Hello! This is my first Harry Potter fanfic, so please tell me what you think! I wouldn't have had the inspiration of writing a Tom Riddle/OC without reading the excellent fanfic An Exquisite Pain. It's great! You all should read it! Disclaimer: I only own Ella, all others are J.K. Rowling's. Oh, and Petunia.

Chapter 1/Prolougue

All Because of Grindewald

Grindewald stood in front of the wizarding school, admiring the building he was about to destroy. He sucked air into his nose and exhaled loudly. This would be fun. Grindewald turned around to face his army of two hundred or so witches and wizards, and began what one might consider a motivational speech. "Hello, my fellow witches and wizards, we come here to kill, do we not?" they all shouted and yelled in response, ready for the excitement of killing un-expecting students.

"We come today, to the wondrous school of Beaxbatons, unexpected. The headmistress is completely unaware that we are staring into her window, murderous thoughts in our minds. Let's change that, shall we?" they all pushed their wands up in the air, and pointed towards the school in one silent movement. It was creepily hair-raising, and Grindewald loved it. He grinned creepily at the army, and flicked his wrist. One small movement changed and took many lives that day.

They all charged. No one spoke, no one screamed. All you could hear was heavy boots clomping onto the packed earth. Suddenly, two hundred or so streams of blue electricity went towards the school, and crackled along on wall. Tension was thick as they waited. As the last sliver of blue absorbed into the wall, it cracked. It shook. Finally it crumbled into dust, a fine powder. Silent, Grindewald thought. Perfect. All it did was build the tension, and that was one thing that made him feared amongst all. Because of him, silence meant death.

The missing wall revealed a dining hall packed with students. As he had planned, of course. The students were silent, the army was silent, Grindewald was silent. "Avada Kedavra." he whispered. A blonde girl fell to the ground, silent. Because of him, silence meant death.

It then got noisy when the teachers started to rebel, ushering students away and firing curses at the army. All the students obeyed, terrified for their lives. Except for that one, he mused. Her and her pack of followers. A girl had not listened to the teachers, a girl about fifteen. Long dark hair tumbled down her shoulders and she had an era of command about her. Grindewald decided he would save her for later, and kill the followers. Avada Kedavra. One dead. Avada Kedavra. Another. They soon scattered, leaving the girl to fend for herself.

He was just about to finish her off when a stunning spell came hurtling at him, he easily dodged it, and turned around to watch the spell bounce off a mirror, and straight towards the girl. She wasn't so lucky. He watched her be dragged off by a couple of teachers, and quickly forgot about her.

In the end Grindewald and his army had unfortunately killed nearly half the students and staff. Grindewald looked around at the damage he had done, which was quite a lot. "You shouldn't stand

up to me, fools." he muttered. He spat at a dead body, no doubt angering its ghost.

Half of the school had crashed down, crushing many bodies with tons of stone. The dining hall ceiling had caved in, ruining furniture and food. Dumbledore will be here soon, he thought. With this new threat hanging above him, he decided it was time to leave. With one slight nod of his head, he and his army dissaperated away, leaving no trace that it was there crime, except for one mark hung up in the sky; a red, bloodied hand holding a knife.

Grindewald was correct, several minutes later a middle aged man with strawberry blonde hair appeared. His already saddened face became moodier as he looked around at all the death and destruction his old friend had done. He was more than a friend to Dumbledore, though nobody knew but him. Not even Grindewald. It pained Dumbledore more that the eye can see to see his friend go bad. Because of him, silence meant death. He preferred to not talk about it.

Dumbledore waved his wand and muttered an incantation. All the breathing bodies disappeared, and appeared in Hogwarts. He then said the spell to check if there were anymore. There was. He looked around for the body until finally he came across it. It was the same girl that had faced off Grindewald, her face bloodied and paler than normal. Of course Dumbledore hadn't known this as he picked up her form and did another check. Nothing.

He looked at the girl, and he to sensed the aura of command that Grindewald had. He squinted at her. A deep gash was on her forehead and a small cut on her lip. Blood from the cuts was smeared around her face. Bruises covered her arms and legs. She was special, he decided. Dumbledore then apparated to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The nurse at the time gasped in surprise when Dumbledore appeared looking very tired and sad. She then noticed the dark haired girl in his arms. "Oh, dear, Albus, what's this? All our beds are full!" Dumbledore shook his head and said, "Then bring a camp bed down here, anything would be good after what she has been through." "Of course." soon the girl was laid down into the bed that had been brought down.

"Oh my," Dumbledore mused. "What?" the slightly plump nurse asked eagerly, needing something other to do than sit and watch the injured. "Why, Petunia, I have just used Legilamency on her," she nodded, gesturing for him to continue. "Her name is Ella Bruches, and she has just faced off with Grindewald." Petunia's eyes widened.

"I believe she is special, very special," Dumbledore said. "We just don't know how."