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Germany looked at his boss, "Vas?"

"He is useless, and a waste of resources."

"Sir, his performance has improved through the mandatory training sessions." His boss scoffed.

"Improvement? I see no improvement from that dummkopf."

"He tries very hard." Germany was working hard to convince himself that personal attachment wasn't getting in the way. He was failing. "I'll train with him more, but we can't break off the alliance."

His boss' face was red with rage.

"I see how it is," he growled, his eyes glinting dangerously. He walked out from behind his desk and grabbed his ceremonial sword off the wall. Germany backed up slowly as his boss unsheathed the sword and pointed it at him.

"So this is how you want to play the game? By not listening to your boss' commands?" He leveled the sword tip at Germany's mid-section.

"Ego temporaliter religas medicína et dis ex hac annecto vobis. Ego sanabo naturaliter benedixerit tibi."

(*I temporarily bind your healing power and disconnect you from this country. I curse you to heal naturally.*)

Germany paled, he could back up no further, as his back was literally against the wall.

"SIC FIAT!" With those parting words his boss buried the sword into Germany's stomach almost up to the hilt, into the wall. He gasped, hands instinctively curling around the protruding blade, thin slashes opening up on his hands. Blood dripped from the sword, the wall and from Germany. His boss walked out closing the door with a slam.

(*So mote it be.*)

Spain grabbed the first aid kit off the floor, where he had dropped it, hurriedly and set it beside Germany's still form. Ripping open the green jacket he quickly surveyed the damage. It must have been pre-camps because the German didn't have any signs of this injury when he arrived, as a escapee. It was a narrow, extremely deep cut and it looked like it penetrated to the other side.

Axes and maces were immediately checked off the list for this injury. Too deep to be an arrow wound (and the wrong time period), and wrong shape and depth for a bullet wound. Bayonet? No it was too wide. Some type of sword wound... but that didn't make sense! Swords were not used in the World Wars, yet it was the numbers that had been touched... this wasn't making any sense.

"Possible lung puncture, one major vein is cut and… I can't tell!" He frantically tried to stop the bleeding. Everything was too red, everything was moving too fast, bleeding too quickly. He fumbled open the First aid kit, pulling out a roll of bandages. Layer upon layer, the bandages were wrapped as more blood seeped out of the wound.

"Why isn't he healing?!" Desperation laced his words as red seeped through another layer of bandages. By this point, the natural healing power of the nations should be kicking in, at the very least the critical damage should be mostly repaired, but the wound stayed in the same condition.

What more could he do? Spain knew that he was no doctor, and this was much more than he could handle. Germany trusted him. He was the only other nation who knew about the thin line of numbers. Doctors would ask too many questions and who knew how different a nations body was from a humans that only left getting another nation with more medical expertise, but no one else knew about the numbers! But was keeping that secret worth the blonde nation's life?

"Think think think!" Spain told himself desperately, pacing, he had run out of bandages at the moment "Wait!" He cupped his hands together focusing. The smallest red glow began to form in his cupped hands.

Nobody moved for the longest moment. Everyone was frozen in place. America shattered the silence for once not with excited shouts but a quiet even tone.

"What is this?"

Prussia sighed. This was the risk he was taking by dragging this back and dumping out the contents. That someone would find out, heck with his luck it was practically invertible.

"Swear to me you won't show this to anyone. Swear it!"

America was oddly serious "I swear it on the heart and soul of the nation I represent, that I won't tell anyone"

Prussia relaxed unconsciously, America had sworn by the nation he represented, if he broke this promise it would kill him.

"It's... I guess the best way to describe this is to call it... secrets."

America raised an eyebrow.

Prussia continued "It's everything that... well this could take a while how about you sit down."

America sat down next to Italy, both of the normally cheery nations looking oddly serious.

Prussia shuffled through some papers on the cluttered table, "I suppose the best place to start would be... hmmm... there is not really any specific date... let's say a couple years into the time Hitler had been voted in."

He found the papers he was looking for, staring at them for a second his normally cocky demeanor crumpling into... was that depression?

Prussia sighed "Look, guys, can we go over this after the World Meeting tomorrow? That way I can get all the necessary papers together and re-hide this chest before West gets back."

They agreed the atmosphere too heavy for them to agree to anything else.

Germany gasped weakly as the blood slowly flowed into his lungs. He choked, coughing he managed to get back to the blood tainted wheeze but at a price, the coughs had caused him to shift against the imbedded sword causing the wound to become worse. His head bobbed forward drifting between the line of consciousness and not. The door slammed open

"WEST! CAN WE- HOLY #$%^&* WEST!" his head jerked up, his dulling blue eyes sharpening slightly on the pale figure in the door.

Prussia rushed forward, helping support his brother against the bloodied wall.

"West what the #$%^&* happened to you?! Never mind don't answer that, listen I have to remove this sword, and is going to hurt" At this point Prussia was just talking to keep himself from breaking down, he wasn't sure if West could hear him at all.

He pushed against one of Germany's shoulders grabbing the hilt of the sword, he took a deep breath steeling himself.

"One, two, THREE" Prussia tore the blade free, tossing it to the side. He gathered his brother's slumped form in his arms. He had thought that this administration would be able to help his brother, but he sees now that all they do is destroy.

The red glow in Spain's hands was the size of a golf ball. He glanced up at Germany's still form.

"This is going to have to cut it" he muttered

Spain held his hands carefully over the pale form, and lowered them carefully. The red glow flowed from his hands in a slender thread. It curled around the entry point of the wound then seeped in. Spain watched the too pale face, anxious for any positive response. Slowly color began to return to the Germans face. Spain breathed a sigh of relief. When the last of the glow left his hands, he sank into the chair stationed next to the bed, exhausted. What he did was risky, he imparted some of his strength temporarily in order to save Germany's life. Risky because it could end up being poison to the nation attempting to be helped or if two much was given it would kill the giver.

Germany's eyes flickered open, focusing on Spain's face. The exhaustion was clear. He glanced down taking into note the bloodied bandages and put two and two together.

"You shouldn't have done that" he spoke quietly

"It saved your life"

Germany looked away a familiar line already playing through his head 'I didn't deserve it'

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