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Warning: insult that you should never call any one, you have been warned

Oh and the Italics is Germany reading into the situation/what he thinks/remembers

Years later…

"Vould you all just shut up!" yelled Germany slamming his hands onto the table;

France and England had gotten into another fight. It had started out on topic but was quickly degrading to their routine insults. When the meeting was put back on track and about to break to lunch when Japan and China began fighting over who owned a set of islands.

"Calm down China, this can be discussed more thoroughly at another time that way we might actually get to a consensus rather than a shouting match" Germany said tiredly. Japan sent Germany a quiet look of thanks, but he didn't see it.

"I'm not going to listen to you, because this is your entire fault in the first place!"

"China calm down let's take a break so that we can think about this in a more rational manner" England piped up trying to avoid the impending doom.

"You shouldn't even be talking" that was Romano "that stupid Potato #$%^&* needs to be put in his place, he was the cause of not only world #$%^&* war I but World War II as well!"

"Now Romano…." "Don't pretend you don't agree! He practically destroyed your capital, you know the #$%^&* Blitz!" England shut up not quite sure how to respond to that.

"What the #$%^&* is your problem?" Prussia said standing up, his ruby eyes flashed dangerously.

"My #$%^&* problem is that, that #$%^&* sitting next to you, he acts like he is in charge, and acts like he is so perfect when really he is the one who is the farthest from it. A lot of countries may say they have forgiven him or forgotten it but I sure as #$%^&* haven't! I will never forgive you #$%^&* and I hope you rot in #$%^&* you Nazi!" Romano finished looking right into Germany's eyes.

"Shut the ! #$%^&* up" Prussia looked absolutely pissed.

The conference room had gone deadly silent. America spoke up "Calm down guys" he started nervously, "we have all forgive Germany, it's all in the past now, right?"

"I am afraid not comrade, I have to agree with the angry Italian I have still not forgiven Germany for what he's done and he's never had to suffer like my people had too da?"

"There is no reason to continue pressing this issue, Germany also suffered after the war, so we should all calm down" America said again

"How about we take an early lunch so that we can calm down, oui?" France said cutting into the quiet. Even as his words shattered the silence chatter erupted.

"I knew I wasn't the only one who felt that way."

"It's surprising Prussia stood up for him."

"He's the cause of Prussia's dissolvement and having to be with Russia."

"Romano sure has guts calling him a Nazi."

"Well it's true, he still kind of is one."

"I wonder what Russia meant, do you think he is going to get back at Germany?"

"I sure hope so." "he deserves a bigger punishment than he ended up getting."

"Do you think they will argue again after lunch?"

"Maybe if we're lucky he will get the drift he isn't wanted here."

During Romano's rant…

The numbers on his left arm burned more a more increasingly with each word from Romano's mouth, before he even finished, the memories were starting to come back monster, devil he was trying to keep his breathing steady trying to keep the flood of memories from pouring out.

"I may forgive your country but I will never forgive you."

He became aware he was clenching his hands tightly and rocking slightly. Prussia began to look nervous, Romano's little speech had triggered some recall in his bruder. This hadn't been the first time. He had to get West out of it fast before it got worse. Italy looked up with worry at Germany.

"Vee Germany are you ok?"

What Prussia did next surprised everyone in the room, but it was what happened next that really shocked everyone. He hauled back and slapped Germany across the face hard. Several (most) countries sucked in a breath sure, that Germany would kill him, in their eyes Germanys flash back looked like he was just trying not to lash out. A moment after the slap Germany relaxed from his stiff position. Sat and nodded his thanks to Prussia. What.

"How about we take an early lunch so that we can calm down, oui?"

The words had barely registered in their ears when Germany was gone and the chatter began.

A/N ok so part of the reason that the dialogue is confusing is that Germany is hearing what Countries are saying now, while at the same time he is remembering what has been said to him in the past, hence the italics.