I don't know why we were in the woods that one late night. I guess I just wanted to go on a monster hunt and Mabel happened to like the idea too so…well, I guess that's the reason. It was kind of dumb considering that we were exploring a woods that was prone to monsters, especially at night. So Mabel was pretty much skipping along while I waved my flashlight and held up a disposable camera, ready to snap a photo at anything that seemed mysterious. We were trying to enter a picture to this project thing so we could get a thousand dollars and then split it between the two off us. We'd tried before but failed since what we were looking for was a lake monster called the Gobblewonker. It turned out to be a fraud robot, built by Old Man Mcgucket, the "town coop" because he wanted attention. What was also pretty dumb was the fact that tonight was a new moon, so it was completely dark out in the Gravity falls woods that night. But we didn't really consider that at the time. So when something was stalking us, we had no way of knowing. It was too dark out to notice and if you heard leaves crackling you just assume it's a skunk or badger or some other unknown wild animal. If I hadn't seen the thing it would have bit Mabel but I decided to look behind me when I heard the leaves crackle louder then usual and just to be safe I turned around. Standing behind Mabel was a man who's skin was hanging from his body. He no longer had a nose because I can assume it rotted away. Cartilage rots a lot faster than bone. I immediately jumped into action because I couldn't let the thing hurt my sister. I leaped at it but it swung at me and hit me hard. Mabel jumped out of the way in surprise.

"Dipper, watch out!" Mabel yells.

The zombie hits me again. I gasp in pain and disgust. He hit me in the ribs. Ouch. Mabel punches the thing and it turns to her. She rubs rotting flesh of her knuckles and then steps back fearfully. The zombie lunges. So do I. it was trying to bite mabel but it got my arm instead.

I scream in pain but the thing doesn't let go. It's biting me now so hard that its mouth is starting to fall apart and my arm is gushing blood. Mabel begins punching it over and over again while I try to process what's going on. A zombie's biting me. Mabels punching it. I'm in pain. I start punching the thing as well but I feel like I'm going to pass out so my punches are not that strong.

"Dipper, are you ok?!" Mabel asks frantically. I think the zombie ran away but I can't really tell.

"No…" I mumble weakly.

"Dipper? Get up! Dipper!" Mabel yells even more scared. But I can't really hold on and soon I fall into dizzying blackness.