Hello everyone. Sadly no new chapter and I bit of news. Bad news first: I am no longer continuing Winter Sekirei. I've long since lost inspiration to do it and have no idea on where to take it. That being said, it is up for adoption. Just PM me if you'd like to take over and tell me how you will continue where I left off. If I like it, then the stories yours. Now for some good news: I am trying to re-amp my interest in Familiar Incident. More specifically, I need a co-writer who's watched the anime or read the manga. Plus also knows other magic/fantasy based stuff. My extent goes to LotR, Narnia and a bit of Harry Potter. Also Vampire and Bleach as you know is on hiatus due to re-writes. Giving you guys a small update on that here: I've been thinking on redoing Bleach. Maybe having it start near the S.S Invasion and then moving forward from there. Also Sekirei is on hiatus as well. The chapter we're workingon is almost done but we've taken a break from it. Other than that, I've been helping Jason Grace son of zues with his story. That and having to find work is the other reason why I haven't been updating. I hope you all can understand and have the patience to see what I have in store.