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This is Sai, and with her, a second chapter! "First Love Academy" - sung by GUMI, Kagamine Len, and Kagamine Rin.

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First Love Academy

Lunch Break

In this school—Raimon High, you are classified either an academic student or an athletic student.

Kariya was neither of those. He had fair grades, and he is part of the soccer club. But most importantly, He was an over-achiever…

..In falling in love with the president, a girl named Kirino Ranma.

She was a beautiful, helpful, and intelligent person—Kariya's superior and fellow teammate. She'd help him in his studies and in training frequently…And, who wouldn't fall in love with her? (Who is so perfect?)

That's why Kariya decided that he would write a 7100 word love letter for her. He had been writing since the start of lunch break, and of course, avoiding his classmates.

His feelings, his thoughts, and everything he notices about her..That was what the letter contained. If someone else other than Kirino got a hold of it…

He'd die in embarrassment.

Actually, does he even have the courage to give it to his crush?

Well, that doesn't matter now, doesn't it? Kariya continued to write out every inch of his feelings into the paper, and even when classes begun, he continued to write it into its completion.

After School

"Hey, President.." Kirino turned from the book she had been reading to look at her classmate. "That boy over there had been looking at you for some time now."

Kirino then turned to where her friend pointed—to the open door of their classroom, and she raised an eyebrow.

A boy with teal hair seems to be peeking through…Wasn't that Kariya?

The boy flinched when their eyes met. Yep definitely him. Kirino walked towards him to ask what he was doing.

"Kariya? What are you doing here?" She asked, Kariya immediately turned red-faced and instinctively hid his hand—the one holding the letter—behind him.

Damn, this isn't what it's supposed to be. He thought. School hours were finished, so why are there still so many students in this room? Kariya blinked, then was reminded that Kirino was still waiting for his answer.

He felt so nervous that he must have been shaking on his feet. "I…Umm, Nothing! Just p-passing by..haha…" Kirino raised her eyebrow again—why is he stuttering? Then, she realized—his face looked kind of red.

"…Are you not feeling well?" She asked.

"I-I'm fine!"

Kirino paused, as if deciding whether to believe him or not. Then, she noticed something again, this time, Kariya's hand behind him. He seems to be holding something.

"What's that?" She asked, making the boy flinch.

"Ah, no-nothing.." Kariya responded, but when suddenly Kirino tried to peak behind him…"N-NOO!" He screamed, surprising the girl.

"Wha- Kariya?!" Kirino shouted back, but the boy ran away so fast without stopping. She sighed, "Geez, What's wrong with him?" She returned back to their room. He was acting so strange..And that thing behind him…

What was it? It was something thin…

"Kirino." Someone called. Kirino turned and saw her childhood friend, Shindou Takuto. He smiled as he walked closer to her. While Kirino sat back to her seat.

"Hey, Shindou." She greeted back. Followed by it were sounds of angry snarl and mutterings from girls. Kirino sighed. As always.

Shindou was very popular to the girls—especially of their class. Why? Well, he's the captain of the soccer club, top 1 student in academics and he's rich (Just look at that necktie he's using—It's branded and from another country!). He's polite and handsome, too.

Sometimes—no, usually, these girls just annoy Kirino so much. They were just friends! They all seem to think otherwise, though…

Shindou sat next to Kirino, and turned to her. "Kirino, Are you free this Sunday?" He asked.

"Ah..sorry, I have a lot of things to take care of…"

"I see," Shindou looked a bit crestfallen. "I thought we could hang out, it's been long since we did."

"Sorry, really.." Kirino apologized again. That's true…she'd been busy with school work (plus being president) and other stuff, It's almost as if she wasn't paying attention to her best friend anymore. "We'll go somewhere next time, okay?"

Shindou smiled. He looked like he was about to say something, when he turned around—to their other classmates still lagging in the room and said, "Aren't you all going home yet? It's getting dark."

"Ah, no…" A girl said shyly. "We'll go with you." With that, the other girls started screaming and blushing. Really. Kirino thought.

"Ah, No need. You know, It might be dangerous for you girls to go home at dark, so please, get home safely now." Shindou said with a smile, "Please?"

The girls started screaming (silently) once more, but who would try to resist their crush's orders? "Alright, take care, Shindou-san!" Everyone said as they left. Shindou kept waving till they were gone, and only him and his best friend was left at the room.

Best friend? No…More like, Crush.

Kirino got up from her seat. "We should go now, too." She said.

"Wait, Kirino," Shindou stood up. "There's something I wanted to tell you."

Kirino turned around. "What is it?" He kind of looked so serious, she noticed.

Shindou breathed in and gulped, summoning his courage.

"..Go out with me." He said.

Kirino blinked, then smiled. What? "We…are going out together, right?" Shindou slapped his forehead and blushed. That wasn't what he meant at all.

This is hard…

"No…I mean..Go out with me." He said slowly. "You know…be together..?" He sighed internally. He can't seem to find the right words. Not now…

Kirino was just staring at him with a wondering face. What does he mean..? "Um…If it's that…maybe next week?"

You're wrong! I wasn't talking about my request earlier.. Shindou sighed, he can't do it in any other way, he guessed. So mustering his courage once again, and pretty much confusing his crush already, he heaved a breathe and said,

"Kirino, I love you. Since long actually…" He forced his eyes to meet hers; she looked so surprised. "..That's why, please go out with me."

Kirino was dumbstruck. Since when? ….She never noticed.

"I, Umm…" Kirino started to answer, but then the door slid open with a bang. The two turned in surprise, and there they saw a person who had been listening to their conversation for long;

Kariya Masaki. After he had regained control of his heartbeat's loud thumping that time, he had practically cursed himself for being a wimp and decided to come back. That time, all the students left, and before he could come inside, he heard Shindou's confession.

"Kariya…?" Kirino muttered. The two boys glared at each other.

Shindou..That guy who always takes Kirino's time for himself…and now he's asking her out? No way I'd let that. Kariya kept his glare. That guy...He still had respect for him, but he was ALWAYS irritated by him.

Kariya…Shindou kept a steady gaze at him. He knew this guy had been looking at Kirino for a long time now. So he was right; Kariya DID like Kirino, too…

Kirino kept looking back and forth between the two. The silence and heavy atmosphere was making her nervous; and more, what is Kariya doing here?

As if the boy heard that question, he turned to Kirino.

"K-Kirino-senpai…" Kariya gulped. It was now or never. "I want to read something for you." He took out a thin envelope; Kirino realized that it was what he's hiding earlier.

He opened it, and took a couple of deep breaths. Composing himself, he started to read…

"Senpai, the first thing I noticed about you was your eyes. Sharp, yet gentle, they always reminded me that of a cat. But they're bright, and really beautiful; I was mesmerized and somehow couldn't take my gaze away from them.

When we ran on the field, your pink hair always danced in the wind. I thought: Please tie it in a bun or something, it's really distracting. The way it swayed in accordance to your every movement, the way it shone when light touched it...how soft and fragrant it was when the wind threw it back against me. It's really... really...distracting. But I don't hate it...I guess...

You always seem to find me plotting something bad. And so you start getting angry and lecturing me. I don't know how to feel about this. Somehow, I'm irritated, Why do you stop me? ...Sometimes, it makes me feel that you see me as an annoyance who doesn't do anything right. But I know you better than you thought, senpai. You were concerned for me, right? I'm sure. Because you're that nice and caring after all.

Thinking that you're concerned for me...It gave me some confidence. Because it means you care for me...Maybe I have a chance in holding your hand, too..?." Kariya's hand s shook, his face red from embarrassment.

He couldn't keep on reading anymore, so he forcibly gave the letter to Kirino, "J-Just read it yourself! Geez!"

"Uh.." Kirino blushed, seemingly out of words. She just opened the letter, and read its contents. Seemingly, seemingly getting redder and redder as time goes by.

The two males watched in silence. Kariya was determined to make his crush read it to the end. Shindou felt nervous. He could easily notice how Kirino's expression changed by the minute.

Getting redder, eyes seem so surprised.

Finally, Kirino looked up. She immediately put a hand in her mouth out of embarrassment and then turned her eyes away.

"K-Kirino-senpai…" Kariya blurted. "I…Love you. P-Please pick me!"


For a moment, the two stared at each other. Silence invading. No one knew what the other was thinking..Everyone was nervous.

"…I…see." The two turned to the gray haired boy. Shindou turned to Kariya, then to Kirino. He gave a sad smile.

That look on her face just now… "So that's your answer."

Kirino stared at her friend. "W-wait…"

"It's alright." Shindou started to walk past her. "I guess…Forget about my request to hang out. You'll need the time for yourself."

"Shindou, wait!" He halted. "…We're still friends, right?"

"Yeah, don't worry."

With that, Shindou left, walking faster than normal. She picked Kariya. And he should be happy for his friend…But she was his crush, too.

So he couldn't help but let sadness overwhelm him.


The red of the sky casted large shadows of the two who walked in the street.

Kirino was worried about her friend…And Kariya just didn't know what to say.

"Hey, Kirino-senpai…" The girl turned.


"…It's alright." Kariya said. "Shindou-senpai…he's strong. So it's going to be alright."

Kirino smiled at him. "..You're right, I guess." She inched closer to him, and grabbed his hand, intertwining them together. Kariya flinched and blushed.


"Didn't you say you want to hold my hand?"

"Ah…" Kariya smiled slowly. "You're right…"

Their synchronized footsteps began to fade as they walked towards the distance…

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