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They are however, very hard to kill. Especially if they have the right amount of combat experience to go with their gifts and equipment. So I'm letting you know that Alex isn't going to be some kind of God in this story. He's normal like everyone else, just stronger after what has happened with him and the nano suit.

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Alexander 'Maverick' Drake

Omega Station - Terminus Systems

August 21, 2180 - 0432 hours

From his position on top of one of the many buildings within the outlaw space station. Alex looked through his visor while on nano-vision to ensure that he wasn't followed after taking out the Bloodpack mercs he killed roughly fifteen minutes ago.

The shock of being where he was didn't have the same effect like it did when he woke up in New York City in 2023. It must have been that the soldier had gotten used to the strange and unexplainable since his 'death' in his own world.

But the question that plagued his mind was of the utmost importance; why the hell was he here?

The Librarian said that he had to assist one of the 'chosen' to ensure that their universe was safe. He thought that the Crysis universe was it, yet considering the current situation he knew now that he had been wrong.

Alex knew all about the Mass Effect universe. He had beaten all three games and their DLC content before he was shipped out again. He knew what was coming, he had knowledge of who he could trust and that might be able to help him make sure that Shepard saved the galaxy.

His situation however was a rough one. He was an unknown in this universe. No identity. No money. And he was packing firepower and technology that he was pretty sure everyone in the traverse would be more than happy to kill him for.

"Good thing I woke up on Omega then." he muttered switching off his nano-vision. "Prophet, you got something for me?"

"Intel Acquired. Subject: 'Shepard' located from extranet tap. Data being displayed." A window popped up on the HUD showing a dossier on Commander Shepard. The picture with the information revealed a woman with pale skin with bright red hair that reached her chin. Two emerald green eyes drew attention to her heart shaped face where a scar was visible on her right cheek.

"Commander Jane Shepard. Born and raised on Mindoir. Survived Batarian slaver attack which had killed her family and friends. Joined the Alliance at 18. Fought against a slaver raid at Elysium which awarded her the Star of Terra. Known to be quick minded on the battlefield, but also to have a 'golden heart' for those who need help." Alex said reading the information.

It appeared he was dealing with a Colonist-War Hero, Paragon Shepard. "Not bad. She's beautiful too, hope I get to meet her." Alex muttered to himself as he headed to the edge of the rooftop. "Warning. Proximity Alert."

Alex spun around and activated his suit's cloak just as the door to the rooftop opened and five people with guns stormed out. Two Human, a Batarian, a Turian and a Krogan all stood looking around the 'empty' space for something.

"Shit! I tracked him here!" shouted the Turian checking his omni-tool. "Bah! Leave it to you to lose a target Grizz." mocked the Krogan as he swept the rooftop with his claymore shotgun.

"I'm telling you I saw him come up here. And there's only one way in or out of the roof." said Grizz as he deactivated the omni-tool.

"Maybe he jumped." said one of the Humans looking over the side to see an easy 40-story drop. "He took out four Bloodpack mercs in seconds, a drop like this probably wouldn't bother him."

The Batarian's four eyes looked left and right, having been on Omega for as long as he had gave him the sixth sense to know when he was being watched. The question was where the hell was he?

There was a dull thud forcing them to turn around and see that one of their Human partners was laying prone on the ground. "Shit, what happened to him?" asked Grizz as he and the other Human ran over to check on him.

"He's out cold. Something hit him on the back of the head pretty hard." said the other Human when he was hit with an unseen force and sent crashing into the wall and slumping to the ground unconscious.

The three remaining gunmen stood back to back when their comrades fell. "He's up here." said the Batarian. "How the fuck is he hidden so well?" asked Grizz keeping his assault rifle up.

"Gotta be cloaked. Heh, coward can't even stand and fight like a man." rumbled the Krogan.

The large alien suddenly had his shotgun yanked from his hands before it was smashed hard against his head plate. Shattering the weapon and knocking the Krogan to the floor just as something slammed hard into his armored gut sending him skidding across the rooftop.

There was a shimmer in the air, Alex stood before them with a Hammer aimed at the Turian and Batarian's heads. The two aliens looked at the sudden appearance wide eyed before realizing their situation. "Fuck." muttered the Batarian.

"Why are you looking for me?" Alex asked keeping his eyes focused on the two before him, while at the same time watching the Krogan who was now getting back to his feet in his peripheral vision.

"Our boss sent us out because of a energy fluctuation in the lower slums. When we arrived I saw you kill four Bloodpack mercs like they were nothing before disappearing." said Grizz trying to remain calm.

"Naturally, our boss would like to speak to someone who just 'appeared' out of nowhere and is able to kill with such precision before just vanishing into thin air." said the Batarian not at all bothered by the gun in his face.

A loud roar ripped through the air. Alex leapt back before slamming his fist hard into the Krogan's face in mid-charge snapping his head back and making him stagger back several steps.

Putting the pistols away, the soldier maximized his armor's strength as the Krogan shook out the cobwebs and made another attempt. He caught the large alien's fists, only sliding back a step or two before coming to a complete stop.

The Krogan pushed with all his strength but couldn't budge the armored Human. "Heh! You got some strength to you. Do you think you can defeat a Krogan?" he barked as he put more strength into his arms.

Alex pushed back, eyes glancing down and seeing his energy meter steadily dropping with each second.

Thinking fast, he released one of the arms before spinning under the one still in his grasp. Using the momentum to flip the now unbalanced Krogan in the air and slamming him down onto his back. He then planted his foot on the large alien's shoulder before twisting hard to the right hearing a resounding 'Crack!' and a loud bellow of pain that signified a dislocated shoulder.

The Krogan attempted to get to his feet when a heavy boot forced him back down. "I didn't come to Omega to start a fight. Yet your doing a damn good job of that all by yourself." said Alex looking at the two others who had their weapons trained on him.

"Don't make this any harder than it already is." said Grizz sharply. Alex removed his foot from the Krogan's chest and stood straight a moment before sprinting at the two armed men. "Maximum Armor." Prophet said in his ear just as gunfire roared in the night.

The mass propelled rounds bounced off of the strengthened weave of the armor as the soldier reached the shooters. Grabbing the assault rifle and pistol from the two aliens, he crushed them with his nanite infused strength before grabbing the two by the throats and lifting them off the ground.

"Now, who's your boss and why are they after me after only...two hours?" Alex asked making sure not to squeeze their necks too hard.

"Aria T'Loak, she runs Omega. Anything out of the ordinary on the station and she knows about it. That's why we were sent here and to track the one responsible...it lead us to you." said the Batarian struggling in Alex's grasp.

Alex tilted his head, "Then we better not leave her highness waiting now should we." he said setting both men down.


If he didn't feel out of place before, Alex sure as hell did now.

Walking through the station with his once armed escort. The two Humans looked uneasy as they stood on either side of him. The Krogan walked with a pistol in his right hand while his left hung limply at his side, red slitted eyes burning holes in the back of Alex's head.

Grizz and the Batarian, whose name was Anto, lead them to the club named Afterlife that was nearly in the heart of the station. And the site of Aria's leadership.

Walking past the long line of folks waiting to get in, the group went through the main door and down the small corridor before entering the large club. Music pounded around them, the atmosphere reeking of sweat and alcohol as patrons danced all around them.

Alex had Prophet scan the room and tagged several mercs the moment they entered. Through his HUD, a dozen men from both the Blue Suns and Eclipse were highlighted red with an orange triangle above their heads.

The patrons parted like the red sea. Many attempting to get a better look of the black and silver armored man being led to the stairs leading to Aria's balcony.

The guard stationed motioned for them to go up and they did without a word. In moments they stood in the small VIP section where one of the most powerful Asari in the Terminus Systems stood with her back facing them. "You know, it's not often something surprises me." she said with her back still them.

"Yet finding out that someone simply 'appeared' on my station with out being detected leaves me thinking the worst." Aria turned and glared at Alex. "Something very dangerous for anyone."

Alex rolled his shoulders, "I'm not here to cause trouble for you or your kingdom. But your boys here had the shoot first ask questions later kind of attitude and that didn't sit right with me." he said glancing at his escort.

Her eyes scanned over her battered and shamed guards that stood around the armored soldier. "One man beat all five of you? Pathetic." she said shaking her head.

"Whelp got lucky." grunted the Krogan. Alex looked over his shoulder at him, "You want me to break your other arm?"

The Krogan raised his pistol, Alex lashed out knocking the weapon from the Krogan's hand with his arm before delivering a powerful kick to his chest sending him flying off the small set of stairs and hitting the ground hard.

It was then Alex heard the sound of a dozen weapons powering up. Every guard in the room had a gun trained on him. Aria kept her arms crossed over her chest, her eyes trained on the soldier with interest. "You could have killed them at anytime from what I can see. Why hesitate?" she asked.

Alex shrugged, "They meant no harm to me. And besides you sent them, and like I said before I'm not here to cause trouble. Especially since that it would break the golden rule of Omega." Aria raised an eye-ridge, "And that rule being?"

Crossing his arms over his chest, Alex kept his pose relaxed. "Don't fuck with Aria." he said casually.

Aria smirked, "It's good to see your well informed stranger." she motioned to her guards to lower their weapons before motioning to the couch next to her. Alex walked up and sat down while the pirate queen sat on the center couch. "So why are you here?" she asked leaning back in her seat.

"Long story, so I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say that I've been through hell and fell ass-backwards here." said Alex leaning back in his own seat, his vision glancing around the room more than once to make sure he wasn't being set up.

"Hmm, I've heard that once or twice." Aria said taking a sip from her drink. "You gotta name stranger?" she asked looking at him over the rim of her glass.

Alex thought on that only a moment. His real name would set off too many red flags even though he didn't have an identity here. "Maverick." he said deciding on his codename from home.

Aria raised her eye-ridge again, "Interesting name." her eyes roved over his suit and weapons. "Even more interesting arsenal. Now why would someone come here with so much firepower unless they intended to start something?"

"Wasn't my intention to wind up here. And I'll only use my weapons and skills if the situation calls for it." Alex leaned forward, "Though I do find myself in a tight situation." he looked at Aria through his visor. "What would it take for me to get passage to the Citadel from here?"

The Asari picked up her drink, "Book passage on the next shuttle." said raising the drink to her lips.

"Without being seen or detected." said Alex causing her to pause. Aria glanced at him, unable to read his expression and eyes because of the suit. She hated not being able to read those before her.

"That is a challenge, but not an impossible one." she said putting her drink down. "However, such a favor will regard compensation."

Alex narrowed his eyes slightly, "And that being?" Aria waved to one of her guards who brought over a datapad. "There is an illegal shipment of weapons being brought in three hours from now. Whoever they are, they've been getting their supplies into my station and arming the local merc branches without much detection. If you deal with the smugglers, I'll get you what you need."

Not seeing much of a choice, Alex took the datapad and had Prophet scan all the relevent data contained on it before standing. "I'll get it done. But don't expect this to be a regular thing." he said heading out of the VIP lounge and out of the club.

As cold as he was being, Alex knew that Aria was very manipulative. She was the leader of the station for a reason, and her reputation was one to be both respected and feared. That was why he had to make sure the Asari was at arms length. She was using him as a means to an end, he would do the same to make sure he had what he needed.

And he needed to get to the Citadel in order to lay the ground work for what was going to happen soon.


The docking area that was listed in the datapad was a small one, out of the way of the major docking ports and not crowded at all. The perfect place for a smuggler to do their work undetected.

Alex was crouched ontop of a warehouse that overlooked the docking area, his eyes scanning over the area as he planned his attack. With the small size of the port he'd be relying mostly on close quarters combat. And depending on the number of hostiles, this could make an easy or slightly difficult task.

"Proximity Alert. Arial Craft Approaching." said Prophet. Alex crouched a little lower as a small ship came into view and approached the port. Touching down on the small docking area and allowing a ramp to extend from it's underbelly after it was secured.

A group of armed gunmen walked down the ramp and scanned the port for a few minutes before half of them went back onto the ship. "Accessing Available Data...Four identifiyed as Human. Three identified as Turian. All lightly armed. Tactical Options Available."

After looking over his options for the situation a few moments. The soldier slipped down the rooftop and landed lightly on his feet, his back to the warehouse as he leaned around the corner and observed as the mercs unloaded several crates from the small ship. Activating his cloak, he slipped past the few guards they had as he got onto the ship.

The vessel was small, big enough to fit 20 people at the most. It only possessed a crews quarters, small mess hall, and only a few stations for navigation leading up to the cockpit where the Human pilot was lounging in his seat.

Alex deactivated his cloak, allowing his suit's energy to replenish. "Hay, you guys done already?" asked the pilot as he kept reading the datapad in front of him. Alex approached silently until he was behind the pilot's seat. "Hay where are-" he was cut off when the soldier wrapped his arm around his neck and placed a hand over his mouth.

The pilot struggled a moment before Alex twisted and snapped his neck. Setting the limp body back in the seat, he went to one of the terminal's nearby and touched it lightly. "Prophet, rip what you can from these terminals." he said as the AI quickly got to work.

The data mine only took 30 seconds as the sentient program went through all of the files available and only copied what was important. "Data Mine Complete."

Several windows of data appeared on Alex's HUD, one was a small list of coordinates that showed several colony worlds he never heard of from the games. However, the Citadel was also listed.

Another window was a crew list, and next to that was a shipping manifest. The smugglers were delivering several crates of armor, biotic implants and prototype omni-tools they'd stolen from an Alliance outpost on the edge of the Terminus Systems to the Blue Suns stationed on Omega.

"Proximity Alert." Alex wiped his HUD and activated his cloak as one of the Turians from outside walked onto the bridge. "Hay Carter, we could use your help out here." he said looking at the pilot's chair.

Alex pressed himself against the terminal as the Turian smuggler walked passed him. "Carter get your lazy ass up or-" he turned the seat and gasped seeing the dead pilot with his neck at an odd angle. "Spirits." he spun around only to run into something solid.

A shimmer rippled through the air as Alex reappeared. Before the smuggler knew what was going on the soldier rammed his combat knife into the man's throat splashing blue blood across the terminals nearby.

The body hit the floor just as another smuggler walked onto the bridge. "Shit." muttered the Human about to make a run for it. Alex whipped out one of his Hammers and shot him in the head before he made two steps.

The gunshot alerted the five remaining smugglers who all drew their weapons and headed for the ship.

Alex knew that a firefight was coming and drew his Jackel shotgun while crouching down behind a nearby terminal. The first smuggler came in with an assault rifle and saw the three dead men. Alex stood up, the auto-shotgun in his hands barked loudly as the smuggler's chest was blown open. The heavy slugs proving too powerful for the smuggler's weak kinetic shields and light armor plating.

The four remaining smugglers all stormed the ship with guns blazing. Alex twitched his right pinky finger. "Maximum Armor" Prophet said just as the smugglers began shooting up the bridge.

With the rounds bouncing off of his now strengthened armor, Alex fired his shotgun several times. Two of the smugglers went down before they could get into cover while their friends had just gotten lucky.

Dropping to cover, Alex dumped the clip and slammed in a fresh one before stashing the shotgun and switching to a Hammer pistol. He waited a moment before leaping up. One of the smugglers did the same but the soldier's reflexes were far superior because of the nanites in his system.

The pistol registered once and the Turian fell to the floor with a hole between his eyes.

The remaining smuggler began shaking when he realized he was all that was left. In an act of stupidity he lept to his feet and charged the armored soldier, firing his shotgun wildly as he went.

Alex let the round bounce harmlessly off of the suit before close-lining the smuggler. The man did a flip in the air before landing on his head with a sickening crunch. Everything fell silent after that. "Mission Accomplished." said Alex holstering his pistol. "Now let's see if they have anything we can use."

Leaving the ship, the soldier approached one of the crates the smugglers had been unloading. After a quick scan of the serial number he ripped open the lid. Inside were several boxes filled with small chips. Each one a prototype omni-tool that the Alliance military had been working on for the last two years.

"Well, I think I can call this a bonus." he said reaching in and taking one of the chips. "Prophet, can you adapt this to the nano suit's systems?"

"Affermative. Nano suit's adaptability will merge the device into it's systems." said the AI. Alex placed the chip onto the left forearm of the suit and watched as it seemed to absorb into it. The HUD flickered for just a moment before stabilizing.

With a flick of the wrist, the bright orange omni-tool sprang to life. "Initializing...Compete. Device Designation: Omni-Tool, has been merged into nano suit's systems. Connecting to hardware." The omni-tool flickered a few times before it changed from bright orange to dull red. "Connection established. Omni-tool can only function within nano suits proximity. Overall effectiveness in the field increased by 18%"

Alex looked back into the crate and pulled out a second chip. "If that's the case, then I'll keep a spare on me for when I'm out of the suit." he said slipping the device into a pouch on his waist.

Using his new omni-tool, and the upgrades that the nano suit had given it. Alex hacked into the omni-tools of the dead smugglers and cleaned out all of the credits that they had on them, as well as what was stored onto the ship. Overall, the soldier walked away with 220,000 credits. Along with 10 grenades that he found in the ship's small armory.

Having done what he could, Alex turned to leave but paused as he looked at the open crate of omni-tools. "I can't just let this shit fall into the wrong hands." he muttered taking out one of the grenades he took from the Crysis universe.

Pulling the pin, he dropped the explosive into the crate before walking away. The following explosion blew the crate apart and destroyed all of the devices contained within. He did the same for the armor and biotic implants to ensure that everything was useless to any bad parties that could be involved.

With the job done, the soldier left the dockling area and headed back to Afterlife.


Aria read over the report before looking up at Alex who stood calmly with his arms crossed over his chest. "And the cargo was unsalvagable?" she asked skeptically.

"Destroyed in the firefight. Sorry, figured a few lost guns and armor would be worth it to have the smugglers six feet under." said Alex without hesitation.

The Asari wasn't pleased, she would have loved to have known what the smugglers were getting onto her station. She sighed, regardless...he got the job done like she asked. "Very well. You completed your obligation and I'll complete mine."

Alex mentally sighed, though a part of him knew that Aria was pissed off about the lost cargo he destroyed. She tapped a few keys on her omni-tool and his chimed a second later. "There's a cargo ship leaving Omega in four hours heading to the Citadel. The crew has been informed not to mention your presence while your onboard. The ships located on Dock-51."

Nodding, Alex turned to leave when she called out to him. "Hay Maverick." he turned back to see her smirking. "Drinks are on the house for you if you want."

He left the VIP balcony and walked through the club, glancing at a nearby bar a moment before changing direction. He definitely could use a drink after everything that's happened so far.

Sitting at the bar, the Turian running it looked up from the glass he was cleaning. "Aria's waved your tab. What'll it be?" he asked. Alex looked through the selection, being sure to look for those that were Human friendly.

Ordering a bottle of whisky, Alex removed his helmet and set it on the bar. Running a hand over his shaved scalp before pouring a decent shot into the glass provided and knocking it back. The light burn down his throat was a welcoming sensation.

"Shit, you look like you've seen a lot of fucked up stuff." said the bartender.

Alex's grey eyes regarded him a moment, the low light managing to catch the dark scars on the young man's face. One going from the right side of his forehead, over his right eye and ending mid-cheek. The second going from his left cheek down over his mouth and onto his chin.

Mementos from his time in the universe before this one.

He knocked back another shot before pouring another. "You have no idea." he muttered.

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