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Chapter 2

Of Magic Mirrors and Food Fights

Ella was in a room, with absolutely no light except for a window shining moonlight. A humanoid figure shuffled across the room, and for some reason she felt a rush of both fear and…love? "You can come out now," she called out, not even realizing she had spoken until the figure froze.

Ella froze also, her chest heaving with quick breaths. She was afraid, she was excited. Adrenaline rushed through her as she spoke again. "You can stop," she told it. "You can take control." The figure, originally hunched, straightened up until it towered above her, seemingly growing larger with each step it took towards her. It reached to its side, and pulled a bone-like wand out. The last thing she remembered feeling was regret, regret that she had even spoken in the first place. The figure whispered something, its voice harsh and rough. It then raised its wand, and—

Smack. Ella awoke from her nightmare, spluttering and coughing from the water in her throat. Her face stung from where icy cold water had splashed onto her, and her eyes burned from where it had leaked into them when she had snapped her eyes open. It was not the most comfortable way to wake up.

Olive Hornby's face lingered above hers, sneering. Another large bead of water hovered near the tip of her twisted wand, ready to be dropped onto Ella's head. All of the other fifth years were sat up in their beds, staring at the pair. The window let in a greenish sort of light, due to that the dorm was under the lake, giving no hints whatsoever on what time it was. The wooden floor bore splash marks were Olive had obviously failed at getting the water from the bathroom to Ella, and was also littered with socks, robes, and green silk ties. Her green velvet curtains had been carelessly drawn back from her bed, causing them to hang halfway off of the rail of her four-poster.

Ella calmly pointed her wand to the curtains. "Reparo." The curtains picked themselves off the ground and straightened before hanging up again with a soft clink. Ella then turned to look at Olive, her face a mask of indifference, and asked, "And why, did you wake me up?" Olive raised her heavy eyebrows, her hazel eyes widening in mock disbelief. "Well, you were making small noises and thrashing about! We were so worried," Ella continued to stare until Olive finally cleared her throat and said, "It was annoying, there was no other way to get you to stop!" Olive exclaimed, looking peeved. "Why are all the newbies so annoying?" Olive muttered to herself. That didn't stop Ella from hearing it.

"You could've casted Silencio," she corrected. "And I dunno, Olive, why are we so annoying?" Olive ignored her, and turning back to get into her fancy trunk, warned, "Breakfast is in ten minutes, Belle!" a small girl with mousy brown hair nodded vigorously. "Oh, I know! I'm already prepared," Olive shot Belle a glare; that was obviously not what she was supposed to say. The small girl turned on her heel quickly and left the room.

Ella sighed and stood up out of her four-poster, and, walking around to get into her own trunk, was greeted with a horrible realization. Her trunk was destroyed when Grindelwald had blown up Beaxbatons, and so instead of the lovely blue-grey uniforms she usually wore, all she had now were two sets of white shirts, jeans, black robes and one silk green tie. One problem; she had no idea how to tie a tie. This was going to be a long day.

Ella jabbed her fork into the eggs, and tore around the yolk area, watching the thick yellow liquid leak out. She sat there, isolated from the rest of the table, not hungry the slightest. She knew that she looked terrible; she hadn't tried to look pretty, or at least well-groomed, as she didn't feel like doing her best a day after half her school had been killed. She was done crying; now she was in a depressive silence. She glared at a couple of girls that were pointing and giggling at her.

She knew what they were laughing at – her tangled dark hair, her wrinkled jeans, the straight tie that had been tied like a bow tie – she didn't have a clue as to how to tie it. She was just considering hissing at them when Gemma, as bouncy as ever, plunked herself down beside Ella.

"What are you wearing?" Gemma reached out and undid Ella's bow tie, tying it into a proper straight tie. Ella slapped her hand away. "I liked the bow tie," Gemma frowned at her. "You didn't tie the bow tie right, either." Ella groaned and smacked her forehead. "Whatever." The now small group of girls were giggling harder than ever, pointing and laughing. "You might want to put your hair up," Gemma informed her worriedly. "It looks a little tangled."

Ella opened her mouth to respond when a girl snorted in the midst of her laughter. For some odd reason, Ella snapped at this. She growled angrily, and flicked a piece of yolk-soaked toast towards the group. She had a lucky shot – it smacked onto the snorting girl's forehead, sticking there, surrounded by a splatter of yellow goop. She let out a girlish scream and scooped up a forkful of hash browns. She tossed it, meaning to hit Ella, probably, but instead getting Gemma between the eyes.

Gemma calmly wiped the hash browns away from her face, and, picking up a few pieces of soggy French toast, flung them at the girl. They hit Olive in the stomach, soaking her top with syrup.

Everyone was soon in the fight.

Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and every single Slytherin were flinging breakfast foods all over the Great Hall, even getting some teachers to fling food at people. Ella had just finished chucking an egg at Olive when she noticed Tom Riddle sitting there, half his face covered in who-knows-what, looking very displeased. He stood up quickly, and, nodding at Abraxas Malfoy, left the Great Hall with Malfoy tailing along.

Ella meant to follow him, but, Albus Dumbledore, Transfiguration professor, chose the moment to stand up at the gold podium, yelling, "CALM DOWN!" everyone in the Great Hall froze and stared at him, dropping all sorts of food. "Breakfast is over," Dumbledore continued calmly. "And we will all head to our first classes of the day. Goodbye, all of you," and the students left, the boys complaining about being hungry and the girls whining and casting cleaning charms upon themselves. Ella wiped herself clean and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She muttered softly to Gemma, "Am I the only one to find joy in the fact that Olive has yolk in her bra?"

Ella's first class was Double Potions with Professor Slughorn, who turned out to be a fat older man that had quite a temper towards her. She found this out when she complained about not being able to pick your 'potions pal', as he put it.

"I am picking you partner," he said to her, as Ella shared a longing look with Reyna. Gryffindor was the house that made it 'Double Potions'. "And you are most certainly not going to be with a friend." He added, glancing to where Ella was staring. She'd sighed, and hoped only that she would get Gemma.

She had Tom Riddle. Not Gemma, not Reyna, but Tom Riddle. She plopped herself down next to Riddle grumpily. He seemed to have no joy in the situation either. "Alright," he said, looking directly at her. "Just leave the work for me to handle, and me to handle alone," Ella huffed a laugh at this, and said, "Fine." But she planned to help. She planned to slip a bit of potion ingredient into the brew, and after they had gotten an O on it, she would tell him she had done it all along.

So, in the middle of making a Sleeping Potion, she slipped the powdered root of whatever plant into the boiling blue liquid. She had not thought of when Riddle would add his portion.

It exploded.

The once blue liquid had turned a violent shade of red, and when it was splattered on every person in the room, they began to twist and turn violently as hair grew wherever it had splashed. Ella soon had a face full of dark hair, some even growing on her tongue, as her mouth had been opened. But she still managed to get out a, "What did you do?" with a blaming finger pointed at Riddle. Riddle raised his now bushy eyebrows. "Me? What did I do?" did his eyes just…?

No, no one's eyes turned red just because they were angered.

Ella lay in her four-poster with the curtains drawn, listening to the other's heavy breathing. It had to be around one AM, as it felt like hours since she had lain down. She couldn't sleep, as every time she closed her eyes she saw the black figure, raising its wand, whispering in its raspy way. She shivered just to think about it. She had thought about who it was; she had supposed she had dreamed up a Grindelwald, seeing as she thought of him far to often.

Ella tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable position on the bed, squeezing her eyes shut, deliberately thinking of something besides Grindelwald. After about fifteen minutes of this without success, she sighed and got out of bed, planning to just read a book in the Common Room. She made her way down the steps and towards the couch, before noticing another presence in the room. She squinted through the darkness to find Tom Riddle sprawled out on the couch, a book in his hands, blue eyes shut as he slept.

He looked a lot younger than he did when he was awake, as his face was more open, and not set like stone when he was fully conscious. She carefully crept past him, deciding to go and wander the halls, and slipped through the widening hole in the stone wall.

Ella got lost in five minutes. She had no idea where she was in the castle, with no torches to lead the way, no portraits awake to give her directions. She shuffled along the hallway until she came across Professor Dumbled0re's office, and she knocked on it, planning to say she was going to the loo when the door swung open. She opened her mouth to voice her excuse, until she noticed that this was not Dumbledore's office, and that no one was there.

She crept inside quietly and peered around the moonlit classroom. Desks were pushed up against the walls, the portraits were crooked and empty, and the chalkboard was collecting dust. A large mirror stood in the center of the abandoned classroom, and Ella went toward it, seeing something rather tall in the mirror. She stayed a few feet back, just in case something dangerous was in the mirror, as that was definitely not her reflection.

It was a person, she realized, in the mirror, their face hidden by shadow. All she saw was their mouth, moving in silent words. They were moving just barely, so that she couldn't lip-read what they were saying, and the face grew until that was all she could see. "What are you doing here?" she jumped at the sudden noise and whirled around to see Tom Riddle standing in the doorway, fully dressed.

"I could ask the same thing," she made a weak attempt to defend herself against the accusation. "I followed you when I noticed you had left the Common Room," he answered, obviously upset with her. "I couldn't sleep," she muttered. He made a noise in the back of his throat. "Let's go back, shall we?"

They were soon walking up the stairs towards the Slytherin dormitories, when she suddenly asked, "Why were you in the Common Room?" he turned to look at her, surprise flitting across his features before he became stone faced once more. "Research," he answered, turning back away from her. "Why so late?" "Do we have to do this now?" he ignored her question, speeding up the stairs and entering the hole in the wall.

Ella stored the knowledge that maybe he wasn't as nice as everyone made him out to be.

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