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The dark, cold void of space was all that could be seen. The shining stars in the distance reflected off a crimson red visor as the one behind it floated helplessly through the vacuum.

"Suit Integrity: Critical 9%" The black and silver suit drifted in space, the burning wreckage of one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy scattered around him while he remained unmoving.

The Protheans called them the Reapers. Something to give voice to the never ending steam of death and destruction that wiped their civilization out completely. A race of ancient machines capable of untold amounts of power.

Once they completed the genocide of the apex species of the galaxy, they slipped away back to the safety of dark space. Leaving very little behind of the cycle of extinction that had been reoccuring for millions of years.

Their Vanguard Sovereign attacked the galaxy with the aid of the Geth, another race of machines created by the Quarians, and being lead by a rogue Spectre whose mind had been long lost to the lone Reaper's influence.

We fought back, many thinking that we won. When actually it was just the beginning.

We think the galaxy is ours, the horrifying truth of it is, we're just keeping it warm for the next guy.

"Suit integrity: Critical 9%"

An outstretched arm hung in the airless vacuum. The light coming off of the wreckage glinted off a silver covered chain held in his grasp.

I was given a new purpose with my death, with the help of a omnipitent and omnipresent being that I believed to only exist in fiction, I became something more than what I was.

Stronger, faster, far more durable than anything a normal Human would be capable of. I became a nano soldier, a Post-Human.

Coming to this universe had been a shock, but after everything that had happened before coming here I was able to adapt and thrive in a way that would help ensure that the Reaper's failed.

I helped Commander Shepard put an end to the Geth, Saren and Sovereign. Gaining allies, friends...and love in my mission.

But as I continued to push harder to make the galaxy a better place, no matter how small the changes I've made. I knew that eventually it would catch up to me. That certain things in the timeline would continue unhindered no matter who stood in the way.

In the distance, a large ship shaped like an insect hive flew away. It's mission complete as it jumped into FTL leaving the destroyed ship behind.

The silver chain in his hand drifted a bit revealing a set of dog tags. The name 'Cmdr Jane Shepard' reading clearly in the quickly dying light around him as the wreckage drifted toward the planet below.

I was once called the ultimate weapon...but when that fails...what's left? When the so called 'ultimate weapon' loses everything it ever loves, what becomes of it?

I can tell you one thing...I sure as hell not going to die anytime soon. And I pity anyone who will stand in my way. To hell with consequences, to hell with the timeline, things are going to be done my way. And I'll make all those who destroyed what I cherish suffer for what they've done.

My name is Alex Drake...and this fight was just beginning.

The fist holding the dog tags clenched tightly around the chain as he continued to float in the endless void. Fire burning in his eyes behind the crimson red visor.

"Suit Integrity: Critical 9%"

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