Whispering Fireworks

Chapter 2

"Welcome home, Aka-chin~!" A tall purple-head teen called out just as Akashi opened his passenger door from the car. The shorter of the two glanced at the purple-head and gave a small nod of acknowledgement. "Is the guest in the backseat?" Murasakibara Atsushi walked down the porch steps of the large house. In his hand held a large potato-chip bag.

Akashi stepped out of the car and slammed the door behind him. "He is. Did you warn Shintarou?"


"Well done." Akashi opened the backseat door and revealed a pale-looking Kuroko. The blank-faced boy sat uncomfortably on the leather chairs, trying desperately not to stain the expensive car with his blood. Even during the short ride to the house, Kuroko had lost a good amount of blood from his wound to make him feel dizzy. He hadn't always been the strongest, so his endurance was low. "I assume you are unable to walk. Atsushi?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah." Murasakibara set down his chips and took three large strides to the car. "That's a lot of blood, Aka-chin. Mido-chin is going to have a lot of work." He bent down and put an arm around Kuroko's shoulder. "'Scuse me," he muttered.

Suddenly, the injured teenager could feel himself being lifted. Murasakibara easily carried Kuroko, who was a little too light for his height and age. Kuroko weakly tried to resist and pushed on the unknown chest, wordlessly demanding to be put down. Though the taller one didn't seem to mind the blood that was staining his clothes, and he barely felt the soft shoves against his chest. "Bring him to Mido-chin immediately?"

"Yes. Tell everybody but Shintarou to gather in the living room as well."

Murasakibara nodded and started to walk with big steps (not quickly) to enter the enormous house. Akashi told the driver a few words before following him after.

Kuroko knew he was inside without having to open his eyes. The air around him instantly got warmer, and a sweet aroma had entered his sense of smelling. He stopped trying to resist and let his body go limp. The sooner he cooperated, the sooner he could leave.

"Ah, gomen. Kise-chin wanted me to bake cookies, but since Aka-chin called me, I couldn't finish them. Is the smell too sweet?" Although Murasakibara couldn't imagine anything being 'too sweet', he knew there were people who couldn't tolerate sweets at all. It made the purple-head sad, but he learned to accept it.

Kise . . . chin? Aka-chin? Kuroko's headache started to bloom.

Murasakibara took a turn and entered a white room. There, a green-head awaited them. "Here you go, Mido-chin. He's bleeding a lot."

"Set him down on the bed." Midorima Shintarou pushed up his glasses and snapped on some white gloves. "Where is Akashi?"

"In the living room." The tall teen turned to leave, but stopped when he saw two other persons crowding at the door. "Kise-chin? Mine-chin?"

"Oi, who's the kid?" Aomine asked gruffly and eyed the teen Midorima was tending to suspiciously. "Akashi bring him?"

"Mm. Aka-chin wants you in the living room."

Aomine scoffed. "Of course he does, that bastard." He was lucky he wasn't in Akashi's hearing range, or maybe he was, but the red-head had decided to ignore it. "I hope it's not a new assignment. I'm still worn out from the last one."

"That's 'cause Aominecchi is weak," Kise claimed and ran with a yelp to avoid a swing. Aomine cursed after him, but didn't run to catch the blonde. Murasakibara ducked under the door and followed Kise to the living room. The tanned teenager looked at Kuroko once more. Something bothered him when he looked at the small boy, but he didn't know what.

"You best go on, Aomine," Midorima said curtly as he started to unwrap the cloth-bandage from the wound. "Akashi does not have much patience."

"Yeah, yeah." Aomine groaned and started to trudge to the living room.

Kuroko was relieved when almost everybody left the room, but he still kept his eyes closed. He could feel the doctor's (or was he a doctor? The voice sounded like the person was in his teens) hands brush against his jeans to unwrap the bandage. He tried to withhold a wince when the tight pressure was lifted from his gash, and blood rushed painfully to his leg.

"You are awake." The voice was deep and had a calculating tone to it. "That hinders me."

It hinders you? Kuroko refused to open his eyes. He didn't respond, either. Once I am healed, I will go. Though he was surprised at how exhausted his body was. The doctor-like bed was actually comfortable, and while the pain was searing, it didn't stop him from being tired. I . . . should not fall . . . asleep . . . He did anyways.

~Setting Skip~

"Akashi, what's the meaning of this?" Aomine demanded as he entered the destined room. Kise was already seated on the luxurious couch, while Murasakibara stood against the wall with the bag of chips. Akashi stood across from them coolly, his arms crossed. "You bring a stranger into our house, even though he might be dangerous, have Midorima heal him, and you come back home after practically going AWOL for the whole day? Now you're calling us to some kind of meeting?" If it were anybody but Aomine, Akashi probably would have killed him right on the spot for complaining to him. However, Aomine Daiki was part of his personal team, so the red-head couldn't really kill him. Injure him was a different story.

Akashi regarded the tanned teenager. "Are you questioning my actions, Daiki?"

Aomine instantly felt the drop in temperature. He always wondered at how Akashi was able to do that, considering his-abilities. ". . . No."

"Keep your questions until the end. And that 'bastard' comment," Akashi didn't change his expression while Aomine's turned surprised. "I'll let it go, for now. Anymore, however . . ." he left the threat hanging.

Kise snickered from his place on the couch. "Aominecchi got scolded."

"That goes for you as well, Ryouta." Kise pouted. Akashi gave an internal sigh before settling himself in a comfortable recliner across from them. His arms crossed again. "Yes, I am aware my actions are difficult to comprehend. I left early today because I was tracking their movement the first half of this morning."

The three visibly tensed, including Murasakibara.

"You mean Hanabi, Aka-chin?"

"Who else, Atsushi?" Akashi exhaled and loosened his tie with one hand. While the red-head didn't show exhaustion from the outside, he was definitely a little worn out from tracking down many of his enemies in a day. "When I encountered the boy, some of their traces lingered on him. He was attacked; I'm predicting by three of their men, judging from how strong their traces are."

Kise furrowed his eyebrows and leaned forward, actually serious. "Attack him? He looks like just a normal teenager, though. Why would they attack him?"

"No . . . he's not normal," Aomine too scrunched his eyebrows together. "When I saw him, something bothered me. He doesn't—feel right."

"So you have noticed, Daiki," Akashi commented. "Yes, I would not have brought him here just for the mere reason he was attacked. His presence was different from the humans. He's also quite interesting." He smirked.

Kise swallowed. Nothing really good came out of Akashi's smirk. "But Akashicchi, what if he's working for them? This could just be a plan that we're walking right into."

"I assure you he is not."

"How do you know?" Aomine asked arrogantly.

Akashi's eyes glinted. "I am always right." Aomine grunted at the response.

"What do we do now, Aka-chin? He knows where our home is now?"

Their leader stood up and loosened his tie more. Murasakibara could detect some blood spots at the end of his dress shirt. So Aka-chin had to kill somebody. The team members of Akashi's team were not swayed by the fact they had to end a person's life any day at any time. It was so integrated in their lives that there were days they went out in public without realizing their clothes were blood-stained. The Generation of Miracles were trained to harden their souls—their emotions, and to carry out their jobs.

Akashi pulled off his scarf and hung it neatly on the hook. "We watch over him. He will no doubt want to leave after Shintarou is done healing him. I took his student ID. Daiki, you attend Touou Academy in Tokyo, correct?"

"Yeah, that's where you assigned me." He scratched his head.

"You are now in charge in watching over him."


"He attends Seirin High School. A small school; it should be no hindrance to your actual work."

Aomine sputtered, "I don't even know the kid's name! How the hell am I supposed to suddenly watch over him when he barely knows me?"

Akashi threw a card over to him at a deadly speed. The dark-blue head caught it reflexively. "I-te," he complained. "What was that—" he blinked at the card in his hands. It was a student ID card, and blue eyes stared blankly back at him in the student picture.

"His ID is 102153. His full name is Kuroko Tetsuya. Remember it, memorize it, and sneak back the card to him." Aomine didn't dare complain about his new job, but he couldn't help but feel reluctant about it. He was already struggling to maintain his assigned area in Tokyo. Akashi went on talking, ignoring the ganguro's sulking expression, "Hanabi's movements are getting active. Twenty-two victims were killed in the Kanagawa Prefecture. Ryouta, this is your assigned location; why are there so many casualties in a short amount of time?" Akashi gave a fixed glare at the blonde.

Kise grimaced. "I don't know. It happened in Atsugi and Ebina City. I was in Fujisawa, where they first hit. My men couldn't hold them off long enough for me to arrive."

"That happened to me too," Murasakibara added while munching on his chips. "They attacked both Oga City and Nikaho when I was in Kazuno. Only three died though." He yawned loudly but frowned at his now empty bag of chips.

"Tokyo hasn't been hit that badly yet, but we did have some casualties. Police blamed it on a serial killer." Aomine closed his eyes.

Akashi leaned against the wall and raised one, perfectly-arched eyebrow. The Kyoto Prefecture hasn't been hit at all. In fact, he couldn't detect any movement from the Hanabi in his area until he moved to Tokyo, where he could feel many of Hanabi's men on the attack. What is their plan? Why are they attacking separately?

"When will this end?" Kise covered his face in his hands. "It's been going on for years. How many people have died from their hands? One thousand? Two thousand?"

"Two thousand-six-hundred-twenty-one," Akashi absent-mindedly answered.

"Imagine greater numbers if we were not here." A new voice joined them. Murasakibara gave the newcomer a half-hearted wave, upset that his snack was finished. Kise greeted him. Akashi gave him a small nod. Aomine only snorted.

"That took longer than it usually would, Shintarou."

Midorima pushed up his glasses and sat down next to Kise on the couch. "The boy was awake. I didn't know whether he was to be exposed of the truth or not, so I couldn't use my abilities. I resorted to regular medical treatment." He paused to roll down his doctor-like coat's sleeves. "The wound was not serious. He passed out somewhere between the treatment. He is now sleeping."

"Did you sense anything strange during examining him?" Akashi asked tersely.

The green-head pressed his lips together. "I did. Akashi, the boy's essence he gives off is very similar to yours."

"Similar to Aka-chin's?" Murasakibara couldn't imagine that.

"Yes, similar." Midorima leaned back and pushed up his glasses again. With his other hand, he fiddled with a pink Hello-Kitty pencil in his pocket, which seemed to be his lucky item for the day. "Akashi, he's special. While he is feels similar as to you, I have not felt something as weak but powerful at the same time in a supposed-normal human."

Akashi stared through the window with a calculating expression. "Weak but powerful," he murmured. "Interesting."

"Will he be the one we need, Akashicchi?" Kise asked desperately. "We need someone. The deaths are too much now." He fisted his blonde hair. "I can't stand any more sacrificed to Hanabi. It's not fair to them."

Aomine gave a frown toward Kise, but he knew where the model was coming from. All of them had ended up here due to the damage the organization Hanabi had caused them. And now, with two-thousand deaths on their hands, a heavy burden was starting to form.

"We will not know." Akashi pushed himself off the wall, loosening his tie all the way so that it came off. "We can only observe, wait," he turned his head to meet the gazes of his teammates. His yellow eye seemed to glow in the light from the window. "and kill."

The red-head strode down the long hall, toward the direction to his room, leaving the rest of the Generation of Miracles to their own thoughts.

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