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Full Moon High

Chapter 32: Little Brother in Trouble; who's the Monster and Who's the Man pt.1

Seattle Airport

Today was an exceptionally calm day at Paine Field airport, only twelve flights had come in, in the last five hours. The man sitting behind his desk though was understandably bored, slumped across his desk as he was, as he lazily inspected everyone's passports, checking for any inconsistencies. But despite from one man who bumbled his story about coming from Taiwan, but his flight coming from New Guinea, he hadn't had to anyone to step aside for further inspection: and thankfully that had just been a language barrier issue, where he had gotten two flights for a cheaper price. However just now he was considering detaining this newest arrival.

Looking down into his spectacles, perched on his long nose the man held the passport up against the boys face and murmured to himself. He was a young boy, barely five foot with bright, scruffy, blonde hair, dark blue eyes, with a rounded and soft face that ended in a pointed chin, and his passport said he had just turned fourteen. Still comparatively the smile in his passport possessed now starkly contrasted the tired and forced smile and almost disheveled appearance, even by the picture's already scruffy hair.

The man behind the desk tapped his finger as he looked behind Charles at the small crowd shuffling towards the other booths filled with his fellow employees. Still he finally spoke in his usual droning tone.

"Charles..." he paused flicking through a few passports pages, "Zellinski.?" It was a question rather than a statement, as he looked past the boy into the crowd for some form of guardian or parent.

The boy nodded, "Yes, that's correct."

"Any fruits or vegetables," the desk man asked.

Charles shook his head, "Just what I got from lunch and dinner on the plane."

The man nodded, as he approved the papers, and gave them back. Before he left, the man asked the boy, "So what's a kid like you coming to America for anyway?"

The boy turned around, as he simply replied, "Family reunion." And then walked away.


Talbot Hall

Everyone was a bit aghast on what was transpiring today. Today, they were meeting up with Rachel Darke, the werewolf that was interrogating Peter nonstop on where he got his sword from. Though today, she seemed rather calm, leaning on the door frame leading to the living room. The other matter was everyone seeing Sarah again, as she stood in the middle, looking and acting like her old self again. It was almost as if nothing changed for her, despite her dreary and down-ridden attitude.

Still Sarah wasn't warming up to everyone, namely Mikey who was currently trying his best to discretely ask her what he had always wanted to. "So feel like posing for a few pictures?" He grinned to himself as he got the expected, and indignant reaction, punctuated by a complete look of disgust.

"In your dreams Corvis! Why does Peter keep you around anyway."

Mikey only grinned as the pink haired girl glowered at him, seemingly unaffected by her hash words as he points to his chest and grins, "because I am me."

"A disgusting, perverted, shaggy haired wannabe werewolf super hero, with the sexual restraint of a possum in heat."

To Mikey's credit even if he did look a little upset at her words he shrugged it off and actually smiled, "Well you haven't changed," he commented holding out a hand, "just glad you got to terms with your wolf side... love the costume by the way." Sarah continued to glare at him though, her lip twisting into a snarl, causing Mikey to grin again. "There you go, a wolf already."

Sarah sighed, relenting some of the built up tension and adopting her haughty air of contempt, but with at least some sincerity. "And this is why, Corvis," she began to explain, "You will never get a girlfriend," she said with a smile shaking her head.

Mikey shrugged himself "actually me and Kylie hooked up..."


"Oh yes she is amazing, I mean we do it four or five times a day and..."

Sarah had promptly stuck her fingers in her ears and immediately turned on the spot. "No, no... I am not listening, there is no way any girl would put up with you," she exclaimed charging away from him.

Peter however looked back over the rim of sofa and sighed and promptly told Mikey to "knock it off," with his own amused smile, watching Sarah place herself into a leather arm chair, holding herself with her school queen air of regal power. "So Sarah..." Peter however found himself lost for words. "I don't even know where to start..."

"And where exactly would you start, Talbot," Sarah continued, not liking the fact that Puny Talbot was leading them.

Peter shrugged, "Well, we're all interested in where you've been this whole time."

"Yeah, why didn't you tell anyone," Maria asked.

To her credit Sarah only mildly snorted at their question, though she was more than willing to answer. "Well if you must know I have been... figuring myself out these last few weeks. As you remember I didn't take to becoming this thin..." she stopped herself and shook her head. "A werewolf, very well: so I have been figuring out... well just figuring it out." Sarah for a moment looked away from them all, and then back to Maria and Ashley and nodded at them, "and I am sorry but this for me was a big change... I just needed some space."

Ashley smiled and nodded "Well, we forgive you," he said pleasantly, to which Maria nodded a short second later.

"Well we are glad to have you," Mikey called giving her a thumbs up, causing Sarah to groan.

"We all are," Peter smiled, still getting ire from her even with his politeness. He sighed, 'Guess some stuff hasn't changed.'

But then Sarah had to ask, as she noticed Rachel, and asked, "So… who's the new girl? Is she in the same boat as us?"

"No," Peter began with a gesture towards Rachel, "she is..."

"I can speak for myself." The Black haired girl flicked back her red highlight and looked at Peter with slight annoyance as she leaned back in the chair next to him. The tense silence that followed her blunt statement only seemed to cause her to roll her eyes. "God your all so uptight." She huffed as she scanned the room. "Anyway no I am a born werewolf: My name is Rachel Darke and..."

"Of the Everett Darke's" Ashley began with a raise of her eyebrow.

"Yes Ashley Norwest of the Everett Norwests."

Ashley blinked at the sarcastic reply: "You know who I am?"

Rachel shrugged, "My sister mentions you. But getting back on track, no I am not in the same boat as you."

Ashley arched an eyebrow, "Your sister?"

"Sandra Darke of the Darke family," Rachel stated. But then shrugged, "Well, my step sister. I'm adopted."

"Then why are you hanging around a loser like Talbot," Sarah asked, pointing her thumb at an annoyed but politely calm Peter.

Rachel stood up straight, acting like a soldier, "I'm on a private mission to avenge my family's murder six years ago. And to do that, I need to know where Talbot gained the Inertia, since the Fang was in my family's care and protection."

This earned a stunned silence, as Peter asked, "Wait a minute, you never said… Rose never said it belonged to a family. The museum's records indicated that it was donated by an anonymous donor."

"Well, that donor stole it from our home… right after my family was burned in the house we lived in," Rachel stated.

"Wait, wait, wait! Hold on," Sarah stated, as she looked to everyone. "What's an Inertia? And who the heck is Rose?"

It was Kylie's turn to answer, as she explained, "Well, the Inertia is known as the Gravity Fang, one of 50 forged immortal or mystical weapons that only immortals like werewolves can use." She motioned to Peter, "Of which he figured out how to use and/or was chosen to use it. And Rose is a Werefox of a family of sisters, 4 including herself."

And then Maria chimed in rather calmly, "She's also got the hots for Peter… as she and Peter almost had coitus with each other."

Stunned silence filled the room, mostly from a shocked Sarah, and Rachel arching an eyebrow at Peter, who sat down, face-palming himself, "Why is that one thing always brought up?"

Rachel though had gone bright red and closing her eyes in silent rage. Mikey however continued to snigger under his breath as everyone regained their composure.

"My word you have gotten worse," Sarah said to Maria, shaking her head.

Mikey looked to Rachel as he asked, "What's wrong with you?"

Snapping out of it, Rachel looked away, "Nothing! Leave me alone, Shaggy!"

Mikey arched an eyebrow at that, and then at Sarah, as he asked her, "I'm amazed you haven't flipped out about Peter getting a magical weapon… much less getting it on with this hottie." And then showed Sarah a picture of Rose Moxen, both in her human and Werefox form. And then to make things crazy for the mauve pink-haired girl, a photo of her and Peter together, though Peter looked a bit confused while Rose gave the camera a V sign and a wink.

Maria walked over to Sarah to see her reaction, "Honestly, I was a bit stunned by this myself."

Ashley looked to her stoic friend, "You sure didn't show it."

"I wear my emotions on the inside," Maria replied.

Sarah however had grabbed the pictures and began looking back and forth between Peter and the picture of Rose. "No way! There is no way!"

"Yes way!" Mikey laughed, "My best man scored a true 10/10"


Peter, on the other hand, looked nervous and embarrassed, as he scratched the back of his head, as he innocently replied, "Nothing… too erotic happened. It was more like we just made out in our wereforms. I still had my under armor boxers on, if that's what you're suggesting I was fully nude."

Everyone, especially a now-about-to-exploding freaked out Sarah, looked at him. Even Derek was surprised by this, as he asked, "You mean, you two didn't…"

"I stopped before we went too far," Peter cleared up.

Rachel looked surprised at that, 'Wow. He shows a lot of restraint. Even for a male Beta.'

But Peter sighed as he looked at the fireplace, "Though I have mixed feelings on whether or not I should have let it continue. I doubt I'll ever see her again. At least for a while."

A long silence followed, as the group awkwardly considered his words.

"This is where we hear a knock at the door isn't it," Mikey said with a grin.

Derek was the first to respond "Shut up Mikey."

"Okay... moving on," Ashley then said, hoping to diffuse another situation between the two.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Sarah finally cried out, causing everyone to flinch, as she snarled, "Am I the only sane person left here?!" She then looked at Peter, as she shot, "What the hell happened when I was gone?! You were at the bottom of the food chain and now all of a sudden, you've become so different!"

"Ah, I don't really know where you're going with this," Peter confessed feeling a little awkward and pressured on this.

"Oh no! You've suddenly gone from meek geek to Handsome Sheik! You fight supervillains now, you're on the web as an urban legend superhero, and now I've heard you've charmed your way into the hearts of two beauties!"

Mikey blinked, "Two?"

"The Werefox and miss Red Streak here!"

Rachel blushed at that, as she shot out, "H-Hey, that's not true!"

Peter gulped, "This is starting to get a little personal…"


Ashley placed her hand on Sarah shoulder and calmly said "Sarah calm down, and what's wrong with Peter improving his situation, I mean he is a decent person."

Sarah snapped at this spinning on the spot, angrily looking at Ashley and pointing a finger at Peter. "Decent! I worked my cute butt off to be the best in the school and your telling me the nerdiest most feeble kid is now taking down bank robbers and Roland's gang! Its ridiculous!"

"That's nothing." Maria began calmly talking as though her friend was not flying off the handle. "He also took down that giant blue mutant a few months back, back before we were turned. We also helped each other taking down a snake man, a werewolf cannibal society, and there was that one altercation where he fought the most deadly hunter in the last fifty years."

"Deadly hunter," Sarah said almost looking terrified.

"Oh he died a while back, it was quite a sight: his two kids are actually quite grateful..."

Sarah felt the vein in her temple pulse as she took all that information in and she fell to her knees exhausted. "And you just followed him into all of that?"

Maria shrugged "Yes. It was pretty fun."

"Yeah," Ashley said awkwardly "'fun'"

"Oh and there was that crazy ice dude, and that shotgun wielding madwoman," added Kylie with a giggle, causing Sarah to groan out load.

"Oh and there was that cult of werewolves that we fought off, when Peter got the Gravity Fang," Mikey added with an even bigger grin.

Sarah however stopped groaning at this, just resting her face in her hands.

Maria however just looked down at her dejected and as blunt as ever looker her and her new white latex one piece up and down. "Cute outfit by the way."

Sarah fell down to the floor, as she groaned, "This is all too much…" She then looked up at Peter, and looked exhausted, "So… is there anything else that happened?"

"Well, we found out that there are dragons in the world," Peter stated, earning a shocked look on her face. "There's a family of them living in Liz Azuria's farmhouse, they're nudists so it's a big deal on some parts, but they own their own hot springs bathhouse."

"Uuuughh," Sarah groaned.

"That, and I also adopted a sister," Peter finished. But looked around, "Say, where is she?"

"Sorry, I'm late, Peter," Jean suddenly spoke up.

Everyone turned to the doorway and saw Jean there, dressed in her usual getup, and with her was Vivian Rosen.

Suddenly, at the sight of a petite beauty like Jean and Vivian showed up, Sarah bolted up, as she was in shock, as she screamed out, "AAAAH! SO…! SO…! SO…!" And then ran to the two, hugging them, "So cute!" She then pulled back, acting like a happy mother, "Let me take you both shopping. I swear, I wanna dress you both up in so many dresses and outfits. You two will be so darling and pretty with what's popping into my head."

Everyone went deadpanned at this, while Jean and Vivian were sweatdropping, as Rachel commented, "Wow. She went from freaking out to gushing all over so quickly."

"Maybe its best that we don't tell her the Butchers kids are now at Shepard High," Ashley muttered, peering awkwardly at Peter.

Rachel suddenly gaged "Wait that psycho hunter!"

"Shhhhssss," Ashley and Peter began as they looked nervously at Sarah who was happily chatting away with Jean and Vivian: who had yet to manage to even respond to her overexcited plans. "Lets not overload her," Ashley said looking at Maria and gving her a knowing nod.

Maria stood up and walked over to Sarah, placing her tanned hand on the overexcited pink haired girl's arm "Say Sarah its late: how about you me and Ashley have a slumber party and we will tell you all about it over that?"

Sarah smirked, "Like old times? Sure." But then grabbed Jean and Vivian, as she smirked, "But these two are coming with, okay?"

Vivian gagged, "Ack! Let go! Lemme go! GAAAAGHHH!"

Late that Night

Talbot Hall

Jean's Room

Jeans room was a plain room with two windows on the second floor, with a sky blue wall and dark blue caret. It was relatively sparse compared to the rest of the rooms in the house due to Jean having only moved into it recently.

This had made it an excellent place for the slumber party, as the girls had gathered around on the carpet in a circle. Ashley sat opposite Sarah who was busy braiding the hair of Jean who was still sweat dropping from the whole affair. Between her and Ashley was Vivian who was casually inspecting her now braided pigtails in a small hand mirror. Across from her was Rachel and Salia, who had apparently turned up with Vivian and Jean after taking them both out shopping. She happened to be hungrily staring at the spot between Ashley and Rachel though, as Maria was sitting their topless, clad in only a pair sleeping shorts.

But something was egging Sarah immensely, even as she was inspecting Jean's massive braid. "Okay, I need to get this elephant out of the room here," Sarah sighed. She then looked over to Maria, as she stated, "I understand why Maria's topless; she's comfy with showing off her pillows…" And then looked to Vivian and Salia, who were both completely butt naked sitting Indian style, "But why are you two in only your birthday suits?!"

"This is natural for dragons," Salia stated. "We're usually in scales and leather wings. We're not accustomed to wearing clothing only when we're going through town."

Sarah blinked, "So you guys are nudists?"

"Yep," Vivian smirked. "And proud of it."

"So what should we play first?"

"Twister," asked Salia?

"Naked twister," cried Vivian!

The girls, minus Salia, sweat dropped at that choice, but Rachel asked, "How about just plain old truth or dare?"

Ding Dong

the girls were surprised by that loud doorbell, but didn't get up, as Peter left his room, "I'll get it."

but as he gone down stairs, Singh answered the door, as Peter saw a yong blonde boy no older than Jean, weary and sweaty.

"Hello... I'm trying to find someone, but I got lost."

Peter looked back up the long drive way back towards town scratching his head and shrugged. "Must have been of a hell of a person to find if you came all the way out here." Still as he saw the young blonde boy look away embarrassed he stepped aside. "Come on you can rest up for a bit."

"Thank you," the young boy gestured, as Singh took his bags.

"I'll set you up in one of the guest rooms," Singh stated, as he went up the stairs.

Peter then helped the lad to the stiars as well, "I'll take you to the bathroom. You'll freshen up there, and you can bunk until you're able in the morning. I might be able to help find who you're looking for."

Charles smiled at that, "Thank you. Thank you very much."

Later On


Charles splashed his face with cool water. It had been a long time since he had gotten the chance to at the very least bathe, or even really have access to running water outside of a public restroom.

Letting the cool feeling cross his skin he looked down at himself and sighed: he had really let himself go. Over the past month of trying to get a visa to the US and being pretty much on his own, Charles had lost more weight than he could ever imagine: now looking more like a stick than an actual person. Still he couldn't really blame himself for all the stress and living on the streets: after all it was either come to America or go to a home.

Charles looked at the floor and muttered to himself in a German dialect and sighed. He missed his parents. Part of him wished he could have been with them when... when it happened.

"Oh ummmm... hi," came a soft voice from behind.

Charles spun around a little scared stepping away from the sink to look at the young azure haired girl who had just stepped in. She seemed a tad confused by Charles presence.

"Ummm hi, errr Peter invited me in," Charles stated noting the boy who had invited him into the house: "I am Charles..."

"Oh, um… " Jean scratched her cheek, as she smiled, "I see. Peter's that nice of a person. I was slightly in the same boat. But he took me in, adopted me as his sister."

"Really, I got to say that I am surprised that he even invited me in and..."

There was the sound of footsteps outside and Peter poked his head through the door. "Oh hey Jean," he exclaimed before turning back to the blond haired boy. "Charles Singh has set you up in the guest room down the hall. Its the one with the old gaming system in."

"Oh thanks," Charles called back, his voice wavering slightly as he gave a nervously but appreciative smile to Peter.

"No problem," Peter replied, "fancy a few games?"

Charles lit up at that offer, as he nodded, "Sure." But then stopped, as he sniffed himself, "But first, I need a shower."

"Okay then," Peter smirked, and pushed Jean out for a moment, "Let him finish, okay? I'll tell yo when he's done."

"Oh, okay," Jean shyfully stated.

Back at The Slumber Party

"Hand to green 3," Vivian cried with delight as she took the spinner and let it rotate a few times, laughing at the tangled mess of bodies before her.

Gingerly Ashley reached between Salia and Rachel and rested her hand down on the coloured mat. "Yes got it!"

"This is so stupid," Sarah muttered as she watched Vivian cry out her new spot. "Left leg to red 1," she ordered and Sarah complied. Nos straddling over Salia she let her chest rest against the girls torso, rather easily reaching the new red dot on the map. In truth she was quite tightly packed against Salia and Rachel's leg, but her gymnastics gave her the flexibility to stay up.

"Yeah weall done," Vivian exclaimed, "that's pretty..."


Salia suddenly grabbed Sarah and started hugging her busty body close to her.

"What on earth!" Sarah shouted.

"WHAT IS WITH THE WOMEN IN THIS DIMENSION WITH ALL THIS BUST?!" Salia screamed out, her eyes swirling with insanity and rage. "Do you have any idea how insidious this bust size is?! I don't even have a bust size this big."

Sarah whimpered, feeling weak from all the groping, "Can you please stop? I'm getting weak kneed!"

Salia groaned, as she looked away, "And for some odd reason, Peter's not attracted to large busts. I guess this includes me in a lucky way."

Sarah blinked, "Wait. Wha…? You've got a thing for Peter too?"

Rachel suddenly got up, and blinked, "What?"

"Hey don't move Rachel or I'll," Ashley cried but it was to late, the Ashley gave way falling on top of Rachel, whoes foot slid away knocking Sarah's balance off, forcing Salia down on top of them all: forcing them into a nasty heap, all on trop of Maria who had been at the very bottom.

Vivian watched from the side lines and couldn't help but giggle. "To answer your question Sarah: yes... yes she does."

Sarah blinked at this, shaking her head, as she tried to make sense of all of this, "So let me get this straight: Peter not only has a sexy hot redheaded Werefox after him, but now he's got a slender Asian hottie girl with anger issues after him too? What's next?"

Maria sat up, as she shrugged, "Well, Christie seems to have a crush on him."

"Argent?" Sarah asked, shocked at this, "As in Christie Argent? I thought those two were friends."

"They are, but I think she and he aren't aware of how they feel," Ashley confessed. "Though she's not aware of what we are, even though we all know she's a werewolf hunter."

Sarah blinked for a moment as her mouth opened slightly and she closed it: it looked like she wanted to say something but held back. To people watching her, her face went though half a dozen expression in a few seconds, but she eventually settled on saying, "That's... useful information. Now taking her time to untangle herself from the mess of the pile muttering, "not to self stay away from crazy hunter," she pulled herself to her feet.

"Sorry Sarah," Ashley said solomly, " a lot has changed since... well that night."

Sarah groaned "Yeah I know what you mean... but.." she paused to count off the girls on her fingers: "That's four girls already... four! I mean, I once managed two boyfriends during that time in first year but that didn't work out and..."

Vivian laughed "Me thinks you are jealous."

Sarah arched an eyebrow and looked insulted or shocked, "Jealous? No. honestly, I'm… amazed."

Vivian arched an eyebrow, "Amazed?"

"Yeah, I mean he's got nearly three to four girls going after him: Christie, Rose, Salia, and Rachel…"

Rachel shouted, "I'm not into him!"

"Okay…" she said, but then went back. "But I'm just amazed he hasn't gone blue-balls and just takes all of them. Though it would be tough to manage on all of that. So in a way, I'm surprised… and kind of taking pity on the poor guy."

At that moment, Jean came back in, as she looked at everyone and huffed, "Darn. I missed Twister."


Charles strode into 'his room' waling past the rather old TV an inspecting the nearby skylight and slopped roof. In all honesty it was rather quaint.

Now seeing the old gaming system he walked towards it, seeing it was an old PlayStation, as in a classic grey plastic playstation, with a collection of games off to the side. And under that... a Nintendo 64: 'dam this is old' Charles mused, as he pulled it and a large plastic box out inspecting the various games: he pulled one out and it said street fighter, Mortal Kombat and Super Mario Brothers.


"Yeah, whoa is right," Peter smirked behind him, as he walked up. "You have no idea how surprised I was when my grandpa had this placed made up for me. Me, Christie, and Mikey spend some of our time in here playing multiplayer games like Overwatch and such."

Charles looked to him, and asked, "You've got Overwatch?"

Peter nodded, "Yeah, I play as Genji while Christie always plays as Widowmaker. Wanna play?"

Charles smiled, "I got dibs on Tracer."

For the next few hours Charles and Peter played several rounds online, using the room's computer to have a few go's against one another. It was quite a night: especially since Charles could keep up with Peter's insane reaction speed.

Peter was mildly surprised to hear the boy mutter something in another language, which he decided to use to ask more about himself.

"So, Charles…" Peter asked, while they prepared for the next round. "Where you from?"

"Paris, originally," Charles replied.

Peter nodded, as he began to set up the next round. "And what brings you to Everett?"

At this Charles coughed and impulsively shifted away from Peter, his quite cheerful expression altering as he rubbed his eyelids and announced a long drawn out groan. To his credit the sound wasn't aggressive or in any way one of exasperation, but rather Peter could easily pick up with his improved hearing the layers of sadness buried deep within.

"You see, I am looking for my brother." He laid back in the bean bag that Singh had brought up for them, sprawling his arms out to the side, staring up at the ceiling lost in thought. "He ran away a few years back after... ummm"

"After what," Peter tentatively asked, leaning towards Charles.

Charles however shook his head, looking back up to Peter with a mournful expression. "Is it okay if we don't talk about it? Let's just say he did some bad stuff and leave it at that."

Nodding in agreement, Peter sat back in his chair considering the words of Charles carefully, something sending warning bells off in the back of his head. He ignored them though, as he asked another question, "Is it okay for me to ask why you're looking for him."

Charles reply was blunter then he expected. It was short, sweet and carried another layer of emotion that dug away at Peter. "They are dead," the words hung in the air like a bad aftertaste. "They died in an accident."

Peter realized he had opened up an old wound, as he looked down in shame. He sighed, as he replied. "Sorry to hear that. To be honest I lost my parents when I was seven."

Charles looked at him in sympathy, and asked, "How did they die?"

Peter shook his head, "I don't really know if they're dead or not. But they've been gone this long, so it's probably obvious that they're dead."

Charles realized he had open old wounds himself, and sighed, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. It's a sore and numbing subject to me anyway. Besides, I've still got my grandpa and big sister," Peter assured him. And then smirked, "If you'd like, I could help you look for him… if you accept it."

Charles was stunned to say the least about this. This guy to whom he knew little to nothing about wanted to help him out. He had offered him a shower, food, and bed, and was playing with him in the video game world. All he knew about this guy was that he was nothing like his older brother.

The blonde boy smiled, "I'll take you up on your offer."

Jean's Room

Back in the girls room the seven girls were sitting in a circle around a bottle, Vivian's hand now hovering over the small plastic container: her rather sly grin said it all. "For those about to be embarrassed we salute you!"

Ashley's droll reply if "how do you even know that," wondering how on earth the dragon knew about Gladiators was met with another cheeky smile.


Vivian then spun the bottle causing it to spin around a few times before pointing back at Salia.

"Okay Salia, truth or dare?"

Salia thought about it for a moment, varying it all very carefully, and then finally answered, "Alright. Truth."

Sarah was very swift and blunt to reply "Why do you hate boobs so much?"

Salia huffed, as she pointed to her chest, "Does this answer your question?"

Sarah rolled her eyes, as Vivien sniggered to her left, grabbing the bottle and spinning it again, until it fell on...

"Ashley," Vivian called out, causing the blonde to freeze. "Truth… or Dare?"

But Ashely sighed, as she flipped her hair, as she smirked, "I'll go with truth. Because there's nothing embarrassing or wrong in my life for me to reveal."

"Well, I'm gonna go with a double question," Vivian smirked.

Ashley's face contorted from confident to shocked, "What? You can't do that!"

"Too late I called it!" Vivian then smirked, "What… is the deal with you and Peter? Last time I heard you looked down on him all your high school life, and suddenly when you and your friends went wolf, you sided with him. So what's the deal?"

Jean lit up as she asked, "Oh, I wanna know this too."

Maria leaned in on her hands, "I'd like to know this just as much."

Sarah threw her hands in the air, as she spoke up, "Okay, I guess we're all going down the rabbit hole here: what is the deal, Ashley?"

Ashley sighed, as she relaxed a little, as she replied, "Well, it all started back in kindergarten. I met Peter and Christie back when we were all only six. I thought he was pretty cute back then."

"Yargh," Sarah gagged.

Ashley ignored it as she went on, "WE were the best of friends back then: I was the politeness, Christie was the attitude, and Peter was the cautious type. Even though our personalities clashed, we stuck together like waffles sticking accidentally. But one day, during nap time… I wet my bed in class."

Sarah went wide eye, "No."

"Yes," Ashley confessed. "I didn't know what to do if someone noticed. Even as a kid, I had a cool head and everyone thought I acted so cool."

"And then what happened," Jean asked, feeling sympathetic to Ashley's past.

"Well, one of the boys noticed this," Ashley answered.

Maria nodded, as she figured it out, "It was Peter, wasn't it?"

Ashley nodded, "Yeah, it was Peter. He swapped out my bed for his own. But as soon as we made the swap, everyone woke up, and saw the wet bed. They thought he was the one who peed his bed. They all laughed at him, except for me and Christie; the teacher got mad at him especially. He never cried. Not even a single tear drop." An uneasy silence washed over them all, as they saw how ashamed Ashley was, "He knew that he would get in trouble for what he did, and he accepted it. He never told anyone about what really happened. Ever since then, I grew up known to be a queen… but in reality, I felt like that same scared little girl who would be found out. And I never even had the chance to thank him or make it up to him. So when I found out that I was turned into a werewolf and Peter was too, I felt this would have been the best chance to make it up to him. That's why I jumped at the chance to be in his pack; I just want us both to be friends again."

To no one surprise Sarah snorted at this, "I still have to say, that if anyone made fun of you your father could have just gotten the school to kick them out."

Everyone turned their heads to look at her, their rather annoyed expressions caught her off guard. Recoiling she looked at each of them in turn, "What! My mother did is when some kids pulled my hair..."

Jean however was gob smacked as she stared at the pink haired girl, "that's horrible! I mean bullies aren't nice people but who wants to ruin someone's life?"

Maria shrugged "I just beat them up."

"Okay let's move on" Vivian muttered giving Sarah a dirty look, as she flicked back her hair with a huff.

"Well I feel it was justified," she said under her breath and Vivian began to spin the bottle.

"So here's my second question: who do you like more as a boyfriend: Peter or Derek?"

"Ummm... I," Ashley looked astonished at the question, looking around between her friends not sure how to answer. "I mean... what kind of question is that!"

Vivian however waggled her finger making a tut-tut noise that old grannies make. "Nope, that's not an answer! You have to tell us who you would prefer."

Ashley shook her head looking legitimately cross. "Neither, I mean Peter is a friend, a good friend. And Derek is well... Derek."

"Wow that was deep," Rachel exclaimed rolling her eyes causing Ashley to glare.

"Oh what did you expect me to say?"

"Come on! Answer, Ashley," Vivian laughed, bouncing up and down on the carpet.

Ashley however groaned. "Look I am sticking with neither, as Peter is nice but for heaven's sake; I knew him when we were kids. I mean, he is nice but I just can't get past that. And as for Derek, well: he is stubborn as hell, constantly moody, never backs down when challenges sticks up for what he believes in all the time and to add insult to injury he is always working too damn hard!"

Jean blinked: "That doesn't sound too bad."

"Well, he could at least lighten up for a change," Ashely shot back at everyone, causing them all to pull back from the blonde, as she shot, "I mean, all I've been is nice to him, try to get him to open up every now and then. The only thing I ever got out of him was a compliment about my fur coat; saying blonde fur's a rare thing."

"I thought coat color was determined by your hair color?"

Jean shrugged at Sarah and shook her head, "As far as we know there is no exact science behind it, the magic causing it is fickle."

Vivian sighed and nodded "Okay, you're off the hook," as she spun the bottle a third time.

"And the next one is..." the bottle slowed down, until the next victim was...

"Rachel!" The streaked-haired girl paled at this, as she looked around, seeing all of them train their eyes upon her.

But Rachel puffed out her chest, as she stated, "Okay... I choose both! A truth... and a Dare!"

Maria smirked, "This should be an interesting first."

It was then that Ashley asked the question, "Okay, Truth first: What is it with you and Peter?"

"I have already said this." Closing her eyes Rachel mentally cursed herself as to why she had agreed to this.

But no one was giving up on this. "Oh come one," Vivian teased, slyly worming her voice to get her to talk. "You can tell us."

The black and red haired girl though was in no mood in following herself up. "Okay let me spell it out for you again 'Dragon!' I, as in me, am trying to figure out how Peter, as in this packs so called 'Alpha' managed to get a hold of one of my families Fangs!" Her tone was stern, to the point and very much gruff, using her eyes to bore into Vivian. "I am not really concerned with Peter beyond that. He seems like a nice, if amateurish person and I wish he would not call himself an Alpha when he hasn't earned the right!" She then crossed her arms holding herself up to the fullest height she could while sitting on the floor: "does that satisfy you!"

Everyone looked around one another, and then back at Rachel, as Vivian shrugged, "Alright, that's good enough. Though I still think there's something else there."

"Well, there isn't," Rachel huffed.

But then it was Maria's turn, as she sighed, "Well, then here's the dare part: I want you, Rachel Darke, to find Peter… and kiss him."

For a moment Rachel just stared at her, her mouth completely open, then her expression turned to anger as her eyes bore now into Maria, and finally a unnerving calm.

"Fine," she grunted climbing to her feet and practically charging out the room. "BUT I DON'T LIKE HIM," she could be heard roaring as she marched off down the corridor.

"Well she was eager to prove us wrong," Salia muttered.

Vivian smiled, "A little too eager."

But then Ashley lit up, as she got up from her spot and caught Rachel before she went far, "Wait. It has to be a deep kiss."

Rachel paled, "Wh-What?!"

Sarah popped out too, "Yeah, and that it has to last a whole minute."

"Won't she run out of breath," Salia asked.

"Not if she breathes through her nose," Vivian smirked.

Maria stuck her head out, as she smirked, "And make sure to use the tongue. It's your most powerful weapon in a kiss."

Rachel was paling and blushing at this whole scenario. And only one question was going through her head: how the heck did this get out of hand? She shook her head, as she strode to the attic floor to the gaming room. All the while, the girls were laughing up a storm at this scene.

Gaming Room

It had been a few hours since Peter and Charles had started gaming and so far gotten tired of Overwatch and moved onto the myriad of classic Nintendo games, and were currently working their way through the roster of characters in Street Fighter.

Peter had decided to use Ryu, while Charles had opted for Cammy, citing that he preferred her quicker move set. And after eleven matches it was currently sitting at a six to four in favor of Charles. However, Peter quickly upped that to five to six when he delivered a Ki blast straight to Charles characters face.

"Okay switch characters," Peter cried in triumph, annoyed by their rule that the winner got to set the rules for the next match. "So who are you going to pick next... M. Bison," he asked seeing Charles hover over the character portrait of the series main bad guy.

"Not really my style, plus he is a totally unfair boss character, I think I will go with Blanka."

Peter nodded, "Good choice, I think I'll have Ken."

Charles turned to look at him frowning, "Hey no fair, Ken and Ryu are just pallet swaps!"

Still neither of them got time to argue as the door to the room flew open, a rather flustered Rachel standing in the door way.

The two stopped for a moment, as Charles smiled, "You know… this has actually been the best time I've had. I mean, I never did anything like this with my brother."

Peter arched an eyebrow, "I thought your family did some fun time or something?"

"Well, the family I had weren't my real family," Charles explained, earning confusion on the boy's face, as Charles went on. "I was actually an orphan left on the doorstep. My step-parents weren't exactly the model citizens or parents of the year. My stepbrother wasn't much of a sibling either. He had me crawl though spaces only I could fit in to get into places. When I got stuck, he'd just leave me there. And when I made a mistake, he'd kick me around, stomping on me that I almost broke a rib. He'd convince his parents I fell down the stairs. And they'd believe him."

Then Peter looked at him in concern, not noticing the figure walking towards him, "Then if they treated you that badly, why bother going back to them?"

"They're family," Charles replied, as he turned to face Peter. "They're the only family I g-…"

Charles stopped as he saw someone behind Peter, as he asked, "What?" He turned around, only to see Rachel standing behind him, wearing a baggy shirt and nothing else that went down to her mid-thighs, and blushing like mad, "Uh… Rachel? You okay?"

"Just to clarify," she muttered to him as she eased in closer to Peter, "I have been dared to do this."

Peter had just enough time to say, "Dared to do what?" Before he felt her lips engulf his as she tightly grabbed hold of him.

Charles was beet red in seeing what was happening as it went uninterrupted. The kissing lasted an hour, her eyes closed while Peter was in huge shock. It was almost as if the kiss caused his brain to go into shock before it was able to register what the heck was going on here. And Rachel's face was blushing at this, even as she deep kissed him.

As she continued, her heart was racing like crazy, as her mind was blowing off the whistles, 'Oh no. am I… starting to enjoy this? No. I just have to last the minute and then break loose. Remember, just breathe through the nose. Breathe through the nose…'

Peter meanwhile felt his mind go a hundred miles a minute: Rachel was kissing him, he was kissing back; he was enjoying kissing her back and now he was feeling his hands snake up her back. Still he remained wide awake while this happened, unlike with Rose where he had been frozen by passion: here he was frozen by shock and more surprise: a surprise caught somewhere between fear and 'oh my lord this is amazing!'

Still as the kiss was broken Peter couldn't help but reel slightly as he considered what had happened. He had barely gotten past 'Rachel kissing him' when he managed to realize that she was practically out the door.

Jumping to his feet Peter quickly dashed for the exit when he snagged and tripped on the controller cable sending him and Charles careening straight into the carpet in a heap. Needless to say Charles next question irked him.

"So was that your girlfriend?"

Jean's Room

Everyone was awaiting for Rachel to return, but at the moment, it was all quiet. Some felt the dare was a bit too much, as Rachel had yet to return. The girls looked to one another, wondering if they had maybe taken things way too far. At that moment, everyone spoke their minds on what had transpired.

"Maybe that was a bit much," Jean said quietly looking at the floor.

Ashley solemnly nodded, "I-I... agree..."

Vivian however was sniggering under her breath, smiling as her eyes kept darting to he doors. "I don't know what you are worried about she seemed more than willing to do it."

Ashley was not that reassured by Vivian words, glancing at her with incredulous hesitation. "Only after we pressured her!"

Sarah shrugged, "I doubt she'll go through with it. I mean, this is Talbot we're talking about."

Salia glared daggers at the mauve pink-haired girl, as she silently mumbled, "You wouldn't know a good man if he was standing in front of you."

Maria however was her usual quiet, simply observing the scenario in front of her, casually taking in the gradually elevating situation. To herself she still found the whole scenario hilarious, especially the growing dread of the other girls: although as per usual wore her emotions on the inside. Still just like everyone else she turned her undivided attention to the now panting, red faced girl in the hallway.

To Rachel's credit she proceeded to walk back into the room, not looking at any of them, before sitting back down between Salia and Jean and looking at the floor.

No one dared to ask what happened.

Except for Sarah, who asked, "So… how was…?"

"Ummm... okay, I guess," Rachel managed to look up at them all briefly before staring back at the floor, mentally damming herself for agreeing to it.

"Soooo... spin the bottle again?" Vivian asked?

"NO! NO MORE BOTTLE SPINNING!" Rachel and Salia shouted.

Everyone just scooted back, as the two girls calmed themselves. Rachel yawned, "I mean... I'm pretty tuckered out."

"Ummm okay..." Jean began.

"So now what," Asked Vivian?

Ashley looked around and down at her wrist towards her watch, "sleep?"

"Good idea," everyone chimed in and proceeded to get some rest.

Next Chapter: Little Brother in Trouble; Who's the Monster and Who's the Man pt.2