Hey! This is Kusanagi, and with her, the third chapter to "Music Box"~!

Today, the theme song is "Ah, What a Wonderful Cat Life"/"Ah, Subarashiki NYANsei" - Originally sung by Kagamine Len and GUMI.
(not gonna lie I like Utatane Piko and KAITO's version better, heh. Though I suggest the Piko-GUMI ver, too, it's cute!)

Now then, without further ado, here ya go, the third chapter!

"Ojou-sama, your breakfast is already served." Said one of your servants.

True, you are a rich, incredibly rich even, ojou-sama. Your parents own a really big company; it's not exaggerating to say that they have half of theworld under their thumbs.

And you, as their daughter, of course are getting spoiled inside out.

"Thank you," You said as you smiled at your servant. He was the oldest, the one that served your family the longest. Even before your father had succeeded like he is today.

You ate quickly and went back to your room. Everything was always this way; your room was filled with books from all around the world, all the toys you wanted was always delivered the next hour to your room, and your clothes are all expensive—even more so than one family's clothes' prices as one.

"It's boring." You said as you flipped the random book you pulled from your bookshelf. Sure, you're accustomed to live like this. And you also knew that sooner or later you'll have to take over the business—being the only daughter, you'd have to look for a suitor.

But it's not like you hate this kind of life. It's better than other people's lives. It's hard for you to leave this kind of life, actually.

One day, when you were listening to one of the songs you like, you suddenly heard a sound... something that was thrown against a glass.

Tock. Tock.

There it goes again. You wondered what it is?

You looked around, and was surprised to see that it is your window glass that produced the sound. Something was thrown against it.

You stood up and approached the window. It's not like it will break (if it broke that easily, your house would've been robbed and maybe someone would've been killed), anyway.

But still, better safe than sorry.

Tock. Tock.

It was a pebble. You could see it.

"...?" You approached the window, closer this time, until you can see what's down there.

"...!" It was a boy your age, nevertheless with an orange hair. He had a kind smile etched on his face, as he played with pebbles, looking at you.

It must be him who threw all those pebbles.

You were annoyed, and on impulse, you opened your window, and said, "Hey, that's rude!", amongst other things.

But the boy just chuckled and keep smiling at you, as he replied, "Good morning, ojou-sama." With his, although you're reluctant to admit, beautiful voice.

"...What do you want?" You said, arms crossed.

"You have beautiful hair, you know?" he said again, not taking note of your previous question.

"Stop changing the subject."

"Aha~ you got me."

"Who are you?"

The boy simply smiled—actually, seeing him smiling a lot of times is both calming and sickening. "I'm Amemiya Taiyou. I'm from downtown."

"...What do you want? If it's money you want, don't ask me." You said, suddenly wary of the boy. Boys from downtown usually likes to flirt with you only wanting your money. You aren't that stupid to be deceived by those filthy liars.

"Hm? What makes you think I want your money?"

"All of the people around me are always like that, save for some."

"You can count me in on your 'some' list," he said, "All I wanted is for you to join me on a... magical journey to the city."

"...What?" You asked. This person is really... eccentric.

"You've been sheltered all your life," Taiyou said, "Don't you want to go and see the outside world?"

"Hmph," you snorted, "You're underestimating me. I've seen a lot of things, maybe more than you have."

"Oh, really? And do you know about that ramen store downtown? It's the most popular one out here." He said.

"..." You paused for a moment, thinking. "I..." even though you're reluctant to admit it, you don't know anything about downtown shops. "...don't know."

"Hmm, see? You know next to nothing about your own neighbourhood."

"..." You didn't answer. He was saying the truth, after all.

"So... do you want to join me on a magical journey?" he asked again.

"No. And do you know how stupid you sound when you said magical?" You said.

Taiyou chuckled, "What an arrogance you displayed," He said, "Now, I'm even more interested in you, ojou-sama. Or maybe this classifies as... hmm, love?"

You never seen anyone saying those things spontaneously. Even if you have, it would sound really fake and made up. But this boy was saying it... truthfully. You couldn't help the blush that creeped to your cheeks.

"Stupid," you muttered, "Nobody fell in love with me—at least, true love."

"That may be so, but I am quite different than the rest, don't you think?"

"Whatever you say, you wont make me budge an inch."

"I see... that's quite unfortunate. I guess it's impossible after all." He said as he left. However, there were no sign of sadness in his face nor voice; he is sure and convinced that someday you'd come with him outside; that someday you'll be his. He's fully confident of that.

"...Wait!" You said.

Amemiya Taiyou turned around, looking at you with a full smile.

"Please... visit me again tomorrow... today... was fun..." You said slowly and softly, as if a whisper, as you blushed.

He sure looks like he heard you.

"...Sure. I'll come everyday, until you heed my request."

"...I'll be waiting..." You replied, as you watched the boy walking away.

Perhaps, today was not that bad of a day.