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Angelica Gails P.O.V.(Still)

He looks like he was about to to yell at so I say :"Calm down I made sure I didn't kill him." I say without really caring. Aido comes in holding his shoulder, which is gushing out blood and sits on the sofa. The guy that walked in with his sits next to him.

"I really hate you right now Angelica." the wounded boy says with a drop of venom in his voice. All I do is smirk.

"Control your mouth and you will learn to love me again." I say teasing him a little.

"Wait a second you shot my cousin because of what we saw upstairs?" the other inquires.

"You don't have to put like that but pretty much." I say rolling the words off my tongue and not caring how the fell.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because its not true and you two should have talk to one of us" I tell them. I think I sound motherly. He doesn't answer and looks at Aido's wounds that haven't started healing. "Make sure the bullets leave his body because if they're in a vain and they travels" I walk up to him and pock where his heart is " there. You 're dead in two seconds flat." I walk away from them and look for another place to sleep.

Zero Kiryu P.O.V

I'm laying down on my bed when abruptly I smell blood, again. Why? My fangs start to stick .out of my mouth. I roll over and put my pillow over me head. It wasn't that long ago I drank some of Angelica's blood so why are they come out? I lay there and wait for the smell to go away and it doesn't. I get up and grab the blood tablets. I drop two in my mouth and see if I can keep them down like that. I know the wouldn't but maybe. I go lay down on my bed and wait. They don't come back up for fifteen minutes or so thus I start getting dressed to go to class.

Sometime later after I got dressed. I felt like I was going to throw-up. I ran to the bathroom sink, I start cough up tablets than blood. I hate when this happens the tablets scratch my throat as the come back up and the blood just stains everything. I vomit violently in the now was white sink. I puke in sink for what felt like and forever when I just stop, probably because I don't have anything in my stomach to regorge, I turn on the sink and let everything go down the drain. I look in the mirror and see that my uniform has some blood on it. I sigh and look at the time. 10:55am. I am soo late. Whatever. I change my uniform shirt. I go lay down, I really don't want to go to class my throat is killing me, I have an empty stomach and I'm tried because I got no sleep last night. I sigh, but I did promise Yuuki I would go to class or at least try . I get up and brush my teeth. I don't have to have this weird, tablet, bloody taste in my mouth . I look at the time. 11:10. I leave my room and run to class.

Some while later-like ten minutes or so- I walk into the classroom. Everyone, but Yuuki who was sleeping, turned around and stared at me. "So I see you finally decided to join us." my ethics teacher says. I just look at him and take my sit. I'm not even pay attention, as he speaks. I start to drift off and I end up starting at Yuuki's direction .Yuuki is still sleeping, she looks so peaceful, with her pale skin and her sweet sent. I start craving blood. I guess I should haven't came to class with an empty stomach but its not like I had a choice. I put my head down.

Hours later I open my eyes , wait when did I close them? I feel someone shaking me. "Wake up. Wake up Zero." Yuuki – I think- says kindly. I lift up my head up. It was Yuuki.

"What?" I ask tiredly.

"Its lunchtime." She says. I stand up and follow her and her friend Yori. We sit at a table inside but near a window and today just seems sunnier. I sigh and sit as far as I can away from the window. The girls sit down and talk about St. Chocolate Day-which is a month away- and who the are going to give chocolate too. "Who are you giving chocolates to?" Yuuki inquires charitable. I shrug.

"Probably no one." I state in a not caring tone.

"Why not?" she request to know curiously.

"Cause" I start say "I don't see what the point is" Yuuki frowns " if you like someone you should just tell them." I finish adding. I know I'm be hypercritical .

"Zero that's not the point" she yells at me.

"What is point?" I yell back.

"Zero, you don't want to show someone that you care?" she enquires innocently. I sigh.

"Whatever." I say.

"Why are you so cruel?" Yori questions me.

"Hn" I sigh rolling my eyes.

"Why are you so-" she starts to say but I get up and walk away.

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