much when looking at a scrawny guy like him, but Black-blood was good for that as well, so he was more than ready to fight those things. Although, he'd still have to be careful. He didn't want those things getting a bite on him. Who knew what might happen should they try to bite into him. He may have high regeneration, but will it save him from whatever these things were? Or will it only speed up his own transformation into one of these things. Well, he didn't want to test it out, so he would have to be careful for now.

With a look behind him, he saw that both girls were ready. He took a deep breath and slowly opened the door... only to find the face of one of those zombies in front of him. Managing to catch himself from crying out, he made sure that his body covered the zombie from the girl's view. It wouldn't do for them to exclaim and attract others. Looking around, he saw that this was the only one here, save for one an entire hallway away to his left. Looking back at the one in front of him, he saw it was a girl, and it was only standing there, drooling and the smell of decay and blood coming out of its mouth. Looking back at the girls, he put his finger to his lips and made them understand to stay quiet. Then he took a step to the side and walked right past it, silent as a breeze. The other two jumped a bit knowing that there was another one of those things in front of Crona this whole time, but realized that the thing didn't see them at all. It simply stood there. Still, that didn't meant they should make noise.

Following Crona's lead, they were both silent as they passed the zombie, one at a time. Misuzu was last, and she almost shrieked when the thing shifted, causing their shoulders to bump. Crona seemed to have seen this coming, because his hand shot out and quickly covered her mouth while he pulled her away from the zombie, pressing her against his chest while keeping an eye on the standing dead.

'No reaction. Can it feel anything at all? So it only reacts to sound.' he thought, slowly taking his hand off of Misuzu's mouth. Misuzu meanwhile was silently feeling Crona's chest as much as she possibly could with her back, a bit surprised that he didn't feel that skinny. He was thin, yes, but what muscle he had was rather firm, almost impossibly so. She also accidentally rubbed her butt against his crotch, making him quickly let go of her. With a nod they continued, making sure to weave around any of the undead they came across. Toshimi was at the front, leading them towards the supply closet.

Opening it quietly, they found a bunch of brooms, a few buckets, and a few cleaning liquids. Taking one of the brooms, Crona easily broke the brush off and held it out to Misuzu. Now the tip was splintered wood, but it would be good for stabbing. He looked around a bit more and was pleased there was a hammer hiding in the corner of the closet. He gave that one to Toshimi. "What about you, Crona-san?" asked Toshimi, feeling the weight of the hammer and swinging it a bit.

"I-I'm okay. I can take care of myself just fine." 'Even with just my strength I'll be fine. Hopefully.' He tried to smile encouragingly, but it looked more like a grimace. Both girls looked worried, but nodded as they turned and took a stance. Crona was at the front, flexing his hands and arms to get them ready. Misuzu was to his left, her broom held like a staff, and Toshimi was to his right, the hammer raised and her legs bent, ready to run. With an unspoken signal, the three teens began running down the hall while pushing away any of the undead that got in their way.

Misuzu might not be good with a bo-staff, but she was doing just fine with smacking them away. Toshimi was mostly weaving through them, only hitting the ones that got too close to her. Crona, however, was fairing much better than both girls. He was able to punch, elbow, and throw his way through the many bodies of the students, making sure to clear as many of them as he could so that the girls had as little trouble as possible. All the while, the girls would tell him which direction to turn and which steps would lead them to the front of the school the fastest. Within three minutes, they were outside, a bit winded but still able to run. The car, being about two blocks away, was on the other side of a horde of undead. Crona winced, a bit unnerved by the amount of dead people in front of him. Looking to the girls, though, he could see that they were scared of the odds.

Turning back to the undead, he looked around to see what their options were. They couldn't go straight through, as that would obviously end badly. If they go to the left, they would be between the undead and the wall, which wasn't as good. The right... well, that just seemed to be the only way. It was less crowded, but it also looked to be the much longer path. 'Why is this so complicated! I can't deal with making decisions! Actually, I was doing pretty well a few moments ago, so why is it harder now!? Gah! I don't know how to deal with my change in skills!' Shaking his head, he turned to the girls with a whimper. "S-s-suggestions?"

Both girls looked at him and blinked. He suddenly went from badass to lost child in less than a second. Looking around, the two girls seemed to be at a loss for words as well. "Uh... Right?" suggested Misuzu, an awkward smile on her face. Crona looked again and gulped. Might as well.

"S-stay close." was his only advice, before running, the two girls doing as told and running close behind. He again punched, elbowed and pushed any of the bodies in his way, the girls having little to do beside keep up and hit any of the ones he missed. Misuzu was mostly trying to push the bodies away, not really aiming to kill. Toshimi was either hitting the heads, legs, or shoulders to, hopefully, lessen the possibility of them grabbing other people, or walking in the future.

Crona was glad they took this way, seeing as they seemed to be doing fine so far. Unfortunately, it seems that all their battling was beginning to attract more of them, and that somehow made the car seem farther away. They managed to get to the car quickly and pulled the handle, thankfully the car was open. Unfortunately, as soon as Crona opened the driver's door, a body flew out and wrapped its arms around him, trying to bite his neck. Crona grit his teeth as he pushed the body off, quickly bending his knees and pushing the body off of him, sending it to the ground. He got up and saw that the keys were in the ignition, which he quickly turned while shutting the door. It was when he heard the two girls enter, Misuzu on the passenger seat and Toshimi on the back, that he froze at the sudden thought that crossed his mind right then and there.

'I'm about to drive. I'm about to drive a car. I've never driven a car.' His brain felt like it was literally gaping at him. 'WHY THE HELL DID I GET ON THE CAR WITHOUT THINKING THIS THROUGH!' He wanted to smack himself, but knew now was not the time. 'I can do this. Just think of all the movies I've seen. I can do this. I use the steering wheel to steer, the thin pedal for gas, the fat one for brake, the lever for gears... I think that's it for now.' With a nod to himself, he shifted gear and slowly pressed the gas. They were going backwards at a slow pace, almost as fast as the walking dead.

"You're on neutral!" shouted Misuzu, a bit too loudly in his opinion. "Put it on the 'D'!" He quickly corrected himself, doing as told and almost instantly speeding forward. He grit his teeth as he tried to maintain the wheel steady, trying to avoid as many of the undead as possible. He was swerving a bit, but doing okay for a first timer. SKREEEEEEEEEECH! Well, sort of.

"We're grinding against the building!" shouted Toshimi, a bit intimidated by the sparks on the right of the car. Crona found it interesting that his first thoughts were on how badly that would scratch the paint. He again corrected himself, managing to drive acceptably. He was still teetering a bit, but now he was more in control of the car. He kept his focus on the road, making sure to avoid as many of the undead as possible as to lessen the damage to the car as well as to avoid slowing down.

Toshimi told him to go through different roads, giving him directions on where to go. They had to to make a few turns, seeing as every once in a while a road would be blocked by either too many undead or a car crash, or even some barricades every once in a while. He continued to drive for a good twenty minutes before Misuzu suddenly perked up and pointed to something farther ahead. "A police station! Maybe we can get better weapons there!"

Crona came to a screeching halt as he stopped in front of the station, a bit intimidated in seeing the doors opened and a few marks of blood on them. God only knew what must be in there now. With a shaky breath he opened the door and stepped out with the girls not far behind him. Looking around, he saw that the undead weren't that close to the station, but they would still have to be quick. The police station was a two-floor building with brick walls, a gate at the front that was supposed to make sure that nothing could come in easily. It seemed that it only served to trap people in judging by how much blood and flesh was hanging off of the gates. Unnerved, but not deterred, he walked up to the gates and opened them. He looked behind and saw the girls close, both paling the closer they got to the horrible sight.

"M-maybe I should go in first to see if it's c-clear. I-I'll tell you when it's safe." he suggested. He wasn't sure what was in store inside the station, so it would be best if he looked around first. Both girls looked hesitant, but he didn't give them time to speak as he was already climbing up the steps of the station. Walking up to the doors, he opened them more and was a bit surprised to see that it wasn't as horrible as he was expecting it to be.

The front office was filled with desks and other things on any normal office-place, with a water dispenser in the corner, and the ceiling fan spinning lazily. The only difference would be that most of the desks were overturned, there was blood on the floor, and there were bullet holes on the wall to his left, but that seemed to be about it. He was honestly expecting more blood, maybe even a body or two. Compared to the school, this place was pretty clean. Still, one can never be too sure.

Taking a few steps forward, he saw that to his left was a set of double doors, up ahead was a door, and about seven feet from that one there was another one to the right. There was just a wall to the right, nothing there beside some painting. Probably an attempt to brightened the place up, though the red and oranges didn't do much because the walls were a light blue. He quickly shook his head. Now was not the time to think about how out-of-place the painting was compared to the rest of the things here. He needed to find weapons for the girls. Proper weapons. Not the makeshift ones they had, though the hammer might still come in handy. He took a deep breath and began walking forward, keeping an ear and eye out for any movements or sounds. He looked to the left and decided to go to the double doors first. With shaky hands, he turned the knobs and slowly opened the doors. There was blood. Lots more blood than the entrance had. It was everywhere, even the ceiling. The hall he was in went forward for about another ten feet before it turned right. Rounding the corner, he jumped a bit when his foot bumped on a body. A policeman, probably no more than thirty, his entire left leg gone and his right gone from the knee down while bites were all over his neck and chest area. Crona grimaced, briefly wondering if the man had family, or friends that were worried of him. He gulped and looked over his body quickly, almost immediately spotting the gun in the man's still clenched hands. He guessed the man probably made a last stand here, or maybe tripped and tried to shoot but didn't make it. Whatever the case, Crona couldn't help him now.

With a quick mumble of, "Sorry..." he crouched down and slowly reached for the gun while keeping an eye on the corpse. No need to let his guard down, especially since now it seemed that the corpses here are his main enemies. With a quick tug, he pulled the gun off the dead man's hand. He checked the gun, seeing it was one of those with a six-bullet barrel. He groaned a bit when he saw only two of them were loaded. Looking back down at the body he looked a bit more, patting the pockets and then noticing the pouch on the man's hip. Inside he found a small box that rattled a bit. Opening it, he found about an extra twenty shots in it. He sighed. At least it was something.

He heard footsteps behind him and faster than what normal people would have noticed, turned and wrapped his hand around the neck of the body behind him while raising his fist back, ready to palm the undead's head to oblivion. He stopped when he realized that it was actually Misuzu, who's mouth was open and her eyes wide when she felt Crona's hand around her neck.

Misuzu came in when she thought it better that they at least keep out of sight, Toshimi keeping an eye on the car by staying at the entrance. When she walked up to Crona, he suddenly turned and grabbed her neck, faster than she could blink. She almost screamed when she saw his squinted eyes, focused on ending her right then and there. And just as fast, he let go and started to bow to her while repeatedly saying "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry!"

"I-it's okay. I should have called out first." Misuzu mumbled, a bit shaky of her near-death moment. She was almost positive that Crona was going to kill her without thinking of it, but she was happy that he stopped before he did something too rash. She didn't want to die any time soon, thank you very much.

Crona calmed down enough to notice he had dropped the gun and the bullets, which were next to the policeman's body. With a sigh, he bent down to pick it up. And was suddenly face-to-face with the corpse as it sat up and opened his mouth to rip off a piece of Crona's face. The swordsman quickly jumped back with a yelp as the man suddenly flopped on his stomach, using his hands to crawl towards the two teens. Misuzu took a step back and pointed her make-shift staff at the man, trembling as it suddenly turned to her and began crawling towards her. She took a deep breath, aimed, and thrust the broom-stick forward. The tip missed the middle of the forehead, instead scrapping the side and flying past while ripping off his right ear. The end pierced the shoulder instead, immobilizing it for a moment. It suddenly twisted around while grabbing a hold of the broom, making Misuzu stumble and crash onto Crona, her rear end landing right on Crona's crotch. Said swordsman jumped a bit when he felt a body on him, but was thankful it was Misuzu and not the undead man.

Speaking of dead man, he had managed to turn and began to crawl towards both of them again, intent on ripping into both of their flesh. Crona quickly looked around for a weapon, but realized that the man was already lunging forward, both arms out and the broom still in its shoulder. Without really giving it much thought, he wrapped his arms around Misuzu and rolled, his knees sticking out a bit to make sure he didn't put too much weight on Misuzu. Just because he was skinny didn't mean he was light, seeing as the Black-blood was much denser and heavier than normal blood. Coming to a stop with Misuzu underneath him, he felt the gun under his hand and realized he was right where the man's body was a few minutes ago. Using his left hand, he grabbed the gun and brought it up before aiming at the man's head. He grit his teeth when he felt his arm shaking.

He'd never used a gun before, and only held Patty once on a mission when Kidd began to weep about a church that was once symmetrical had its left bell-tower blown to bits. He caught the flying girl-turned-gun before it hit his face, so that was the first time he actually held a gun, even if it was Patty.

Still, it wasn't really gonna stop him from trying. Teeth clenched and eyes narrowed, he took aim and pulled the trigger. With a bang much louder than he had ever heard from either Patty or Lizzy, the bullet shot out of the barrel, through the air, and ripped the upper left of the thing's head. It didn't stop, though it did make its head jerk to the side. Seeing this, Crona aimed again and shot one more time, taking the rest of the head off as the body slumped forward, now motionless. He let out a sigh as he let his arm relax. That was scary. His left hand dropped the gun as he clenched his hands. The gun didn't really hurt to use, though again it might have something to do with his blood.

Blinking, he clenched his hands again. Strange. His left hand was wrapped around nothing but air, but it seemed that there was something soft in his right hand. Kind of like a pillow, but more firm, and the more he squeezed, the more he noticed a small hard nub was in his palm. Maybe he should look down and see what it is? Maybe the dead guy had a pillow under him or something. A pillow that for some reason was breathing hard and moaning. Yeah, he should really look down right about now.

Turning his head, he looked and saw Misuzu's face. Okay, so far it isn't so bad. She was blushing, her eyes wide and surprised with a somewhat glazed look to them, and she was breathing in quick gasps that he was pretty sure sounded like his name. Looking lower, he saw her shoulders also heaving, a bit of sweat around her neck, his hand on her left breast, and her blouse slightly open to show a bit of her bra. Huh, he never noticed how nice, black, and frilly it was. Wait, what was that second-to-last one?

He almost teleported across the hall, his hands raised up high as if he would be shot. And considering that he dropped the gun next to her when he jumped away from her, it was a possibility that he wanted to avoid. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Oh god, I swear I didn't do it on purpose! I'm not a pervert, I swear! I'm so sorry!" he cried quickly shaking like a leaf while his face was almost a stony grey because of the blood rushing to his head, his eyes closed and looking away from her. Misuzu slowly got up, her face as red as a tomato.

"I-It's okay! I-I mean, n-not really. I-I mean, I-I don't m-mind! O-or at least, I d-don't mind i-it was you who t-touched me. O-or, uh-"

"Hey," Toshimi stepped in through the double doors and quirked an eyebrow at the scene. Crona looked to be close to tears, his hands in the air, and shaking a lot, and Misuzu was a few feet from hi, crossing her arms over her chest protectively and red-faced, looking at any direction but Crona's "You guys okay? I heard the gun shots and came to investigate."

"Um, y-yeah!" squeaked Misuzu, not really looking at her friend. "J-just, uh, Crona saved my life... again."

Toshimi blinked, but looked down and saw the man's head blown to bits, which must have been the shots that she heard. With a slight wince she turned to Crona. "In that case, we should hurry and get going. Those shots must have alerted more of them to this spot."

Crona looked at her strangely. "Them? What do you mean?"

"The undead. Those who are dead but are still moving around. They eat all who are still alive and don't feel anything. That's what they are." she said gravely, looking out towards the double doors. Even now he could hear a few of the things shuffling around outside.

"Th-then... let's quickly look for weapons!" Misuzu said, turning and beginning to walk down the hall in the direction Crona was originally headed. Scrambling to his feet, the pink-haired boy quickly caught up to the brown-haired girl and grabbed her arm.

"Y-you should be careful. We might have caught their attention when I, uh, fired the gun." he said, blushing when he remembered how soft her chest was. Apparently she also remembered, because she blushed and looked in any direction besides his.

"F-fine." she mumbled. Toshimi quirked an eyebrow, wondering what had happen between the two of them, but decided not to comment. For now that is.

Again with Crona at the front, they made their way down the hall, a pair of doors side-by-side, presumably for the bathrooms, on the right and another set of double doors farther down on the right. There wasn't much sound besides the shuffling outside, and something else going on down the hallway. Crona realized that they might have to find a new form of transport if they had already surrounded the car. He sighed. Things were getting more and more complicated. 'I don't know how to deal with complicated.'

"The armory might be deeper in. It'd be safer that way, so that no one can just run in and take them. And even then they..." Toshimi's eyes widened as she realized a thought. "... they might be locked. We might need a key. This is bad."

"No." Crona shook his head. "I can open them, no problem."

"How?" Misuzu looked at him skeptically. So far, while she was grateful that he saved them, she knew nothing about this boy. All she knew was that he liked to wear dres-

He suddenly turned to her, like he read her mind. She jumped a bit, but tried to smile.

- er, robes, and that he was strong. Very strong. He was able to throw them with ease, bulldoze through a hoard of them, and all while wearing his... robes.

Crona twitched a bit. 'Someone is doubting my choice of attire. I can't handle that sort of discrimination!' He decided to just ignore the weird feeling and continued down the hall. The closer he got to the doors, the louder the sounds inside were. He wasn't sure what was going on, but right now he felt more alert than he could remember. Something was going on in this place. Those sounds... they almost sounded like someone struggling. And he could hear what sounded like voices. Turning to the girls, he looked them in the eye and said, "Please go back and keep an eye on the exit." Both nodded, Crona giving Misuzu the gun and turning to the doors. The girls quickly walked back to the other end of the hallway, making sure to be as quiet as possible. With a deep breath, Crona turned the knob and pushed the door open with a slight creak.

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