Dante Price: Multiverse Jumper Chronicles

The Rosario+Vampire Chronicles

A/N(upadated): Hello everyone. Now let me go ahead and clear the air. This and Bleach are going through rewrites. Major and minor seeing as some relationships need to be fleshed out naturally. But still, this story is going to be incredible. Events may be switched or changed during the story from the original source material. Anyway as you can tell by the sub title, Dante is going to be at the Rosario Vampire universe. Now this story is near the end of his journey with the Doctor and the TARDIS, but that's what we call a time skip. All the stuff that will be mentioned will be written so don't go crazy and feel free to point out anything I missed. Also, some events will be mixed so I apologize ahead if it gets confusing. So relax, sit back and enjoy Dante Price: Multiverse Jumper Chronicles!

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or Rosario Vampire. Doctor Who belongs to the BBC and Rosario Vampire belongs to Akihisa Ikeda and Shonen Jump. I only own my OC.

Chapter 1: The Academy Vampire

By RoninS636

The area of the landscape looked desolate and barren. The only real kind of vegetation around were dead trees and moss that grew from them. The sky was grey and overcast, and only a few rays of sunshine were poking out from the depressing looking sky. Then the wind started to pick up not cold enough to bite but cool enough to bring a relieving sensation to the skin. The branches on the trees creaked and moaned. Besides the wind, a faint sound could be heard.


All of a sudden, a blue 1960's police box flickered in and out from nowhere. It solidified with a THUNK sound, and from the box's door creaked as it opened and a figure stepped. The figure was of African American origin, with a bit of Puerto Rican heritage. He had short, black curly hair and had brown eyes. His outfit consisted of a black and red hoodie and blue jeans pants with black Converse sneakers. He also wore a grey t-shirt. The teen turned to lock the door to the box then proceeded to roll up his jacket sleeve to reveal some sort of black gauntlet with a red dial that looked like an hourglass. Pressing the two buttons on the side of it, he turned the red hourglass dial a few times and watched the box disappear. Nodding his head in satisfaction, he then proceeded to the road that was a few feet in front of him. He then felt a sensation coming from his pant pocket. Digging through his dimensionally transcendental pocket, he pulled out a leather wallet. Flipping it open, only to see the usual blank paper have writing on it. It read:

Welcome to Yokai Academy, Dante Price.

We have expected you for some time, and look forward to you joining our school. Please go to meet the headmaster in his office as soon as you reach the school.

'I never expected them to be expecting me. Oh well, let's see what this universe has in store for me.' Dante thought.

He walked for a good 5 minutes, taking the scenery of the bare tree branches casting shadows over the path and a somewhat creepy atmosphere, when suddenly...


He turned, only to feel a sharp pain strike his back, spinning him and sending him off balance. His head hit the ground as he thought, 'Traveling the multiverse for years now and it's a bike that gets the drop on me. At least it wasn't a Cybermat.'

He then felt something on top of him, no doubt the occupant of the bike. He opened his eyes to see an Asian girl, with alabaster skin, around his physical age, with a very pretty face with long pink hair that went down her back, a few bangs brushed to the right, with a slim and slender figure, and wearing what seemed to be the school uniform except. But her most distinguishing feature, was that she had a leather choker around her neck that had a silver cross hanging from it and beads connecting from the chain to the choker. She groaned, and her eyes fluttered opened to reveal aquamarine colored irises. Then it struck her of the position that she was at and got off the boy with a beet red face.

"Im sorry! I'm amnesic and I get dizzy sometimes."

Dante chuckled as he sat himself up. "All's forgiven. Besides, I've had my share of fainting spells in the past so I have an idea of what you're going through."

Then he noticed that her eyes were glazed over and she was drifting her way to him.

"Something wrong?"

"No...nothing's...wrong. You have a nice scent." She replied lazily.

With the girl inching closer, Dante loosened up the collar of his shirt to reveal his neck, having a decent idea on what was happening. The girl then drifted her head towards it and said, "I-I'm sorry. But...you see...I'm a vampire."


Now any normal boy would be freaking out right now, but Dante kept his cool as his blood was being drained from him. Thanks to previous battles and encounters with the deadliest of foes, he just found her fangs to tickle like a needle being put into his arm. After a few seconds, she detached herself from his neck and sighed with content.

"Your blood...it tastes...odd. But very delicious." She said with cloudy eyes.

In the next instant, her eyes returned to normal and she gasped.

"Sorry! I'm so sorry I didn't know what came over me!"

The dark haired teen rubbed the back of his head. "It's alright. It's not a big deal."


"Trust me. I've had worse then a pretty girl sucking on my neck." As he said this, his fingers grazed over the patch of skin that had been pierced, but the wounds had been sealed already.

Her face was turned the same color as her hair before Dante got up, placed his hood back up and helped her back up to her feet. "I'm Dante Price. Or is it Price Dante over here. Y'know no matter how many times I've been to this country, it's either been one or another. Anyway pleased to meet you."

The pinkette giggled and replied, "I'm Moka Akashiya. It's nice to meet you."

She then looked him over and asked, "Are you going to Yokai Academy?"

"Why yes I am. You going too?"

"Yes I am, but why aren't you wearing the uniform?" She questioned looking at his outfit.

"Oh this? This is just an outfit I wear every now and then. Does it offend you?"

"Oh no, it's nothing like that. It's just…out of uniform."

"Really? Well I'm just not one for uniforms. Besides, I didn't even receive one." 'Not that I would've worn that thing. That shade of green does not flatter anyone.'


Dante reached inside his jacket pocket, and took out a little white paper bag. He opened it and took out an orange piece of candy and popped it inside his mouth. Then he held the bag out towards Moka and asked, "Would you like a jelly baby?"

She reached inside the bag, grabbed a red one and popped it inside her mouth.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. Besides, there's a lot more where that came from."

"So, um...do you not like vampires?"

Dante was taken back from this question. "I don't know. I mean I've meet some in the past and stopped a few from taking over the world."

"What?" Moka said, looking completely lost.

"Forget about that last part. But yes I've meet vampires before but only a few showed me any kindness. Others have tried to kill me, but you on the other hand are the sweetest, kindest one I've ever met."

The young vampire blushed at the compliment. "Thank you. But um..."


He saw that she was looking nervous and said, "I would love to be your friend. I mean you're the first person I've met so far and it's been wonderful spending time with you."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

In no time at all, they had reached the school. It looked like a cross between a mansion and castle. The curved roof with intricate levels led to a steeple with a single bell ment for the time. It rung out 10 times. Dante looked at his watch that was on his right wrist and said, "Well I have to meet the headmaster before I go to class. See you later Moka." He started by moving across the courtyard. As he glanced back, he saw multiple boys ogling Moka and thought rhetorically, 'This is going to be a problem again, isn't it?' He moved down the maze like hallways and thought, 'If I can get through that labyrinth of a TARDIS, then how is this school giving me trouble?'

He walked through the mainly white halls hearing his shoes clack on the tile floor. There were other students talking, some ignored him but most seemed confused by his attire and a few even grumbled.

"Who does that gaijin think he his?"

"How come he doesn't have to wear the uniform?"

Walking down the halls analyzing the structure of the building so he could memorize it just in case of an emergency. Soon he was standing in front of a large oak door with white paint that stated: Headmaster's office. Without hesitation, Dante entered the room.

"Hello?" He called out.

"Greetings, Mr. Price."

Dante then saw in front of him a man in a white robe and hood that shadowed his face. He had a creepy smile on his face, and the only thing that Dante could really see was his eyes. They were bright and glowing which should've bothered him but it didn't. Truth be told, Dante has seen even more terrifying things in his travels and this did not bother him one bit. Half those things were the result of female rage/righteous anger.

"My name is Mikigomi and I am the headmaster here at Yokai Academy. I've been expecting you for some time now."

Dante had his hands in his pant pockets as he looked around. "Let me guess, HE went ahead of me and told you I was coming?"

"Of course."

The teen chuckled while pulling at the sides of his jacket. "That's just like him. Always planning one step ahead of everything."

The headmaster then had a slight look of disappointment on the part of his face that wasn't covered by his robe. "Where's your uniform?"

"Oh, that thing? I didn't like it. I mean...green blazer, really?" He gave the headmaster a patronizing look. "It's just not my style."

Mikogami sighed. "I'll inform the teachers of your attire during the staff meeting. Here's the key to your dorm and your schedule."

Dante took the small key and slip of paper and looked it over. Looking satisfied he put them in his pocket and placed a white bag on the desk.

"What's this?" The glowing eyed headmaster asked.

"Just something he said that he owed you from a long time ago. Anyway thank you and have a good day." And with that, he left the office. Mikigomi looked at the white bag and decided to open it. He then reached in and pulled out a small yellow candy. He chuckled to himself as he ate it and thought about how this year was going to be interesting.


The class bell had rung and Dante was around 2 minutes 30 seconds late to class. He counted the time down to make a rouse and drawing attention to himself or in other words he would be fashionably late. He then opened the door to a classroom labeled 2-A and asked, "Miss Nekonome's class?" When he entered the room all eyes were on him. He heard a few snickerings from some of the nastier looking students, especially a certain brown haired face pierced Orc. The rest of the students either were too flabbergasted or just drawn back by his foreign looks.

The teacher, Miss Nekonome, who was a cat lady, looked at him and frowned. "Yes I'm Nekonome. But why aren't you in your uniform?"

"The headmaster will explain my lack of the traditional school garb later. Also my name's Dante Price." Dante said noticing her easily tarnished self esteem.

She smiled. "Ok then. Find yourself a seat, Dante."

He bowed in thanks and walked to the far left seats near the windows. He then noticed a pink-haired girl seated at the last window seat in the row. He also noticed the seat next to her was taken by a certain bluenette with ribbons in her hair, but the seat in front of her was open. He walked up to the seat in front of the pinkette and said, "Excuse me miss, is this seat taken?"

Moka looked up and nearly jumped out of her seat until she saw the speaker in front of her. "Dante! I'm so glad we're in the same class! We're going to have soo much fun! Of course you can sit here."

All the male students were astonished and exclaimed out loud:

"Who the hell does he think he is?"

"How does that gaijin know her?"

"I'll eat him alive!"

When Dante heard these insults, he shot a look at them that made them shut up in an instant. The look on the his face was calm but threatening. Most of the boys wouldn't've been intimidated by him if only it weren't for a certain thing that made them shiver. Not only was it threatening, but it was the look of a man who has been through hell and back and managed to survive all the nine circles, then gone back for a vacation. Thankfully, Moka didn't catch the look he shot, so he was thankful that she didn't have to look at it. He sat down and listened to Miss Nekonome go through the rules and the whole point of this school's existence about co-existing with humans. After she mentioned that piece of information, the orc, whose name was Saizou Komiya, asked the question of why not eating all the humans.

Annoyed by his comment, Dante interjected. "For two reasons. One: Humans outnumber us ten to one. We'd be wiped out almost instantly. Two: They adapt. Humans have always had the potential to adapt to any situation. So next time you want to ask a dumb question like that, make sure you bring a dunce cap and a sign saying "I'd like to get myself killed because I think killing humans are fun"."

After saying that, Saizou was dumbfounded and infuriated swearing to get rid of him first chance he got. Nekonome continued saying that if a human were found on campus, they'd be sentenced to death. Dante scoffed at that, since he was already used to getting out of life threatening situations. Since it was the first day, they didn't have a lesson or any homework so for that matter, the country(and space and time) teen was thankful. Besides he could do college type assignments in less than 20 minutes. He and Moka decided to wander the school to try and get a feel for it. Looking at Moka and wondered how could a cute girl like her like architect. Then again, he did know a daughter of Athena that was into it and was friends with her and another friend of his that she was dating. After wandering for a while, they found themselves at a bench that had a vending machine close by. Moka got herself tomato juice while Dante couldn't really decide between soda or coffee, so he choose both and decided to leave the soda for later. While chatting, Saizou came into the picture and asked, "Hey. You're Moka Akashiya, right?"

"That's right. And this is-"

"Forget about...huh?!"

Saizou had been about to grab Dante from his spot on the bench, but found nothing but air.

"Looking for someone?"

Saizou turned to see Dante finishing the last of his coffee and tossing it into the garbage, making a large arc like he was throwing a basketball.

"How the hell did you get there?!" Saizou asked dumbfoundedly.

Dante chuckled and replied, "Wouldn't you like to know? Also," he stated holding up a belt. "I believe this is yours."

Saizou looked at the belt and then down back at his pants to see that his belt was gone.

"Why you little-oomph!"

Saizou was going to charge the scarf wearing gaijin, when he tripped due to his pants falling around his ankles.

"Interesting." said Dante putting a jelly baby in his mouth. "Heart studded boxers. Very colorful choice."

Saizou growled in annoyance and got up holding his pants up with one hand and roared, "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" Before charging head first as fast as he could.

Dante simply side stepped Saizou's charge, which resulted the orc getting his head stuck inside the vending machine. During all this, Moka was fascinated by how fast Dante could get from one place to another. Then she felt someone grab her hand, which turned out to be Dante. He looked at her and said with a smile and twinkle in his eyes, "Run."

So they ran until both were out of breath and ended up on the school roof balcony. Catching their breaths, Moka asked, "Don't you think that was a little childish?"

After getting air back in his lungs, Dante replied, "There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes."

Dante then, out of pure curiosity, asked, "Question. If you're a vampire, why are you so nice? As I said before, most of the ones I've met ones who were pretty violent."

"Oh, that's because of my rosary."


She opened a bit of her shirt to reveal the cross hanging from the choker and a bit of her cleavage. Dante, being the gentleman that he was, payed more attention to the rosary then her bosoms.

"If the rosary was ever removed my true form would be revealed and I would be a scary vampire."

Dante put his hand under his chin and asked, "So you don't have any weakness."

"Not really."


"I just get sunburned easily."


"Nose gets itchy."




"Well...unfortunately yes. When I touch water, my power gets drained. That's why I need special herbs for whenever I bathe."

"Ah, that explains that wonderful smell around you. But, uh, what about food?" He asked, taking slight pleasure in how she blushed at his backhanded compliment.

"Blood of course."

"I mean besides blood, do you eat anything else?"

"Of course I do. I mean… you are the first person I've sucked blood from, but I do eat other things."

Dante sighed with relief. Even with his certain "gift", he wasn't sure if he could keep up being used as a juice box every day. He looked at his watch and said, "Well it's getting pretty late. How about you have dinner over at my dorm?"

"That sounds great!" The young vampire said excitedly.

"Alright then, allons-y!"


"It's french for "let's go"." Dante explained, while wondering for the millionth time why nobody else seemed to know that phrase. It was a great phrase!


The foreigner and the young vampire walked to the dorms together with one elbow locked with another. Dante smiled when she was impressed with the dorm, but he wasn't and thought nothing of it really. When they got to the door of his room, he took out his key and opened it. When they went inside, Moka couldn't believe her eyes. From outside of the door it looked pretty small, but the room was at least three times the size of hers. She couldn't stop marveling over the satin curtains the kitchen had marble counter tops and bar stools. Also along the far wall near the bed there was marble pedestals atop of which sat what looked to be war trophies. There was a horn from a bull but it must have been three times the normal size on top of another there was the remnants of a broken stone face. Dante, hanging up his hat, coat and scarf on a birch coat hanger, saw the amazement in her eyes and said, "It's dimensionally transcendental. Meaning-"

"It's bigger on the inside."

Dante snapped his head around. "I'm surprised that you know that."

"I have done some reading on things beyond the world of monsters. Even if they are fiction."

Dante grinned at her reaction and clapped his hands together. "Now then! What do you want for dinner? Or am I just the appetizer?"

"Y'know, I treat you more of a friend then just food." Moka pouted.

He put his hands up in defense. "I know, I'm just teasing you. So how about Italian? Or maybe something Western?"

Moka tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Hhmm, I've never tried anything Western before. Let's go with that."

"Fantastic. I'll start right away."

Dante then went to the kitchen, which had a counter area where you could see all the cooking was going on. He took out a bunch of things from the fridge, cabinets and counters. Moka was setting at the table, poking her fingers together looking down at the ground. When Dante noticed this, he asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong," she replied. "It's just that I haven't had anything to drink lately and..."

"Say no more." He exclaimed.

He stepped out of the kitchen, with some kind of chalice in his hand. He placed it before her and said, "Go on. Say what you want to drink."

Moka looked at him and then back at the chalice and said, "A-positive blood."

All of a sudden, the chalice was filled with a red liquid. She took the cup and took a sip. As soon as she took the first sip, she gulped the rest down in a matter of seconds and sighed with contentment.

"It tasted just like blood."

"Well it is a magic chalice, so it does fill up with any kind of drink you can think of. For example," he said while pulling out another chalice and spoke clearly. "I'd like a three part Plymouth gin, mixed with one part russian vodka, half part Cocchi Americano aperitif with a lemon twist."

Then the chalice filled with a clear like substance which Dante took a sip from. "Just right." He nodded, satisfied

"Dante, what is that drink?"

"Oh, it's called The Vesper."

"The Vesper?"

"Yes. A friend of mine named it after someone that was...very close to him."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know."

"That's all right. Now I should be getting started on dinner. Do you like music?"


"Good." He then looked up at the ceiling and said, "Play Beethoven's 5th Symphony."

The moment he said that, orchestrated music came to life. Moka was in shock in awe as the music filled the room. Dante ducked back into the kitchen and pulled a recipe from his pocket. Smiling, he got to work immediately. He then stuck his head out and said, "Play Daft Punk's Discovery album next."

Twenty minutes later, Dante came out of the kitchen wiping his hands with a towel. When he sat down, Moka giggled when she spotted a bit of flower smeared on his face. He immediately took notice of it and wiped it from his face.

"Food will be ready in about ten minutes."


"Yes Moka?"

"Um...so where are you from?" She asked, poking her fingers together nervously.

Dante leaned back in his chair and took another sip of his drink. "Well I'm from New York."

"You mean you're from the States?"

"Yep. So where do you live?"

"I live with my father in his castle, but my mother...it's a little fuzzy so I don't remember much about her. What about you?"

"It's just me and my mom. My parents divorced when I was little, but I see him now and then. You must have a good connection with your dad. Your lucky."

"Yeah, lucky."

It got uncomfortably silent for the next couple of minutes. Moka sighed sadly.

"What's wrong?" asked Dante.

"All this time with you and I have no idea what kind of monster you are."

He smiled. "Don't worry. I may tell you..."

Moka's spirit rose.

"But after dinner. Besides it's just about done." He said, stealing a glance at a clock on the wall.

Her spirit faltered, but she still was excited. Dante came out of the kitchen holding a pan and on top of it was a pizza.

"Dinner is served," Dante announced. "New York style cheese pizza made from the most natural of ingredients."

He placed the pan on the table and set two plates for him and Moka. The pink haired vampire looked at the pizza curiously because she had never seen anything like it before. Dante became aware of this and said, "You look like you've never seen a pizza before."

"No I haven't."


Moka nodded her head.

"You have no idea what you're missing." He sighed. Using the spatula, he placed a slice on each plate. "You don't need to use any utensils or silverware. You just pick it up like this," he explained, picking his own up. "And now you bite into it and I think you can solve it out from there."

Moka followed his example and tried the foreign food. As soon as she took the first bite, her mouth exploded with flavor and taste. She swallowed it, and took another bite, getting faster and faster with each bite. The dark haired teen chuckled, "Easy, easy. You'll get a stomachache eating it like that."

"Sorry, but this is one of the most delicious food I've ever tried." She said, swallowing her mouthful before her mouth was filled in the next second.

"Like it? I had a feeling you would." He said after taking another bite of his.

After finishing their meal, Dante got up and asked, "Do you dance?"

Moka blushed a little and replied, "Oh no thank you."

"Oh c'mon. Just one dance." He then made a puppy dog look on his face which made Moka laugh.

"Alright. But just one." She said, her will faltering at the look.

"Alright." He then clapped his hands twice, then the lights went dim and a disco ball came out of the ceiling. Music started playing which happened to be Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. Dante reached his hand for Moka's, which she gladly accepted and started dancing. After the song had ended, a slow song had started which was Who Wants to Live Forever. They slow danced to it and Moka, after patiently waiting asked, "So what kind of monster are you?"

"Y'know that's against school rules." He teased.

"But I really want to know though." She said with a pouty look on her face.

Dante sighed, "Alright." He looked up at the ceiling. "Lights." The lights came back to life and the music cut off. "You may want to sit down." They sat on the couch that was right across the mantle where the trophies were located. He then took a deep breath. "I'll tell you, but first tell me, what do you think of humans?"

"I don't like humans," Moka said with a bit of bitterness in her voice. "I went to a human school in junior high. I'd try and tell them they monsters were real, but they never believed me. Even the people who were my friends dumped me and just pretended I never existed. I was so lonely, but then I met you." Dante had a grim look on his face up to this point and when she mentioned him, the tone on his face gotten lighter. "You're weird, smart, brave and the only person I've ever felt really accepted who I am."

After processing this information, Dante took a shaky breath and said, "What if I told you I was one of those humans you hate. Then would you call me your friend?"

"I don't understand."

"Moka...I'm human."

Moka gasped at this as she got up from the couch and moved a few feet away from him.

"Well, actually I'm half human. But Moka, listen please." He pleaded as he moved closer to her.

Moka had a terrified look on her face and kept shaking her head. "No it can't be. No human could ever get past the barrier."

"Well I did. Also I know what you've been through. I was horribly discriminated during middle school, sometimes I felt like killing myself. But I managed to pull through by ignoring them. I simply didn't listen to them and pretended that they didn't exist. But let me tell you this. There's an old saying "never judge a book by its cover". Well I'm human and you said that you hate my kind. But you also said that you like me for the person I was. But what will you do? Hate me for my race or hate me for who I am as a person?"

Moka had her back up against the door and slid down the door. She then put her head inside her hands and started to sob. Dante moved closer and sat next to her. The young vampire lifted her head up, and then surprisingly hugged him. He smiled and returned the hug back while stroking her hair like anyone would do to calm down a crying child. After a few minutes, he noticed that she wasn't moving. Lifting her up gently, he saw that she had fallen asleep. He then gently picked her up and carried her over to his bed. Dante laid her there and wrapped the blanket around her. She smiled and sighed with content which made Dante smile. He then sighed and yawned and saw how late it was and decided to get some sleep. After brushing his teeth and putting on some pajamas, he pulled out the mattress that was inside of the couch and laid down. Before falling asleep, he thought that he'd have to reveal the other secret that he had hidden.

The next morning, Dante had awoken to a sharp pain in his neck. After the cobwebs in his eyes cleared, he saw Moka was attached to his neck sucking on his blood. He let out a short surprised yell and startled the pinkette from her feeding. She blushed and bowed in apology.

"Please forgive me Dante, I just couldn't wait I was getting hungry and..."

"All's forgiven. Next time just ask politely."

Moka nodded in agreement. He then sat up and asked, "So are we still friends?"

"Yes. It's like what you said the other night, you can't judge a person for what they are but for who they are."

"Thank you."

Then it occurred to Dante of the time. He checked the clock on his wall and saw it was around six in the morning. He then got up, stretched and said, "Well we better get dressed. Or at least me, because you slept with your uniform on last night. And don't worry about changing clothes, its been taken cared of."


"I use a gas compound that eliminates any body odor or uncleanliness on the clothing."

Moka looked at Dante with a confused look on her face.

"It's basically a shower deodorant that cleans you and your clothes without the hassle of an actual shower."

"Oh. Well, I'll be waiting for you outside."

"Alright. I'll be out in a few minutes." With that being said, Dante went to his room and checked his drawers and closet to see if he had anything to wear. He then realized the event that was to happen next. He decided to put on a pair of black Converse sneakers, black socks, black jeans, a red t-shirt and a black hoodie with red striping on the end of the sleeves and hood. He then checked the gauntlet and pressed the two buttons on the side. Then turned the dial a few times until a certain image came up of a dragon. He then pressed down to select it and started to feel a rush of energy come into him. After the rush died down, he flexed his fingers and started shadow boxing the air. When finished, he grabbed a cylinder device with a green tip and what seemed to be a blue strip of duct tape out of the coat that he wore the other day. He headed out of the dorm only to stop as soon as he took a few steps from the dorm. Their, in the clearing, he saw Saizou holding Moka with one arm around her neck.

"'Bout time you showed up gajin, me and Moka were about to have a little fun." the orc said disgustingly.

"Actually, it's supposed to be 'Moka and I'," replied Dante. "You really have to say your grammar correctly."

"Shut up you wise ass!" Saizou barked. "Now you're going to walk away, and pretended this never happen and you'll never speak to Moka again. Got it?"

"Y'see, here's the thing, I can't do that." Dante said, scratching his neck.

"Why not?" The orc asked. "Afraid to die punk?"

"No it's just that I never walk away from a friend in need."

With that being said, Dante sped towards Saizou and jumped kicked his face which caused him to lose his grip on Moka. As soon as she was free, she moved a good distance away and yelled, "Run, Dante! Just run! He's too strong!"

Dante grinned mischievously, "Don't worry, I've faced things ten times worse than this guy. I'll be fine."

He then bum rushed Saizou, hitting him with quick punches and kicks to the solar plexus, ribs and face. Then an idea struck Dante's mind. He proceeded to deliver multiple punches and then finally a hard kick to Saizou's family jewels. The orc screamed in a high soprano that Dante thought he'd be singing for a weak and grabbed his damage goods. Dante then got behind him and hit a few points of his back with two of his fingers and then moved to the front and did the same. Finally to top it off, he poked Saizou in the eyes and then drew back a punch, gathered enough energy, and delivered it to the orcs jaw. The orc then dropped to his knees and then land on his side. He then spat something out of his mouth and Moka got a better look and saw what it was: teeth and blood.

"Y-you'll pay," Saizou managed to spit out. He then tried to sit up but then realized he couldn't move. "Wha...? W-why c-can't I move?!"

Dante stood over and glared at him. "That's because I hit pressure points all over your body that completely immobilizes you. You'll be as helpless as a baby. Oh and don't bother transforming into your true form, the pressure points I pressed not only immobilized you, but prevents you from transforming. If you're wondering how long you'll be like this I'd say it'd be a year before you ever walk again."

Saizou roared out in anger which caused Dante to kick the orcs head like a football player that it rendered him unconscious. Dante wiped his hands and turned to face Moka. She was completely stunned and her jaw was dropped.

"How were you able to...?"

"That's the other secret I meant to tell you last night." He replied rubbing the back of his head. "Y'see, I'm not entirely human."

"Then what are you?"

"I'm a timelord."


"Aliens from another planet that's twenty five hundred billion miles away from Earth."

"So you're an alien?"

"Well~ not really. I do have Timelord DNA inside of me thanks to this." He then held up his left arm revealing to her the gauntlet.

"What is it?" She asked, looking at the device closely.

Dante sighed. "It's a limiter matrix of sorts, but it's proper name is the Ultramatrix. It limits the abilities or powers I've gained throughout my travels. Y'see, it was already laced with timelord DNA, but it accidently got onto my wrist. But here's the thing, this thing is keeping me alive because normally if a human were to have timelord DNA inside them, there brains would burn up and they would die."

Moka's eyes snapped up to his face, wide and fearful. "Does that mean you're gonna...?"

"No no no no. As I've stated before, the Ultramatrix is the only thing keeping me alive. And trust me, this thing isn't coming off anytime soon."

The pinkette sighed in relief. She then asked, "You mentioned something about traveling. What did you mean by that?"

Dante only grinned and said, "Maybe another time. Besides, we got to get to class."

"Oh, right." Moka said embarrassingly. She then took a look at the unconscious orc. "What about...?

"Him? Nah, he'll be alright. Won't be able to walk for a year, but he'll be fine. Now lets get to class."


As they were walking, a voice said, "This human is very interesting."

"What?" Moka asked while looking around for the source of the voice.

"Something wrong?" asked Dante.

"No. Nothing's wrong."

"Y'know what?"


"I think this year's going to be absolutely fantastic."

And boy did he know what a year it was going to be.

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