Starry Heavens: Bonds of Friendship, Magic & Love

Author: AshK1980

Beta Reader: OathkeeperRoxasXNamine09

Rating: Teen for violence, mild language, mild suggestive themes, and mild nudity.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, Never have and never will. Hiro Mashima has the honor of owning rights to the Anime/Manga. I however own Chisame Corona/Roxie, and Shigeru Sandarov/Terra. They are my OCs. Any OCs that are to be added throughout this story are owned by their respective creators and I am using them with permission. Setsuko Koori and Shiro are both owned by OathkeeperRoxasXNamine09, Kyuri Yuki Kuruwa is owned by xXxMusicNCookiesxXx, Luna Fate Heartfilia V and Akiyuki are owned by Aiiriin. I don't own Aspen, she's owned by WrittenWhim.

Summary: AU. What if Lucy ran away the year that her mom died and joined Fairy Tail? What new adventures and magic will she gain by joining this guild? And what if it was Natsu and not Lisanna that died/got sucked up in the Anima? What if another familiar face from one of their own past was alive and a member of the guild too? Find out with my newest story, Starry Heavens: Bonds of Friendship, Magic & Love.

Episode 001: The Beginning: X777-X784!

Main Characters Ages: Lucy Heartfilia: 10/11/15/17, Layla Heartfilia: 29, Jude Heartfilia: 31/38/45, Lisanna Strauss: 10/11/15/17, Elfman Strauss: 11/12/16/18, Mirajane Strauss:12/13/17/19, Natsu Dragneel: 10/11/15/17(When he returns), Erza Scarlet: 12/13/17/19, Gray Fullbuster: 11/12/16/18, Master Makarov: 81/82/86/88.

Other characters and their ages (some may be upgraded to main characters later on in the story).

Elfman Strauss 12/16/18, Mirajane Strauss 12/17/18 Master Makarov 81/82/86/88 Levy McGarden 10/11/15/17 Cana Alberona 11/12/16/18, Jet 11/12/16/18, Droy 11/12/16/18, Ur: 36/38, Chisame Corona 16/17 Roxie 5/6 Shigeru Sandarov 16/17 Terra 5/6

Pairings: LuLi, ElfEver, GrUvia, GaLe, AiBis

Lucy or Lisanna's point of view

Luna (Not until Lullaby Arc) or Aspen's point of view (will be added in chapter 2).

Heartfilia Estate: July 1, x777...

Lucky Lucy Heartfilia was a nice girl; she also seemed to be popular with the guys at her private school. She had Golden Blond hair to just below her shoulder, Brown eyes, a very beautiful face, she was wearing a pink blouse with golden yellow stars adorning it, as well as a pink skirt that also had the same golden yellow stars adorning it as her blouse, simple pink Velcro shoes that also had golden yellow stars adorning it. In her golden blond hair was a pink ponytail holder that was held up in a ponytail on her right side. Around her waist was a simple white leather belt that held her keys on her right side and her whip on the left side. The belt also functioned to hold her skirt up as well. She was extremely happy now since she was finally turning ten today. She couldn't wait to see the surprise that her Mama had for her. She had been studying Celestial Spirit Magic and Star Make Magic since she was five years old. At first she just wanted to teach Celestial Magic liker her mother Layla; however Layla convinced her to learn a second type of magic. She was told it would be useful in case she was ever rendered unable to use her Celestial Magic. Over five years she had become very proficient in both types of magic. She was even given a whip so she could fight with her spirits if she wanted to. You see, this little girl loved her spirits so much, even though Aquarius seemed to despise her. Layla had given Lucy two Golden Zodiac Keys and three Silver Keys, Zodiac Keys: Aquarius the Water Bearer, and Cancer the Giant Crab. Silver Keys: Lyra the Harp Constellation, Horologium the Clock Constellation, and Crux the Southern Cross(1). Layla had told Lucy that she would give her another special key for her tenth birthday which is why she was extremely excited.

She went up to one of the servants Spetto the maid and she curtsied toward her. "Excuse me Miss Spetto; do you know where Daddy is?" Lucy asked, pulling out a sack lunch from her bag that was on her back and showing it to the maid with a smile on her face, "I've got something important to tell him. I even made him lunch."

But Spetto looked solemnly at Lucy before responding to her, "I'm sorry Miss Lucy, but your father went to work early this morning and won't be home until late. I'm so sorry Miss Lucy."

Tears started stinging her eyes as she ran up to her Mama's room crying.

"Mama Mama! Daddy left me! I want to go see him!" Little Lucy cried as she ran up the stairs to the master bedroom. When she entered the room, she caught a glimpse that scarred her for life. Her mama was hunched over the toilet throwing up blood. She ran in there to see what was wrong with her Mama.

"Mama, are you going to be okay? Do you want me to get you to the hospital?" Lucy asked as she helped her mom up on her feet and steadied her.

"I'm sorry Lucy, but I am going to have to go straight to bed. Take me to our bed and I will give you the surprise that I've been waiting to give you for your tenth birthday." Layla remarked as she pointed the direction of the bed and a Golden Wrapping paper with stars on it wrapped cubic box that seemed to be 10 by 10 in every angle. "I want you to have this now because I will not be able to attend your party if I am in bed."

Lucy took her mother to the bed and picked up the neatly wrapped present. "Do you want me to open it now Mama?" she asked.

"Of course I do my dear, go ahead. It's a special present from your father and me to you. As busy as he is, your father loves you as much as I do. You are the apple of his eye and his little girl Miss Lucky Lucy Heartfilia." said Layla smiling a soft smile to her daughter.

Lucy always loved the nickname her mom gave her; it made her happy to be Layla's daughter. She held her present with a smile on her face before starting to unwrap it. Once she got the wrapping paper and bow off and placed the bow in her hair she smiled with hearts in her eyes. In the box that she opened was a Golden Zodiac Key, her third. It was like the other gold keys except with a red symbol of a red bull on the base of the key, Taurus the Golden Bull! "Oh wow thank you Mama! I love it! Thank you so much!"

Layla hugged her daughter back, but Lucy felt the grip the mother had on her started to loosen. Lucy looked up to see Layla smile at her but before that her body started to fall back promptly collapsed on the bed unconscious. Her eyes were closed and she was no longer breathing, making Lucy panic.

"Mama, Mama, wake up! Please be okay! Someone help! Mama isn't waking up! Please, Help!" Lucy screamed, trying to wake her mother up, but the blonde haired mother was still as stone.

The cries for help were heard all over the estate. The staff came running in and saw Layla lying unconscious on her bed. Spetto went to pick up the phone and call the doctor. The way Layla had been wandering around the Estate as if she was in pain was a clear indication that she wouldn't survive another trip to the hospital, the only think they could do was make her comfortable. The staff laid the mother on the bed more peaceful on the bed, the mother's body not visible by the clean sheets. Lucy's brown eyes shaking in sadness as Spetto spoke to her.

"Lucy, you need to get out of here and back to your room. I will send your father in when he gets home." she said as she directed Lucy back to her room.

Lucy nodded sadly with tears still stinging her eyes as she ran to her room with what would be the last present her mama ever gave her.

Taking her leave, Lucy arrived in her room and shut and locked her door behind her. She was really disappointed in her daddy as she looked at the sack lunch that she had made for him so he wouldn't be hungry. She decided then to open the box and picked up the key. It was indeed the Golden Zodiac Key for Taurus. It was one of her mother's favorite spirits. It was apparent since out of the 12 Zodiac Keys she had, she had released all but four spirits out of their contracts with her. She had released Scorpio, Aries, Leo, Pisces, Libra, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini out of their contracts with her and told them that should they ever meet up with Lucy in the future that they were to protect her with everything they got. Layla was about to release Capricorn, but the goat spirit refused because he wanted to stay close to Lucy. Layla understood and gave Capricorn to Zoldeo, while she gave the remaining three to her daughter. The four spirits that she maintained her contracts with were ordered to protect Lucy for all eternity, this originally included Capricorn, Aquarius, Cancer, and Taurus. Little did the Debutante know that she would come face to face with all the spirits that were once her mother's throughout the next seven years of her life. Lucy took out Taurus' Key and chanted the words that every Celestial Wizard has to know to make a contract with a spirit, "I call upon thee in the World of the Celestial Spirits, and I beckon you to my side at once. Heed my call! Pass through the gate!"

A blue magic circle appeared under Lucy's tiny feet and light shined from it and dust pick up too. Her blonde hair lightly picked up from the dust and light around as she called out with much confidence. "Open Gate of the Golden Bull: Taurus!"

Finally, emerging from the magic circle and the ground was is an extremely tall, heavily muscular and athletic humanoid whose physical features are highly reminiscent of both a bull, as his theme implies, but, most notably, of a cow. His body is covered in a black and white pattern similar to those of dappled cows, and the upper part of it, from the waist up, seems more massive than the lower one. His head is bovine in shape, with small, elongated ears jutting outwards from the sides of his head, and a pair of horns, testifying him as a bull, sitting on top of it. He has dark eyes, and his flat nose bears a large golden ring in it, similar to those carried by real bulls. His muscular chest bears six udders, two on his pectorals and four on his upper abdominals, something which makes him yet again resemble a cow. The tail sprouting from his back, ending in a dark tuft, is quite small, if compared to the large mass of his body. His massive body is mostly left bare: he's shown wearing a dark indument, similar to a pair of swim briefs, covering his groin, held up by a red, studded belt, with a circular, thin, golden metal buckle, with a pair of curved protrusions jutting outwards from it in its upper part. He also wears simple dark boots with lighter upper edges, consisting of three lines circling his legs, and has a red belt circling his neck, to which a golden cowbell is attached. His forearms are wrapped in bandages, and he wears brown fingerless gloves. Crossing his chest diagonally and passing over his right shoulder is a large, plain dark belt closed by a simple buckle, to which he attaches his signature axe. The Bull spirit had very… interesting personality upon appearing from the circle.

"Moo! It's nice to see your nice body again Miss Layla! What moves do you want me to do now?" the Golden Bull asked, stretching words 'Moves' like the word moo. The Giant Bull came out and looked around for his master Layla. Only to be taken aback by seeing a young girl in the place of his beloved mistress Layla. "Who are you little girl and where is my nice body Layla?"

Lucy was also taken aback by the appearance of a giant bull in her room. She stared in disbelief. How could her Mama have such a perverted spirit? Lucy then spoke up shyly and timidly, taking a step to the Bull spirit. "U-Um hi there mister, my name is Lucy Heartfilia. I am the daughter of Layla Heartfilia. She gave me you as a present for my tenth birthday which is today. I-I want to make a contract with you. Sh-she told me she ordered you to protect me for all eternity and u-um become my spirit, but I don't want you to be j-just my spirit," she assured the spirit nervously tears falling from her brown eyes, "I-I want you to be my friend as well. W-will you please become m-my sp-spirit and protect me like Mama said you would as well as m-my friend?" Taurus was then taken aback again with tears in Lucy's eyes. Did he make the little girl cry?

"Why are you crying little one?" Taurus asked as he picks up the little girl and rocking her in his massive arms, the young heir to the Heartfillia family looking up into the black eyes of the Bull spirit and his caring smile that was present upon her. "I will protect you if that's what your mother wishes for me to do! Don't you worry about it?"

The massive spirit set the little girl down gently on the floor, taking a good look at her once her feet returned to the ground. "You look so much like your mother. You are going to be beautiful when you get older."

"Th-thanks Taurus!" Lucy exclaimed with a blush on her cheeks as she climbed up the udders on his front gently and kissed him on his cheek. "So shall we work out the details of our contract?"

Lucy pulled out a piece of paper as she started to write the specs of the contracts down (finding out that Taurus is unavailable on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, leaving Monday Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday the Golden Bull was available). Lucy honored that and once again hugs the massive spirit again. "Thank you Taurus! I will do my best to treat you as well as Mama did! Thank you for protecting me. You can return to the Spirit World now."

"Thank you Miss Lucy!" Taurus said with hearts in his eyes as he vanishes from the room in golden wisps, finally vanishing back to the Celestial Spirit World. Once Lucy was alone in her room with her feet back on her bed, she said to herself, "I wonder how the other spirits that Mama released are doing. I guess I better go check on her."

Lucy got up from her bed and headed back to Layla and Jude's room. During the half hour that Lucy had been making a contract with Taurus, her father had come home. She offered him his lunch that she lovingly made for him but he just threw it away, shocking the small girl as her father yelled at her.

"I don't have time for your simpering! Go get back to your studies! I don't need you around!" Jude yelled harshly as he shoved Lucy out of the room.

She fell to her rear-end, sitting cross-legged and started to cry with tears falling from her eyes. How could her father be so mean at her, so angry that he just yell and throw her out? All she wanted to do was give him a lunch for all his hard work, but he just smacks it to the ground. "Daddy, it- it's my birthday! Why can't you remember?" she stammered through tears as she rushed back to her room. It was her tenth birthday and her daddy didn't even want anything to do with her. She would make him pay; she just didn't know how she would do that.

-Six Days Later-

July 7th, Year x777...

The doctors tried everything and couldn't do anything to help Layla. They even tried to take her to the hospital, but she wasn't responding to anything they gave her to try and wake her up. On July seventh of the year 777 Layla Heartfilia breathed her last breath and the dragons all disappeared right in front of their foster children... except for Weisslogia and Skiadrum who were somehow killed by Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney respectively (or some might think…). Could Layla Heartfilia and the disappearance of the dragons be connected somehow? No one knows.

The foster children of the Dragons were eventually sent to various guilds. Natsu Dragneel to Fairy Tail, Gajeel Redfox to Phantom Lord, Wendy Marvell to Cait Shelter, or more like Wendy was taken to Cait Shelter by a future Fairy Tail Mage known as Jellal. Sting and Rogue were traveling for a while and haven't joined a guild as of late. Little did any of the Dragon Slayers know that they would all meet again sometime down the road.

Heartfilia Estate One Week after the Death of Layla Heartfilia: July 14th, x777...

Ever since her mother died, things have gotten much worse between Lucy and her father. Lucy only had the comfort of her spirits and her Star Make Magic. She also had support of the Household staff, but it just wasn't the same as what a Father and Daughter usually have. Lucy knew this was the last straw. She had enough of her father ignoring her for his work to not even care about her. The straw that broke the camel's back so to speak; she finally had enough of her father, she didn't want to be under the same roof as a father who doesn't even care for his daughter. Packing a small suitcase with only her essentials in it, she left a note for the Estate Staff and one for her father.

Both letters were short, and we're written very quickly, but still reassembled neatness. The first letter read:

Dear everybody,

Thank you for being there for me ever since Mama died. I'm so sorry but I just can't take Papa's bullying anymore. This is the last letter you will get from me until further notice. Papa has been ignoring me even more so than he did before Mama died. He just doesn't seem to care for me like he says he does, therefore I am running away and finding a guild that will give me a new family that will not treat me like trash like Daddy does. I'm so sorry everyone, hopefully we will see each other again sometime down the road. There is another letter to Father right next to one, be sure he gets it.

Sincerely yours, Heart Broken Debutante,

Lucy Heartfilia

And there was another letter address to Jude that said:

Dear Daddy, or should I say Jude,

I seriously can't take your ignoring me anymore. I cannot stay here and call someone my father who just doesn't care at all for me. Good luck with your business Jude, do not come after me! I cannot take any more of your banter. I will find a nice family who cares for me for who I am. You were so much nicer when Mama was alive, even though you weren't around much, but this past week has just been Hell for me. From here on out I am no longer Lucky Lucy of the Heartfilia Family, I am just Lucy. So long forever papa…

Your Heartbroken and hurt Ex-Daughter,


P.S. Here is my personal set of house keys. Give them to whoever you find to take my place. Lets' hope you treat he or she better than you have been treating me.

Lucy finished the second letter to Jude as it was now stained with her tears. She had to get out of here so late that night she ran away from home with just a suitcase on wheels and the clothes on her back and enough cash to cover a train ride to Magnolia. She had her sights set on joining the strongest guild in Fiore, Fairy Tail.

July 21st, year x777...

Lucy trekked on as another week passed by now, but she eventually made it to Magnolia Town. She spent the last of her money on the train ride to Magnolia. This was the beginning of her new life. She left the station while still in the nighttime atmosphere.

She was still crying her eyes out as she continued to run from the station. She never wanted to go back to the Estate again. She still held her mother in her heart because she knew she was watching from heaven. It was as if a guiding light was directing her to a building of sorts. Around her waist was her black belt that had her Gate Keys and Whip attached to it. She came to a giant building that had a symbol on it of a white shaped Fairy. Above the entrance way was a sign that said Fairy Tail in blue letters. She camped out on the steps leading up to the guild. She ended up crying herself to sleep, feeling the hurt of losing her mother, the hurt of a father who doesn't love her, and the guilt of running away.

The next morning, Lucy was woken up from her slumber by two loud little boys fighting each other. One was wearing a blue t-shirt, a white long-sleeved jacket, and navy blue pants and black shoes. This is Gray Fullbuster, a boy around eleven years old. The other one was a pink spiky-haired kid with larger than normal canines, black eyes, wearing a red shirt with a white muffler with a dragon scale pattern around his neck, a white sash around his waist, and tan and black shorts along with tan and black tennis shoes. This boy is named Natsu Dragneel, another ten year old boy. The Fairy Tail mark was very visible on the pink haired boy's right shoulder, it was colored red. However, the black-haired kid didn't seem to have a mark until he then stripped off his shirt to show a blue Fairy Tail mark on his upper right chest.

"Hey you, why are you stripping?" Lucy asked curiously, calling out the raven haired boy who stripped his clothes. Gray looked down and panicked and continued to fight Natsu. Lucy thought the two boys were strange to fight all the time, but then remembered what Fairy Tail was famous for. She knew she would like it here. She turned to a young scarlet-haired girl with an armor-plate in front of her chest who was looking for the two feuding boys (turning up as well) and asked her a question and introduced her to them. She had brown eyes and had a sword attached to her left hip that was kept unsheathed on her belt loop. She wore a simple dress shirt underneath the armor and her dress' skirt reached down her ankles. "Excuse me miss, my name is Lucy, I am wondering if I could talk to the master of this guild?"

"Nice to meet you Lucy, my name is Erza Scarlet." Erza said, taking her right hand to shake Lucy's hand, "Sure you can talk to master. Do you want to join this guild?" she asked the blonde haired girl who seemed a bit eager to join.

Lucy smiled and nodded as she enters the doors, leaving Erza to watch the two boys Natsu and Gray. Once inside, she went up to a short blue-haired hazel eyed girl in a yellow shirt that was outlined in red that was sitting on one of picnic tables not filled with most of older members. She was also wearing a matching skirt and wore white tennis shoes. Her Fairy Tail Guild mark wasn't visible to the girl when she faced her (Her guild mark was on her left shoulder blade). She introduced herself to the girl, waving her right hand at the girl.

"My name is Lucy, I was wondering if you could direct me to the Master's office?"

"Nice to meet you Lucy, my name is Levy McGarden, sure I can take you to the Master's office follow me." Levy said as she grabbed Lucy's right hand in her left and started to drag her toward the master's office. "Say do you like to read books?" she asked her while they walked to see the master.

"I sure do Levy." Lucy said happily her tears forgotten from when she left her father and her home. "Would you like to be my friend?"

"I would like that. Can I call you Lu-Chan?" Levy asked turning to her hand still Lucy's with a huge smile on her face. "You can call me Levy-chan or Le-Chan if you want to."

"Thanks." Lucy said with a smile but wanted to not giggle and be respectful to her now first new friend. "I don't care if you call me that. Also you are the first person who has ever offered to be my friend."

"Really? Why?" Levy asked, surprised by those words. "I mean you are a nice girl, and don't seem to have an attitude problem so why don't you have any friends?"

"Well you see, I lived with my parents at the Heartfilia Estate." She explained to Levy staying calm and not trying to cry. "After my mama died, my papa completely ignored me and he wouldn't even give me the time of day. I am a Celestial and Star Make Wizard." and pointed to her keys on her right hipbone as she also created a small throwing star like object. Levy's eyes shined seeing the star and knew what it was from reading books. It was a Shuriken, more commonly known as a ninja throwing star. The Shuriken vanished from her hand as she asked to the bluenette haired girl "What kind of magic do you use Le-Chan?"

Levy pulled out a quill pen with her right hand and wrote the words friendship bracelets in the air. Once that happened, two friendship bracelets, (one pink and one silver bead like bracelets) appeared from the words. Levy handed the pink one to Lucy and the silver one she kept for herself. "I use Script magic, whatever I write in the air appears. I am really good at re-coding runes created by Freed Justine who is a member of the Thunder Legion." She added confidently to her, placing her quill pen back on her shorts pants.

"That's so cool Le-chan!" Lucy exclaimed excitedly as a brunette haired girl with her hair in a high pony tail with bangs framing her face came up to see Levy. She was wearing an orange colored dress with frills on the top of the dress. The pattern of the dress was quilt-like and had shoulder straps that keep it on. She was also wearing some flat-soled shoes and was close to Lucy's height. This young girl named is Cana Alberona, eleven years old like Gray and she noticed the new girl. She looked to Levy and looked to her very puzzled.

"Levy," Cana asked the blue-haired girl. "Who is this?"

"Her name is Lucy. She is a runaway." Levy said towards the brunette. "Lucy this is Cana Alberona. She has been here the longest of all of us kids."

"Nice to meet you Cana," and shook Cana's hand and smiled to the brunette, "would you like to be friends with me?" she asked the future heaviest drinker in Fairy Tail. "You and Levy-chan will be my first real friends that is if you want to be my friend." she finished looking to the brunette hopefully.

Cana nodded and grabbed her other hand. "So you said you wanted to join this guild? Well come on let's get you into the master's office. Once the three girls got to outside the office doors, they all three knocked at the same time.

Makarov's office-(Makarov's point of view)...

I was working on some paper work when I heard footsteps outside my door. I knew two of the sets of footsteps belonged to Levy and Cana, but was unfamiliar with the third set. I heard three people knock on my door and I got up to answer it. I opened it and standing in between Levy and Cana was a little golden blond-haired girl that looked familiar to me somehow. I've seen her in some business magazines before with an older blond haired woman and an older looked man with a prominent mustache. I immediately knew who she was and directed her to sit down. He knew this girl very well she was the daughter of his old friend Jude Heartfilia. But I wondered to myself, what was Jude's daughter doing far from home?

"Is your name Lucy Heartfilia by any chance?" I asked her as I directed the two in to sit down.

"Just Lucy, ever since Mama died my father hasn't even given me the time of day so I ran away from home and I don't want to go back. Please don't make me leave. I want to join this guild." The golden blond-haired girl said as she started to cry. "I can't stand Jude anymore! He doesn't care anything about me. He cares about nothing but his stupid railway business. He was trying to marry me off! I don't want to do that, don't make me go back please!" she exclaimed as she broke down into tears. Cana and Levy immediately comforted her. I could tell Lucy was really hurt, and didn't want to go back home. I would sit right me to send her home when she clearly didn't want to go back. I came up to her and placed a solemn hand to her shoulder, making the young girl look at me with those tearful brown eyes. I smiled at her with a warming smile, looking at her like a caring father to the members I call my own children.

"Don't worry my dear, you are always welcome here in Fairy Tail." I assured the tearful girl, "So where do you want your mark and what color do you want it to be?" I added as I opened the file cabinet and took out a guild magic stamper. She saw the wooden stamp with a black brush that had the Fairy Tail stamp at the bottom and tried to remember what color her deceased mother wore the most. She smiled remembering that her mom's favorite color was pink. Yes she had decided on the color, now it was time to decide where she wanted it. She pondered for a moment and finally decided, holding out her right back hand.

"I want it on the back of my right hand and pink please." Lucy requested to me. I smiled at her, glad she made her decision.

"Very well then my dear." I stated happily as I stamped the back of her right hand. Once I stamped the stamp on Lucy's hand, the stamp glowed for a moment before I removed it. Once I did so, Lucy's pink guild mark was in place making her an official member of Fairy Tail."Welcome to Fairy Tail my dear." I said and shook her hand.

"Thank you Master Makarov." she said and the golden blond little girl nodded and hugged me. I hugged her back, happy that she was no longer crying and seemed a lot better now (finally being a member of Fairy Tail after all). We broke apart and I smiled to her, curious to know more about her now that she's a member of our growing family now.

"By the way my dear, what type of magic do you use?" I asked Lucy

"I use Celestial Magic; I also have Star Make Magic as well. Mama insisted that I learn another magic in case I can't use my spirits in a fight. That way I won't have to rely on others to protect me." she answered calmly.

I was impressed hearing her explanation; it wasn't surprising that someone well known as Layla would help her daughter in any way possible. I know that there are magic's that take a damper on a person's strength if they rely on it too much. It would drain her too quickly with how many Spirits she was to summon. With Make Magic like Gray's and Ur's Ice Make, it doesn't take too much from you as your body and abilities develop over time. While she's close to Natsu's and Gray's ages, it shows she's developing in magic without taking too much from her in regards to her life. I had a feeling that she might show great potential in the future, so I'll keep a good eye on her as the years go by.

"Very good my dear, you, Cana, and Levy are dismissed." I said to Lucy as I dismissed the three little girls from my office. They nodded and exited out of my office as I followed them. Once all four of us were outside of the office I could see that a fight was going on. Not only were Natsu and Gray fighting, but Erza watching with the usual annoyance I see her with while standing with another member of guild. The young lady in the cowgirl attire was Bisca Mulan who could use requips like Erza, but uses types of guns instead of changing clothes and armor to requip. Seeing that Bisca was watching too, Alzack decided to watch too and stood with Erza and Bisca (I could see the slight blush on their faces while they watched Natsu and Gray fight). Bisca and Alzack were both a year older than Lucy and Levy; around eleven years old give or take.

Out on the Guild Floor there was more fighting going on. It seemed that every mage in Fairy Tail was fighting too. I sighed deeply to myself and pinched the bridge of my nose. I should stop them before they break the guild up.

(Normal POV)...

"Excuse me everyone, I have an announcement to make." Makarov said as he calmly announced his presence. That didn't seem to work so he yelled a bit louder, hoping they would hear him.

"Excuse me everyone! I have an announcement to make; we have a new member joining us today." Makarov continued yelling to fighting guild members.

The crowd still wouldn't quiet down. The lack of attention caused Makarov to get really angry and activate his magic. His body was surging with power that it caught Lucy's attention as she gasped. Lucy was in shock as Makarov grew to enormous size with his head nearly touching the building's roof, his clothes still managed to stay on. The young mage ran behind Levy's back and hid behind her fearfully.

"SHUT UP YOU BRATS! WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER JOINING US TODAY! NOW SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" The Giant Makarov bellowed angrily, his booming voice rang through the guild as the crowd quieted down. Only the sounds of coughing were heard in the stillness of the guild.

'I'm going to make a mental note to not anger Master.' Lucy thought gripping Levy's shoulders even tighter.

Makarov then shrank back to his normal size in a reversal of his magic and looked to Lucy who was still hiding behind Levy. He gestured the young girl to walk up to him and he look directly to her, "Very good now Lucy, my dear. Now please introduce yourself and tell the guild what kind of magic you use. You don't have to use your last name if you don't want to." He assured her kindly. Lucy stepped forward and stood in front of the entire guild and she decided to not look scared and clear her throat.

"Thank you Master, I prefer not to say my last name because of you know what." She reminded him and Makarov nodded in understanding and so did Levy and Cana.

"Hi everyone, my name is Lucy." She introduced herself to the many onlookers of the guild, "I am a Celestial Mage and can also use molding magic known as Star Make. I have been learning magic since I was five, and I have an average handling of It." and upon saying that, she rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, feeling a little nervous about saying that. "One of these days maybe I will show you my spirits. I am really happy to be in Fairy Tail and finally found the family that I have been lacking since my mom died two weeks ago on the seventh of this month."

Everyone started to murmur about what Lucy had said; the date she stated was a shock to him while they still kept calm. The date was July 7th, the same date Natsu joined the guild and his foster father Igneel disappeared. Why was Natsu's father's disappearance and Lucy's mother's death on the same date, this wasn't such a coincidence that their parents would leave them like that. Natsu in the group of the members walked up to Lucy and stood close to her.

He spoke to her, but didn't want to sound rude to the young girl, "Hey wait a minute, your mom died the same day that Igneel disappeared." He said to her and Lucy gasped placing her hands to her mouth, did his father vanish the same day that her mother died? "My name is Natsu Dragneel; I am a Fire Dragon Slayer. My Foster Father, Igneel disappeared on the seventh of July which was two weeks ago, did you see Igneel when your mom died? Please…?" he added his tone sound almost desperate, not the usual tone he usually has, but he sounded serious. "Tell me, what do you know Lucy?"

"I'm sorry," she said apologetically and almost shyly, looking to Natsu not wanting to hurt his feelings, "I'm not sure what happened to your dad, or why our dates of my mom dying and your dad disappearing are the same. I don't know, I really don't know." She said sadly, wanting to cry for probably upsetting Natsu in not knowing where his father was.

Gray came up to Natsu and Lucy and placed a solemn hand to the young girl's shoulders, looking to both of them. "Sorry about Natsu, he's been looking for his dragon since he joined the guild. Sorry he's upsetting you."

"N-N-No, he didn't upset me, I was just a little taken aback by his question." She said to him nervously, "I'm just still going through a lot with my mom's death and why I'm here. He just surprised me with his question, there's no need to apologize, stripping boy." She added, making Gray narrow his eyes. Of all things she could have called him, did she really have to call him a stripping boy? He looked to her, she looked so innocent to not even call him perverted with those brown eyes looking at him.

Erza merely sighed, coming up to the three kids and pushing the two boys from Lucy, "All right you two just leave her alone before you make things worse! Now it's time for me to punish you two for eating my Strawberry Cake!" she said threatening the two before she glanced at Lucy again with a kindness in her eyes. "It's nice to meet you Lucy. I think you will fit in here really well at Fairy Tail."

Erza then dragged the Ice Mage and Dragon Slayer off, the two boys screaming out, "Avenge us!"

Lucy just started to giggle feeling a little better as Levy then came over to her with a smile. "Hey come on Lucy, let me introduce you to some of the other members."

Lucy nodded and followed Levy over to her other Guild members. She then introduced herself to them once again and happily started chatting with Levy about books. An older blond teenage guy was watching the new girl with interest along with Levy and two other kids called Jet (a boy with orange hear) and Droy (a boy with black hair). This boy was named Laxus Dreyar and was around sixteen years old. He was with a sandy-haired older pre-teen (around twelve years old) asked from behind Laxus. "Laxus, what are you staring at the new girl, Levy, Jet, and Droy for?" The sandy haired girl wore a simple lime green dress with wings on the back of her dress and wore a pair of glasses on her face that covered her black eyes. Her name was Evergreen.

Then there was another pre-teen that looked like he wore a suit of light blue, dark blue, and black armor on and four little tiki dolls hovering around him. His name was Bickslow and was around thirteen in appearance. "She is weak, we don't have any use for her Laxus. Why are you so interested in her?" he asked to him.

Another pre-teen that was talking with the older team that was wearing a maroon double breasted coat that reaches down to his knees. He also had short-Length light green hair that had one of his bangs covering his right eye. This was Freed Justine and he was also twelve in appearance. "I don't understand Laxus what is so interesting about the new girl?" Freed asked him, wondering why the new girl perked Laxus' interest.

"Something is telling me that she is eventually going to be a strong Celestial and Star Make Wizard in the future." Laxus explained placing his hands to his pockets.

"Star Make what's that Laxus?" Evergreen asked the blonde haired lightning mage. She knew of Make magic, but never heard of that kind of magic.

"It's a type of molding magic that nicely compliments her holder magic that allows her to contact spirits from another world to help if she needs them." Laxus answered but shrugged, "Or so I'm told in books I've read."

The other two nodded in acknowledgement at the mage's insightful knowledge of the new girl. Freed spoke up again and remembered something that Lucy said. "This new girl said something about her mother dying two weeks ago, the same day that Igneel seemed to disappear according to Natsu, you think there is a connection somehow?"

"There might be." Laxus said and folded his arms in deep thought, 'July 7th, x777, what an odd year it's been.' He thought before speaking aloud to his group, "Come on let's leave this party of rejects behind."

Laxus' bodyguards nodded and allowed him to teleport them away with his magic, vanishing in a bolt of lightning, not getting anyone's attention.

As time went on, Lucy, Levy, Cana, and Natsu got along well and went on missions together. They went on missions with Erza and Gray as well, mostly Erza keeping an eye on the five kids and the newcomer. All six young wizards worked together on various missions throughout the next year. Also over the next year, Lucy still practiced her magic while mostly watching Natsu and Gray fight most of the day (unfortunately there was a time they accidentally hit her with their magic and made her cry. They paid the price by Erza's wrath, proving that Lucy might want to stay unharmed so her new friend doesn't kill them). It wasn't long now in the New Year that three new friends joined the guild in X778…

It has now been a year since Natsu and Lucy joined Fairy Tail. Lisanna, Elfman and Mirajane Strauss were the next newest members to join the guild. Lucy and Natsu hurried to the guild that day to meet the new members. When Erza met Mirajane for the first time, she immediately saw her as a rival. Lucy watched nervously as the two girls didn't see eye to eye, making her pale just looking at them hoping that they don't start fighting now on their first day. Lisanna became fast friends with Lucy and Natsu, the three getting to know one another after the two found Natsu all alone near a river in the rain.

The youngest and shortest white-haired girl in a simple, pink dress paired with dark red shoes was Lisanna Strauss. Her and her siblings use Take Over magic and her type of Takeover is called Animal Soul. Her older siblings also use take over Magic (despite the middle sibling not being the best at it). Her older brother is quiet, shy and kind. Out of all his siblings, Elfman is the only one who can't do a Full-Body Take Over something which depresses him greatly, as he is supposed to 'be a man' in the family. He wore a blue suit as well as a white button down shirt with a red bowtie. His hair was in a short bowl-cut style that made him look even more polite in his appearance. The third new member that joined that year was Mirajane Strauss, the oldest of the newest members. She had a tomboyish attitude about her and wore gothic-looking, overly revealing outfit matching the tomboyish personality she currently had. She donned a dark, skimpy sleeveless shirt adorned with some light curved motifs on the chest, a pair of leather shorts held up by a studded belt with a demonic-looking buckle and thigh-high boots with stiletto heels, each bearing a skull adorned by a flower on their upper front parts. She also sported a bracelet shaped like a demonic arm around her right wrist, a ring on the same hand's middle finger, and dark nail polish. She has a large strand of hair covering her forehead freely, and has most of her hair tied in a high, larger ponytail on the back of her head by a massive dark ribbon. Lucy felt a little sad looking at her, but Lisanna had assured her that her sister had some niceness in her (somewhere…)

Year X778... Lisanna Strauss, Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and Levy McGarden: Age 11; Elfman Strauss, Gray Fullbuster, Cana Alberona, Jet, and Droy: Age 12; Erza Scarlet, Mirajane Strauss: Age 13...

As per the norm, Gray and Natsu picked a fight with each other. Natsu then decided to pick a fight with Erza. Both Erza and Gray beat him. To say he was upset is the biggest understatement of all time. Wanting to take out his frustrations on something he makes his way to the East Forest. Lisanna and Lucy decided to follow him to keep him company (and hope he doesn't do anything stupid in the forest).

"Stupid Gray, stupid Erza, I'll show them! I am going to get stronger and beat them one day!" Natsu exclaimed angrily as he continued to hit the tree.

Soon he was greeted by the two girls who had developed into his two best friends. Lucy and Lisanna looked at the angry look on Natsu's face and sighed.

"Are you still fuming about losing to Gray and Erza Natsu?" Lucy asked with concern as she looked at how the Dragon Slayer's knuckles have started to bleed. "You really need to calm down and not look for a fight so often."

"Yeah Natsu, calm down or you are going to get seriously hurt." Lisanna stated to the pink haired Dragon Slayer in agreement with Lucy.

"Shut up both of you! I don't need your pity! I am a lot stronger than you two girls are! I could take you on anytime anywhere!"

Both girls looked paler than usual, sweating going down the back of their heads at Natsu's remark, "Is he a picking a fight with us? We're his friends; we aren't that fight-heavy like the guild." They both said in unison. Natsu was never this mad before, and he usually wasn't this angry at them. They decided to just watch him; it wasn't like them to even attack him. They were more 'lady like' and mature to not use their magic on Natsu, they weren't like the guild or Natsu in that sense. As much they want to keep pulling their weight for the guild when they're much older, but they don't want to act like the guild.

While they continued watching the pink haired Fire Dragon Slayer punch the tree, Lisanna looked to Lucy and the two girls decided to talk amongst each other.

"So, how's your practice with Star Make, Lu?" she asked.

Lucy smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of her golden blonde hair looking to Lisanna, "Doing well, but looks like I still got a long way to go with my magic, even though, like my Celestial Magic, I have been working with it since I was five. I can shape objects to my imagination, but they don't last long. How about you, how's you magic doing?" she asked.

"My Full Body Take Over Magic is going well, but I have dabbled into another magic that strengthens my Takeovers. It's called Elemental Empowerment magic." She explained, keeping her hands behind her back.

"What's that?" Lucy asked, never hearing that magic before and was interested in what secondary magic her white haired friend was learning.

"You know the elements: Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Earth, and Lightning?" Lisanna asked and Lucy nodded in response, "Well, when I use it with my Takeovers, my appearance takes the attributes of the element, strengthening my magic. But," she blushed mid-sentence, scratching her cheek before speaking again, "it seems it's more complicated than it looks, not just by my age but in mastering it. There are times my body just gets hot or cold, not strengthen my Takeovers."

Lucy had the mental image of a small Lisanna's body becoming either stone cold like ice or warm like an open fire, but not even feeling it. She giggled lightly and looked away, not wanting to let Lisanna see her laugh about her inexperience with her magic. Of course, they are young and their use of a second magic won't be as easy as it looks. They're not prodigies, second comings or knowledgeable Wizards, or experts; they are just as inexperienced as Natsu with control of their magic. They can't expect themselves to get it easy; it will take years before mastering it. It might sound like a tiring trial, but that's the cost of growing up. (A/N 1)

The two girls stood on either side of Natsu and got his attention, causing him to stop punching the tree to look at them confusedly. Lucy then spoke up in a flirting way. "When you're done taking your frustrations out on the tree, would you mind having a little spar with us?

"Please Natsu?" Lisanna said as she was also blushing. "You are so strong! Can you teach us to be strong like you?"

Lucy and Lisanna posed flirtatiously as they winked, making Natsu's face burn up with a red blush. "Uh, interesting proposal, here's my counteroffer..." his face was still red as he answered, "Sure, fine, w-we can train."

The girls squeaked and hugged Natsu from both sides screamed out, "Thank you, Natsu!" and immediately rubbed their cheeks into Natsu's cheeks, making Natsu blush even more from their close signs of affections with him. Lucy's been Natsu's friend since she joined last year, and Lisanna has been a friend since the few months she joined. They were his closest friends, and it wasn't hard to notice they cared for him as their nakama and despite his hot headedness to always fight Gray or Erza; they would keep him company after a loss of the fight with the two wizards. The two released themselves from Natsu and stepped away from him as his back was facing the tree to start training with their best friend.

The three faced each other, Lisanna and Lucy still looking at the tree that Natsu had been punching earlier. Together, the best friends punched the tree at the same time to train. All of a sudden a white egg with strange blue markings fell out of the tree. Lucy gasped, quickly thinking that it would break if it hit the ground, she quickly activated her Star Make Magic. A Golden Circle appeared beneath her as she put her hands together much like Gray does, only the circle was gold instead of the blue one he uses.

"Star Make: Star carpet!" Lucy exclaimed as she put her hands on the ground as a carpet materialized on the ground where the egg would land. The carpet was covered by and surrounded by stars to help the egg have a soft landing. The mission was accomplished and the egg was lowered to the ground unharmed. Lucy looked at the safe landing on the egg and sighed in relief, watching as her star carpet vanished and the egg lightly tapped the grassy forest floor. Natsu sighed in relief as Lisanna looked to Lucy as the Celestial/Star Make mage returned back to her feet.

"Lu-Chan, that Star Make Magic really comes in handy. You saved the egg before it got smashed."

"That's why Mama taught me Star Make Lisa-Chan. Come on let's get this egg back to our guild." Lucy stated happily as Natsu picked up the egg and followed the girls to the Fairy Tail Guild as Lucy continued to talk to Lisanna. "You also need to continue to work on your elemental empowerment magic. Then you might be able to control it without feeling hot or cold."

Lisanna nodded as she walked closer to Lucy than she did to Natsu, the three making their way back home.

However as they were about to depart, a giant Green Monkey known as a Gorian or a Forest Vulcan attacked the little trio going after the egg. Lisanna and Lucy took the egg from Natsu and hid it from the Gorian in its view point, yelling to the Gorian that they wouldn't give him the egg. Natsu didn't back down, his right fist lighting up with red-orange flames, not wanting to give the egg to the Forest Vulcan. He bared his teeth at the beast, exclaiming, "You are not going to get our egg!" and leaped over the Gorian calling out, "Fire Dragon Iron Fist!" and proceed to collide his fist into the creature. The Gorian lazily grabbed the Dragon Slayer without even a care, shocking the young Dragon Slayer in response. The Gorian looked at him with those gray/black beast like eyes and flung him to another tree as Natsu smashed into a tree trunk with a "Gah!" and slide to the ground, looking unconscious.

"Natsu!" the girls screamed out, worried that Natsu was hurt by the toss. The Gorian loomed over the girls and it spoke with a beast like voice, surprising the girls with its ability to speak human speech, "Now, give me that egg and I won't hurt you like your little friend."

"N-Not a chance!" Lisanna exclaimed, trying to not show fear to the Gorian while still holding the egg. Lucy didn't seem scared as Lisanna, clutching her fists together and looking at the Gorian with her chocolate brown eyes looking serious with anger.

"No way are you taking this egg. You hurt my friend, I'm not going to hand you something we found." As she spoke, a golden magic circle appeared under her feet, her little body radiating from the light which, in turn, caused the Gorian to shield his eyes and to leap back. Lisanna shielded her eyes with the egg as all she could hear was Lucy's voice, "I'm going to protect my friends, you're not taking it, you forest ape!" She crossed her arms, her two little hands glowing too as the bangs of her hair began to rise. "Star Make…" and from in front of her, golden energy started to generate in front of her taking shape of a large star screaming out, "Star Shuriken!" and uncrossed her arms and the star was launched from her at high speed, spinning like an actual Shuriken and head to the Gorian. The Gorian dodged the star, smirking that Lucy's attack had missed. But it wasn't the target, the star now hitting two large trees on either side of the Gorian. The Shuriken sliced through the tree trunks down the middle as the trees came falling down on Gorian, the Forest Vulcan not reacting quickly enough for it to even dodge. The Vulcan screamed out as the two trees came crashing down on it, crushing the Forest Vulcan and knocking it out. Natsu regained consciousness to see Lucy use the spell and was amazed that she was able to use such a strong looking spell. (A/N 2)

Lucy panted happily, feeling proud of herself for her impressive successful use of her magic. She was trying to catch her breath as she continued to breathe in and out heavily.

"I… I did it… I never cast… such a… strong spell… before…" she panted even more heavily as she started to collapse to the ground.

"Lucy!" exclaimed Natsu's voice, finally getting back on his feet to catch the small girl his arms. Natsu had a large bump on his head that was swelling fast, but he wanted to make sure Lucy was alright first. The Blonde Celestial/Star Make Wizard was sleeping in his arms as Lisanna came up the two.

"Is she okay?" Lisanna asked concerned.

"She's still breathing, she's still alive. I guess she had no choice but to save the egg. I'll carry her, you carry the egg and we'll hurry to the guild." said Natsu assuring, looking to Lisanna and to Lucy, smiling at her for her bravery of the egg.

"Okay!" Lisanna nodded and the two and Lucy make their leave from East Forest, leaving with a new egg in hand and a Forest Vulcan defeated. They returned to the guild with most of the younger generation wondering what the egg was that the kids have found and why Natsu was carrying Lucy (The young adults finding it real cute of him). Natsu said he thinks it's a Dragon egg, making most like Gray and Erza wonder if he was right or think that Natsu may have taken a worse bump to the head than they thought he did. Natsu was serious about hatching it, the girls volunteering to help him.

The next day, Natsu, Lisanna, and Lucy left the guild to finally start taking good care of their egg, the three finding a nice place to make a little makeshift home/hideout to nest their egg. Lisanna helped perfectly with her Takeover of a large purple rabbit to help make it. They finally finished it, the three friends and their new 'Dragon Egg' now happy with their proud work. A few days passed that they usually would meet up to keep watch on the egg to keep it warm, one day before they entered their hideout with the egg, the girls stopped Natsu in his tracks, signaling him to wait a moment. "Hold on a minute Natsu. We want to do something." They chimed together with a smile.

The two girls quickly went inside and called for Natsu to come in. Together the two girls chimed happily, seeing Natsu walk inside. "Welcome home dear."

"Um thank you?" Natsu asked a bit confused as he stood there with the egg in his hands.

"We said welcome home dear!" The two girls repeated angrily, the blue and brown eyes showing they were not happily with his response.

"Um, Hi honey I'm home?" Natsu asked even more puzzled at the pair.

The two girls giggled and walked over to the Dragon Slayer and kissed him on both his cheeks at the same time (The Dragon Slayer turning several different shades of red with the heat of their kisses).

"You know Natsu..." Lucy started as she smiled toward the Salamander with a rosy blush. "It has been a lot of fun playing house with you."

"Natsu when the three of us grow up..." Lisanna continued with the same smile and rosy blush as Lucy. "Will you marry the both of us?"

Natsu was taken aback by this. His two best friends were asking him to marry them when they grew up? He never thought of marriage, or a future of settling down. But if he did (the image of him and the girls in wedding garbs they see in store windows plagued his mind). Natsu blushed at the comments and put his left hand behind his back in embarrassment (holding the egg in his right arm). "Um sure, I'll marry the both of you someday."

The two girls giggled and chimed together doing a playful shoving motion with their hands, trying not to turn red. "Whoa, calm down Natsu, we were just kidding."

For the rest of the day the three best friends just sat their taking turns holding their egg. Natsu was still convinced it was a Dragon Egg. The girls didn't want to argue with him about what could be in the egg; to them it was fun playing house like this. The three young wizards took their turns again keeping the egg warm and laid it on the ground in a nest that the three young wizards made. Eventually the three fell asleep leaving the egg in the nest not being warmed up. That night it rained and a tall shadow found their hideout and took the egg from the three kids.

The Next Morning, Natsu was the first one up and noticed that something very important was missing and he screamed at the top of his lungs. "Guys wake up! Something very important is missing! We have to find it!" he yelled to the two girls.

"Natsu, come on we are trying to sleep." Lucy yawned as she threw some hay at the young Dragon Slayer.

"Yeah, come on Natsu! Can't you wait a bit longer before waking us up?" Lisanna asked sleepily as she rubbed her eyes.

"Open your eyes and look what's missing!" he yelled to his two companions.

The two girls did so and they screamed even louder than Natsu did. They looked around all over the hut, but there was no egg, not even an egg shell if the egg hatched.

"We have to find the egg fast, who knows what happened to it!" Lisanna exclaimed, a bit worried for their egg.

"Let's go to the guild, maybe Mira, Gray or Erza saw it. They might be able to…" Lucy said a bit panicked about the missing egg as Lisanna interjected,


"Yes?" she said, looking to the white haired mage in response.

"Natsu already left for the guild…" she admitted dryly.

Lucy blinked rapidly and looks to see the dust outline that was the Salamander of Fairy Tail and noticed he was already speeding to the guild as fast his legs could take him. Lucy was even paler than she ever was, wondering how Natsu was so fast. The girls trailed off after him, knowing Natsu was going to pick a fight with Mira, Erza or Gray if they had the egg. They weren't heavy fighters like him, and if they had to intervene to protect him, they might as well just throw in the towel. Mira was strong than them, Erza would scare them, and Gray, their own opening was him stripping and that was the only way. They continued following Natsu's trail, hoping to not fight if they had to.

At the guild hall, Lisanna and Lucy were too late to stop Natsu as the Dragon Slayer kicked the doors to the guild open. He glared at everyone in the building and ran to one of the tables where Mira and Gray were sitting.

"My Dragon Egg we found in the East Forest! Where is it?" Natsu exclaimed, getting into the faces of Mira and Gray who he suspected first.

Lisanna and Lucy made it to see Natsu start yelling at Mira and Gray, the oldest Strauss sibling taunting the Dragon Slayer saying he might have ate it in his sleep. Lisanna gulped, wishing her 'Mira-nee' wouldn't say that. Natsu really loved that egg. Natsu grabbed the throat of the smirking Takeover mage as he was ready to punch her lights out, Lisanna running to stop Natsu and Mira as Lucy grabbed the back of her dress to stop her (to no effect and only her having her heels be dragged through the floor). Finally, a timid but nice voice spoke up to the guild, before anymore fighting and the two main feuding Wizards would start fighting.

"Calm down Natsu, your dragon egg is safe. It is right here, I took it because I noticed it was getting cold so I brought it here to warm it up." Elfman said, revealing the egg to the Dragon Slayer. Natsu released Mirajane and grabbed the egg, thanking Elfman for taking care of it, calling the white haired male a real man. Elfman sheepishly blushed.

With Lucy releasing Lisanna with sighs of relief, walking up to Natsu, Erza, Elfman, Mirajane, and Gray with a smile on her face along with Lisanna trailing beside her, "Thanks Elfman, you saved us from me trying to keep Lisanna from trying to break up the fight." she said and takes the egg from Natsu and places it on the table top. Cana and Levy came to the three friends and they look to them.

"Well, I'm glad things didn't get too out of hand. I was concerned you two would start fighting with him." Cana said holding back a laugh.

Lisanna giggled nervously, "You honestly think we'd do that? That's not us, we were raised well."

'I'm not a bad girl, I'm good.' Lucy thought shyly.

"Guys look, the egg!" Natsu called out, getting the girls' attention to look at the egg. The three, Erza, Gray, Elfman, Mirajane, Gray, Cana, and Levy look to see the egg glow and wiggling about on the table top. Finally, the egg broke and creaked, a little ball of swirling blue light appeared in the air to then reveal to be a little blue kitten with a big head and little body, a white tummy and black eyes. On its little back were two small little white angel wings. The cat smiled happily as the guild members exclaimed, "Holy smokes a cat!"

The little kitten flew about with its little wings that flew over the heads of the guild members before landing on Natsu's head and smiled happily squeaking a little, "Aye!"

"It's so cute!" squealed Lisanna and Lucy with loving hearts in their eyes.

"I know!" the guild members all agreed.

"Whoa, I've never seen a cat like this before." Natsu said, taking the cat from his head and looking at how cute it was.

"I guess it wasn't a Dragon Egg, but I've never seen a talking, flying cat before." Cana stated observantly looking at the little cat in Natsu's arms.

"Everyone seems happy don't they Natsu" Lucy and Lisanna asked Natsu, placing their hands behind their backs, "Like the Happy blue bird of paradise."

"A Blue Bird of Paradise?" Natsu asked, looking to the guild and then to the girls. He look back to the smiling blue cat and said with a smile, "I know, I'll name him Happy. What do you think, Happy?"

"Aye!" the now christened cat said happily in the arms of the Dragon Slayer. Natsu smiled a cheesy smile and the girls giggled at the cute kitten.

From the other side of the guild, Reedus was finishing his painting of the kids, Laxus, Macao, and Wakaba with the three friends' new pet Happy. But instead of a blue cat that was in the arms of the Dragon Slayer, there was a blue dragon that Natsu hugged by its neck. He smiled at his finished work, even though the new cat Happy wasn't a dragon anyway. It was that moment onwards that Fairy Tail gain new member that day.

December 8th, x782 Two weeks after the incident...

It was another beautiful in the town of Magnolia, many of the citizens walking through the bright sunny day, enjoying their lives. But it wasn't all happy go lucky as the town was, as a familiar two girls were walking through the town, but there weren't smiles on their faces, but sad looks on their faces. They paused for a moment and look into the clear blue sunny sky, thinking of something.

One of the girls with white hair took her right hand to grasp a white scarf around her neck and grip it tightly.

This day, we will never forget. It was the day that the three of us went on a mission with Mira-nee and Elf-niichan. Something that we don't like to bring memories up about. Why? Because it hurts us way too much, even to this day…

Natsu, are you really gone?

The other girl with golden blonde hair in a side ponytail touched a black vest with a golden trimming and gripped it before looking to her partner.

"Lisanna-chan, let's hurry back to the guild." She said sadly to the girl, "Happy should be waiting for us."

"Right..." she replied sadly and they continued to walk, the blonde haired girl thinking back.

It has been five years, five months, and one day since I lost my mama and lost all hope of ever getting the love I required from my Daddy. I still love him, but he is just way too wrapped up in his business to even notice me. I will never forget this day at all. Even if Li-chan and I do find Natsu, neither of us will ever forget this dark day in Fairy Tail history.

(Flashback: Two Weeks Ago November 24th, year x782)…

Natsu had gotten into a fight with Happy again for eating his fish. The two had their arms (or in Happy's case, paws) folded with angry scowls on their faces as two female voices spoke up toward the feuding boys. Natsu looked to see Lisanna and Lucy walk up to them.

"Are you two fighting again?" Lisanna asked her hands behind her back. She wore a short, dark red dress with a white collar and bow. Up on her arms above her elbows, she wore gold rings with a pale pink fabric flowing down from them. On her feet she wore tall, black socks along with brown shoes. Her hair was down to the base of her neck and her bangs free from her face.

"You two really need to stop fighting so much." Lucy said berating the Dragon Slayer with a waggling finger in a motherly way, "You never know how valuable someone actually is to you until you lose them."

Lucy wore an outfit similar to Lisanna's. She wore a short golden yellow dress with white stars embroidered on it. She also had a white collar and a white bow as well. While their clothes were almost similar, Lucy's clothes were different from Lisanna's. On her feet was a pair of golden high-heeled knee-high boots with a black buckle on either side of the boots. On her wrists were white bracelets with fabric of a white color flowing backwards towards her elbows. Around her waist was her normal belt with her leather whip with a heart-shaped end attached to her left hip and her brown pouch with her Celestial Gate Keys attached to her right hip. Her hair was kept free-flowing and was mid-length to her neck.

Natsu wore a black opened vest with a golden trimming that revealed his muscular appearance and cream colored pants and black sandals. Around his neck was a white scarf with a pattern that resembled dragon scales. The scarf has been with Natsu since his foster Father Igneel left him and has been with him ever since.

"Natsu, let the words that we told you flow through your head." Lisanna added to her childhood friend. "We are here to help you. Take our advice and make up with Happy before it's too late."

Natsu looked to the two girls and unfolded his arms. They had a point though, there wasn't any way around it. Happy was his friend, staying mad at him wouldn't help them or him. He digested all the words from his two best friends and got an idea, looking to Happy with a light smile. "Hey Happy, I'm sorry for making you mad. How about all of us go fishing later on tomorrow and I will let you decide how you want the fish cooked."

"Aye Sir!" Happy exclaimed happily to his Dragon Slayer partner. "What do you say girls?"

Lucy and Lisanna giggled and smiled replying to Happy, "Sure, we don't mind."

The two girls took their spot with Happy and Natsu, sitting on the cool grass while looking at the setting sun that was presented to them. Lisanna rested her head against the tree trunk looking at Lucy who was on her right.

"Lu, could I ask you a question?" Lisanna asked of her best friend.

"Sure Li, what is it?" Lucy asked to the white-haired take over wizard. "You can ask me anything."

"Okay here goes, can you please teach me how to walk in high-heeled shoes?" Lisanna asked clapping her hands together. "I really want to learn how to walk in them. You seem to be a natural walking in them. How do you do that?" she added to the Celestial/Star make Wizard.

"It comes from being raised in a wealthy family." Lucy answered smiling at her, placing her hands to her lap. "Even before I ran away from home, Mama had to teach me to walk in high heels. She told me it's essential for when I marry someone and we go out on dates and stuff. Though, I really hate the stupid arranged marriage thing." Her smiling face turned to disgust, remembering the conversations of an arranged marriage to another big family like Lucy's. She wondered how that family was, even if she hated the idea. If she ever had to meet the boy she had to marry, she wondered what kind of person he was, was he nice or a mean man? She had to shutter at marrying him or almost marrying him(but two small little kids with blonde hair like her were in her head as well). (A/N 3)

"Even though I ran away from home, I am still under contract to be married off. Daddy just never tried to understand me after Mama died." She sighed now hugging her legs and frowned. "That's what led me to run away from home. Now watch me walk in them. You have to be able to keep your balance and walk heal-toe, heal-toe one leg at a time." She explained and got up and walked back and forth for Lisanna to see and observed how to walk properly. As she was watching Lucy walk in her high-heeled boots she immediately felt herself blushing and covered her face.

"Is that all there is to it Lu?" Lisanna asked while at the same time trying to hide her crimson blushing face as she watched Lucy.

"Yes, now do as I did." She explained, helping the red in the face younger Strauss up onto her feet and practice. Lisanna's face still was red as Lucy held her hand, but the Wizard released it and sat back with Natsu and Happy who watched as well. Lisanna took a deep breath and walked like Lucy. Despite the fact that she wasn't wearing high-heels, Lisanna was still told to walk carefully as if she was wearing some.

As Lisanna finished walking back and forth for Lucy, Happy, and Natsu to watch; Mirajane and Elfman approached the group of four. The years were great for the pair, the two looking much more grown up now than in their younger days. While Mirajane still wore her bad girl gothic clothes, her figure had changed drastically. Her chest had grown much bigger in the years and her white hair was in a ponytail behind her head. Her stomach and naval were both still visible and she was much taller now. Elfman had grown up as drastically as Mira, now looking much manlier than the timid boy he was. He was much taller than Mirajane now, only by about a foot taller than her, his clothes changed from very polite to more tough looking, now wearing dark blue clothes and brown boots. He had grown much more muscular than how skinny he was before. The three and Happy look to see the siblings and wonder what they wanted.

"Hey, Elfman and I are going on an S-Class Mission, would you four like to come along with us?" Mirajane asked as Natsu and Lucy looked shocked. An actual S-Class request, was Mirajane serious? It was rare she asked them, and rarer that Natsu was to tag along. Usually Natsu would fume that Lisanna would go on missions with Mira and Elfman ever since she was promoted to S-Class months ago. Now she really wanted them. Natsu looked to Lisanna and Lucy, who looked as fired up as he was, much rarer indeed. He knew the reason; he could see it in the glint of their brown and blue eyes. But immediately, they frowned, looking back to him and Happy.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea Mira-nee, the three of us aren't qualified to go on one." Lisanna said frowning to her older sister. "We have to be an S-Class Wizard to go on those missions."

"You can go if you have an S-Class Wizard with you." Elfman reminded his younger sister. "Also, it will be good practice for the S-Class Exams coming up at the end of the year."

"You never know, you three might learn a thing or two." Mirajane said with a wink and a sing song voice. She was definitely inviting them along. "Besides, Elfman and I need some assistance to help us if we get into trouble. What better friends than our little sister and her little girlfriend." The last part of her sentence was said with a teasing tone to her voice. This prompted Lucy and Lisanna to blush crimson and immediately turn away from each other, Natsu trying not to laugh at the weirdness of his childhood friends.

"We are not girlfriends!" they exclaimed in unison with their hands interlaced. Mirajane continued to smirk at the blushing duo in front of her, feeling she was going to enjoy this before setting off to their job.

"Then why are you answering together, why are your hands interlaced with each other? Also why are you two dressed so similar?" she asked again with a giggle once again in a teasing tone and a wink. She took her right hand and placed her index finger to her lips in a dark but cute way, Elfman wondering what she was doing. "Or I could just say my little sister, her best friend and their boyfriend. I didn't know you were into that kind of stuff, Lisanna dear!" she giggled even more darkly at the young trio.

"Wh-what no, we are not and we're not into kind of stuff!" Lucy, Lisanna and Natsu screamed furiously together in unison unaware that they had just put their arms around each other while blushing. Happy was hovering above the three teenagers, his big black eyes wide with his own dark look on his face and a big smile.

"Oh Natsu, Lisanna, and Lucy, they love each other!" Happy said with a dark smile on his face, not forgetting to roll the o in love.

"That's getting old real fast, Happy!" All three of them yelled as they separated from each other.

"Alright you three, stop messing around, we should get moving. We don't want to be blamed for allowing the mission to get ruined, do we?" Elfman said, finally speaking up with his arms folded proudly.

The three wizards and flying cat nodded in agreement and decided to follow the two older Strauss siblings to the train station. They would take the train to their destination (much to Natsu's dismay but for the sake of the mission, we would ignore his motion sickness).

"So what exactly does this mission entail that it had to be moved to the S-Class Floor?" Natsu asked with genuine curiosity in his voice.

"We have to defeat a big black monster known as the Beast King." Mirajane mentioned to her fire breathing friend. "Master said it was best to take at least four different wizards with us, so we chose you three and Happy. We have to work together as a team on this so let's stay close to one another. We need the three of you to evacuate the nearby town so the citizens aren't killed. We will try to hold this beast off as much as we can. And one more thing, since I'm S-class, its best you listen to my orders at all times, I have a responsibility to you three. We don't want a repeat of the last mission I took you three on now do we?" She added to them scowling.

"It was one statue; I didn't think I would drop it on Natsu, Mira-san." Lucy said nonchalantly.

"He was out for a whole afternoon. We got the reward, but he didn't get his share because you knocked him out." Lisanna reminded and Lucy pouted at the girl. She remembered she spent his share on new clothes, and Natsu was fuming that day that he burned a hole outside (if it was even possible).

Lucy, Lisanna, and Natsu along with Happy nodded to the older wizards and went on their mission, not realizing it was going to be harder than they thought…

After evacuating everyone out of the nearby town...

Lucy, Lisanna and Natsu heard the screams of a girl. Making sure that everyone was safe and sound, they hurried quickly to the source of the screaming. When they got to the place where they heard the girl's scream come from, they gasped in shock. The three saw the very monster they were sent to destroy threatening Mirajane, now slowly coming towards her.

Mirajane held her left arm like it was broken, her body covered in scratches and her white hair all mangled. She was terrified, screaming out to the beast, "Elfman, pull yourself together! It's me, Mira! Listen to me!"

"Mira-nee/Mira/Mira-san!" came Lisanna's, Natsu's, and Lucy's voice and Lisanna first came down in an appearance of a green and pink bird with a dark green plume on her head, green and pink wings, and a yellow beak. She came down in a ball of gold light, reverting back to her normal self, looking serious with her shoulder facing the older Strauss. Natsu landed to the ground with Happy carrying him, the Dragon Slayer looking serious as Lisanna. Lucy glided down with a pair of golden wings on her back that dissolved into wisps of golden light, standing firmly with Natsu and Lisanna. "We came once we heard you scream, let us help you!" Lisanna said first to her older sister. (A/N 3)

"Mira-san, what happened, we only just evacuated the town, so we'll back you up!" Lucy said in worry of the older mage.

"Mira what's wrong?" Natsu asked in worry towards the white haired mage. "Where's Elfman, wasn't he with you?!"

Mira just shivers and pointed toward the monster that is currently stomping towards the four of them. Happy looked terrified as Mira was feeling and hid underneath Lucy's upper-back length golden blond hair.

"That monster is Elfman?" Natsu asked almost in fear looking at it, his words almost shaking. "W-What happened to him, that can't be our Elfman?"

Lucy looked terrified at the large beast and gripped Natsu's shoulder for support. "You're kidding Mira, that's really Elfman?"

"We know he shares the same magic as you, but there's no way that can be him!" Happy asked frightened sticking his head out from underneath Lucy's hair.

The monster in front of the three girls and the pink-haired Dragon Slayer can be only described as Massive, the chest and stomach of the monster was green and muscular. Red fur surrounds the chest and stomach. The monster's face looks soul less lacking irises and pupils. On the monster's head was a pair of massive horns, even the shadow it created, they finally were able to make out several key things of it, confirming what Mira pointed to them was true, seeing what is or was of Elfman. The fur around the monster's face was also green. Elfman's white hair was on the monster only instead of spiky and pointed upward, it was more wooly and free-flowing. Protruding from the monster's shoulders was a pair of huge spikes that seemed to be colored a gold color just like the horns on the monster's head. The monster's face was outlined with a white beard as well. Adorning the beast's legs is Elfman's pants only they were torn and pulled to the limit thanks to his now massive legs. On his hands and feet were sharp claws capable of doing serious damage any opponent this monster comes up against. His head is completed with pointy elf-like ears instead of the normal human ears. Lucy and Natsu were extremely terrified, this monster was really Elfman?

"How did this happen, Mira?" Lucy asked worriedly as she stood with her two best friends. "Did Elfman try to take over the Beast?"

Mirajane just nodded sadly, speaking firmly but was scared. "H-he was try-trying to protect me so he stepped in between the monster and me. He then touched the monster and took it over. It was then that he lost control and started attacking me madly. It's as if he lost control of himself."

"Happy, get Mirajane out of here, we will try to calm Elfman down." Lucy said to the blue flying cat.

"But Lucy, what about you, Natsu, and Lisanna?" Happy asked his blonde haired mother. "I have to protect you three as well. I can't just leave you!"

"Don't worry pal, all three of us will come back to you safe and sound I promise you!" Natsu said with his big grin. "Just get Mira to safety and fast."

"Aye sir!" Happy said but the two look to see Lisanna wasn't standing with them but gasped when they saw her. She walked closer to the Beast controlled Elfman, smiling at him.

"Lisanna, get away from him, you can't take Elfman on your own!" Mira screamed with Natsu and Lucy screaming to her to come back.

"Elf-niichan, Brother El…? It's me Lisanna, your little sister." Lisanna said as she stepped forward looking up at the growling beast. "Mira-nee, Natsu-san, and Lu-chan are all here, we're all worried for you, right?"

The golden blond Celestial/Star Make Wizard nodded fearfully in agreement with Natsu and Happy. They wished she stepped away, who knows how long the beast has taken over and Elfman is gone forever.

"Don't worry Elf-niichan, we still love you. Let's get back to Fairy Tail together and talk about what has happened." She added still smiling holding out her arms in a hug.

Then it happened in a flash, not even Lucy herself could believe it what had happened next. The Beast's left arm came rising over the girl and came swinging down at her right. Lucy screamed out, but it felt like the words wouldn't come as she could hear the distorted voice of Natsu screaming, "Lisanna get out of the way!"

Natsu ran to push Lisanna away from the beast but it clawed both of them, slashing Natsu right arm and Lisanna's right torso, sending the two flying like a couple of ragdolls. Was it the complete shock or was her hearing failing as it was a another screaming voice that rang through her eyes,

"Natsu, Lisanna!"

The two mages were sent flying over a mountain and out of sight, another distorted voice screaming in Lucy's ears, "Natsu!"

As the two voices rang out through the area, Elfman's beastly ears could hear two screams coming from in front of him. His ears wide in shock as the beast appearance slowly vanished, leaving a half-naked Elfman in torn pants. He looked to Mira, Lucy, and Happy, but there was no sign of Lisanna or Natsu anyway. He walked closer, looking scared that they were alone and the beast could hurt them (Not realizing his left arm was stained with Natsu and Lisanna's fresh blood).

"Mira-nee, Lucy, Happy, are you alright?" Elfman asked, seeing the scared looks on their faces, "Where Natsu and Lisanna are they…?" but he look to his left arm and gasped, seeing the blood covered his tanned arm. He could smell it from the blood, the fresh smell of fire and cotton, only two mages he knows has that smell. He felt sick, like he was ready to throw up, horrified of the blood. "Did I do this?" he asked himself kneeling down in horror looking to the two mages and Happy, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen. I just wanted to keep Mira safe. All I remember was facing the beast, the rest… It's all a blur; I don't remember what happened next!"

Tears flowed from his eye, a scar now visible now from Lucy's (horrified) point of view, did the beast claw his face? Lucy walked up to Elfman and placed a hand to his shoulder, getting the middle brother to look at her and looked to Mira and Happy.

"Mira-san, you and Happy tend to Elfman; I'm going to find Natsu and Lisanna." She said to them before looking to the direction they may have flown. She held out her hand but felt the fatigue of using her magic, wincing while keeping one eye opened with a grunt.

'Damn, I've been overdoing it with my spirits and Star Make so much that I'm going to pass out. I only have enough magical strength to use one more spell, I best make it count.' She thought to herself before looking more worried, 'Natsu… Lisanna, please be safe…' Without saying a word so her friends wouldn't see her fatigue, her Star Make Magic was activated to create golden functional wings on her back so she too could fly after Natsu and Lisanna.

The blonde Celestial/Star Make Wizard took off to the sky as Mira and Happy looked on. "Be careful Lucy!" Mirajane exclaimed as she walked over to tend to her little brother. Elfman continued to cry as Mira placed a hand to his shoulder like Lucy did, smiling lightly at him, "Don't worry, Lucy won't let anything happen to them, she loves them both tooo much to let them die. Don't cry Elfman, please."

"Lucy, bring them back!" Happy screamed also with a pleading tone to his voice.

As Lucy was flying in the air she noticed two specks on the ground just below her, one pink and the other white. Her vision wasn't too bad despite flying over a mountain, but she could tell it was Lisanna and Natsu. She then looked up above her and noticed a gold yet white light in the sky. She had to hurry up and land, both could be bleeding badly. She landed a short distance from the Dragon Slayer and younger Strauss sibling, deactivated her magic and collapsed to the ground on her knees. She could feel the draw back of her magic now, she better make sure both of them are alright before she passes out. She began to limp her way over to Lisanna first. She saw the younger Strauss' dress was ripped from the right side, revealing her side clawed by Elfman's claw. She could hear her breathing softly, meaning she was alive. She was glad she was okay, looming over her and looking at her face with a gentle smile and a light blush.

'Thank goodness, you're okay..." She thought before looking to Natsu's direction, 'Natsu...' She took one last look at Lisanna, taking her right hand that had her guild crest and brushed her hair. She turned from Lisanna and crawled her way over to Natsu, repeating under her breath, "Please, don't be dead. Please, don't be dead."

Lisanna slowly opened her eyes to see the odd colors in the sky, and realizing she wasn't facing her brother anymore. She rose off her back but cringed in pain when she looked to her side to see it clawed and bleeding. She realized it now, remembering it vividly. She was speaking to Elfman, trying to talk him back to normal. Then there was flash and it was just a blur. She tried to get up, but her legs gave way and she collapsed to her knees in pain. She looked around for Mira, Happy, Lucy, and Natsu, wondering if they were alright. She turned to her left to see Lucy kneeling with Natsu sprawled on his back. She crawled up to them as she could hear Lucy speaking to Natsu. She slowly but surely limped over to the two

"Don't fall asleep on me Natsu, you might have a concussion." she said with a motherly caring tone at him. "We have to keep you awake at all costs."

Natsu didn't say a word to Lucy or Lisanna when she finally turned up. He only looked at them with his dark black eyes. He knew it was the end, he couldn't deny it, but only smiled at them (not realizing his guild crest and Lisanna's were slowly vanishing).

"You two don't need me with you anymore; you'll get much stronger without me screwing you up. You two have gotten so much stronger since I first met the two of you. I am impressed." he said with a weakly smile as he removed the vest from his body put it around Lucy's shoulders. "Here Lu you can have my vest to always remember me by."

"What are you talking about Natsu?" Lucy pleaded with a feverish smile as she felt the vest around her shoulders. "You are coming home to Fairy Tail with us! Don't talk like that. We have to get ready for the S-Class Exam coming up. We promised we would all three make S-Class together!"

"I don't know how much longer I can keep conscious," Natsu added weakly as he looked towards Lisanna. "Lisanna, I want you to have this." He then proceeds to take off his muffler and wrap it around Lisanna's neck, surprising the younger Strauss in response. Natsu would never give his muffler to anyone unless, he was really…?

"Natsu, I can't take this, it's your favorite scarf. Igneel gave it to you!" Lisanna screamed in amazement. "You never take it off!"

Natsu coughed up a little bit of blood and looked up at the gold light in the sky. "I am taking it off to give it to you." he smiled while struggling to breathe. "Good –bye, Lucy, Lisanna… I'll see you again… I'm glad I got to know you… and…" he chuckled lightly, "of course, Fairy Tail and everyone in it too. You and Lisanna are my best friends; in fact we are all three best friends forever." He placed a hand to Lucy's cheeks, the young Celestial/Star Wizard trying not to cry, "Never forget, that's the truth. Promise you will find me if I ever disappear from this place. Also promise me you will find Igneel. Can you do that for me?"

Lucy and Lisanna looked at Natsu with tear-soaked vision and nodded as Natsu's hand slipped from Lucy's cheek and fell to the ground. "No!" Lisanna cried out, grabbing Natsu's hand and holding it in both her hands, her sad and hurtful blue eyes looking into Natsu's black ones. "Natsu, I… I…" she said, trying to find the right words to say, as both their guild crests began to vanish completely. Natsu only smiled peacefully at her.

"Natsu, your guild mark…" Lisanna and Lucy gasped in unison as they saw some strange light erasing it (and Lisanna's as well). "It's disappearing. You can't be dying, we have to get you to the hospital and heal you."

"Elf-niichan will never forgive himself if something happened to you." Lisanna pleaded trying to keep Natsu conscious.

"What about Happy, he needs you!" Lucy pleaded again with the fading Dragon Slayer. "We all three need you. Please don't leave us."

"Don't forget to keep your promise and find Igneel for me. Also, if I were to disappear from this world, I want the both of you to find me. Wasn't that your words, Lisanna?" he added once more making Lisanna gasp, "We are teammates forever…" Natsu finished as he lost consciousness. Once Natsu lost consciousness his body started raising up into the air his guild mark almost gone.

"Natsu, no! Please, don't leave us!" Lucy and Lisanna cried out, trying to keep Natsu from leaving this world, leaving his two closest friends. Natsu was then sucked up vest-less and muffler-less up into the sky and into strange light until he disappeared from the arms of Lucy and Lisanna, his guild mark completely erased. The golden light also sucked up Lisanna's guild mark leaving her hurt and trying to stay awake. Tears flooded her eyes as flashes of her memories of Natsu came through her mind, seeing the smiling and goofy Natsu that she knew for a long time.

"Natsu…" she cried tearfully and fell to the rocky ground, losing consciousness. (A/N 4)

"Li!" Lucy cried out and grabbed Lisanna and shaking her feverishly, trying to wake her up." Please, don't leave me too! Come on, wake up! Please!" she clutched the vest, Lisanna, and muffler in her arms, hugging Lisanna close to her chest, screaming to the heavens, "Someone, anyone, help us! Mommy, anyone, please help!"

Lucy held on to Lisanna for dear life as she let the younger Strauss Sibling feel loose in her arms. Lucy then picked Lisanna up bridal style and rushed back to Mira, Happy, and Elfman as fast as she could despite her weakened state while carrying Lisanna's seemingly lifeless body. Of course before she picked Lisanna up she checked for a pulse and found out she has one, so that is a major relief. She didn't know how she would go on if Lisanna was taken as well.

..Little did she know that it would be a good two weeks until Lisanna woke up from her traumatizing coma…

Lucy rushed back to the site where they left Mira and Happy to tend to Elfman as fast as she could with Lisanna in her arms. She had tears streaming down her face as she was crying. Her body was giving way, but she couldn't give up. She had to at least bring Lisanna back to her family before she was out of commission. She couldn't help but blame herself for Lisanna's condition if she would've been stronger she could've kept Natsu alive and Lisanna not to be hurt, or could she? She couldn't even protect her own friends from Elfman's controlled state, how can she be ready for the future ahead? What was it really real for her to even become an S-Class Wizard, was all it a game to her and she never realizes the consequences?

As she could see Mira, Happy, and Elfman only many meters from her, Lucy tripped on a rock and fell to the ground, dropping Lisanna and watched her roll feet from her. She took her left hand to reach out to her, watching her vision slowly fading.

"… nna..." she said hoarsely as she too fell unconscious,

Mira, Elfman, and Happy look to see Lisanna and Lucy sprawled on the ground and ran to help them, calling their names. Mira rushed to Lisanna's side and Elfman and Happy to Lucy's. They set the two girls straight on the ground as Mira picked up Lisanna and held her in her arms.

"What happened?" Mirajane asked as she saw her little sister unconscious. Just like Lucy, her unconscious sister also had a tear-streaked face. "Where is Natsu?"

"Where is he, Lucy, come on be a man and tell me!" the middle brother yelled to the sleeping Lucy, "I have to apologize for attacking him and Lisanna." Elfman exclaimed as he tried to get up again only to flinch in pain.

"Stop trying to exert your body Elfman, they're fine, but where is Natsu? Where is he?" Mira asked looking to the two. Then Mira looking to Lisanna, finally realizing something was in her arms, Natsu's white muffler. On Lucy's shoulders was Natsu's vest, trying her best to understand the situation. Then, Mira heard her little sister mutter in her sleep, the three words she, Elfman, and Happy didn't want to hear or even believe…

"Natsu is dead…"

The three were horrified, they couldn't believe it? Was this true, or was this a little prank from the girls and Natsu. But there was no "Got you!" coming, and there wasn't the goofy Dragon Slayer popping up. This was true, Natsu was gone, and Lisanna's mutters were true. Mirajane began to cry, feeling ashamed of her own self for letting this to happen. She was supposed to be an S-Class wizard, one of the elite like Erza, Laxus, Gildarts, and Ur, but she couldn't protect her sister, brother, or their friends. She was a failure, she couldn't protect them…

"It's my fault, I killed Natsu… I killed him…" Elfman said through tears in his eyes. He slammed his knuckles to the ground crying even more for his recklessness and horrible control of his magic that created this mess.

"Natsu…" Happy said, crying too.

(The next day in the East Forest of Magnolia)

"So my child, mind telling me what happened with your mission that you, Lisanna, and Natsu took with Mira and Elfman. Where is Natsu?" Makarov asked Lucy who sat on a chair facing the elder master. She looks to Lisanna who slept in a bed with bandages wrapped on her arms legs, and torso. She wore a long pink nightgown with her shoes and socks missing.

Lucy heard the words that her master asked and started crying again. She covered both her eyes with Makarov stood with a new face, a pink-haired older woman. This woman's name is Porlyusica. Porlyusica is a slim and tall elderly woman with pink hair, tied in a bun on the back of her head by two large pins with crescent moon-shaped edges, and with two bangs of hair left framing her face. She had reddish eyes, and a beauty mark located below her mouth, on the left side of her face. Her attire consists of a dark green blouse with a tie around the collar, paired with a long matching skirt and simple shoes. Over this, she sported a crimson-colored cape, with a wide collar decorated by massive Dragon horn-like decorations protruding outwards, and edges adorned by white, arch-like designs. The elder woman looked to the crying girl on the chair and the sleeping girl on the bed, wondering what had happened the brought the two here in the first place.

"Maki what's wrong?" Porlyusica asked as she saw the distressed guild master and Celestial/Star Make Wizard. She then remembered that the Celestial/Star Make Wizard was carrying the Animal Take Over/Elemental Empowerment Wizard the morning she came here and barely spoke to her (something that would be a blessing in disguise since she didn't like humans much but helped as the guild's medical advisor.. "What happened to Lisanna, and why does it look like her torso was gashed by a beast? She's usually careful with missions then this, how did this happen?"

Lucy sighed as she sat lightly by Lisanna on the bed, keeping her left hand on Lisanna. She saw the white haired girl cry in her coma-like sleep and wipe away her tears, finally speaking lowly at the medical advisor.

"We went on a mission with Elfman and Mirajane to get stronger. It was an S-Class mission to take down the King of Beasts." Lucy said as she looked worriedly toward her white-haired best friend. "Well in short, the Beast tried to attack Mira, and Elfman jumped in front of her to protect her. When the beast wouldn't stop coming, he did a Full Body Take Over and he lost control and went on a rampage. Lisanna tried to calm him down and bring the old Elfman back, but to no avail. The Beast had completely taken over Elfman. It was like he didn't even know her. He lost complete control; hit her and Natsu, and grazed Natsu's arm and the right side of Lisanna's torso. However, Natsu got the worst of it. He was hit clear up into the air knocked unconscious, or nearly unconscious. Lisanna recovered, but I think she was on her lest legs. They flew a long ways away, eventually Elfman regained his senses and reverted back to his normal form, but it was already too late for Natsu. I flew after them while Happy and Mira stayed behind to tend to Elfman." She paused for a moment and continued, "I couldn't tell them that I was running out of magic power, I was using up a lot helping the town, both my spirits and Star Make, something I don't usually do. I couldn't create a way to protect Lisanna when Natsu tried to save her, and only had enough reserved for a flying spell. I was weakened," Lucy said as she curled her fists together and started to cry even more, "I didn't want this to happen, I just wanted to help on my first S-Class mission, and I didn't expect this to happen."

"So what happened after that?" Porlyusica asked with a genuinely caring tone to her voice. "Did you find Natsu? What happened to him?"

"Please tell us my child." Makarov said to the distressed blond. "It's the only way we can help you and Lisanna. How did Lisanna end up unconscious Why Natsu didn't come back to the guild with you, why does Mira and Elfman look as distressed as you?"

"That happened shortly after we lost Natsu." Lucy said as she ran her hand along the vest that Natsu gave to her. She then stroked the muffler that sat with Lisanna nice and folded. "Natsu was really injured so we went to see if there was anything we could do for him. Lisanna and I were holding onto him when he gave me his vest and wrapped his muffler around Lisanna's neck. Lisanna and I were holding onto Natsu when he literally floated through our hands and up into some strange light that not only took his guild mark, but also absorbed him into it as well."

'Did that activate again?' the medial advisor thought before speaking, "So why Lisanna's guild crest gone?" she asked, looking to her shoulder where her crest once was. "It's looks as if it completely disappeared."

"I'm not sure miss, but I think it took it along with Natsu." Lucy answered sadly as she kneeled down by the bed beside her best friend. "I am staying with her until she wakes up. She'll be moved to a hospital, correct? She will need someone to be there for her. I'm all she has left now that Natsu is gone."

"You need to go home my child to get some rest first. Porlyusica can take care of Lisanna." Makarov advised to the blond. Lucy just shook her head no towards the diminutive Master and frowned.

"I can't leave her side Master, This is my entire fault she's in this state. I couldn't protect her and now, she's like this." she said as she gently wrapped her arms around Lisanna's waist as if she was protecting something special to her. "I already lost Natsu because I wasn't strong enough; please don't make me leave Li. I don't know what I would do without her. My mom's gone, now I lost someone who was like a brother to me. She is my best friend. I have to be here for her when she wakes up. Please Master?" the blond asked desperately, not wanting to back down, her eyes watering with even more tears

Makarov looked into the sad brown eyes that present Lucy, showing the sadness and serious they had to play. Master Makarov relented and gave in, placing his hand on Porlyusica's side.

"Please take good care of my children. I have to relay this news to the guild hall. Mirajane and Elfman should be here soon as well to oversee their sister. Take care of them as well please Porlyusica." he pleaded with his old friend.

"Okay, fine! I will stay here and take care of them. You go get some rest after you make the announcement to the guild." she ordered as she picked up a broom and swung it towards Makarov, doing that one shtick that made visiting her a pain in the butt. "Now scat! I can't take care of these two as well as the other two when you are here bugging me, now scram!" she screamed madly and frantically at the elder master,

"Okay, okay, I'm off!" Makarov screamed, feeling he was no longer needed as he scampered out the room of the advisor and closed the door. Porlyusica looked to Lisanna and Lucy again, thinking about the 'strange light' that Lucy described. She sighed to herself, thinking once more after making her way to them, 'It really does seem that that other place is acting up again, how long before it takes more than Natsu's life? I hope any one of you is ready for that eventual day.'

As Porlyusica was treating Lucy's injuries she sees the blond close her eyes and fall asleep holding onto the white-haired girl for dear life. Porlyusica sighed and just left the small room after she treated Lucy and Lisanna's wounds. She left the two best friends be. She couldn't help but smile at how loyal to Lisanna the Golden Blond actually is. 'A lovely and caring spirit she is, I wonder how she's doing, and the one the other one told me about. If Lucy's also shows that caring spirit, will the little one show it too?'

The next three days went by in a blur as Lucy spent all day and night with the platinum white haired Take Over/Elemental Empowerment Wizard in the medical advisor's house and then the Magnolia Hospital. It is easy to tell that those two are really close, closer than best friends and sisters. She kissed Lisanna gently on the forehead and went out into the guild hall one day, deciding she had to see how the guild was doing. She saw the downcast looks on everyone's faces. Even the normally cheerful Cana and Levy were composed. Mira and Elfman blame themselves for Natsu dying. Everyone was wearing black and had downcast looks on their faces. Lucy spent a lot of time in the hospital with Lisanna watching over her best friend. She only went home when asked, so the doctor could make regular checkups on her or keep her clean (one of two things Lucy felt embarrassed to watch). She didn't mind being away from her side, it was important that she was alive and that she could finally feel at ease.

Three days later on July 10, x782, the funeral was a very solemn event. Nothing was ever the same again without Natsu. The fights dropped drastically. Since the incident, Mirajane and Elfman have changed. They seem to have lost their will to fight, but not as bad as it could've been, if Lisanna would've suffered the same fate as Natsu it could've been much worse. After the funeral they created a stone for Natsu. The stone at Cardia Cathedral read:

Natsu "Salamander" Dragneel

April 1st, X767- November 24th, X782

A wonderful life cut short by a drastic event. May he rest in peace.

Above his name engraved on the stone is the Fairy Tail Symbol. Lucy wiped away her tears and looked into the sky. It was raining, like the day she came back to the guild, being carried by Elfman. It didn't make her feel better; the rain being here after burying one of her dearest friends, felt so cliché. It made her only feel worse. She carried a red umbrella through the rain, hearing the many citizens speak of the news of one of the fallen Fairy tail members. Gossips had already spread; she wondered how the magazines and newspapers will print about this? Entering the quiet and silent Hospital, she wanted to see Lisanna before going home again. Her bangs covered her eyes and she was solemnly walking through the hallway, not realizing she had ran into something, falling backwards to the cold hospital floor.

"Ouch!" she groaned, her butt hitting the ground.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Are you okay?" a woman's voice said apologetically, looking to see the young girl that collided with her. The person held out her hand to help Lucy up.

"Thank you." She replied head low taking the woman's hand and helping her back on her feet. She dusted herself off and looks at her savior. She was a beautiful young woman who Lucy estimated in her mid-30s. She had dark purple hair that was cut mid-way to her shoulders and dark black eyes. She wore a brown short-sleeve jacket and covered a red blouse and black dress pants. On her feet was a pair of brown boots with brown laces. In her other hand that didn't help Lucy, she had a bouquet of roses, specialty picked for get well presents. She had a warm smile to Lucy, reminding her of a mother. It reminded her of Layla's smile when she was alive. She spoke again but in a mature fashion.

"You're welcome. Are you visiting someone?" the woman asked politely, "It's not a custom to visit the sick or injured on a rainy day. Oh?" She noticed Lucy's clothes: A simple black dress and black bow in hair and black high heels, showing she came from a funeral, "Did you just come from Natsu Dragneel's funeral?"

"Wait, how did you know I was..?" Lucy asked bewildered as the woman pointed to her right hand.

"You might want to wear black funeral gloves, your guild crest gave it away." She admitted with a light ecstatic chuckle.

"Oh?" she replied to the woman, smiling with a sheepish blush, "I guess I stand out, don't I. If you know Natsu's name, then are you a…?"

The woman nodded, pointing to her left shoulder where a blue Fairy Tail guild crest was present. She held out her hand again for Lucy to shake it, "I'm Ur, S-class Wizard to Fairy Tail."

"Lucy, Celestial/Star Make Wizard." And Lucy shook Ur's hand, smiling at her. Despite the gloom and darkness she felt this day, she found a happy light in the end of the day. Meeting Ur made her feel better about it all, now one less issue was off her back.

Two weeks passed since Lisanna was admitted to the hospital and finally it was July 24, Lucy is in the hospital sleeping near Lisanna as she finally woke up. She was strong enough to walk but not strong enough to go on missions yet. She and Lucy went into Makarov's office, entering the guild again one early morning. Everyone was happy Lisanna made a full recovery and even the new face to the Takeover mage, Ur was happy for her return. Lisanna was wearing a red blouse and skirt combined with Natsu's Muffler around her neck. Lucy was wearing a white short-sleeve blouse that zipped up the center. In the center of her chest is a big golden yellow star in the middle, with several smaller ones of the same color surround the central star in a pentagon like pattern. Her skirt was also white with little golden yellow stars adorning it. She was also wearing Natsu's vest over her short sleeve blouse.

"Lisanna are you sure you're okay with walking up the stairs to Master's Office?" Lucy asked worriedly to her best friend. "You know we have to get Mirajane to escort us up the stairs because Master's office is on the second floor."

"I know that Lucy." Lisanna said as she and Lucy walked up to the bar unknowingly holding hands. "Mira-nee, can you escort us upstairs. I need to talk to Master Makarov."

"Sure thing Lisanna." Mirajane said. Her tone has changed quite a bit since the incident. She tries not to fight unless she has to. However, Master Makarov still let the Demon Take over Wizard retain her S-Class Status. Her attire was much different than it used to be. Instead of her normal Gothic Style of clothing, Mirajane was now wearing a sleeveless, ankle-length maroon dress with a pleated skirt. The chest is adorned by a large, pink bow, and similarly colored trimmings frame the rather ample neckline, acting as straps, and circle around the waist. Mirajane also wore high-heeled shoes that match her dress, and accessorizes with a small chain necklace with a blue oval gem attached to it, and a bracelet made of white flowers circling her right wrist. Instead of her old high back ponytail, she now gathered her hair in a short, upward ponytail which is obtained by gathering and tying the hair covering her forehead.

"Is this your new style Mira?" Lucy asked curiously toward her best friend's older sister.

"Yes it is, I need some more time to get back into the fighting frame of mind. Ever since that incident two months ago, I just haven't felt like going all gothic like I used to, although I do sometimes still pick fights with Erza now and then." Mirajane said with a giggle. "Well come on you two let's go see the Master." Lucy nodded and beamed at the now cheery Mirajane.

She really has changed, at least I don't have to worry about certain 'magic' she rumored about trying on me and Lisanna.

Mirajane then noticed that Lisanna's guild mark on her shoulder is absent.

"Lisanna, where is your guild mark?" Mirajane asked curiously as she looked at her younger sister's blank left shoulder.

"That's the reason why I need to get it reapplied." Lisanna replied calmly to her older sister, then toned her voice down so only the three of them could hear her, making sure certain members don't overhear including an eavesdropping Lightning Wizard. "That strange light in the sky that took Natsu is also what took my Guild Mark. That's why Lucy and I aren't giving up on finding Natsu no matter what. We know he is still out there somewhere and alive. Maybe that light leads somewhere, but I'm not sure. We have to keep this between the three of us, Porlyusica and the Master so we don't cause panic throughout the guild with people trying to search for him. Lu and I promised that we would find him and Igneel if he ever disappeared."

"We can't even tell Elfman." Lucy added in a hush to the oldest Take Over Sibling. "He feels bad enough as it is about what happened to Natsu. We don't need to add insult to injury and tell him that the two of us have a feeling that our best friend Natsu is still alive. It's a good thing he is off somewhere trying to think about some things."

"So where do you want your guild mark and what color do you want it to be Lisanna?" Mirajane asked as she escorted the two girls up to Master Makarov's Office.

"I want it the location and color of you Mira-nee." Lisanna said sheepishly with a blush, "By the way where is your mark and what color is it?"

"It's white and on my left thigh." Mirajane answered to her younger sister. "Once you tell Master where you want it, I think it's best that I apply it. Considering his reaction to pretty girls who want to have their guild mark stamped somewhere that he would love to put It." her tone turned to complete disgust, "That old pervert, he will probably get a bloody nose just at the sound of the location that you want it. That's what happened when he applied my guild mark, before he fainted, he handed the stamp to Cana and told her to apply it. So I think it's best that I apply it to your left thigh if you know what I mean."

Lucy and Lisanna nodded as they knocked on Master Makarov's door.

"Who is it?" Makarov's aged voice asked from the other side of his office door.

"It's Lucy, Lisanna, and me." Mirajane replied to the Master on the other side of the door. "Lisanna has decided on the location and color of her new guild mark since she lost her guild mark during the incident a couple months ago."

Makarov nodded in understanding as he went to his door and opened it for the three girls to enter. Once the three girls were inside his office he closed and locked the door.

"So Lisanna my dear, where do you want your new Guild Mark and what color you want it to be?" Makarov asked as he pulled out the Magic guild crest stamper.

Lisanna lifted up the bottom of her skirt exposing her thigh she then pointed to the exact location of Mira's stamp, only on her thigh. "I want my new mark to be white and located on my left thigh."

Makarov gasped at the request from the youngest Strauss Sibling. He quickly handed the white stamper to Mira, closed his eyes and turned around. Mirajane, Lucy and Lisanna just giggled as Mira took the stamp from Makarov. Mirajane then applied the stamp to Lisanna's thigh. The stamp glowed for a split second with magical power then stopped, once Mirajane removed the stamp, Lisanna's new guild mark was its new color and new location.

It took Lisanna about six months to fully regain her stamina. Lucy and Lisanna then decided that they needed to find a magic shop somewhere so Lucy could find some more silver gate keys.

A little less than a year later, (Lucy & Lisanna: 16; Happy: 5)...

The town of Shirotsume, a quaint little town that has very few residents and is either very short distance from Magnolia or is so small it doesn't have a rail line going through it. Lucy, Lisanna, and Happy had to get their by wild-boar drawn carriage. The two were really looking for a magic shop, they had no idea that they would meet two more wizards that same day. As the two entered the magic shop they spotted two wizards and two cats at the cashier station. The Magic Shop is average size with maybe twelve aisles of magical items from magical weapons, to magical clothing change devices. The owner of the Magic Shop was about maybe thirty years old with slick backed red hair and green eyes. He is wearing a blue button down collared shirt, and a pair of blue dress slacks. On his feet are a pair of blue matching wingtips.

In the small magic shop there were two wizards and two cats. One of the wizards was a young woman about Lucy's age (maybe just a tad bit younger). She has long mid-back length dark purple hair, and was wearing a low-cut purple sundress without a back and high-heeled purple calf-length boots. She also had dark purple eyes adorned with a light spattering of mascara which barely lengthens her eyelashes as well as a light layer of yellow eye shadow bringing out her dark purple eyes. Lastly, she also had an hourglass figure. She is about five feet eight inches tall, only three inches taller than Lucy and Lisanna were. The dark purple-haired girl also had a dark purple cat with backless yellow sundress on. This young lady's name is Chisame Corona, and the dark purple cat's name that is in a yellow backless sundress is named Roxie. Roxie also had dark purple eyes like her partner and her eyes were smaller than Happy's as well. The young lady about Lucy's age was smiling at a shop keeper with her loner canine teeth showing very apparently.

Neither the dark purple-haired girl nor the dark purple cat seemed to have any visible guild marks.

The other wizard was a spiky green-haired well-built young man wearing a dark green camouflage tank top, with dark green camouflage jeans and around his waist is a black leather belt. He also wore dark green camouflage combat boots. It's impossible to tell how high his combat boots are because the top of them are covered by his camouflage pants. His eyes are also green like his hair. Just like the female, he smiled as he exposes his longer than normal canines. Along with him was another cat similar to Happy and Roxie, but this one however was green. He was wearing nothing but a red knapsack similar to Happy's. His eyes are the same size as Happy's. They were green in color just like the young man's are. The young man stood about six feet two inches, taller than Chisame.

Lisanna was clad in a short, dark red dress with a white collar and bow. Up on her arms above her elbows, she wore gold rings with a pale pink fabric flowing down from it. She wore tall, black socks along with brown shoes. Attached to her back was a collapsible red and white Bo Staff that Lisanna can extend and retract depending on the length of weapon that the white-haired girl needed.

Lucy's clothes remained the same from last year, but instead had Natsu's vest on and several star patterns on her dress now than before. While she was still a year older than Lisanna, the two still remained the same height.

The two made their way over to the two wizards who seem to have no guild affiliation shown. Lucy was the first to speak up, greeting them with a bright and cheerful smile. "Hey there, my name is Lucy." The golden blond said to the dark purple-haired girl and the spiky green-haired boy.

"Nice to meet you Lucy, my name is Chisame Corona." Chisame said decided to shake her hand and release it. "I'm a Poison Dragon Slayer. The cute Dark Purple cat is my partner Roxie. We have been together for five years. She hatched from an egg."

"Aye, that's the same with me as well!" Happy chimed in happily as he made himself known to the two pairs. "These two raised me from an egg; it's nice to meet you Chisame and Roxie. Who are your friends?"

"Oh, that's Shigeru Sandarov and his partner Terra." Chisame answered quickly as she looked toward the green-haired boy, a slight blush on her face. "Terra was hatched from an egg just like Roxie and you were."

"It's nice to meet you Lucy and Happy." Shigeru said and Terra nodded in agreement. "Who is your friend with the white hair?"

"Oh, I'm sorry." The white-haired girl said sheepishly. "I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lisanna Strauss. I use Animal Soul Take over Magic as well as Elemental Empowerment Magic."

"It's nice to meet all three of you!" Shigeru said as he turned to Chisame and hugged her (he also had a blush on his face). "I will be seeing you around Chisa, I need to find Jimen. I will see you later."

"Okay Geru," Chisame replied with a blush on her face again. "Just don't forget to write okay? I won't forget to write to you either. I need to find Chiyoe."

Chisame and Shigeru hugged each other and kissed each other on the cheek. It seemed that those two are as close to each other as Lucy and Lisanna are.

"Oh you're looking for someone?" Lucy asked the dark purple haired girl. "We are looking for someone as well, well we are looking for two people. One is our best friend Natsu Dragneel and the other is the Fire Dragon Igneel." She explained before offering her hand, "Why don't you two join us, and we will search together. Follow us to Fairy Tail."

"Really, can we just go into the Fairy Tail Building and ask to join?" Chisame asked curiously, also with a bit of surprise in her voice. "Fairy Tail is so popular, I didn't think just anyone could join."

"I have to agree with Chisame on this." Roxie said to the two girls and the blue cat. "It can't be that easy to join Fairy Tail can it?"

"I have my doubts." Shigeru stated crossing his but not trying to sound rude to the girls. "Are you really sure it's okay if we join? I mean you have hundreds of members as it is."

"Shigeru, if Fairy Tail has hundreds of members, then what's four more?" Terra asked of his partner. "If Lucy said it is okay, it's okay."

"Fairy Tail is lots and lots of fun." Lisanna said excitedly. "It's up to you if you all four want to join. We can't make you."

"Please Geru?" Chisame pleaded with big puppy dog eyes and a blush on her face. "Joining a guild will help us find our dragons faster. Especially since our new friends are looking for a dragon as well."

Shigeru sighed; smiling at the pupped dog eyed Dragon Slayer. She really loved doing that doesn't Chisame?

"I guess we can join the Guild Chisa, but we have to be on the same team if that's okay with you." Shigeru said to his best friend. "I mean we've been together since our dragons disappeared, so it's only natural we should stay together. That doesn't mean you can't go on missions with other teams at all, I just prefer if we stay on the same team together. We could call ourselves Team Fatal Quake."

"I like it Geru," Chisame said to her best friend. "Let's all go off to Fairy Tail."

Lucy, Lisanna, and Happy all nodded together. They now led their new friends to their home. It was a quiet ride back (despite the reveal that Shigeru had motion sickness which he chose to rest on Chisame's lap to recover). But in only a few hours, they made it the Fairy Tail guild hall.

"Well here we are, the Fairy Tail Guild Hall." Lucy said to the pair of Wizards and their two cats. "Let's go inside and get you inducted."

"Don't worry; we have lots of fun here." Lisanna said as her and her best friend led the four newcomers into the guild hall and over to the bar with Mirajane and Elfman.

"Mira-nee, Elf-niichan, these two Wizards want to join this guild!" Lisanna shouted from across the guild with her smile.

"We met them in Shirotsume when we were browsing a magic shop." Lucy said to the two older Take over Siblings when they came up to them. "Unfortunately, we didn't find anything interesting to buy."

"My name is Chisame Corona, and I am a Poison Dragon Slayer." Chisame said to Mirajane. "I would like my guild mark to be dark purple and on my left shoulder." He asked to the older sibling.

"My name is Roxie, I am her partner, and I can sprout wings like your friend Happy there. My special ability is that I can pass through solid objects with ease." Roxie said with a smile of her cat face. "I want my guild mark to be bright yellow and in the middle of my back."

With that, Roxie turned around showing Mira her exposed back (helping that her sundress was backless).

"My name is Shigeru Sandarov and I'm an Earth Dragon Slayer." Shigeru said to the two older Take over Siblings. "I would like my guild mark to be dark green and on my right shoulder."

"Hey there, my name is Terra, I am also just like Happy and Roxie are. My Magic is the same as theirs, and I can pass through solid ground without the need to dig anything. Although, I can dig with my bare hands as well, but I try not to. I don't want to break my fingers and hands." Terra said as he removed his red knapsack to show his back. "I want my Guild Mark to be red and in the center of my back."

Terra turned around and stood next to Roxie. Elfman took the magic stamp to Shigeru's right arm first and pressed down, the stamp glowed for a split second with the magic of Fairy Tail and stopped. Once Elfman removed the stamp, Shigeru's dark green stamp on his right shoulder was now shining brightly, thus officially inducted Shigeru into the guild. Elfman then took the stamp and applied it to the center of Terra's back. The stamp glowed for a split second with the magic of Fairy Tail and then faded. Once again, when Elfman removed the Guild Stamper, the Fairy Tail symbol now embroidered on Terra's back in red making him an official member of Fairy Tail.

Mirajane is the next one to apply her stamp to the two female newcomers. She took the guild crest stamper from her little brother and applied it to Chisame's left shoulder. The stamp itself glowed for a split second and is removed. Once the stamp is removed, Chisame's dark purple guild mark was revealed, officially inducting her into the Fairy Tail Wizard Guild. Once Chisame was finished being inducted into the guild, Mirajane moved on to the dark purple-haired girl's flying feline partner. The eighteen year old Demon Take over Wizard applied the stamp to Roxie's back. The stamp then glowed for a split second like it did the previous three times and stopped. Once Mirajane removed the stamp, Roxie's bright yellow Guild Mark was visible, officially inducting the dark purple flying cat into the Fairy Tail Guild.

Lucy and Lisanna offered to share their apartment at Fairy Hills with Chisame and Roxie, also Happy doesn't mind either. Elfman offered to share his apartment at the all guys dorm with Shigeru and Terra. All four of the newcomers happily accepted and put what little belongings they had with them in the places they would be staying for a while until they each found a place of their own.

So that day, Fairy Tail gained four new members. Two being Dragon Slayers and the other two being flying cats just like Happy is. Like the old saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. Four new friends were now members of Fairy Tail.

July 3rd, X784(Lisanna and Lucy: 17, Happy: 6)...

Lucy, Lisanna, and Happy had been all over Fiore, but had little luck finding either Natsu or Igneel. The two girls and blue cat knew that Natsu was still alive somewhere and he would be back eventually. However their biggest quest was to search for Igneel.

Their travels have brought them to Hargeon. Lucy's excitement for a Magic Shop in Hargeon that she hears carries rare gate keys, as well as some other rare Magical items.

Their tale to find Natsu and Igneel, had truly just begun, with hardships, determination, and a lot of growing up, their adventure has just begun…

To Be Continued in Chapter/Episode 001: The Fairy Tail…

Now the true adventures of Lucy and Lisanna along with Happy begin. What new adventures are in store for the three? Will they find either Natsu or Igneel? Only Time will tell.

Next Time on Starry Heavens: Bonds of Friendship, Magic & Love - Episode 002: The Fairy Tail

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Episode 001: The Fairy Tail

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#4 This scene I really wanted to capture the feel of Natsu's death, so what better way was to make a reference to one of the saddest death in a game, Xion's death in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. For those who never played it or heard of it (or won't even play the 'side games' that aren't numbered), Xion died because she belonged with Sora and had to finally go back. If you could tell in the redo, Natsu acts at times, less Shounen like and more of a real fleshed out character, even excepting he was going to die. I think the challenge with this to make Natsu, Lisanna, and Lucy less these traits and more like a character. Having the feel of you are weak, you failed, you left everyone down, these are traits that make Lisanna and Lucy more relatable characters. The struggles these two will have will make this a good story, that's my goal.