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"Let me ask again… Nervous?"

"More than I've ever been in my entire life and I think I'm going to throw up."

"Much more like it."

Beca's hands were shaking. Beca's knees were shaking. Actually no, Beca was just head to foot vibrating right now, like her nerves were trying to escape her body so she'd be calm, but they couldn't escape so they just made things more nerve wrecking… you know?



"… A little… I guess."

"Let me try that again… Nervous?"

"Okay yes! Of course I am. Though also… I think I'm about to explode with excitement!"

"Much more like it."

Chloe's hands were shaking. Chloe's knees were knocking. Actually no, Chloe's entire body was pulsating with a giddy kind of nervousness that made her want to pace the floor in fear, and jump about squealing with joy, all at the same time… you know?


Sometimes when you're nervous everything in your life can go kinda blurry.

Beca's life had gone blurry for the first time when Chloe stepped into her shower cubicle and forced her to sing (because let's face it, who'd not be nervous when an extremely attractive stranger decides to shower with you). The lines had gone blurry again on that car ride back from Chloe's house six years ago, when she'd fallen in love with her best friend and proceeded to have everything fall apart.

That's why this situation was so funny. For seven years Chloe had been making Beca's life fuzzy (and not just on those two occasions). Seven years of wide eyed looks that Beca was sure would one day cause her eyes to pop out, seven years of awkward situations, and seven years of nerves building up in the pit of her stomach like a herd (was that the right word?) of angry butterflies (it probably wasn't the right word).

And now here she was, watching as her life zoomed back into focus (she didn't need glasses just yet).

The blur of the standing congregation faded into nothingness and through the haze of bridesmaids and uh... more bridesmaids (and Jesse) a sharp outline of an ivory white dress broke through the storm of colour.

Beca was shaking again, though this time she didn't think it was nerves anymore. In fact it wasn't so much shaking as it was convulsions and… dammit, she'd promised herself she wouldn't cry.

She felt a little more secure when she heard Chloe sniffle, and although she was like 70% sure there was some rule against holding hands with your future spouse until you were officially married (well okay… she was in no way sure what so ever, it just sounded like something that'd be true), she reached out and grabbed Chloe's hand anyway, and didn't let it go until they faced one another for their vows.

"I believe you've prepared your own vows?"

"We have," Beca confirmed, smiling up at the pastor.

"Oh my god…" Chloe stage whispered suddenly. "I forgot my…"

"Here…" Aubrey tapped her briskly on the shoulder, discreetly slipping her a piece of paper. "Never say maids of honour are only good for holding your dress up while you pee," she muttered, rolling her eyes as Chloe smiled her thanks.

"Wait… we've to do that?" Jesse hissed suddenly, looking like he'd just been told he had to well… help someone pee.

"You're man of honour," Beca whispered. "You skip them duties, now shut up." By this point the congregation looked expectantly, rumours already starting to fly that one or both the brides were having second thoughts (probably).

"See, this is why I said it was a good idea to keep Aubrey close," Chloe couldn't help but smirk, waving the vows in Beca's face.

"Chloe… please say your vows," Beca pleaded, apparently being the only one aware that there was still a wedding to get through.

"Oh…" Chloe smiled. "I kept my vows short and sweet… just like you Beca," she began, speaking loud enough to be heard now, as her comment earned her a laugh from the crowd. "When we met, I was drawn to you. It was like without even knowing why my brain was trying to ensure that you played a part in my life, and you did. First you were my friend, then my fake girlfriend, then my real girlfriend, and now today you're going to be my wife. You're going to be my wife Beca, and I promise with every fibre of my being to respect, and cherish you… until you stop being hot… or maybe forever, we'll see."

"Very good," the pastor nodded (though he didn't look like he thought that at all). "Rebecca?" He turned then to Beca, indicating for her to go on with her own vows.

"Chlo', like you said when we met, you were drawn to me. Maybe it was my dashing good looks, or my aptitude for music, or my razor sharp wit?" Beca smiled, pausing as the crowd laughed politely. "Though I think it could also have been fate, or destiny, or god… or one of those powerful forces, because quite frankly, I was lost before you came along. I was an obnoxious teenage girl that thought just because she was in college she was automatically grown up and independent and knew exactly how to navigate through life, and you single handedly showed me I was wrong. You showed me that just because you close the shower curtain doesn't mean other people won't barge in, and just because you agree to be someone's fake girlfriend doesn't mean you won't end up falling in love with them, and most importantly, you taught me that sometimes the only way to convince someone you're sorry you made a mistake is to perform a really elaborate music number. You made me grow up, and you made me really accept life without my punk rock façade to shield me… and for that, I promise that no matter that happens, I'll be there for you… even if you get ugly."

"Do you Chloe Amanda Beale, take this woman, Rebecca Joanne Mitchell to be you're lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"And do you, Rebecca Joanne Mitchell, take this woman, Chloe Amanda Beale to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"… I guess I do."