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The arrancars are the supposed enemy, but how can that be true if I'm part arrancar? The soul society wants me on their side even though we are enemies. So many want me, except one. The 6th espada Grimmjow.

Walking through the park looking for hollows was a typical routine for me.

Being half arrancar allowed me to walk amongst the living while still seeing the dead. My father was an arrancar, one of the very few in existence but he was killed by the soul

society when I was fifteen, and I was taken as well to be their little science experiment.

If I add up all of the years I have walked this earth and the years I spent in the soul society I am a total of one hundred and thirty-six years old. Appearance wise I am about

twenty or so.

Because of the fact that my mother was Orihime's great great, well however many greats grandmother and I inherited the time altering ability. That technique plus the

arrancar blood running through my veins alters my body unwillingly so I am stuck in this age unable to move along with time.

My entire family is dead except for Orihime but she can't know the truth about me. Neither can ichigo or above all anyone from the soul society. If they were to find out that I

am an escaped prisoner there would be hell to pay.

I occasional befriend a human but not for long or they'd realize what I really am. Urahara and Youroichi are the only ones that know about my secret and it is supposed to

stay that way until I die which is obviously a long time.

My strength and street smarts have given me the job of keeping the hollows were they should be, hell. There isn't a day were i regret what I do.

Giving humans the chance to live as long as they can is a good enough reason for me. Their lives are so short and having a life like that cut down even more is just awful.

Keeping them alive is whats keeping me from going insane.

The park is were most hollows roam because of the lost souls so that is where I spend most of my free time but today is an extremely different thing.

While walking on the sidewalk There was a large sudden impact of spiritual pressure that was to strong to be a hollow's. After about a minute bodies hit the ground, singularly

at first but then in groups until everyone around me was on the ground dead.

"What the hell?" I yelled as the remaining area was entirely dead. "This spiritual pressure is incredible." I sighed running in the direction where the bodies first started


As I got closer the energy was increasing more and more and it was familiar. This power, why is it so... My thoughts came to a stop when I came to a crater and in front of it

were two men, and one had a hole in the middle of his neck.

The guy with the hole in his neck calmly started, "Your spiritual pressure is extremely high isn't it, little girl."


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