Whispering Fireworks

Chapter 1

The wind attacked Kuroko's shivering body. It came harsh and cold, stealing away all heat particles the teal-head desperately tried to perserve. Snow drifted slowly down to the cemented ground and found its place on his uncovered head. Grey clouds surrounded the depressing sky. In nothing but a thin jacket, Kuroko huddled closer to the wall and closed his eyes.

Where was he?

The Kyoto Prefecture. He could tell from how busy the streets were, the signs, and the buildings. It was different from Tokyo. The atmosphere, too—something was distinctive. Was it colder in Tokyo? Had Japan always been this cold? His lack of presence made everybody pass the freezing teenager without a first glance.

How did he get here?

Kuroko winced. Red fluid seeped from a small gash on his leg. Ah. That was right. Someone had been chasing him. No, not someone; they. Unexpectedly, at his house. They caught him; they as he didn't know who they were. Somehow, they had been able to see him through the crowds as he attemped to escape. In the midst of his running, one of them had gotten close enough to take a swipe at his right leg. The blade cut deeply.

Before he knew it, he was taken by a cab far away, and only paid the driver all of the money he brung for school.

This was not uncommon. Kuroko took notice of the men months ago, when he was coming back home from a practice match with Seirin. He didn't take action nor tell anybody, and the only 'threatening' move the men did was grab Kuroko to ask for his name. The teal-head replied with a fake name, but that only resulted in more men stalking him the next day.

Who were they?

"You there." A crisp, stern voice had Kuroko snap open his eyes and stare up blankly at the intruder. He blinked when he saw him. The stranger's red-hair was bright and disorientating, but also added more power to the authorative aura the teen gave off. His hetero-like eyes made Kuroko blink again and cast his eyes somewhere else, finding it uncomfortable to stare into them.

Akashi Seijuro scruntinized the small teenager on the ground. He furrowed his red eyebrows slightly; something was off about the teen. He bent down and leveled his gaze with the blank-faced boy. "You are not part of the Kyoto Prefecture. I don't recognize you."

Kuroko emotionlessly faced the red-head. "There are fifteen cities in the Kyoto Prefecture. I am glad you cannot recognize me."

Akashi raised one eyebrow at the polite Japanese, but his tone had slight defiance. His red-and-yellow eyes glowed with authority and power. "I assure you I know every face in Kyoto. You are not one of them." His stare traveled down his body and to his injured leg, where blood slowly seeped through its make-shift bandage. "You're bleeding profusely, and yet you don't go to a hospital?"

"I don't have money."

"Hm." Akashi stood his full height again. Something about the teen bothered him enough that he couldn't let him go. "Are you able to walk? I will take you to treat your leg."

Kuroko didn't look fazed. "I don't feel comfortable going with a—"

"I will force you, no matter your choice."

The teal-head pressed his lips together and sighed inaudibly. He tightened the bandage so that the bleeding would lessen with a wince. Slowly, Kuroko pressed a hand against the wall and pushed himself up to a standing position, favoring his left leg more than his right. He tried to limp toward the red-head, stumbled a bit, but was able to stop from falling. Akashi surveyed him.

"I am able to carry you—"

"I am fine without your help."

Akashi almost smirked. That was the first time a person had ever interrupted him. He was intrigued though at how the teen could refuse him so bluntly yet politely.

The car was not so far away. While the red-head walked, he frequently checked Kuroko to see if he had fallen or was escaping. However, the short passer obediently followed him. Akashi pulled out his phone, dialed a quick number, and put it to his ear.

The receiver picked up on the first ring. "Aka-chin? Where are you? Mine-chin is getting grumpy."

"Tell Shintarou to prepare his supplies for a patient." There was a crunching of some sort from the other line. "And inform the others I will be arriving, soon."

He flicked his strange eyes to the unaware teen. He limped with obvious pain, but refused to ask for help. This time, the red-head did smirk. "I believe I have found someone . . . useful to us."

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