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Spain sat, contemplative as he stared out over the tomatoes. The sun was setting creating pleasant atmosphere, but he was troubled. This new information that Romano had told him, it suddenly made a lot of things make sense.

South Italy walked down the short path to the mailbox outside his and his brothers residence. He was in a somewhat of a good mood, helped by the fact Spain had sent him tomatos and he was expecting it to come today. He was surprised by the amount of letters in his mailbox. He scanned them, the majority had been addressed to him, and he didn't recognize the senders addresses. He shrugged and brought them inside.

After he had taken a seat, he flipped one of the letters open and carefully slit open the envelope, he discarded it to the side while opening the neatly folded paper. It took him a couple seconds to recognize the handwriting on the paper, he crumpled it in his hands immediately. He wasn't going to read any trash from the Potato #$%^&*. He opened the next letter noting the different postmark, surely this wasn't from the #$%^&* as well, just to crumple it as well. He opened the others letters quickly, most of them were from the Potato. There was only one way to deal with this, he scooped up the letters and envelopes and headed to the kitchen.

They had a modern stove but he beelined for the traditional oven, he tossed the letters in and lit a match watching them burn. He waited for them to turn to ash before letting the flames die out completely. There was no evidence of the letters now, from the #$%^&* who took his brother. A knock on the door burst him out of his fuming. Perhaps his tomatoes had arrived.

He opened the door to see the telegram man.

"Telegram for you sir" the man said.

Romano took the telegram from him and shut the door. He tore it open, not even bothering to check the postmark. He didn't bother reading the letter just skipped to the bottom where the senders name was listed. The Potato again! South Italy ground his teeth violently. Why was the potato so desperate to contact him. It didn't matter, he told himself, he was going to burn the letters anyways, hoping that the #$%^&* would get the hint and leave him alone.

Unfortunately the letters and telegrams kept coming, and from different places. Romano burned them all.

There was a knock on the door. Romano ignored it, if the Telegram man wanted to deliver, he could leave it in the mailbox. The knock came again, and was ignored. It was the third knock that finally got Romano moving towards the door.

"I swear if it's another telegram, I am going to shove it up…." He trailed off as he wrenched open the door and saw who exactly was standing there. "You!" he slammed the door immediately. He wasn't, was not, going to talk to the Potato.

"Please Romano, I need to talk to you."

"No!" Romano began moving a table to block the door.

"Please it's about Veneziano!"

Romano paused in moving the table "what about him?"

"I need to get him out of Germany as fast as possible."

Romano turned suspicious "why? aren't you "Best Friends"? or something?"

"It's hard to explain, but my boss, he's gone off the deep end even more that usual, Please Romano"

Romano opened the door, glaring. "You are going to come in, sit down, and explain everything or I am going to shoot you."

Germany hesitantly stepped inside, Romano shut the door behind him and locked it.

"Sit" he said pointing.

Germany sat down hesitantly, wincing almost imperceptibly. Romano's sharp eyes picked up, "what's wrong with you?" He demanded

"My #$%^&* of a boss decided to run me through with a sword" he replied blandly

"So shouldn't you be healed up by now?"

"He found The Curse"

Romano sucked in a harsh breath "Prove it."

Germany carefully unbuttoned his coat and shirt revealing a thick layer of white bandages wrapped around his torso. Romano frowned, and Germany recovered the bandages.


"He basically told me to "get rid of" your brother and to break off the alliance with Italy, I refused."

Romano's eyes sharpened "I need to get Veneziano out before he does anything else insane"

Germany continued " I will even stop all contact with him, and you are the person that knows him the best so you would know how to get him to leave"

"Okay" Romano sat fluidly, things we're getting much too dangerous in this stupid war "this is what you need to do"

A few weeks later a tomato crate arrived. Romano dragged it into the house, and opened it, finding the sleeping form of his brother surrounded by pasta boxes and tomatoes.

Veneziano was thrilled to see his brother, if a bit curious of why Germany wasn't there. He wrote Germany letters, but they were met with no response. He remained positive though, maybe they just got lost in the mail, or that Germany's letters were on the way, but time passed and there was still no response. He began to mope. When his brother questioned him about what was wrong he just sighed.

Romano was concerned. While it made him satisfied that Germany had held up his end of the deal, his brother moping was not okay. He sat down at his desk and wrote up a letter to Germany, demanding that wrote back to his brother. He clearly marked it from himself and sent it off in the mail, just to receive it back a week or so later marked in large letters, INVALID ADDRESS RETURN TO SENDER. He frowned. that didn't make any sense, he used the same address as his brother… Then his brother started receiving his own letters back marked with the same stamp. Romano remembered his last conversation with the Potato, something was very very wrong.

Spain sighed, scrubbing a hand across his face, frustrated. There was still a lot of gaps missing, but Romano's story at least explained the stab wound. Speaking of, he should probably go check on him. He grabbed the new rolls of gauze he bought and brought it with him, he had left the first aid kit in the room. It was quiet, and Germany appeared to be dozing. Spain put the gauze down. He knew things we're probably only going to get worse and he was worried. He could only do so much, and using his own power to heal Germany might end up killing him. But he also didn't want to break Germany's trust. He debated himself in his head, unsure exactly what to do. Maybe he could tell Prussia, he probably knew about most of the wounds anyways, but it didn't make any sense, why wouldn't Germany just go to him instead? He needed to think about this, and a drink.

On the way to the kitchen he checked the shelf where he kept the pocket watch. Just to do a double take. It was gone. " #$%^&*" this was bad, he was supposed to keep it safe until, well the old conditions Germany gave him probably didn't apply anymore, Germany was not in any danger of being dissolved as a country. But if it fell into the wrong hands, Spain was sure the impact would be devastating, even if he didn't know what exactly was in the chest. Maybe he just misplaced it, yeah he just misplaced it thats all.

He could hear the crickets, impossibly loud in the night air. It was starting to get cold but was still early fall. He shivered slightly huddling deeper into his military coat, it didn't help that he was losing weight. He knew the cause of that though, between the constant war and the camps he was surprised that it wasn't worse. He had to modify an number of his jackets in order not to arouse suspicion. He moved silently forward, reaching the edge of the camps easily, his bruder had been sent off earlier that week to go attack Russia. A monumentally stupid idea in both of their opinions, but they couldn't risk going against their bosses orders, especially because of what their bosses now knew. They were trapped, hemmed in by their own ambition, pride, and stupidity.

Well by edge he meant the forest that was several hundred feet away from the camp. He knelt slowly on the forest floor, feeling for the hidden door. It was small barely big enough for a man, but he slid inside, pulling a flashlight out of his pocket. The rough tunnel was barely tall enough to walk in without having to walk totally bent double. He and Prussia had been working on this for ages, secretly communicating with those trustworthy in the camp, it was almost complete, with every housing building nearly connected, just a few feet away. He was going to try and help make those connections today, and make a plan for escape the next. The tunnel shrinks even lower, and he moves at a crouch. It's hours later when he can hear the faint scraping on the other side. He gently broke through the wall, coming face to face with a man. They smile grimly at each other, tinged with triumph.

"The other tunnels connect, tell the other's we leave tomorrow"

They turn away from each other, heading back to the surface. The next day the ones who had the will and the strength escaped, unfortunately they had to collapse the tunnels behind them. He got them in contact with the underground and vanished. He had to get back, to keep up appearances especially with things getting more dangerous.

He arrived back "home" in time to clean himself up and hide the evidence of his night time activities, and still make it on time to work. He was half way through the necessary documents left on his desk when the door flew open. He looked up.

"Sir! a report came in a number of prisoners have escaped!"

Germany schooled his expression into an appropriate amount of anger, and the conversation washed over him automatically. Yes his secret was safe for now, but for how long was the question.

The dream warped and twisted changing into something entirely different.

"Elsbeth hurry, if you get caught they'll kill you." Ludwig hissed

"Calm down Ludwig, I have this under control" came the muffled response

After what seemed an age she reappeared with a small bundle in her hands.

"Lets go"

They snuck back to the main housing with their prize. After checking around carefully they revealed their prize, a smallish loaf of bread. Elsbeth divided it up among the smallest of the children there, it was devoured instantly.

"just enough for me and you" Elsbeth whispered handing Ludwig some bread. Ludwig blinked as the bread was handed to him before pushing it back towards her.

"No you eat it"

she frowned at him "you need to eat too"

he shook his head "I'm… different, I don't need food nearly as often as most people.

She looked at him funny, "Fine but don't think I don't see you giving away your rations to the children anyways"


"No excuses you're eating all of it tomorrow"

He sighed, half a grin on his face, she really cared too much.

Germany came to consciousness slowly, blinking away the sleepy haze from his vision. That was odd, the memories he remembered weren't particularly painful, bittersweet maybe but not painful. He thought about them carefully, he couldn't remember any specific injuries inflicted either. He sat up carefully feeling a twinge of pain from his chest. He rubbed it absentmindedly, glancing down at it. He settled his feet onto the floor carefully, and slowly stood up heading towards the light switch. with a click the room was illuminated, and he slowly unwound part of the bandages on his chest. The once deep stab wound was now much shallower. Germany discarded the bandages in the trash picking up a gauze pad and medical tape from the first aid kit. Whatever Spain had done had apparently circumvented the curse on this wound. Germany had a pretty good idea of what exactly Spain had done but couldn't believe that Spain would be willing to do that for him, so therefore Spain did something else.

He sighed, exhausted. It was really unfortunate that with all the sleeping he seemed to do just seemed to make him that much more tired. He scanned the room, seeing if anything had changed since the last time he was here, decades ago.

On the desk was a plate of food that he had missed in his initial grab of medical supplies. He would have to thank Spain later. He also picked up his phone from the desk, scanning it to see if there was any urgent messages. None thankfully, so Prussia must be staying out of trouble and actually doing some work for once. He wasn't sure if that was relieving or if he should be nervous that Prussia was actually planning something.

He put the now empty plate back on the desk, and walked back to the bed. Perhaps the dreams were a sign that he was getting better, so maybe he'll get some real rest for a few moments.

Ding dong. A pause. Ding dong. Prussia ignored the doorbell again. Ding dong, ding dong, dingdongdingdong, the bell was pressed several times in succession.

"Mein Gott, I'm coming I'm coming!" Prussia yanked open the door revealing America, Hungary and Austria. "Did you really have to ring the doorbell twenty seven times?" He asked

"Well… you weren't answering the door," replied America mischievously, "so I thought you would answer faster if I rang it again, and I was right, you're here aren't you?"

"Yeah, yeah" Prussia said tiredly waving them inside.

"What have you been doing?" Hungary asked.

"Paperwork." They stared at him "Oh don't look so surprised! I do it all the time, I just don't like doing it!" Prussia huffed, " I am half of a major country you know!" He continued his grumbling as he walked further into the house, gathering up paperwork and security passes.

"So here's our cover" Prussia said turning to the others, he points at America "I am meeting with you on important economic business ok? Unfortunately I don't have any good cover stories for you two" Prussia said gesturing at Hungary and Austria "So you guys will have to pretend to be aids with these badges and sneak in while America and I distract everyone." He handed out the badges. He then picked up huge stacks of paperwork and binders and handed them to them with a slightly vicious smile. "If you carry these they will just look at the badge instead of your face, so that you don't run the risk of dropping anything, if they do check against it the photo will match up, but I don't want them running the risk of recognizing you."

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