Starry Heavens: Bonds of Friendship, Magic & Love

Episode 010: Lost and Found in Web Valley

New Main Characters: Chisame Corona: Age 17, Roxie: Age 6, Setsuko Koori: Age 16(Owned by OathkeeperRoxasXNamine09), Shiro: Age 6(Also owned by OathkeeperRoxasXNamine09)

In a very familiar guild in a very familiar town is a very familiar group of wizards. A young lady about Lisanna's age, of average height with a petite figure, entered the guild hall with a flying cat for her partner. The young lady had light blue hair that reached the base of her neck with strains of her hair covering her right eyebrow and light blue eyes. She was wearing a mixture of traditional Japanese clothes and Earthland clothes. On the outside, she wore a light blue and white kimono that reached down to her calves decorated with ice crystals on the hem and ends of her short sleeves with a white sash that splits the outfit in the middle. Her footwear consisted of brown low heeled sandals and white socks as well. Underneath the kimono was a light blue top if the top of the kimono is ever removed or destroyed in battle. She also wore a matching skirt of the same color. She wore ice shaped earrings in both of her ears and one ring on her right index finger. On her right hip was a silver blade katana in a black sheath. This young lady's name was Setsuko Koori and she was an Ice Dragon Slayer, she was sixteen years old. Riding on her shoulder was a light blue flying cat that was clad in a dark blue backless sundress. Her name was Shiro.

Sitting at the bar talking to Mirajane and Elfman was a dark purple haired girl with dark purple eyes. She wore a purple low-cut dress that went to her knees. On her feet was a pair of purple high-healed shin-length boots. Her hair was about mid-back length. She had a voluptuous figure. She was a first generation Poison Dragon Slayer. She was seventeen year old Chisame Corona. By her side was a dark purple flying cat that wore a sunshine yellow backless sundress. The flying cats name was Roxie. Chisame's guild mark was dark purple and located on her left shoulder. Roxie's Guild Mark was in the center of her back and was a sunshine yellow color .

Mira looked toward the door and smiled. She noticed the light blue-haired girl with her light blue and white flying cat. She was just like Happy. Mira motioned for the light blue-haired girl to come to the bar and motioned for Chisame and Roxie to give the newcomer room to sit.

"How can I help you young lady?" Mira asked to the newcomer, then continued, "My name is Mirajane Strauss and I am a Demon Take Over Wizard as well as an S-Class ranked Wizard here in Fairy Tail. What can I do to help you today?"

"Hey there, my name is Elfman Strauss," Elfman said to the newcomer, "I am also a Take Over Wizard, I use Beast Take Over Magic. However, I can only transform my arm at the moment, but when I do transform my arm, it's tough like a man! I am Mirajane's little brother. It's nice to meet you! Meeting new people is such a man!"

"Greetings, my name is Chisame Corona and this little kitty is my partner and best friend," Chisame said as she pointed out the dark purple cat, "her name is Roxie. I am a Dragon Slayer.

"Another dragon slayer?" Setsuko asked in shock and surprise, "I too am a Dragon Slayer, I am the Ice Dragon Slayer, what kind of Dragon Slayer Magic do you use?"

"I use Poison Dragon Slayer Magic," Chisame said to the newcomer, "who is your partner standing on the counter in front of you?"

"This is Shiro, her and I have been together for six years," Setsuko said introducing her best friend, "she is my best friend. She hatched out of an egg six years ago."

"Roxie also hatched out of an egg six years ago," Chisame remarked, then continued, "so what brings you to our humble guild?"

"I want to join this guild," Setsuko stated with a smile, then motioned toward her flying cat continuing, "Shiro wants to join as well, I ran into a member of Fairy Tail, well she says she is a member of Fairy Tail, she told me that if I wanted to join a guild that I should head here to Magnolia and ask to join Fairy Tail, is there some sort of test to join? Also is your Master here?"

"The Master is away at a conference, though I am really worried about him," Mirajane said, then continued, "he let me know that he ran into our strongest Team, Team Lucy and was coming home with them, although that was two days ago, I am really worried because Team Lucy should've been back by now. I honestly don't think that it takes more than two days to get here. They must've gotten lost on the way back."

"That is a good point don't you think so Bisca?" a young man dressed as a fictional cowboy asked his apparent partner. The young man had average height with long black hair that covers the right part of his face. His eyes are also black. Being from the Western part of Fiore, the young man wore a long brown coat resembling a poncho with tasseled edges along with a shirt and torn pants with strips similar to his coat hanging on the edges of the torn parts of the pants. Around his hip was a studded leather belt with a skull-shaped buckle. Also on his right hip attached to a belt was a case where he usually keeps one of his guns, the belt that holds the case is made of leather and contained concentric circles in its widest part.. On his feet he wore simple shoes, sometimes he wears boots instead of shoes. This young man is Alzack Connell, Al for short.

Next to him was a beauty with long straight green hair. She had brownish-purple eyes and wore red lipstick. Her attire resembled that of a fictional cowgirl with a very visible brown western-style hat on her head. She also wore a polka-dotted neck scarf. On her feet was a pair of reddish-brown boots. She was also wearing a strapless one-piece dress with plain blue spiral designs. On the edges of her dress are darker plain white striped edges. This young lady is 18 year old Bisca Mulan. "I know it's been a while, we better try and find them."

"That's a good idea Bisca and Al," Mirajane said, then turned toward the newcomer after Bisca and Al left to go find the Master and the missing team, "Setsuko, Shiro, I can induct you into the guild right now, what color and location do you want your guild marks at."

Setsuko removed her kimono revealing a blue sleeveless halter top, she then pointed to her right shoulder and spoke up, "I want my guild mark to be light blue and on my right shoulder."

Shiro turned her back toward Mira revealing the backless sundress on her. She then spoke up her desired location and color for her guild mark, "I want my guild mark to be blue and in the center of my back."

"Very well then," Mirajane said as she placed their stamps in the desired locations. With the two newest members like always the stamp glowed for a split second and stopped. Once she removed the stamps there in the desired places of the newcomers were their Guild Stamps. "Welcome to Fairy Tail Setsuko and Shiro, I hope you enjoy your time here with us."

Mirajane then proceeded to put the stamp away and went back to serving customers.

Meanwhile in Clover Canyon...

Alzack and Bisca arrived in Clover Canyon and came across some footprints. Al was squatting down running his hand over a footprint when he made an observation, "There's no doubt about it these are definitely their footprints, from the looks of it, it's been two days since they were here." Alzack stated as he picked up a piece of dirt and ran it through his fingers.

"Well if that's the case," Bisca said as she continued to speak, "then they should've reached Magnolia a long time ago, could mean trouble, now what?"

"It's probably best if we return to the guild and give our report," Al said toward his partner, then continued, "When we get there we need to send someone out here again to make sure they're okay. Come on Bisca, let's go."

"We're going back?" Bisca asked with surprise at Alzack's statement.

"We have no choice," Alzack said, then continued, "we have to return and then send someone out after them."

Alzack and Bisca jumped onto their pink bird-like creatures and headed out of Clover Canyon back toward the guild.

After the two returned to the guild...

Alzack and Bisca returned to the guild to give their report to Mirajane, to say Mirajane was shocked at the news would be a massive understatement as she reacted worriedly to the to Western-Style dressed Wizards.

"Aw, this is no good at all," Mirajane said while holding a tray of drinks, "I need to give them a message from the council right away."

"Don't blame me, " Bisca said to the S-Class Demon Take Over Wizard, then continued, "I wanted to go after them."

"But what would be the point?" Alzack asked toward his partner, then continued, "I know you're worried, but Clover Canyon is a Death Trap! Even with someone from a Hunter's Guild to guide you it would swallow you up and never spit you out!"

"But if it's a dangerous maze of canyons, " Bisca said as she then continued to ask a question, "why would they even go in there?"

"I don't know, but it must be important," Mirajane said as she continued to speak while still holding a tray of drinks, "I'm sure the Master can handle things, but I'm still a little worried." Mirajane finished as she put her left hand to her left cheek.

The Poison Dragon Slayer then turned to the newcomers along with her cat Roxie, "we can go look for the Master and Team Lucy if you want us to Mira."

"I think it would be best for you and Setsuko to go look for them," Mira said, "with the two of you being Dragon Slayers you may be able to find them quicker than if we sent a big search party out. "By the way Chisame, where have Shigeru and Terra been, I haven't seen them around in a while?"

"Who are Shigeru and Terra?" Setsuko asked curiously as she looked toward the Demon Take Over Wizard and the Poison Dragon Slayer.

"Shigeru is a Dragon Slayer like we are," Chisame said, then continued, "his partner is a green flying cat by the name of Terra. I don't know when they will get back, but you and I better go find the Master and Team Lucy. Come on Roxie."

"I'm right behind you Chisame," Roxie said to her partner and best friend as she perched on the dark purple-haired girl's shoulder as the two headed out the door almost leaving Setsuko and Shiro behind.

"Hey wait for us, you two!" Setsuko exclaimed as she motioned for Shiro to come along.

Shiro nodded and flew up to Setsuko's right shoulder to perch right after Setsuko put her Kimono back on and gave chase to the Poison Beauty and her partner.

Meanwhile, in Clover Canyon...

Aspen and Kyuri were giving chase to a certain blue winged cat. They had angry looks on their faces as Happy came to the edge of a ravine and kicked a rock into it.

"Oh geez!" Aspen scolded the blue winged cat, "Come on Happy! Don't tell us you've gotten us lost again, we've been walking for forever and a half and we still haven't found Magnolia yet!"

"Why are we following a cat anyway?!" Kyuri asked coldly as she crossed her arms over her chest with a very angry and cold scowl on her face, "Are you sure you know where you're going?!"

This is Web Valley, hidden deep within Clover Canyon,

Here, countless fissures produced by ancient earthquakes form a fearsome maze,

Many adventurers either brave or foolish, have entered this place only to decorate its landscape with their bones.

If we ever get out of this place, that blue cat will have so much hell to pay!

"What do you mean again?!" Happy exclaimed just as angrily as Aspen and as coldly as Kyuri did."How rude! I wasn't lost last time, so this is the first time I've gotten us lost!"

"First time or not," Luna said to the blue cat with her partner riding on her shoulder.

"Let's just try and make it our last okay?" Kyuri asked toward the blue cat.

Aspen just rolled her eyes hoping to get out of here and back to Magnolia as soon as possible.

Lisanna and Lucy's stomachs growled as they let go of each others hands that they've been holding since they confessed their feelings for each other, placed their hands to their stomach and sighed, "So hungry."

"We all are hungry," Gray scoffed, then looked coldly toward the two, "talking about it just makes things worse now shut up."

Kyuri caught wind of the tone of voice that Gray used and got up in his face with the same cold look in her eyes that she had before, "is that any way to talk to the leaders of our team Ice Block? You and Erza weren't even the original members of the group so stop talking to them like that!"

"What are you talking about shrimp?" Gray asked with a cold stare that locked on to Kyuri's cold stare, then continued, "You just joined the guild, so you have no room to talk either!"

"SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!" Erza screamed angrily as she caught the electricity and static going between the Ice Sculpt and Ice Make Wizards' eyes, "WE HAVE TO FIND A WAY OUT OF HERE!"

Gray and Kyuri immediately broke apart and shivered, which is a novel occurrence considering they were both Ice Wizards, "Aye aye sir!"

"Not another bad Happy impression!" Lucy and Lisanna exclaimed together as they face palmed.

"It looks like we have another Natsu and Gray rivalry on our hands Lu," Lisanna giggled as she put her arm around her girlfriend.

Lucy giggled in agreement as she echoed Lisanna's assessment of the situation, "Li, you are so right. However, it reminds me just how much I actually miss Natsu and Gray being at each others' throats."

"I know what you mean, " Lisanna echoed, "we all miss him."

"This Natsu person," Luna wondered, "how long has he been gone?"

"It's been about two years now," Erza remarked, "he went on a mission with Lucy, Lisanna, Mirajane, and Elfman and never returned."

"That's so sad," Aspen stated as her stomach growled and she immediately grabbed it.

"Was this Natsu a nice guy?" Kyuri asked curiously, the cold tone of voice replaced by one of sadness and concern for the new couple, "Hey can we get some food soon?"

Lucy and Lisanna nodded in response to the second newest member of Fairy Tail.

"He was kind of the goofy, and destructive type," Lisanna remarked.

"Like you two?" Happy chortled.

Lucy and Lisanna looked toward Happy and smiled, they realized that their first few missions together they have been very destructive, especially to Oshibana Station, not to mention Hargeon and Duke Everlue's Mansion. Lucy had to admit that her most recent missions were quite destructive.

"You're right Happy," Lucy agreed with the blue flying cat putting her arm around her girlfriend, "we really have been quite destructive as of late haven't we."

"I really am not sure if we are ready to ascend to that yet," Lisanna said as she looked toward Erza and Makarov with her arm around Lucy, "I'm not sure if we can be fully trusted to do what we were offered to do, but Lu and I still want to spar with you and Mira-Nee Erza-San, if that's okay with you and and Master."

Makarov heard about what the newest couple asked of Titania and Demon Mirajane, he realized that he needed something more from the Celestial/Star Make Wizard and the Take Over/Elemental Empowerment Wizard. He looked toward Erza and motioned her over to him. Erza complied and did what Makarov asked as the two strongest wizards in the current group, one being the famed Titania and the other being Fairy Tails Master, headed up the path to talk.

"Master where are you going?" Lucy and Lisanna asked in sync with sweat drops on their heads, "Did we say something wrong?"

"No my children, I just need to talk to Erza privately for a bit," Makarov said as he motioned for the Scarlet-Haired Armored Wizard to follow him. Erza complied and left the rest of the group to their own devices. There were looks of rivalry between the Ice Make and Ice Sculpt Wizard. They looked as if they were challenging each other silently.

"Gray, " Kyuri said gaining the Ice Make Wizard's attention, then continuing, "I bet you I can find a way out of here before you can."

"As if shrimp," Gray said while glaring at the smaller girl, "a little child like you could never beat me at anything."

Lucy and Lisanna face palmed as did Aspen and Luna along with Happy and Akiyuki. How could Gray forget that Kyuri hates being called a little child? Especially since she downright blurted it out when she was called a little child before. How dense can one person get. Gray is nearly as dense as Natsu was. That really didn't seem right.

"Why don't we just find out for ourselves," Kyuri stated angrily looking like an angry young teenage girl with pupil-less and iris-less eyes with an ice cold tone to her voice, "if I win, you have to do whatever I say for a week."

"If I win you have to do whatever I say for a week," Gray challenged the white-with black-streak-haired girl with an equally cold tone, "what do you say?"

"Agreed!" The two Fairy Tail members said in unison with a challenging look toward each other as lightning bolts went between the two of them as they took off into the expansive Web Valley.

"Aspen," Lucy said toward the Weather Wizard in a leadership tone of voice, "Li, Lune and I need to talk alone, Happy and Akiyuki are staying with us, could you please track those two so they don't end up hurting themselves, or worse yet getting someone else hurt like Master and Erza if they come across them. Those two are acting way too much like Natsu and Gray used to. Keep an eye on them.

"Also break them up if they look like they are going to cause too much damage," Lisanna ordered also in her own leadership tone of voice, then continued, "we really don't need to give the Magic Council even more reasons to hunt us down and try to disband us do we?"

Aspen slowly shook her head no and quickly ran after the two feuding Ice Wizards ready to do anything she could to stop those two from damaging anything valuable, it kind of seems ironic thinking about it though, since they are hopelessly lost in the middle of nowhere.

Lucy, Lisanna, Luna, Happy, and Akiyuki sat down on the ground in a circle-like formation, with Happy hovering in between his two mothers and Akiyuki resting on her partner Luna's shoulder.

Luna then spoke up, a surprised tone to her voice, she never thought that her cousin Lu would seem so negative, and from what her cousin told her about Lisanna, it seemed very unlike her to be so negative as well, "what do you mean you two aren't ready to ascend to S-Class, that's all you seemed to be harping about in our letters Lu. Lisanna, why all of a sudden do you have a negative attitude? That is completely unlike the way you sounded in the letters that Cousin Lucy sent me."

"Since you were trailing us since Hargeon," Lisanna stated trying to get the violet purple-haired girl to understand, "you've seen how destructive we got, especially against Bora, the Vulcan, Everlue, and the Lullaby Monster. You were also part of the chase that ended up getting us lost in this valley. Why do you think we are being so negative?"

"Being an S-Class Wizard is not all fun and games," Lucy continued where her girlfriend left off sounding very mature in her words, "you have to learn when to say stop and when to say go in regards to how you use your powers, the S-Class Missions are tough ones, we know from experience. I almost lost my Lisanna on the last one we took two years ago. I also lost someone who I saw as a big brother to me. We aren't ready for the responsibility that comes with being an S-Class Wizard, S-Class Wizards need to set an example for the rest of the guild, we have a long way to go before we can actually say that we are worthy of being S-Class. Yes we have gotten stronger, but there are times when we lose our tempers and go off half-cocked like we did against the Lullaby monster."

"But Lucy," Akiyuki spoke up from her perch atop Luna's head, "you did it to protect the Guild Masters, you were willing to sacrifice your life to save them. That's got to count for something doesn't it?"

"Aye Akiyuki," Happy nodded and said in agreement with the light purple cat, "it does count for something, but despite that, Lucy and Lisanna still have a long way to go, I mean I'm not really sure if they will be even considered for the promotion trial at the end of the year, the way things have been going. Although I have been wrong before."

"The fact of the matter is," Lucy stated, then continued, "we need to get out of here first before we can even think about our rematches with Mira-San and Erza. Those two are the strongest women in Fairy Tail, they've shown it time and time again. What they do, the example they set, those are only two examples of what it takes to be an S-Class Wizard.

"Then why did Cousin Laxus get promoted to S-Class?" Luna asked curiously trying to make sense of the whole thing, "He has to have the qualities that you mentioned that Erza and Mira have and more, just like Mirajane and Erza have to have more if they are S-Class. Besides, hasn't he seemed to have gotten power hungry as of late? I mean he is the leader of the famed Thunder Legion that I've read so much about."

"Luna, that is very true, Laxus is a fuse waiting to blow," Lisanna said about her fellow guild member, "but he has a lot of qualities as well, you should know this since he is your cousin as well as the Master's Grandson and you are the Master's Granddaughter. However, once the Master retires or passes on, unless he chooses another successor to be the Guild Master, Laxus will be the next Guild Master of Fairy Tail. Right now we just have to wait patiently until the time comes."

The way that Lucy and Lisanna explained it, they seemed very mature about the situation. A certain dark purple-haired back-eyed woman looked at the two speaking to the violet purple-haired bright jade green-eyed girl and her light purple cat, she was wearing a robe with the Wizard Saint Seal on the back. On her left shoulder was a blue Fairy Tail Mark showing that she belonged to a certain guild in Magnolia. She had also seen Makarov and Erza take off to discuss the two leaders of Fairy Tail's Strongest Team and how well they have been doing. She then smiled at the display and headed silently toward the direction that Makarov and Erza went.

Lucy and Lisanna felt as if they were being watched and so did Happy, Luna, and Akiyuki.

"Hey did you guys feel that?" Lucy asked curiously.

"Feel what Lu-Chan?" Lisanna asked her girlfriend.

"As if we are being watched," Lucy responded.

"Whoooo! It's a ghost!" Happy said teasingly to the couple who just glared at him in annoyance, Happy then backed off and smiled, "Just kidding Lucy-Mama and Lisanna-Mama."

"Hold on," Luna said as she looked toward the light purple cat on her shoulder, "I feel as if we are being watched as well. We better try and find the others so we can find our way home to Fairy Tail."

From a safe distance away, two very familiar Fairy Tail Members look on... they are silently evaluating the two leaders of Team Lucy...

Unknown to Lucy and Lisanna, a certain Guild Master and a Scarlet-Haired S-Class Wizard were watching as well.

"Those two," Erza remarked happily toward the diminutive Guild Master as she looked toward the couple that was talking to the violet purple-haired girl, "they seemed to have grown up so much in the last two years, yet they still lack conviction and confidence. Maybe they aren't quite ready to be S-Class yet. Did you see how exhausted they got after helping Gray and me defeat the Lullaby Monster?"

"Perhaps you're right Erza," Makarov said to the scarlet haired Requip Wizard as he continued, "but they seem to still blame themselves for Natsu's apparent death, I've told them time and time again that it's not their fault, but they won't oblige. Even Elfman blames himself for Natsu's death, it pains me to see three of our most promising young Wizards so down in the dumps like that, Natsu didn't know what they were getting into and neither did Lucy and Lisanna because they were only fourteen and fifteen respectively. They have to get their stamina back, or I won't be able to promote them. We need them for the upcoming exams because of so many worthy candidates."

"I know how you feel Master," Erza said, then continued, "we just need to let them think to themselves a bit more, but I think another S-Class Mission will be just the thing to perk our young friends up."

"Maybe you're right Erza," Makarov said with a smile as he continued to look at his children from afar then smiled even bigger at the display and friendliness the two were showing his Granddaughter, he couldn't help but relax in pride as he saw two little girls growing up before his eyes, "those two are so kind always putting others before themselves, those are two of the most important qualities that are needed to be S-Class, I just wish Laxus would get the message as well. Maybe I need to reconsider my successor."

"I've been meaning to ask you this Master," Erza stated as she turned to Makarov.

"What is it young one?" Makarov asked, "You can ask me anything."

"Is Lucy your Granddaughter as well?" Erza inquired, then continued, "I mean Luna is Lucy's cousin so I was just wondering."

Makarov shook his head no, as he explained, "yes, Lucy and Luna are cousins, Lucy is not my Granddaughter. Luna's mother, my daughter Ariana, married Lucy's uncle Yuki Heartfilia. So I guess in a way you can she is kind of like my Granddaughter because I have known Layla ever since she was little and up until she died on July 7, of the year 777. Her and my dear daughter Ariana were best friends and seemed to go everywhere with each other. The day that Layla died and the dragons disappeared, is the day that my dear daughter Ari and her husband Yuki disappeared along with Luna's siblings for some reason. I guess they could be connected somehow."

Makarov and Erza's conversation was interrupted by a young lady around her late thirties with dark purple hair and black eyes. This young lady that looked like she was in her twenties, was a Wizard Saint like Makarov, as confirmed by the elegant robe with the symbol of a Wizard Saint on the back showed. She also happened to be one of Fairy Tail's S-Class Wizards. Her name was Ur.

"What is this I hear about Lisanna and Lucy not thinking they're ready to be promoted to S-Class?" Ur asked as she appeared across from Erza and Makarov, "didn't they pass all the parts except for the sparring?"

"They did," Erza stated with a nod, then continued, "however the damage they have caused recently has caused them to re-think about being ready for the actual S-Class title, but with so many new members and so many up for consideration for S-Class this year, we need at least three more examiners."

"Not to mention," Makarov added, then continued, "they still blame themselves for Natsu's death, especially Lucy because she almost lost Lisanna on that fateful day two years ago as well."

"I will be happy to be one of the examiners," Ur said with a smile on her face and a nod of understanding toward two of the highest ranking wizards in Fairy Tail, one of them being the Guild Master, "but we will deal with that when the time comes, I have an idea that might boost Lucy and Lisanna's confidence again in their quest to obtain S-Class Rank."

"Well Ur, speak up," Makarov requested, since he too was a Wizard Saint, he sees a lot of potential in the young couple he has been observing for a while, "what is your idea Ur?"

"I will have to run it passed Mira if that's okay with you Master," Ur said as she looked down at the aged Guild Master of Fairy Tail, "do you object to me doing this? What about you Erza?"

"I have no objections," Makarov said to Ur as he turned to Erza, "but you Erza have to act like you have no idea what we are talking about, since you and Gray possibly will be needed along with our three newest human members of Fairy Tail to make this work, Chisame may want in on this too since Lucy and Lisanna were the ones that brought her and Shigeru to Fairy Tail along with Roxie and Terra. Shigeru is trying to go on missions for himself after Chisame said that she wanted to see if she could become part of Lucy and Lisanna's team."

"I understand Master," Erza said with a nod, then continued, "but what about Shigeru? And do you honestly think that Lucy and Lisanna are ready for such a big step. Not only that, but to be used as examiners?"

"I do, so do all the other S-Class Wizards," Makarov said, then looked toward Ur and back to Erza, then continued, "Ur included, the question I have for you Erza, is do you think that Lucy and Lisanna are ready for the big step into S-Class? I mean you did accept their challenges of you and Mira that Lisanna and Lucy gave to you. Do you truly believe they can take such a giant step and be great examples for the rest of the guild? Be careful how you answer that, remember who their best friend was."

Erza contemplated the words of Master Makarov for a moment, then looked toward Ur and asked her a question, "Miss Ur, do you truly believe that Lucy and Lisanna are ready to take on that big of a responsibility even though their last few missions ended up causing a lot of property damage?"

The Wizard Saint known as Ur nodded in acknowledgement of Erza's statement as well as in agreement with Makarov's Statement, "I am with Master on this, I do think that Lucy and Lisanna are ready, but they have to show that they can control the collateral damage, I believe that is something they can do without a problem. They aren't nearly as destructive as you and Gray are, they aren't even close to being as destructive as Natsu Dragneel was. Besides that, the damage they cause is by pure accident. They've been doing all they could to limit their damage, I have been trailing them since the incident two years ago, they may have caused a lot of damage, but they weren't trying to cause it on purpose, unlike Gray and Natsu, as for you Erza, you are just that powerful of a Requip Wizard, you can't help it. That's why you are one of the strongest women in Fairy Tail as well as Mirajane and myself. I think they're ready, but do you?"

Erza nodded and smiled at the two Wizard Saints, then acknowledged what she has seen in Lisanna and Lucy over their time in Fairy Tail, "they certainly are ready, and Mirajane agrees as well. They have potential to be mentioned as two of the strongest wizards in our guild. I mean they already have an excellent handling of their primary magics, Take Over for Lisanna, and Celestial for Lucy, they are also improving everyday in their secondary magics, Elemental Empowerment for Lisanna and Star Make for Lucy. Lucy doesn't surprise me with her Star Make Magic since, just like with her Celestial Magic, she has been practicing her Star Make Magic since she was five, though she still has a long way to go with her Star Make because it's flawed and takes a lot of energy from her. I accept your terms Ur and think that Lucy and Lisanna are ready for that next step, but they have to prove it to themselves first. They have already proven it to me and the rest of their team as well as Master Makarov."

"And me as well," Ur said with a smile and a wave and continued on her course toward Fairy Tail, "I will meet you all back at Fairy Tail whenever you return. I have to talk to Mirajane about my idea."

Erza and Makarov nodded and waved goodbye to Ur sending her on her way back to the guild hall.

Meanwhile, back with Lucy, Lisanna, Luna, Akiyuki, and Happy...

The three girls were idly chit-chatting about everything that has happened. Luna is happily admiring the way that Lucy and Lisanna are so close and admitted their feelings for each other, while Happy is happily eating a fish while flying, he then offers one to Akiyuki, who gratefully takes it. The group of three girls and two flying cats continue to search for their friends in this maze of canyons.

Also, a dark purple-haired Poison Dragon Slayer and a light blue-haired Ice Dragon Slayer are also searching for not only Master Makarov, but all of Team Lucy as well. Their faithful flying cats perched on their shoulders also keeping an eye out for their missing comrades.

"Chisame, are you sure this where Mirajane said for the four of us to go?" Roxie asked curiously while searching for anything that even remotely gives them a clue where the rest of the group is.

"That is what she said," Chisame said to her partner, then continued, "I think we may need to get a birds-eye view, both of us right Roxie?"

Roxie nodded in acknowledgement as she grabbed Chisame by the waist and took to the sky. Shiro shortly followed suit, only with Setsuko as opposed to Chisame.

As the two girls were flying above the canyons thanks to the help of their flying cats, they noticed just how maze like Web Valley really was. They could understand why all the travelers that venture into this treacherous part of Clover Canyon usually end up littering the landscape with their bones.

"Wow," Setsuko gasped in awe from her spot next to Chisame, "I can really see why Mirajane wanted us to find them, they really are in over their head."

"Definitely," Chisame said to her comrade, "so which team were you hoping to join? We have plenty of teams in our guild."

"Well, I have read a lot of stuff in Sorcerer Weekly about a team of two girls and one flying cat that tended to cause a lot of destruction, but then end up apologizing and paying for the damages themselves." Setsuko said to her new friend, then continued her awe as she talked about the famed strongest team of Fairy Tail, Team Lucy seems like a good bunch of people to be a part of. Is that why you want to join their team as well?"

Chisame nods shyly, for a while she preferred to be with Shigeru, but he really didn't seem to notice her attempts to hit on him, with a blush she continued, "that's part of the reason, but I just needed a break from my best friend, he just doesn't seem to realize that I want to be more than just best friends. Besides he really hasn't found us any worthwhile jobs. Team Fatal Quake really wasn't making a lot of money, I want to join Team Lucy because they take on tougher missions, and both Lucy and Lisanna brought Shigeru, Terra, Roxie, and me to Fairy Tail. The four of us met Lucy and Lisanna in a magic store and became fast friends with them. Lucy and Lisanna seemed to connect with me the most because all three of us were girls, that and they are looking for their friend as well as his Dragon Igneel. I am searching far and wide, have been for seven years, for Chiyoe my dragon. How about you?"

"I'm like you," Setsuko said sadly as she looked up into the sky, "my dragon, Masshiro disappeared on July 7th, of the year 777. It also seems that several other dragons disappeared on that date, as well as the famous Celestial/Star Make Wizard Layla Heartfilia passing away that year. I've been searching for Masshiro since that day. Do you think Layla's death and the disappearance of the Dragons could be connected somehow?"

Tears started to flow down the Ice Dragon Slayer's face as well as the Poison Dragon Slayer's face. The flyng cats also had a look of sadness on their faces as well. They too wondered if Layla's Death, and the disappearance of the Dragons could be connected somehow. Silence then passed between the four wizards as they continued to search for their lost comrades.

Lucy and Lisanna realized that now would be the right time to go search for a way out of this maze of canyons, "We really need to search for some civilization," Lisanna said while she was addressing Happy, "something tells me that we will need all of us working together to get out of here."

"Happy, you and Akiyuki take Luna to search for the others," Lucy said in her leadership voice, "tell them to search for anything that may have supplies for us to cook a meal."

"Aye sir!" Happy and Akiyuki said as they motioned for Luna to follow them.

"Okay, see you all later," Luna said as her, Happy and Akiyuki went to search for the others.

Lucy and Lisanna set up a campsite to relax for a bit as the two girls pulled out some flares to use in case of emergency. Lucy and Lisanna sat next to each other with their arms around each other and each pulled out half a picture, this was the last picture that the two had taken with Natsu, it was about a week before the mission that they lost Natsu on. The picture was cut perfectly down the middle as the couple taped their picture together.

The picture showed Lucy and Lisanna on either side of Natsu, with Happy happily perched on Natsu's head. The two girls sigh and look at the picture as memories of the three of them going on missions together and just casually hanging out made their way through the minds of the couple.

"Do you think Natsu would be okay with us getting together like this?" Lisanna asked, while resting her head on the blond's shoulder, "I mean you don't think he would find this weird do you?"

"As thick-headed as he is, he probably wouldn't even know what we were doing," Lucy responded as she ran her fingers through the white-haired wizard's hair, "he knows how close we are. I don't think he would mind even if he wasn't thick-headed."

"You have a point their Lu," Lisanna pointed out, "I think as destructive as we are at times, even though our destruction we cause is purely by accident rather than on purpose, we have grown in these last two years. Don't you agree?"

"I do Li, but like we said to Luna earlier, we still have a long way to go," Lucy said to her girlfriend, then continued, "I haven't even gotten close to the more advanced Star Make Spells that my Star Make Magic involves, and right now you can only perfect Fire and Ice with your elemental empowerment despite being around some multi-elemental Wizards. Erigor was wind, Laxus is lightning, Virgo and Shigeru use Earth Magic, we haven't really encountered a water user except for Aspen and Aquarius. It may take you a while to perfect Lightning, Earth, Water, and Wind; just like it will take me a while to get into the more advanced Star Make Spells and summoning multiple spirits at once."

Lisanna nodded as she cuddled with her girlfriend and Lucy cuddled back. Lucy decided to summon Plue to keep the two of them warm when the sun sets.

"Do you think we will be able to find a way out of here Lu?" Lisanna asked worriedly, "I mean I miss being at home. By the way do we have room for Luna?"

"We certainly do," Lucy said to the Take Over/Elemental Empowerment Wizard, "our house has three bedrooms remember?"

Lisanna nodded as she continued to watch the sun in the sky get lower and lower with her head resting on Lucy's shoulder.

The two girls couldn't help but feel a wave of nostalgia as they watched the sun descend in the sky. Tears came to their eyes as memories of watching the many sunsets with a certain Pink-Haired Dragon Slayer run through their minds. They used to do this all the time outside the little hut that the three of them made together, after Natsu's death, the two erected another tombstone outside their little hut with Natsu's DOB and DOD on it. The two continued to hope that Natsu was still alive somewhere waiting for them to find him. Though, it's getting harder and harder to hope that Natsu will return. It's been two years and counting and they still haven't found their best friend, they can't help but wonder, if Natsu is still alive, what he would think about them now. Would they even recognize him if he were to walk up to them now? How much would he have changed in two years? Would he approve of their new relationship? All these questions and more kept on running through their minds. Would he even want anything to do with him once he does come back and finds out about their status as a couple?

Meanwhile with Happy, Akiyuki, and Luna...

The violet purple-haired girl and two flying cats continued to fly through the massive expanse of this natural maze, the three wizards came across a town. Happy is worried about his mothers and he turns around to head back to them. Akiyuki noticed this and turned toward the blue cat, "Happy where are you going, you're supposed to stay with Luna and me remember?"

"I know Akiyuki," Happy said toward the light purple cat then continued, "but I can't help but worry about them. What if they are in danger, they need a man to protect them. I just can't think what it would be like if I lost them. They are all I have left that reminds me of Natsu. Besides, I think they would be interested to find out that we found a town. I want to go back and inform them, I will see you in the morning."

"Are you sure it's wise for you to go back alone Happy, you could get lost on your way back?" Luna asked of the blue flying cat, then continued, "Do you think you could easily find your way back to them?"

"Aye Sir! I know what they smell like so I will be fine," Happy said with a blush on his face, "besides I feel a lot safer being near them. I have never been away from them for this long, it makes me feel nervous not being near them, I know you are Lucy-Mama's Cousin, but it just isn't the same. As I said before, I would also like to tell them we found a town."

"Very well Happy," Akiyuki said to the blue cat, she had a worried tone to her voice, but realized that Happy could take care of himself, he is just that tough of a cat. "do what you feel is best, just be careful out there."

"I will Akiyuki," Happy said with a smile as he gave Luna a two thumbs up sign, "you just take care of Luna, and I will see the two of you later."

Akiyuki and Luna nodded as the blue cat flew off back toward his mothers.

At the campsite with Lucy and Lisanna...

The couple were cooking a delicious meal for the two of them and a little bit of food for Happy. The two each pulled out a small cooler from their packs and opened them, they each placed a fish and some berries in Happy's bowl. Despite them being short on supplies, they still managed to have enough supplies to cook a meal for themselves and Happy. They always made sure their son had a good meal and was being taken care of. It's what Natsu wanted them to do. Happy was also charged with protecting the two girls, he was told by Natsu not to leave their sides at any time, it seems the girls forgot that and let him go off with Luna and Akiyuki. As the couple was putting the finishing touches on their dinner for two and fish and berries they had for Happy, they felt the rush of wind heading straight toward them. However, the wind they felt rushing toward them wasn't threatening, it was more comforting. As the two looked up from their place settings around the fire, they saw Happy flying straight toward them. Lucy grabbed Happy first and nuzzled him, Lisanna was the second one to nuzzle Happy the two moms and their son were reunited for the night. This couldn't make Lucy and Lisanna any happier, they loved that blue cat, he was the only living being that reminded them of their dearly departed friend. Sure having a muffler and vest were nice, but it didn't even hold a candle to their furry little bluebird of happiness that they've been taking care of for all these years. At first the girls looked a bit angry, but their demeanor relaxed realizing that their little bluebird of happiness didn't like being away from them for too long.

"HAPPY!" The two girls chimed happily together as they took turns nuzzling their son, "We knew you would return to us."

"Wait a second..." Lisanna started, then passed the floor to Lucy.

"Are Lune and Akiyuki okay?" Lucy asked with severe concern for her cousin Luna and her partner.

"They're just fine," Happy said as he took his spot between his two mothers, "I just got worried about you and wanted to come back to you, you two are the only living things that remind me of Natsu."

"You took the words right out of our mouths," Lucy stated with confidence and clarity.

"You are the only living thing that reminds us of Natsu," Lisanna said finishing Lucy's statement for her.

"You two love each other!" Happy said with a teasing look in his eyes, rolling the "o" as much as he could, he covered his head waiting for the worst, but it didn't come. How in the world could he forget that his two mothers confessed at the end of the battle with Lullaby?

"You're right Happy, we do love each other," Lucy said happily as she wrapped her right arm around Lisanna.

"We are proud of it too!" Lisanna exclaimed as she wrapped her left arm around Lucy, "You must be hungry, we made a special meal for you and cooked the fish just the way you like it!"

Happy's eyes were as big as saucers as a stared in awe at the expansive meal in front of him, temporarily forgetting his manners he plunged face first into his dinner.

"HAPPY!" Lisanna exclaimed with a glare that could mirror Mira's.

"THAT'S NO WAY TO EAT YOUR DINNER!" Lucy scolded the blue cat, "Have some self-control and say thank you when you receive a nice meal, we raised you better than that!"

"S-sorry Lucy Mama and Lisanna Mama," Happy said apologetically has he bowed in humility, "thank you so much for the meal and the love you have given me ever since I hatched."

Lucy and Lisanna's stern expressions turned to one's of love as the two girls hugged the blue cat at the same time causing him to lose his breath, the two girls had hearts in their eyes as they smiled at Happy as they put their free hands to their cheeks in a loving expression, "you are so adorable!"

"Aye sir!" Happy exclaimed as he too had hearts in his eyes for his mothers, "That's me alright adorable!"

The two girls giggled as they each gave Happy a small rub to his head messing up his fur, "we forgive you our little bluebird of happiness."

"I know, can I sleep under the stars with you tonight?" Happy asked, then remembered something, "Luna, Akiyuki and I found a town up ahead, Luna and Akiyuki said they would wait for the others to get there. Isn't that cool?"

Lucy and Lisanna nodded at their son and each gave him a motherly smile and chimed in sync happily, "It sure is Happy, and sure you can sleep under the stars with us tonight."

Happy nodded and pulled out his little sleeping bag and placed it between his two mothers' sleeping bags. He would protect them, and he knew they would protect him.

Meanwhile on the Outskirts of town...

Luna and Akiyuki had set up a campsite for themselves, they also made sure there was plenty of room for the others.

At the two campsites, the two groups were listening to sounds of the night as the crickets chirped and stars glistened off the surrounding sand that they had set camp on. The extremely hot sand of the day had cooled down to a nice cool and pleasant temperature as the two groups were ready to settle down for the night.

It wasn't long before Kyuri and Gray had arrived at the campsite with Aspen standing in between them glaring challengingly at each one of them with a look that said to the two formerly feuding Ice Wizards "If you fight again, I will see to it that you get a massive punishment not only from Lucy or Lisanna, but Erza and Master as well." In other words Aspen was playing moderator to prevent the two Ice Mages from fighting each other. It turned out that their bet came out as a draw, which meant that neither of them could tell the other one what to do. They were to keep a distance of at least ten feet from each other and not fight at all.

Makarov and Erza soon joined the group of two girls one guy, and one cat and set up their own tents at the spot outside of town. Since it was dark, they decided it was best to wait until morning to explore the town.

Not too far away from the other two groups of wizards, another group had set up camp...

Just like the other two groups, Chisame, Setsuko, Roxie, and Shiro had set up camp for the night and were just relaxing listening to all the sounds of the night from crickets chirping to the owls hooting. The two girls and two cats had serene and relaxed looks on their faces as they put the finishing touches on their campsite.

"So did you find any of them?" The Poison Beauty inquired to the Ice Maiden curiously, "I certainly didn't have any luck, but I have a feeling that the team is nearby. How about you?"

"I have the same feeling you do, soon we will be reunited with our guild mates and we can head back to Fairy Tail together," The Ice Maiden responded with confidence in her voice, "from what I've read about Team Lucy they are a pretty tough team, even more so now with Erza and Gray being a part of it along with Lisanna, Lucy, Happy, and some violet purple-haired girl. On my way to the guild today, I happened to pick up a copy of Sorcerer Weekly and read about Team Lucy and their apparent defeat of Lullaby. It seems they caused quite the mess just with Lucy, Lisanna, Gray and Erza battling that monster."

"Well, we will talk more about how strong and great Team Lucy is tomorrow, let's just get some shuteye." Roxie requested of the group with a yawn.

"I have to agree with Roxie there," Shiro said to the two girls, then continued, "if we want to find the whole group and head back to Fairy Tail together we need to get the rest in order to regain our energy."

Once each of the three groups of Team Lucy, well two groups and two future Team Lucy members, exchanged good nights, everyone fell into a restful nights sleep.

Back at the Fairy Tail Guild...

A young woman, maybe in her thirties with a Wizard Saint's robe draped over her shoulder over a plain purple tank top allowing her dark blue guild mark to be exposed and khakis entered the guild. She had dark purple hair, a very beautiful face. Even though she was in her thirties, she appeared to be only in her early twenties. She walked up to the bar maid of Fairy Tail and asked for her to accompany her to her office.

The usual rowdiness that is Fairy Tail was going on, random fights, drinking contest between Cana, Wakaba, and Macao, several Fairy Tail Guild Members at the bar being served by Elfman, Laxus and the Thunder Legion were looking over the group of rejects that are confined to the first floor. It seems the rowdiness never stopped as they were celebrating the induction of Setsuko and Shiro into the guild. Those Fairy Tail Wizards sure find any reason they can to celebrate don't they?

"Sure thing Ur," Mirajane said to the Ice Make S-Class Wizard, then continued, "what brings you back here, I thought you were investigating a strange occurrence on Galuna Island, something about a purple moon?"

"I was," Ur said to the Demon Take Over S-Class Wizard, "but I decided to track down Makarov and the others. Al and Bisca met up with me on my way back here and mentioned that Master and the others were lost after defeating the Lullaby Monster."

"Oh I see," Mirajane said to Ur, then continued, "so did you find them?"

Ur nodded in acknowledgement as she motioned for Mira to follow her upstairs. As the two S-Class Wizards made their way upstairs, Laxus and the Thunder Legion were sitting at a table up on the second floor, how Evergreen, Bickslow, and Freed got up on the second floor is quite obvious, since they were Laxus' Body Guards they were allowed to go to the second floor, despite the fact that none of them were S-Class Wizards yet. Laxus and the Thunder Legion just glanced toward the direction of the two S-Class Wizards and paid them no mind. They also didn't question the fact that Ur had gone over to the S-Class Request Board and removed the flier for the Galuna Island Mission and put it inside one of the pockets inside her robe. Her and Mirajane then went into Ur's office. Once inside the office, Mira closed and locked the door behind her as Ur sat behind her desk and Mira sat in one of the chairs in front of the desk.

Ur's office was an average size office with a communications lacrima along with a small refrigerator with a small freezer built in. Both the Lacrima and the small refrigerator were in the corner, the communications Lacrima having a chair in front of it. Ur's desk was a modest size desk. Behind the desk along with Ur was several filing cabinets containing files on all of the Fairy Tail Wizards. When neither Master nor the other S-Class Wizards were around Ur handled all the complaints from the magic council. She was the second ranked in the entire guild. Behind her were Gildarts Clive, Erza Scarlet, Mirajane Strauss, Laxus Dreyar, and Mystogan. Ur had been an S-Class Wizard for a long time. When she obtained the title of Wizard Saint, she was Granted the S-Class title by the Magic Council. She had joined Fairy Tail the same year that Gray did. Despite the fact that Mirajane was an S-Class Wizard, she had yet to be given an office, the same was true for Laxus and Mystogan. Laxus because Master Makarov said he still had a lot of growing up to do, and Mystogan because he was hardly ever around the guild. He was always out on missions. Mirajane never asked for an office because she preferred to mingle downstairs with the rest of the guild. She really liked hanging out with her two younger siblings, Lucy and Happy. How could she hang out with them if she constantly stayed in an office.

Mirajane gasped as she saw Ur pull out a flier from her robe. This was the Galuna Island Flier. "Ur why do you have that flier with you?"

"I have it because I am well aware of what you and Erza agreed to with Lucy and Lisanna," Ur said in regards to the agreement the four girls made before Lisanna and Lucy left along with Gray and Erza on their mission to stop Eisenwald, "you and Erza agreed to have a rematch with Lucy and Lisanna so they could make S-Class Wizard."

"Yes I did, but what does that have to do with the Galuna Island Mission?" Mirajane asked out of curiosity as she continued to speak up toward the Wizard Saint, "Are you saying that this Galuna Island Mission will be the S-Class Test for Lucy and Lisanna in addition to our matches?"

Ur nodded with neutral expression on her face, then continued to explain what she was planning to Mirajane, "you see Mira, Lucy and Lisanna were down on themselves for causing so much destruction on their most recent missions, they even went as far to say that they weren't ready to ascend to S-Class Wizards yet. After I overheard their conversation, I went in search of Erza and Master Makarov to get what the deal was. Little did I know that they were watching two of our nicest girls in the entire guild from afar evaluating them. It seems that Makarov and Erza believe in those two. They believe they are ready to ascend, but the problem is those two don't believe in themselves."

Ur then summoned a copy Lacrima and placed the Galuna Island Mission underneath of it. She chanted some indiscernible words then picked up the Lacrima and used it like stamp to stamp the flier. As soon as she picked the copy lacrima up and dispelled it, there were three pieces of paper instead of one with the Galuna Island Mission on it.

"Why did you do that Ur?" Mira asked in curiosity toward the Wizard Saint.

"I did that because I am going to keep the original flier and pin one copy of it on the S-Class Board," Ur said to the S-Class Takeover Wizard.

"What do you hope to accomplish by doing that Ur?" Mirajane asked toward Ur in a polite tone as usual, then continued, "are you hoping a certain blue-furred flying cat will take the bait and steal the copy form the board? Also what are you going to do with the third copy?"

Ur nodded in acknowledgement toward the S-Class Take Over Wizard, "Erza is in on it and by extension I'm assuming Gray will be in on it as well. Once the girls return from their mission with Lullaby after finding their way out of the Web Valley Maze, I am going to meet them at their house and offer to take them with me on an S-Class Mission. As for your question regarding the second copy of the flier, I want you to take it with you and put in the mission book and stamp it with the stamp that is the symbol for Team Lucy. Team Lucy's symbol is the golden yellow star stamp." Ur then handed the Team Lucy stamp to Mirajane so she could stamp the second copy with the Team Lucy seal.

"How will you get them to go with you?" Mira asked of the Wizard Saint with curiosity and a sad dejected tone of voice as well, "The last time they went on an S-Class Mission..."

Mira was cut off by Ur nodding in acknowledgement at what Mira was trying to say.

"... I know what happened. We lost Natsu, though Porlyusica assures me that he is alive somehow, once he comes back, he will be chosen for the S-Class Trial at the end of the year. Though he has been gone for two years, I am sure he has improved his magic drasitically wherever he happens to be. They will want to go, especially when I tell Lucy what else is up for grabs."

As Ur said that, she pointed to the bottom of the flier where the details of the mission were. Mirajane then gasped in shock as she saw what else was imprinted on both of the fliers, it was a Golden Zodiac Key, the Key of the Archer, Sagittarius.

"Lucy will want to go, but how will you get my sister to go?" Mirajane asked once again with a sad and worried tone of voice, "Even though both Lisanna and Lucy were holding onto Natsu when he died, Lisanna was affected the most by it. Mainly because Natsu gave her his scarf. So how do you plan on getting Lisanna to go?"

"It's simple," Ur responded with a wink while wagging her finger back and forth, "I will tell her that it will be a good mission for training her other elements for her Elemental Empowerment Magic."

"Perfect idea Ur," Mirajane said with her ever present smile as she picked up the copy of the flier and headed out the door back toward the S-Class request board, not bothering to stamp copy on the flier that Ur had just created. With a smile on her face she turned from the S-Class Request Board and headed back downstairs to her post behind the bar to serve the rest of the guild members. As soon as Mira was finished serving a guild member, she went to the mission book and discretely booked Team Lucy to take the Galuna Island mission as she put the second copy of the Galuna Island Flier in the mission book.

the Next morning in Web Valley, Clover Canyon...

Each of the teams were waking up to the sounds of all the morning birds chirping as well as other sounds of the morning. Unfortunately, they were still hopelessly lost in Clover Canyon. Happy woke up and ran to the edge of the cliff before his two mother's woke up. As he was peering over the cliff's edge he saw something that he didn't even expect to see, it was a bunch of flying fish.

"Alright! Jackpot!" Happy screamed waking his two mother's up from their slumber.

"Happy, what are you doing trying to wake the whole canyon up?" Lucy asked curiously as she walked to the edge of the cliff that Happy was standing on looking over it.

Lisanna woke up noticing the lack of warmth, she tentatively opened her eyes and blinked the sleep out of them screaming out for her girlfriend worriedly, "Lu where are you? Please tell me you're okay!" The way Lisanna shouted with panic in her voice, she probably thought that something terrible had happened to Lucy.

"Hey Li," Lucy shouted with an apparent smile in her voice, then continued, "I'm over here with Happy. It seems that Happy has found his breakfast."

"Oh really?" Lisanna asked while making her way over to the cliff's edge, she then spotted Happy staring down at the floor of one of the fissures. Happy then sat down and took out a fishing pole from his little bag. How he did that, no one knows since his bag is so small. The girls were about to roll their eyes, as their stomach's growled as well. They too pulled out fishing poles.

"Lisanna, wouldn't it be easier for you to just use your Tigress form to run down there and grab some of the winged fish?" Lucy asked while sitting next to her white-haired girlfriend, "or did you forget about that little part of your abilities?"

"What would the fun in that be if I did that?" Lisanna asked curiously from her spot next to Lucy and laid her head on her shoulder, "Besides if I did that, I wouldn't be able to spend time with you, especially since you can't do a takeover to save your life, and something tells me that your Star Make Magic won't work either. I can tell that you are still winded from our most recent battle, I feel winded as well so I just want to relax. Don't want to push ourselves too hard because if we do we won't be able to get ourselves out of this valley."

"That's a good point Lisanna," Lucy said matter-of-factly, "we need to be at full strength for our upcoming battles with Mira-San and Erza-San."

"Exactly!" Lisanna exclaimed as she happily kissed Lucy on the cheek.

The group of two girls and one cat went to fishing like they used to do in the old days with Natsu, they couldn't help but feel a little nostalgic as happy memories of their dearly departed friend passed through their minds causing them to smile.

"Listen up fish!" Happy exclaimed with confidence, "Happy's going to eat you! You're going in my belly right now!"

No matter how hard the three wizards tried, they couldn't catch a single fish. Happy got up and threw his fishing rod down in disappointment, "I give up!"

"What?" Lucy asked curiously toward her son.

"You're giving up already?" Lisanna asked just as curiously, "What would Natsu say if he knew you gave up. Come on sweetie, you can do it!"

"Yes you can Happy!" Lucy said with her smile and a sparkle in her eyes, "Li and I both believe in you!"

Happy took his two mothers' words and let them flow through his brain, then a confidence that had suddenly vanished suddenly appeared just as fast as it vanished, "Aye Sir!"

The three only managed to catch one small flying fish. "Man that was a lot harder than I thought it would be." Lucy said dejectedly as she sat down with a huff.

"You said it Lu," Lisanna said in a sad tone her lovely crystal blue eyes filling up with tears, "we couldn't fish to save our lives, "go ahead and eat it Happy."

"Really?" Happy asked curiously toward his mothers, "It wouldn't be fair though."

"It's too small to split three ways, so you should eat it sweetie." Lisanna said as she hugged Happy close to her bosom, then handed him to Lucy so she could do the same, Lucy was grateful, she really loved that blue cat. She too hugged Happy close to her bosom while Lisanna used her Fire Empowerment magic to cook it up just right for Happy.

"Now eat it before we change our mind," Lucy said to the blue cat as her stomach growled.

Happy picked up the fish took a bite and cringed, "man how could a delicacy taste so disgusting?!" Happy then threw the half-eaten flying fish over the cliff.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Lucy and Lisanna exclaimed together as they packed up their camping gear and followed Happy to Makarov and the others.

Lucy, Lisanna, and Happy eventually arrived at the outskirts of a village...

The two girls and blue flying cat were greeted by the entire group, Aspen standing between Gray and Kyuri who were glaring daggers and lightning bolts at each other trying to keep the peace between the two feuding ice wizards. Makarov and Erza smiling along with Luna and Akiyuki looking on at the couple and their "son."

"Is this the town you found guys?" Lucy asked as she addressed the group only to sense someone else coming, "Okay who's there? Show yourselves!"

"Who are you anyway?" Lisanna asked as she prepared to do battle. Lucy was also preparing to do battle as she started building up magical energy to use her Star Make Katana against the threat when a very familiar voice addressed the group.

"There you guys are!" the feminine voice exclaimed with a worried tone to it, "We have been looking all over for you."

"Chisame is that you?" Lucy asked of the feminine voice.

"We sense someone with you as well, who is it?" Lisanna asked of the dark purple-haired girl. The Lunar Empress and her light purple cat were wondering who that was as well as Titania and Master Makarov.

"She is a new member that just joined the guild yesterday," Chisame said to the group, "her name is Setsuko Koori and she is an Ice Dragon Slayer. She also has a flying cat like Happy, by the way who is the violet purple-haired girl, the striped-haired girl, and the brunette?"

Lucy and the rest of the group turned around to be greeted by Chisame, Roxie, Shiro, and Setsuko.

"Sorry, my name is Luna Fate Heartfilia, " the violet purple-haired bright jade green-eyed Dragon Slayer introduced then pointed toward the light purple flying cat and smiled also introducing her as well, "this little cutie is my partner Akiyuki. It's a pleasure for the both of us to meet you I am the Moon Dragon Slayer."

"Moon Dragon Slayer?" Setsuko inquired along with Shiro.

Luna just nodded at the newcomer.

"Nice to meet you," Akiyuki said as she noticed the other girl and the two cats, "who are your friends?"

"My name is Setsuko Koori," the light blue-haired Ice Dragon Slayer introduced then pointed to the light blue and white furred flying cat on her head, "this is Shiro, she is just like your cats she hatched six years ago from an egg."

"My name is Kyuri Yuki Kuruwa," the white and black striped-haired girl said in a bit of a cold tone as she really wasn't comfortable around new people. She kind of blushed in fear as she tried to hide behind Aspen and Gray, "I-I'm a-an Ice-Sculpt Wizard."

"My name is Aspen, I'm a Weather Wizard," Aspen said still standing between Kyuri and Gray trying to keep the peace so they don't fight each other.

"Well since we are all here," Erza started then passed the buck to Master Makarov, but not before introducing herself to the two newcomers, "my name is Erza Scarlet and I'm a Requip Wizard."

"Nice to meet you young ones," Makarov said addressing the two newcomers, "my name is Makarov Dreyar, I'm the Master of the Fairy Tail Wizard Guild, I have way too many magical abilities to go into any detail of whatsoever. If I did, it would take all day. "Let's get into the village and see if we can find something to eat."

Everyone's stomach's growled at once as they rushed toward the entrance to the village up ahead.

The group then came to a big mushroom-shaped monument in what looked to be the center of town. The group looked around and noticed how quiet it was.

"If this is a village," Gray stated, then continued, "then where are all the people? It seems awfully quiet for a village to me."

Gray was being on his best behavior and not provoking Kyuri into a fight like he used to do to Natsu. He couldn't help but notice that it seemed to be way to quiet for town.

"Is it just me, or does this town seem way too quiet?" Kyuri asked as she looked around, a bored expression on her face, her hands holding her stomach because she really needed some food.

All of a sudden, the three Dragon Slayers picked up the scent of food in a westerly direction, Luna was the first to notice it as she ran toward the direction the smell came from, Akiyuki following shortly behind.

"Lune, where are you going in such a hurry?" Lucy asked completely forgetting that her stomach was growling, realizing her mistake she took off and gave chase yelling for Luna to stop, "Lune, stop running so fast, you could end up getting lost."

"Lu, wait for me!" Lisanna exclaimed as she too gave chase to her girlfriend's cousin. "We need to stick together as a team! We can't afford to get separated."

Lucy realized her mistake just as she caught up to Luna and grabbed the violet purple-haired Dragon Slayer by the braid causing her to immediately stop, "Lu! Let go of my hair!"

"No Lune, we have to stick together, it's way too quiet around here, we could easily get ambushed if we get separated." Lucy said with experience in her voice, being in Fairy Tail for seven years has really helped her to mature, she was no longer the little immature ten year old she was the last time that her and Luna met, she had grown in her years of Fairy Tail. She still wouldn't let go of Luna's braid.

Lisanna caught up with the blond clutching her chest and panting to catch her breath, "jeez Lu, warn me the next time you go running off!"

The rest of the group soon caught up with the three girls and light purple cat.

"Lucy-Mama you need to slow down before I use all my magic up," Happy said as he landed his wings vanishing to conserve his magical energy.

"Will you guys slow down! You almost left us all behind, I'm an old man, I can't keep up with you young people like I used to," Makarov admonished as he finally managed to catch up with the three girls shortly before the others arrived.

"So where to now?" Gray asked curiously as he looked toward Aspen and Kyuri and then to the rest of the group, "That food has got to be around here somewhere."

"I know, could you please slow down!" Kyuri exclaimed coldly with an angry glare on her face as she caught up with the rest of the group panting heavily, she was only thirteen after all, she wasn't used to all this running that the group had been doing as of late.

"So where did you say the smell was coming from you three?" Aspen asked, glancing toward the trio of Dragon Slayers that now were in the lead, "I mean that smell has got to be coming from somewhere right?"

"Follow us," the light blue-haired Ice Dragon Slayer said while her light blue flying cat was sleeping on top of her head with a serene smile on her face, "we will get you there in no time, we are Dragon Slayers after all."

"Was that really necessary Setsuko?" Chisame asked with a frown on her face, you sound like one of those original characters from some archived stories I've read. That seems a bit cliche."

"What are you talking about?" Setsuko asked, a very apparent look of confusion on her face, "what do you mean by cliche?"

Lucy and Lisanna rolled her eyes, Lucy's eye roll more apparent than her white-haired girlfriends, Lucy spoke up trying to clear a few things up for the newcomer, "well there are certain stories that completely change the personality of a certain character where they are no longer who they're supposed to be."

"Huh?" The entire group including Makarov and Erza asked in confusion as they gained very confused looks on their faces.

Happy decided to chime in his two cents, even though he was one of the travelers that was confused by Lucy's words, he finally realized what his blond mother was saying, "for example, an old friend long thought to be dead comes back, and the new friend feels like she is just a replacement and gets angry and decides to leave a certain place to go train to get stronger or something like that."

There were still confused looks on everyone's faces, Lisanna noticed this and decided to go into more detail, after seeing some of the stories and going through some archives of made up stories regarding the Fairy Tail Guild, she put two and two together, "for example, someone like Natsu, an old friend coming back from what everyone assumed to be death, and replacing someone that hasn't been in an organization, guild or otherwise as long as the other person with the old friend causing the new friend severe pain and trauma leading to said newcomer leaving the organization, guild or otherwise vowing to get stronger and coming back and One Hit Knocking out many, if not all of the stronger people proving that they shouldn't have been kicked out. Pretty much a Mary Sue/Gary Stu character."

Mary Sue/Gary Stu?" All the newcomers to Fairy Tail chimed together in unison with very confused tones to their voices as they continued to walk toward the direction the smell was coming from.

"Perfect/Invincible, completely personality changed from the way they once knew them," Lucy finally said after listening to everyone, "in other words if, even though neither Lisanna, nor I would do this; Lisanna or me kicked Aspen off of our team just because Natsu came back. None of the Fairy Tail Guild Members would actually do that."(1)

The newcomers nodded together in understanding as the group finally came to the house the delicious smells were wafting from.

Hungrier than she once was, Kyuri goes up to the door and knocks as hard as she can, "hello is anyone home? Could someone give us some food? We're dying out here!"

They young teenage Ice-Sculpt Wizard's knocking eventually knocked the door open. The group entered what looked to be someone's kitchen and noticed no one was there.

The room the group had stumbled into seemed to be someone's kitchen, on the table seemed to be a freshly baked basket of rows and about three or four table settings. The kitchen was not quite twice the size of Lucy and Lisanna's kitchen, but was pretty big. On the other side of the room was a doorway that looked to lead to a sitting room of some sort with a lot of posters and collectible items on the wall. The group didn't know what the collectible items were, but realized the owner of this house was probably expecting company. There is absolutely no way someone would leave hot food on the table untouched.

"No one's here," Gray remarked as he looked around everywhere.

"Who cares! I'm starving!" Kyuri exclaimed as she grabbed a roll about ready to eat it along with Happy, "so blue cat, Happy I think you said your name was, are you ready to dig in?"

"Aye Sir!" Happy exclaimed happily as he too picked up a roll and was about ready to eat it. Happy couldn't help but realize something was weird, why was the house empty, and why was their fresh food on the table? "Something doesn't add up though," Happy said with drool at the edge of his lips along with concern in his voice, "why is their fresh food on the table? Oh never mind that, let's dig in everyone!"

Shortly after Gray, Kyuri, and Happy reached for a roll; The Dragon Slayers minus Chisame immediately reached for one of the rolls in the bowl only to have them knocked out of their hands by Lucy, Lisanna, and Erza.

"What did you do that for?" Setsuko asked, then continued, "I am so hungry even though I ate something after being inducted into the guild."

"Don't you find it a little weird that hot food would just be laying on the table untouched?" Erza asked curiously toward Luna and Setsuko as she glared menacingly at Kyuri causing the Ice Sculpt Wizard to change her mind about eating the food. Realizing what Erza was saying the two Ice Wizards nodded in understanding, and put the food back. Taking their lead from the young girl, Luna and Setsuko also put the rolls back in the bowl.

"Come to think of it," Kyuri remarked, then continued, "it seems a bit too suspicious for my tastes, I mean no one in their right mind would leave freshly cooked food on the table."

"Exactly!" Lisanna and Lucy chimed together in sync as they linked hands and went back outside of the house.

Erza then looked toward Gray and Kyuri, realizing that they needed to learn to work with each other Titania Erza Scarlet gave out an order that had to be followed, "Gray, Kyuri I want you to look around the surrounding land of this village and look for anything edible, mushrooms, berries, fruits, anything, but none of those flying fish we saw earlier, Aspen I need you and Happy to escort them to keep an eye on them, we don't need two Ice Wizards feuding and destroying the entire area, the Magic Council is on our backs enough already, we don't need to cause anymore damage."

"Aye Aye Sir!" Happy, Gray, and Kyuri all chimed together in unison as they saluted. The two Ice Wizards and blue flying cat left to do as they were told.

"Do they really have to say the exact same thing that Happy says?" Setsuko asked as she face palmed, she could already tell that this would be a very long trip back to the guild.

"Lune, " Lucy said to her cousin, "you, Akiyuki, Chisame, Setsuko, Roxie, and Shiro go into the center of town and figure out where to go from there. There are four directions, each team of Slayer and Cat split up to the East, South, and West. Li and I will take the North."

"What should I do?" Erza asked, finally admitting that Lucy and Lisanna were the leaders of the team. She also realized that over the years Lucy and Lisanna have been going on missions together they have gotten stronger and more proficient in both their magics, nearly mastering their primary magic and about halfway to mastery of their second magic, she could understand why Lisanna had been struggling as of late with her empowerment magic, but couldn't figure out why Lucy had trouble mastering her Star Make Magic, even though she had been practicing her Star Make Magic as long as she had been practicing her Celestial Magic, she then ventured to ask Lucy why she can't seem to have a good handling of her second magic if she had been practicing it as long as she had been practicing her Celestial magic, "hey Lucy, why are you having such a hard time mastering your Star Make Magic? I mean you have been practicing it for as long as you have been practicing your Celestial Magic. Is there a particular reason why? I can understand Lisanna's struggles but yours? They are a little bit harder to grasp."

Lucy sighed in defeat and looked Erza in the eye and explained the reason, "I only learned about half the spells that Mama taught me before she died because I only worked on my more basic Star Make Spells, but the more advanced spells I need to figure out on my own. Each time I would try the more advanced spells I would be exhausted, especially after using one or more of my spirits. Just like Lisanna with her Empowerment Magic, I have a long way to go with my Star Make Magic before I can use one after the other. Gray has a better handling on his because he has Ur to help him and that is also his only magic. I only had my mother to help me with it and now she's gone. Well, you know the situation with my father all too well, you Cyan, Cana, and Levy are the first ones I told about my rocky at best relationship with my father when I first arrived at Fairy Tail."(2)(3) "I just hope that Father understands my position. Knowing him he doesn't, and will send some guild after me to bring me home so he can marry me off."(4)

Erza nodded in understanding and was about to do what she was supposed to do when she realized she hadn't been given a mission, "so what is it you and Lisanna want the Master and me to do while you two explore the North Side of the village to investigate?"

Lisanna remembered that Erza had yet to get a mission for her and Makarov, she then turned to Master Makarov with a questioning look in her eyes as she saw the Master nod with a smile showing that he trusted her and Lucy to give orders to him. This team was theirs after all, "Go ahead child, I will do as you say. This is your team after all."

Lisanna looked toward her girlfriend, who she had unconsciously put her arm around while looking into her brown orbs with her blue ones. Seeing the smile, nod and wink the blond had given her, she continued to explain what her and Lucy wanted them to do, "go through the houses and see if there is food on their tables as well, also if you see anything suspicious, let us know what you two find. There has got to be some explanation as to why this village is so quiet. A village this big shouldn't be this quiet. Something strange is going on here."

Finally getting the orders, Erza and Makarov nodded in acknowledgement as the couple headed off to do their own investigating of the situation. Little did they know that the entire group would find themselves in the middle of a battle royal with a huge multi-headed monster before the day was done.

In a nearby forest...

Gray and Kyuri were in the forest along with Aspen and Happy to search for mushrooms or anything edible like Erza said. Aspen was taken aback by this and couldn't figure out why someone would want them to find mushrooms for eating. Why couldn't they have just eaten the food in the house they were in earlier, it would've been way easier and their stomachs wouldn't be growling constantly. Trees surrounded the group as the sounds of the forest echoed throughout the air. Birds chirping, geese honking, various animals running about the forest floor trying their best to avoid the humans, and a soft summer breeze blowing through the trees causing the tall grasses to sway.

"I get that Erza wants to find something a little less suspicious besides warm food on the table, " Aspen remarked toward the blue cat who was now sitting on Aspen's head smiling happily, "but why mushrooms?"

"Don't you get it?" Happy inquired of the weather wizard.

"Don't I get what? You're making absolutely no sense Happy! Explain." Aspen demanded with a bit of anger in her voice, the air around her getting cold causing Happy to shiver.

"Erza sent those two to get mushrooms because she wants to see what effect they have on them. She's testing those two to make sure those mushrooms aren't poisonous and don't cause strange side effects. You know the cliche." Happy said with a smile on his face.

"Are you serious?" Kyuri asked with a bit of an angry edge to her voice as she stuffed her mouth with mushrooms, "I may be young but I'm not stupid enough to fall for something like that, Ice Stripper on the other hand maybe."

"What's that supposed to mean Ice Shrimp?" Gray asked angrily as he bent down to meet Kyuri in the eyes.

Aspen and Happy gave the two glares that immediately told them to stop what they were doing.

"Really?" Aspen asked, then continued, "No offense Happy, but we went over some cliches earlier when Lucy and Lisanna were talking about Setsuko acting differently."

"Aye Ma'am," Happy said happily, "strange things happening to those two as a result of something they did for example, them eating some mushrooms and something completely ridiculous happening to them."

"Okay." Aspen said drawing out the long o sound to an almost unnecessary length, kind of like what Happy does with his love shtick.

"Hey Kyuri," Gray said coldly as he looked at the Ice Sculpt Wizard with a cold glare, "let's make a bet."

"You're on," Kyuri acknowledged after she swallowed what she was eating, reciprocating Gray's cold glare, ice apparent in her voice as she glared challengingly toward the Ice Make Wizard, "what are the stakes?"

"I bet you I can find a lot more mushrooms than you can small fry," Gray said, not realizing he was now standing in just his boxers causing Kyuri and Aspen to cover their eyes.

"GRAY!" Happy exclaimed angrily, then continued, "Have some decency! Stop stripping in front of the girls!"

Gray looked down and gasped realizing what Happy was talking about as he fumbled with putting his clothes back on, "damn Ur and her training style! Ever since I met Ur after my parents were killed, I have picked up her stripping habit!"

"Whatever showboat!" Aspen exclaimed nonchalantly, a very cold tone to her voice. Even colder than Kyuri's. Hey are those snowflakes starting to fall in the middle of summer?

"Aspen," Happy said as he pointed to the sky, "those two aren't going to find mushrooms if you freeze them."

Aspen looked up realizing she had activated her weather change magic and immediately turned it off. Just as fast as the snow started, it stopped.

"Sorry about that," Aspen said with a tone of embarrassment to her voice as she blushed and put her hand behind her head with embarrassment evident in her posture.

"No problem Aspen," Happy said, then continued, "just be careful."

Aspen nodded and turned her attention back to the two feuding Ice Wizards.

Each Ice Wizard picked up a handful of mushrooms and started shoveling them in their mouths simply because they were hungry, having not eaten all night and day.

"Hey," Kyuri said as she licked her lips, "these mushrooms aren't half bad, but the more I eat, the hungrier I get."

"I know, " Gray said mirroring Kyuri's disposition, "I just have to have more of these mushrooms with each one I eat. I must've been a lot hungrier than I thought."

Meanwhile, back in the village...

Erza is searching the nearby houses for anything suspicious, the only thing she found though was some clothes hanging on a clothes line and several quiet houses.

Back in one of the many houses, Makarov was sneaking a quick meal in as he used some of his fire magic to begin to make soup as he cut vegetables up and put them in the soup.

Makarov was so into his cooking, that he failed to realize that Erza was back until he felt an angry stare at his back, Erza's form shrouded in shadows as she had an angry expression on her face showing disapproval and disappointment in the Fairy Tail Guild's Master.

"Master." Erza said with a very intense cold tone to her voice, her arms crossed over her armor-clad ches, this was not lost on Makarov as he stopped what he was doing and spoke up.

"I-I was just investigating Erza." Makarov said, quickly coming up with an excuse as to why he was cooking food.

Meanwhile, back with Gray, Kyuri, Aspen, and Happy in the forest...

"These mushrooms aren't very big," Kyuri chimed in with a very un-ladylike disposition talking with her mouth full of mushrooms, "but if I keep eating a ton of them, I'm bound to get full sooner or later."

"Here comes the setup." Happy chimed with happiness in his voice as he watched from his perch on top of Aspen's head.

"We better start picking faster," Gray said with his mouthful of mushrooms as he continued to eat, mainly addressing Kyuri rather than anyone else.

"Ha ha, ha ha ha," Aspen giggled from her position leaning up against a tree as she continued to watch the events unfold.

Kyuri started to choke as a section of her face turned purple just underneath her eyes on the bridge of the nose.

"Hey Kyuri," Aspen stated worriedly, then continued, "are you going to be okay?"

Happy then left his perch on Aspen's head and was spinning around in joy, as he spoke up showing Aspen what he was talking about, "and here's the gag."

A giant mushroom of red with yellow dots on it with a few smaller mushrooms surrounding it appeared on the young Ice Scuplt Wizard's head as Kyuri spoke up finally regaining her composure with a perplexed expression on her face while fingering her black katana, "whoa that was scary."

"Your head is scary!" Aspen exclaimed with fear very apparent in her voice as Gray came up beside her. He couldn't help but wonder what the big deal was.

Happy was looking down to the ground after he landed with a dejected look on his face, "oh man, I was hoping they would turn her purple."

"Um, that's what you were hoping for?" Aspen asked with a very perplexed look on her face, the pupils of her eyes strangely absent as Aspen looked like she was about to face-plant when Gray came up next to Kyuri.

"Hey, what are you two so worked up about?" Gray asked curiously with an extremely clueless expression on his face.

Aspen turned her back on the duo as she waved her hand back and forth nonchalantly with her eyes closed not wanting to see what had just transpired behind her lines of annoyance very apparent on her face, "just take a look at one another okay."

"What?" The two ice wizards asked each other as they turned to face each other. The two looked at each other and Kyuri laughed at Gray's expense. The two Ice Wizards were pointing toward one each other angry glares on their faces.

"Ha ha Ice Stripper, there's a mushroom on your head!" Kyuri exclaimed while laughing as she continued to point at the black-haired Ice Make Wizard while he pointed back at her.

"Oh yeah shrimp?" Gray asked rhetorically then continued, "I bet yours is bigger than mine."

"This could be really bad!" Aspen exclaimed angrily,then continued, "Who cares how you look?"

The two feuding Ice Wizards continued to feud over whose mushroom was bigger paying no mind to Aspen's comment.

"Guys." Aspen said trying to break the two feuding Wizards up, very unsuccessfully I might add.

Happy then found another mushroom that seemed to be really big.

"Hey droopy-eyes what the heck are you laughing about?" Kyuri asked angrily standing up on her tiptoes trying to look into Gray's eyes.

"Me?" Gray asked angrily as he glared at the young Ice Sculpt Wizard, "what are you laughing about 'shroom head?"

The two feuding Ice Wizards then broke out into an all out brawl.

"You can fight later!" Aspen exclaimed angrily while waving her hands frantically in exasperation. "Worry about the mushrooms first!"

Meanwhile, on the North Side of Town...

Lucy and Lisanna continued to investigate the strange disposition this town harbored. It seems that something made this town extremely quiet, there was hot food on a table, and no one around.

"Something odd is going on for an entire village of people to disappear," Lucy remarked taking stock of the situation, then continued, "something really doesn't add up, how could an entire town disappear like that?"

"I have no idea Lu, say why don't we take to the sky to get a better look at this part of town," Lisanna suggested to her girlfriend, "that way we can come up with a strategy when we reunite with the others."

Lisanna then winked and transformed into her half bird form. Her legs and feet were still normal, but her arms and hands had turned into green and pink wings. Lisanna took to the sky and motioned for Lucy to follow. Lucy thought about using her Star Make Magic to fly, but decided to use her Silver Eagle to scout the sky.

Lucy pulled out one of her silver keys, threw it up in the air causing it spin in mid-air. Catching her eagle key in mid-air Lucy gently swung it with her right hand, "Open Gate of the Silver Eagle! Aquila!" A Silver Circle materialized at the end of the key with a doorbell chime sounding through the air. Out of the Silver Magic circle appeared her Giant Eagle Spirit who spread out her wings proudly.

"Lucy my dear, how can I help you?" Aquila asked as she looked into the brown eyes of her wizard and friend

"Could you please take me up in the air so I can get a better look at this area. Li and I noticed something weird engraved in the pavement when we were searching." Lucy requested of her eagle spirit.

Aquila nodded lowering herself just enough so Lucy can climb on, once Lucy was holding onto the eagle's neck, she took to the sky and eventually caught up with Lisanna to help out as much as she could.

The two girls went to opposite ends of the north side of town and made their way toward the center of the northern part of this strange village.

Meanwhile, at the same time on the South, East, and West Sides of the Village...

The three Dragon Slayers decided to take to the air and follow the strange markings on the pavement on their respective sides of town just like Lucy and Lisanna were doing. It was beyond them. They couldn't for the life of them figure out what to make of this strange and quiet town. It was a real live mystery and they had to get to the bottom of it.

Back in the Center of the Village where the group had just came in...

Makarov and Erza had decided to go back to the giant mushroom that they first came across when they first entered the village with the rest of the group.

"Did you find anybody?" Erza asked of the Aged Guild Master of Fairy Tail.

"Nope, not a single soul," Makarov said in response to Titania, "this whole residential neighborhood seems to be missing."

"But if that's the case," Erza pointed out, then continued, "why do all the houses have freshly cooked food on their tables?"

Makarov had no answer, as the same line that the rest of the group had been following from the sky appeared below them.

Erza was the first to speak up as she looked down to the pavement along with Makarov, "hold on, this isn't an ordinary crack in the ground, it must serve some kind of purpose."

Meanwhile, back in the forest...

Gray and Kyuri were panting heavily as Aspen walked in between them after confirming that they were done fighting.

The two Ice Wizards were laboring to breathe as they tried to catch their breath.

Aspen glanced at both Ice Wizards and closed her eyes slightly, "come on guys, turn off the stupid would you?"

Happy then padded up to the trio and held what he found up for all three of them to see, "Aspen! Look I found a big one!"

"Holy cow that's big!" Aspen exclaimed in extreme shock and surprise as she turned her head back toward Happy, her hands coming up almost clapping with each other, as she lowered her arms and turned her hands into fists, "I don't even wanna know what that would do to ya."

"Oh man wow!" Kyuri exclaimed with slightly warmer tone of voice while standing on one side of Aspen, but it still seemed to be cold as well, "that's huge!"

Gray then appeared up next to Aspen on the other side, "that's so big we can eat off of it for days."

Aspen sighed as she looked down toward the ground in annoyance, "how about we hold off on eating anymore of these things today?"

Aspen's words went non-acknowledged as Happy took a big bite of his mushroom causing Aspen to drop to her knees and squeeze Happy's cheeks with an angry exasperated look on her face, "after all this, you're still shoving that thing in your mouth like it's no big deal! Spit it out now!"

"But it's yummy, Lucy Mama and Lisanna Mama wouldn't want me to go hungry, so why are you so mean and making me go hungry Aspen?" Happy remarked, right before placing his hands on his throat much like Kyuri did just a few minutes earlier. A yellow and pink mushroom popped out of Happy's head as the three members of Team Lucy looked on with awe at what just popped out of the blue flying fur ball's head.

"Well I guess that's what happens when anyone eats one of these things, " Kyuri remarked while Aspen looked on with her right fist to the side of her face.

"I wonder if the villagers knew someway around this problem," Gray stated while looking at the spectacle that was Happy with a mushroom growing out of his head.

"Who knows, maybe they like the way it looks," Kyuri stated having stopped fighting with Gray for the moment.

"Yeah, maybe we'll be in style when we get back to town," Gray said to his teammate while watching Happy's reaction to his own predicament. Gray and Kyuri were laughing at Happy as he turned tail and ran off the opposite direction.

"It's not funny this time!" Happy exclaimed as he ran off.

"Were you trying to be funny?" Aspen asked curiously in an annoyed tone of voice as she watched Happy take off and then looked back to Gray and Kyuri, "Um Kyuri, is it just me or is your mushroom growing.

Happy cried at the spectacle of Kyuri's mushroom getting bigger,"oh how come she always gets the good gags? She just joined a couple days ago!"

Meanwhile at the various locations around town...

Seven Wizards and three flying cats of dark purple, light purple, and light blue were following the strange markings on the ground. The group of seven wizards eventually met up with each other while Gray, Kyuri, Aspen, and Happy were still searching for mushrooms.

"Master, Erza!" Lucy and Lisanna chimed in as they landed, Lucy getting off of Aquila and sending her back to the Celestial Spirit World and Lisanna returning to her normal form after meeting up with them, "these lines I don't think they are any ordinary lines."

The three Dragon Slayers with their flying cats lowering them down also met up in the middle with the other four, "

"I think this might be..." Luna chimed in not wanting to jump to conclusions just yet.

"...I think all these strange cracks are interconnected somehow," Setsuko said nearly confirming Master and Erza's suspicions.

"I think these strange markings are actually something we are used to seeing on a daily basis," Chisame finished as she continued to investigate the strange markings on the ground.

"What is it..." Lucy started, then grabbed onto Lisanna for dear life with fear very evident on her face.

"Master, Erza?" Lisanna said as she mirrored Lucy's actions.

As the group of seven wizards and three flying cats were trying to figure out the significance of all the cracks coming together in one spot, a low roar can be heard throughout the village and off into the forest with Aspen, Happy, Gray, and Kyuri.

Out in the Forest...

A low roar echoed from the direction of the town gaining the attention of the three wizards and blue flying cat.

"You hear that?" Kyuri asked the group, her cold demeanor vanishing and being replaced with one of fear.

"What is it?" Aspen said as she looked toward the direction that roar was coming from, it just so happened it was coming from the town.

There was a strange sound that echoed through the air as the mushrooms on Gray and Kyuri's heads glowed a pure white drawing Aspen's attention back to the two previously feuding Ice Wizards. Just as she turned around and saw the glowing mushrooms on the heads of the Ice Wizards, the mushrooms vanished without a trace.

"Huh?" Aspen asked curiously as she looked at the now empty tops of the heads of Gray and Kyuri where the mushrooms had been just a second ago.

"Yay the mushrooms are gone now!" Happy exclaimed happily, not even realizing that he still sported a mushroom on his head.

Aspen heard the celebration of Happy and turned with a sly smirk on her face and spoke up, "Not quite, looks like yours is still going strong."

"Ahhh!" Happy exclaimed sadly and out out of embarrassment.

"Erza! Gramps!" Gray exclaimed with Aspen and Kyuri on either side of him.

"Everybody!" Kyuri exclaimed as she ran as fast as her shorter legs could carry her, luckily she was able to keep up with the two older and much faster teens as all three of them ran back toward town leaving Happy behind.

Happy was jumping up and down frantically waving his arms back and forth as he spoke up in an extremely annoyed tone, "get this thing off of my head, it's not funny when the joke's on me!"

Back in the village with the rest of the stranded group...

The cracks in the pavement glowed an eerie red scaring Lisanna and Lucy even more as they clung tighter to each other.

"Pull yourselves together you two!" Erza scolded with an angry glare toward the couple, "If we are going to figure out what these cracks in the pavement are for we have to be at full strength and be ready for anything!"

Lisanna and Lucy looked toward one another and realized that Titania was right. Pulling themselves together, they stood ready to follow Master Makarov, Erza, and the others into battle should it be necessary. In the back of their minds, Lisanna and Lucy knew that they would have to fight along side their comrades if they ever wanted to get out of this valley and back to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.

The pavement markings continued to glow an eerie red color as Kyuri, Gray, Aspen, and Happy ran back to town to meet up with the other seven wizards and the three flying cats.

"Erza!" Gray exclaimed as Aspen and Kyuri looked around at the glowing markings.

"Be careful Happy!" Lucy and Lisanna said as they made their way back to their son to protect him. The Dragon Slayers and other three cats really couldn't figure out what was going on, at least not the newcomers of Luna, Aspen, Kyuri, and Setsuko. Lucy, Lisanna, and Chisame along with Erza and Makarov looked to be contemplating what was going on, they had suspicions at the moment, but weren't sure what to make of them.

"Aye." Happy said from in between his two mothers while looking around the general area surrounding them. Buildings behind the group began to waver and looked to be changing shape.

"Whoa!" Lisanna exclaimed as she got closer to Lucy, nervousness very apparent in her voice.

"What's with this place?" Lucy asked perplexed as she looked around with a very concerned expression on her face.

"Why is everything moving?!" Aspen asked in a frightened tone as she put both her hands on both her cheeks.

"I have no idea." Shiro said as she too glanced around the immediate area and shivered with fear as she held onto the Ice Maiden for dear life.

"I'm here for you Shiro, don't worry," Setsuko said trying to comfort her partner.

"It looks like all the houses are having a dance party huh?" Happy asked curiously.

"Happy!" Kyuri exclaimed in a very cold tone of voice.

"I think you're missing the point." Aspen said in addition to Kyuri, a worried tone to her voice. Luna and Chisame were ready for anything as Setsuko seemed to have tears running down her face. She was really scared.

"I didn't know joining Fairy Tail would be this dangerous." Setsuko cried as she looked around very worriedly.

"Something tells me those markings we were following," Luna started as she looked around along with Chisame.

"aren't what they seem, what if, these markings are a..." Chisame continued worriedly.

"Are part of some crazy spell!" Akiyuki exclaimed with extreme worry in her voice, "I think we may be in trouble here."

"State the obvious why don't you." Roxie said in a sassy tone toward the light purple cat.

"Roxie! That's enough," Chisame ordered, "I am just as worried as you are, but there's absolutely no need to get sassy at anytime during this crisis!"

"Sorry Chisame." Roxie cowered with a bit of a sweat drop as she flew up in between Chisame's shoulder blades and hid in her hair.

The group knew a battle was coming, so the ones that had weapons reached for them, Lisanna her Bo, Lucy her whip, Luna reaching for her two katanas, Kyuri reached for hers, followed by Setsuko. Akiyuki reached for her scythe, while Roxie reached for her KisariGama. Poison Magic started appearing in the palms of Chisame's hands as she held them up to the sky, and Erza requipped one of her own katanas.

"It can't be!" Makarov exclaimed worriedly as he was struggling to keep his balance with the shifting ground beneath his feet.

"It's time to rumble Gramps!" Gray exclaimed as he slammed his hands together forming a mist of Ice Magic in between them.

"No wait!" Makarov exclaimed causing everyone to put their weapons away.

"What?" Gray asked curiously, "Why?"

"We have to get to higher ground there's something I have to check!" Makarov exclaimed to the group as him and Erza ran for higher ground.

Lisanna shifted into her half-bird form, while Lucy summoned her Star Make Wings. Happy carried Aspen, while Gray and Kyuri ran in the direction of Master and Erza.

Akiyuki, Roxie, and Shiro grabbed onto Luna, Chisame, and Setsuko respectively and took to the sky as well. The group that was flying followed closely behind the ones that were on the ground. They knew that Master and Erza would never steer them wrong as they followed.

Once the entire group was to higher ground everyone landed Lisanna returning to normal along with Lucy, the flying cats setting down their respective passengers and continuing to hover to get a better look, they weren't as big as the human wizards were so they decided to stay hovering, Happy with his mushroom still on his head.

Down below the group several monster were flying about putting on a show for our heroes. Lucy and Lisanna saw this and immediately realized why they saw those markings, but have to wait for Master Makarov to explain.

"Oh man," Lisanna said to the group as she got closer to Lucy, who in turn got closer to her.

"looks like we got out just in time," Lucy continued as she looked on next to her girlfriend with Happy hovering between them.

"It seems we suspected right Roxie," Chisame said to her partner.

"Master," Roxie started then continued, "is that what I think it is?"

"What are we gonna do?" Setsuko asked worriedly her voice cracking in fear. She was getting ready to cry as Shiro hovered down closer to her partner and patted her on the back comforting her.

"This doesn't look good," Luna said as she reached up and grabbed her partner cat and held her close to her chest.

"I knew it was a bad idea to enter this town," Akiyuki chimed in.

"You aren't kidding," Gray stated to the group, "it looks like a massive..."

"magic circle," Erza said as she cut Gray off, "I knew there was something fishy about this town."

The entire group gasped in awe and fear at what Erza just mentioned, it seems that Lisanna, Lucy, Chisame, and Luna all noticed the same thing so they weren't as scared as Kyuri, Aspen, and Setsuko were.

"That's right," Makarov stated as he thought back to what him and Erza saw in the ground as they were investigating the town, it seems the wizards that took to the sky saw the exact same thing, those lines that we saw in the village were carved in the ground to form a massive magic circle. A circle that was made for a type of magic that was banned many years ago, a form of sealing magic that is known as alive."

"So what do we do now Master?" Kyuri asked as she interrupted the Master's Speech.

"So what does it do?" Aspen asked curiously to the aged master whose words spoke of massive wisdom gained throughout the years of his life.

"See for yourself," Makarov stated as he continued on as monsters continued to swarm in the town below our heroes, "it's exactly what it looks like, it has the ability to turn inanimate objects into living creatures. It appears the villagers cast a forbidden spell only to be eaten by the very monsters they brought to life."

All of a sudden, a flashback plays through the minds of our two main girls Lucy and Lisanna, an image of the mission two years ago that cost them Natsu. This really set an uneasy feeling in the pits of the stomachs of the blond and white-haired beauties.

"It seems more like my primary type of magic Master. Almost like Take Over, but to a much higher level," Lisanna said to the group as Lucy continued on.

"The same type of magic that led to the death of our dearest friend Natsu," Lucy stated to the group, "however Li is right, this is a much higher more advanced level of magic. It's no wonder it was banned so long ago. I've read about this type of magic many times before in books with Levy."

"Wh-what?" Four of the five newest members to Fairy Tail asked together.

"But, why would they use magic that's been banned?" Aspen asked curiously and with extreme surprise in her voice.

Erza closed her eyes thinking back to her investigation of the town and then spoke up, "this village was home to a Dark Guild."

"What?" Lucy and Lisanna asked together, "No way!"

Images of Erza's investigation comes to her minds eye as she remembers finding herself in a shed with a huge collection of dangerous weapons, that are only used by a dark guild as she continued her explanation, "while investigating, I came across a collection of magic tools tucked away in a shed. Upon closer inspection," Erza paused as several images of people with red glowing eyes with a strange symbol that looked kind of like a dragon overshadowing the group as well as the many weapons that Erza found seemed to pass through her minds eye, she then continued, "I realized they were tools used to practice black magic."

Master Makarov then interrupted Erza's speech with an observation of his own as he entered Erza's minds eye with his left index finger raised to the sky while is other fingers as well as his thumb were folded under, "knowing how reckless Dark Guilds can be they probably thought up some crazy plan and wound up getting burned in the process, but," Erza's mental image was then broken as he startled all of Team Lucy except for Erza as he continued, "there's one thing we should be grateful for."

"Okay Master," Lisanna started as she trailed off.

"and what would that be Master?" Lucy asked curiously.

"The Dark Guild's Mischief brought these creatures to life," Makarov said as the creatures continued to reek havoc on the town below the group, "and most living creatures can be turned into, food!"

The eight newcomers to the guild gasped in shock at how shallow Master Makarov seemed when it came to food, "Ahhhhhh!"

The shock on the newcomers faces was priceless as Gray, Lisanna, and Lucy had a hungry look in their eyes, but then Lucy and Lisanna snapped out of it realizing that this really wasn't the time to be thinking about food leaving Gray the only one focused on the food along with Makarov.

Aspen then noticed that Gray was undressed again and spoke up, "that smirk makes your nakedness creepier Gray!"

"Now it's time to chow!" Kyuri exclaimed as she grabbed her black Katana and took off to get something to eat, "Last one there doesn't get any food!"

"Is that really the most important thing right now?" Lisanna asked as her stomach growled.

"We have more important things to think of," Lucy stated through her stomach growls with an extremely annoyed tone to her voice, "LIKE HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET OUT OF THIS VALLEY!"

"I don't care Cousin Lu, I'm hungry," Luna said to her cousin as she took off and looked back toward the other two dragon slayers, "Chisame, Setsuko are you coming along?"

Setsuko nodded and removed her kimono top revealing her blue halter top underneath along with her blue skirt, "we can worry about getting out of here later, I'm hungry!"

"Luna is right Lu," Chisame said as she too took off, "we won't have any strength get out of this valley if we don't eat."

"At this point, I don't even care what they taste like!" Gray said as he took off to fight the monsters.

Happy, Roxie, Shiro and Akiyuki took off after Gray, Chisame, Setsuko, and Luna respectively. Erza quickly followed the rest of the group, Aspen trailing behind Erza and eventually catching up with Kyuri so she could give the Ice Sculpt Wizard a hand knowing that she wasn't really that strong or has that much stamina when it came to her Ice Sculpt Magic. Tendrils of wind were whipping from the Weather Wizard's feet as she worked as hard as she could to go help Kyuri out.

"Even Erza and Aspen are going to eat those things?" Lucy and Lisanna asked in sync extremely shocked expressions on their faces, then looked toward the rest of the group.

"Save some for me all of you!" Makarov exclaimed from the top of the cliff.

"Lu, why aren't you going after them?" Lisanna asked to her girlfriend, "Aren't you hungry too?"

"I am Li, but I really don't think there are enough of those things for us to join in the fight," Lucy said to her girlfriend.

"What do you mean Lucy?" Makarov asked perplexed, knowing her and Lisanna and their closeness to Natsu, he expected them to go after those monsters as well.

"Yeah Lu, what are you trying to say?" Lisanna asked just as perplexed as Makarov.

"Think about it Li," Lucy said as she counted the number of people and cats that went after those things. Aspen, Kyuri, Erza, Gray, Luna, Chisame, Setsuko, Shiro, Happy, Akiyuki, and Roxie. Seven Human Wizards and four flying cats equaling eleven total Wizards, "Eleven of our fellow guild mates went after those things, remember how bad Happy said those flying fish tasted?"

"Yeah so?" Lisanna asked curiously, Makarov also regarded the blond with an admiring look on his face.

"Whose to say that those things will taste good? I mean, they are monsters after all. Besides, couldn't they have just asked us to cook something up for them? We are accomplished cooks you know. We packed plenty of supplies for our mission to stop Lullaby and we ate at restaurants and on the train as well. Besides I think it would be a bit of overkill if we joined in the battle."

"I guess you're right, Lu." Lisanna admitted.

Makarov was astonished, he never realized how mature Lucy was until just now, Lisanna too. Maybe they were ready for the next step after all. Those two girls could really set a good example for the guild, but they had to believe in themselves first, which they were beginning to do, but they still lacked that little bit of confidence that would get them to the next leve, he hoped the mission that Ur had for them would help elevate them to the next rank, "I must say, you girls are a lot more mature than Natsu was, if he were here today, he would probably go on a rampage like your fellow teammates are at this moment. While I appreciate your offer to cook, I think it would be very beneficial to you if you joined your teammates in helping to stop these monsters. The sooner we stop these monsters, the sooner we can get out of this valley and get back home. You want to get back home don't you?"

Lucy and Lisanna looked toward Makarov, then looked toward each other, realizing they work better together the nodded to each other a gold magic circle appeared underneath Lisanna's feet as she winked, "Takeover! Animal Soul!"

Lisanna's arms turned into multi-colored wings from her bird form, while her feet turned into bird talons, the rest of her body however remained human as she looked toward Lucy, seeing the nod that Lucy gave her she took to the sky and picked Lucy up by her shoulders careful not to rip her shirt Lucy's feet were still on the ground as she looked up toward her white-haired girlfriend.

"You ready Lu?" Lisanna asked worriedly as she looked down toward her love and noticed how nervous she was, "what's wrong? Don't you trust me?"

The last part of Lisanna's sentence was said with a pout. Lucy saw the pout and smiled at Lisanna.

"Of course I trust you Li," Lucy said with a perplexed tone to her voice and giggled, "I'm just used to being the one to carry you, or having Aquila carry the both of us."

"Exactly Lu," Lisanna said with a wink and a smile, "that's why I'm returning the favor. It's the least I can do."

Lucy smiled, laughed, and nodded as she picked her feet up off the ground and motioned for Lisanna to take off. Lisanna acknowledged and the couple took to the skies. Lucy waved to the Master, winked and smiled, "don't worry Master leave everything to us, your children."

"I will, be careful you two and make sure the others are careful as well." Makarov said then fondly thought about the two girls in front of him, 'Those two really make me proud to be their Master. They may not be the strongest Wizards in Fairy Tail, but they have hearts as big as the skies. They always put others before them in importance, they really have matured since losing Natsu, but they still have a long way to go to be the best. Ur, Erza, Mira, and Laxus, as strange as it sounds, are all right, those two are ready to set an example for the guild. I know Mystogan would say the same thing as well as Gildarts, and our founder. Once they complete Ur's mission on Galuna Island, they will become S-Class. I can see that their tests will be not only one to test skill, but intellect as well. Those two work so good together. I hope you're watching Natsu, your best friends are really proving themselves. I wish you were here to see them now. I can't believe it's been two years, time flies.'

With the Three Dragon Slayers and their flying cat partners...

Luna grabbed her two katanas, Setsuko grabbed her one katana, and Chisame powered up her fists with Poison Dragon Slayer Magic. They were confronted by three huge monsters that were heading straight for them. This meant they had to fight before they could eat. Happy had split off and gone after a random possessed chair with his mushroom still on his head.

"Time to get this battle started ugly!" Chisame exclaimed as a dark purple magic circle appeared in front of her mouth as her cheeks puffed up powering up with the poison inside of her.

"Setsuko, Luna, Shiro, Akiyuki; draw your opponents away from Chisame, her poison is powerful, it could cause you serious outer damage as well as internal damage if you inhale the poison fumes or get hit by on of the poison tendrils!" Roxie exclaimed worriedly as she summoned her KisariGama and cut the battle area in three parts big enough so Chisame's attacks wouldn't get to her fellow guild mates.

The other two Dragon Slayers nodded as they drew the attention of their monsters away from Chisame's area and got as far away from her as possible.

Luna and Akiyuki...

Akiyuki summoned her scythe and started slicing and dicing Luna's monster fiercely.

"Okay you monster, I think you better taste the power of a Moon Dragon Slayer! Moon Dragon's!" Luna exclaimed puffing up her cheeks gathering the energy of the moon within her mouth a silver magic circle appearing in front of she was done building up power within her mouth she opened up her mouth and let loose a Crescent Moon-Shaped beam of Ice, Moonbeams, and Shadows all rolled into one form a spinning Crescent Moon-Shaped Cyclone straight for the monster, "Roar!"

The combined force of all three elements hit the monster dead on causing it to shutter, but it still wouldn't give up. Charging her fist with icy energy and moonbeams she aimed her punch straight at the monster. Another silver magic circle forming in front of her fist. In no time at all, she sent out her "Moon Dragon's Icy Fist!" Freezing the lower half of the monster so it couldn't move.

Finding that she immobilized the monster she smashed the palm of her hands together forming a silver magic circle with the face of a dragon on it, jumping up in the air and spinning 180 degrees with her back turned to the monster, the silver magic circle formed two wing-like tendrils from her back. spinning around on her tiptoes in pirouette she held her hands straight up into the sky and struck her arms down in an x-like fashion sending moon energy straight toward the monster. "Moon Dragon Wing Attack!"

The Wing Attack hit the monster dead on causing the monster to collapse. Quickly turning to her partner flying cat Akiyuki, she nodded toward the light purple cat who expertly spun her miniature scythe like a baton slashing up the monster, Luna took her katana's crossed them in front of her face and ran after the unconscious monster like a speeding bullet train slashing the monster into small tiny bite size pieces along with her partner. One monster was knocked out and ready to eat, there were still a lot to go. Akiyuki and Luna limped over to the defeated monster, it seems that the battle took a lot out of the Moon Dragon Slayer and her light purple flying cat. The big pieces that were still around, the two tag teamed and chopped them up.

Setsuko and Shiro...

Readying her Ice Dragon Slayer Power within her, Setsuko sheathed her katana and prepared her attack.

"Hey monster, you have caused so much pain to the villagers that you took over, even if they are a dark guild, they don't deserve to be treated like this. I am really hungry right now, and have an appetite for Monster Flavored Ice Cream, I will be happy to turn you into it with my Ice Dragon's..." Setsuko said as she gathered her Ice Dragon Slayer energy into her mouth, causing her cheeks to puff up with the ice filling them up from deep within herself an ice blue magic circle with a dragon's face on it appearing in front of her mouth. The monster that Setsuko was facing was small compared to Luna's monster, and twice as small as Chisame's monster. Setsuko figured in her mind that this was a week monster, but she wasn't about to let her guard down. Despite the fact she had been practicing her magic for quite a while now, she still couldn't figure out how to do her more advanced attacks. She knew she had a long way to go, but she knew she couldn't give up either. Once her energy was gathered up in her mouth with her hands coming up to her mouth as if she was calling out to someone her mouth opened up wide sending out a jet of ice magic straight for the heart of the monster, however she was a bit low and only hitting the extreme bottom half of the monster, however this did a decent trick of freezing it in place, but it was still able to move freely so it charged what it could move straight toward the Ice Maiden, the ice that had frozen the monster was broken and the monster gave chase.

Dodging as much as she could, she began gathering energy on one of her fists as she tried to dodge, while she was charging up, the monster was able to get a few slashes in with the blades on its horns. The horns managed to hit her slicing a bit of her top off revealing her navel. It slashed so much off that the bottom of her breasts were exposed a bit, but she didn't mind with the exception of the monster, she was in the company of two girls. If she was in the company of Gray she'd be quite a bit more nervous and too busy trying to maintain her modesty while fighting the monster at the same time.

Slamming her fists together creating an ice blue magic circle with a dragon's face on it, she reeled her arm back while at the same time charging her left fist with ice energy forming an icy mist on it. Taking off toward the monster she rapidly approached slamming her fist into the monster, "Ice Dragon's Freeze Fist!"

This froze the monster all the way up to the base of its horns stopping it's heart and brain effectively eliminating it. Removing her katana from its sheath, she rapidly slashed the monster into icy toothpicks that were easily eaten with the last of her strength. just for good measure, Setsuko cut off its horns and froze them solid with a very weak breath attack just as a precaution.

Chisame and Roxie...

Having finally built up enough strength and stamina while loading her mouth the deadly paralyzing toxin that is her breath attack, Chisame held her arms straight out to the side to prepare her attack. "Poison Dragon's..." once she had enough of her poisonous attack in her mouth she opened her mouth and let out a loud scream, "Roar!" The poisonous gas that was released started spinning rapidly in two different directions, the half that had left her mouth was spinning clockwise, while the half that was in her mouth was spinning counter-clockwise. Once both halves of the attack were expelled, they entered any orifice, whether seen or unseen, that the monster had, this slowed the monster's charging down to a crawl. Not wanting to end it very quickly, she adjusted the amount of her toxin that is her breath attack to just a paralyzing one, but at the same time she caused several third degree chemical burns that were easily burning through the seemingly thick skin of the monster. Seeing that the monster was on its last legs, she decided to go for the finishing blow.

Slamming her fists together activating a dark purple magic circle with a Dragon's face on, cocking her fist back, a dark purple energy ball formed around her knuckles and she lunged forward. "Poison Dragon's Lethal Fist!" A silhouette of a dark purple scaled dragon seemingly appeared behind the Poison Beauty as she ran forward, jumped up into the air and slammed her fist literally down the monsters throat effectively ending the the threat.

Kyuri and Aspen...

Kyuri was doing her best to take down the monstrous creature, but she was running low on strength. She no longer had the ability to create ice sculptures. Apparently, she hadn't quite recovered from her battle with Eisenwald in the train station.

"Need a hand Kyuri?" Aspen asked as she appeared right next to her at light speed thanks to her wind magic.

"The thought did cross my mind." Kyuri said coldly as she found herself backed up against a wall because she was running low on magic.

An Ice Blue Magic Circle appeared underneath Aspens feet as the winds picked up and a blast of cold air blew by covering the floor into snow as Aspen crossed her arms over her chest calling out her attack. "Climate and Weather Change, Blustery Blizzard Blast!"

The ice blue magic circle grew bigger and bigger and covered the entire area that Kyuri and Aspen were standing on as a Blizzard whipped up complete with hail and hurricane force winds, Aspen made sure to keep Kyuri safe by holding onto her hand that currently was not holding her katana.

With skill, Kyuri pulsed with ice blue energy which she immediately channeled into her katana and slammed it into the ground flash freezing everything around her but herself and Aspen. Sheathing her katana she slams her palms into the ground creating an ice blue magic circle. "Ice Sculpt! Icicle blade barrage!"

Several icicles flew into the monster freezing it on contact. Once again, unsheathing her black katana, Kyuri chopped up the monster into little bite-size pieces. The monster was effectively defeated. With a snap of her fingers, Aspen deactivated her Weather Magic making all of the freshly fallen snow vanish.

With Gray...

Gray was confronting his monster as he stared it down. The expression on his face determined to eat the monster. He looked the monster into the face with a deadly stare and explained his objective,

"Normally I'd save dessert for after the meal, but not today!" Gray exclaimed as two heads start to head straight toward him. Gray then puts his left hand down flat with his palm exposed and smashes his right fist into the palm of his left hand as a blue magic seal appears in front of him with his eyes closed. He then opens his eyes and executes one of his attacks. "Ice Make Fishnet!"

As Gray said that a stream of ice turns into what looks like a net being thrown on top of a whale or on top of many fish in an ocean or bay. The Fishnet attack encases one of the monsters in ice.

"Anyone wanna try a monster Popsicle?" Gray asked triumphantly taking his handy work in.

Happy is holding what looks like club with nails in the head of the club. He is fighting a chair, and yes he still has the mushroom on his head.

"Even if you are a chair, you can't taste worse than a wing-fish!" Happy exclaimed as he continues to swing his club at the living chair.

The chair jumps up in the air and kicks, yes kicks its left front leg toward the blue cat. Using his max speed, Happy successfully dodges the kick, but then is kicked again. He then jumps on the seat of the chair like a Rodeo Cowboy and starts riding it while the chair is acting like a bucking bronco trying to buck the blue cat off.

With Erza...

"Erza!" Lucy and Lisanna exclaimed as they made their presence known

"Now stand back, it's time to start cooking!" Erza exclaimed.

"Cooking with what exactly Erza?" Lucy asked curiously as she was let down by her girlfriend.

"You don't have anything to cook with!" Lisanna remarked factually.

"Requip!" Erza exclaimed as she was once again engulfed in a golden light as she moves her golden light cloaked arms in a downward pattern. Her clothes then finish changing and she appeared to be clad in a one-piece blue swimsuit with a Chef's hat on her head and a white frilly apron worn around her neck covering her chest. She then also requipped several butcher knives. Two of them are in her hand. With ease she jumped through the air and started slicing up the monster with the skill of a professional chef. Once she is done slicing about, the monster she is facing is now slashed up nicely into french fries.

"Oh oh!" Lisanna and Lucy exclaimed with their mouths open in a circle with a surprised expression on their faces. The way the two were holding their hands was as if they were playing a flute of some sort. Once all was said and done the monsters that Titania was facing were now sliced up nicely into a humongous order of dark gray french fries.

"The trick is to cut them into perfectly bite size pieces that are five centimeters long and four millimeters wide." Erza said as if she is a hostess of a cooking demonstration.

"I think you got a little carried away," Lucy said in disbelief.

"And what's with the weird outfit you're wearing?" Lisanna asked as well then continued, "was it really necessary to cut them up like that? I guess you didn't need our help after all."

"You two came to help me?" Erza asked in shock and surprise, "I thought you were going to stay behind."

"We were, but Master Makarov convinced us to find someone to help," Lucy stated to the Scarlet-Haired Requip Wizard.

"We are all part of the same team," Lisanna stated with a shrug, then continued, "even though Lu and I thought it was a bit overboard that we help since so many went after the monsters."

As the three girls were exchanging pleasantries with each other, several voices echoed through the canyon.

"Ice Dragon's Freeze Fist!"

"Moon Dragon's Icy Fist!"

"Poison Dragon's Lethal Fist!"

"Ice Make Knuckle!"

"Climate Change, extreme heat warning!"

"Ice Sculpt! Icicle Barrage!"

Among the several voices echoing through the valley, several explosions could be heard as well. Happy is busy trying to fend off a possessed chair with a club with nails embedded on the end.

Erza continued to look at her handy work and looked toward the couple as they spotted Happy trying to fight a chair.

"Happy, no matter how hard you try you can't eat a chair!" Lucy and Lisanna exclaimed as they face palmed.

Up on the cliff overlooking the valley...

The voices of several members of Team Lucy could be heard echoing attacks throughout the body, however Lucy and Lisanna's voices aren't heard.

"I guess Erza had everything under control before Lucy and Lisanna got there," Makarov complained, then continued to complain, "I wish they'd hurry up, I'm starving up here.

With Erza, Lisanna, and Lucy...

The three young women stood idly chit-chatting away when Erza offered some monster fries toward our couple.

"Lisanna, Lucy," Erza stated, then ordered. "Go ahead you two try it first."

The Animal Takeover/Elemental Empowerment Wizard, and Celestial/Star Make Wizard crossed their arms in front of their chests in defiance, there was no way they were going to be Erza's personal guinea pigs, they've already been subjected to that enough over the past six years, "No way, not a chance!"

"Fine I'll do it." Erza said with a sigh.

"That's cold Erza," Lisanna exclaimed as she activated her Ice Empowerment. "And I'm the one that is currently in my Ice Empowered form."

"You were trying to use us as your personal guinea pigs weren't you?" Lucy asked as her and Lisanna were shaking their fists at Erza, Lisanna with her Tigress claws activated. Lucy is the first one to look back and see Happy trying to gain control of a chair. Her eyes devoid of pupils and irises in disbelief. Lisanna also glanced back at Happy riding a chair with the same expression in her eyes as Lucy.

"Um do you think we should help him?" the two girls asked curiously as they looked back worried for their son.

"I'm sure he'll figure something out, after all, you two raised him." Erza said as she looked at the dark gray french fry thing. "Here goes."

Erza then took a bite and chewed it.

"So how is it?" Lisanna and Lucy asked as they put their arms around each other protectively.

Erza looked at the two and broke the remaining piece in half and handed Lisanna one half and Lucy the other.

"Alright..." Lisanna said as she reached for one of the pieces, a perplexed expression on her face.

" win." Lucy said as she too reached for the other piece, an equally perplexed expression on her face as well.

They both looked at their pieces and start moving them toward their mouths to take a bite.

Meanwhile with the Ice Make Mage...

"Well it ain't pretty." Gray remarked as he broke a piece off of the frozen monster. "Hope it tastes better than it looks."

Happy then rode by on the chair still sporting his mushroom on his head. "Oh!" Gray blanched

With the other members of the group...

The others after finishing their battle with their own respective monsters looked at the knocked out forms of all the monsters in front of them. Some of them were cut up into several pieces, while others were still whole. They each grabbed a piece of what would be their meals and gingerly brought the food up to their mouths and took one bite, or several bites depending on the size of the monster and how hungry they were.

The group took a bite and let out a collective complaint in sync, "Gross!"

The many complaints drew Makarov out of his thoughts as he spotted Lucy and Lisanna coming up beside him, angry scowls very obvious on their faces.

"Master!" Lisanna exclaimed angrily fire and ice magic swirling around her, "how could you do this to us?!"

"Do what Lisanna dear?" Makarov asked, then was about to continue, only to be cut off by Lucy with golden lightning arching around her.

"Send us to make a meal out of those things, only to find out how gross they are?" Lucy asked with the same angry swirls of magic surrounded her only it was her Celestial and Star Make as opposed to fire and ice.

"Are you tryin' to kill us you old geezer?" Gray asked with extremely fierce and cold anger in his tone of voice.

Kyuri glared coldly at the diminutive master as she frowned and spoke up an even colder tone of voice to her words than Gray was expelling, "this is the worst tasting stuff I have ever eaten Master!"

"True," Erza stated, then continued, "I would hardly call this stuff edible."

Lucy and Lisanna glared angrily at the scarlet-haired Wizard while exclaiming angrily, their magic powers arching around them like lightning bolts waving their arms back and forth angrily, "if you knew it was hardly edible, why'd you force us to eat it?!"

"Grandfather, are you sure that was a good idea?" Luna asked spitting what was left of hers out on the ground.

"Even with my poison inside of this thing," The Poison Beauty stated to Master Makarov, "that had to be the worst tasting stuff I've ever tasted."

Setsuko pouted as she put her kimono back on and looked toward the diminutive master, "did I actually want to turn those things into food with everyone else?"

"And I thought the food at the orphanage was bad!" Aspen exclaimed angrily toward Makarov, "was this supposed to be some sort of test for our stomachs?"

Akiyuki, Chisame, and Shiro couldn't help but agree with the assessment their respective charges came up with.

"Well what do we do now?" Makarov asked his charges curiously.

While the group was trying to figure out what they were going to do next, Happy on his chair slammed into a nearby rock causing the bucking chair to stop as he face planted into the ground causing his mushroom to come off.

"Hey your mushroom finally fell off!" Gray exclaimed excitedly.

Happy's eyes got really wide as he frantically waved his arms back and forth in obvious distress, "I don't care about the stupid mushroom, I want to know why you didn't help me! I thought we were friends, I am especially disappointed in you Lucy and Lisanna. Your supposed to be my mothers and love me."

Lucy and Lisanna looked at each other and then toward the distressed blue cat, "we do love you Happy, you are the only living thing left that reminds us of Natsu!"

As Lucy and Lisanna said their dearly departed friends name, they stroked their vest and muffler respectively in sadness and loss, while Gray then spoke up again.

"You were just goofing off right?" Gray asked curiously.

At Gray's words, Happy immediately turned white and fell down with his left paw extended and shaking back and forth.

"So now what do we do?" Aspen asked curiously.

"I don't know, I'd rather starve than eat anymore of that stuff." Erza remarked.

"Guess that's what we get for trying to cook up a bunch of monsters." Gray stated.

"Man this stinks," Kyuri chimed in coldly, then continued, "all that fighting and chopping made me even hungrier than before."

Happy, still as white as a ghost was still depressed as he seemed to be losing hope and happiness as he continued to shake, "I see how it is, even after all we've been through you're ready to throw me out like yesterday's garbage."

As Happy said that another monster popped up behind him as he turned to look right into the face of one of those monsters, the other three flying cats experienced the same thing as they turned around, only to also be greeted by a huge monster a piece as well.

"Look out!" The three Dragon Slayers along with Lucy and Lisanna exclaimed as they punched, kicked or struck the monsters behind the cats, "I thought we were done with these things!"

"These things are so nasty!" Gray exclaimed angrily.

"In more ways than one!" Erza exclaimed angrily.

"Leave our friends alone! Ice Dragon's, Moon Dragon's, Poison Dragon's Wing Attack!

Each of the Dragon Slayers slammed their fists together creating a magic circle of their own element with Dragon's faces on it. Jumping up into the air, the Slayers crossed their arms above their heads and slashed down at the monsters in an X-like pattern. Their arms forming what looked like wings of magical energy, which hit the monsters that were attacking the cats dead on.

"Ice Make Wall!" Gray exclaimed sending a wall of ice toward the monsters mercilessly.

Arriving next to Kyuri, Aspen nodded to the young Ice Sculpt Wizard crossing her arms in front of her chest activating an ice blue magic circle followed by several others above, below, and behind her. "Climate Change effect, I call upon the frigid north winds and the water droplets in the sky, come forth, Snow Storm of Mt. Hakobe!"

Aspen's magic circles got bigger in size and eventually combined into one as a huge snowstorm appeared out of nowhere just like before coating the ground in a freshly fallen blanked of snow.

"The Winds of the north combine with the snow in the air to create a Blustery Blizzard Storm Blast!" Aspen exclaimed as the snowstorm turned into an all out blizzard.

Kyuri smiled to her teammate and placed her hands on the snow causing her own ice blue magic circle to appear underneath her hands, Ice Sculpt:"

Her magic circle began to spin rapidly kicking up a mountain of snow that combined with Aspen's Blizzard, "Avalanche of Ice!"

Instead of snow falling down on top of the monsters, ice balls fell from the sky as if they were falling off a mountain because of a loud noise.

The Ice and Snow combined to form a tomb like prison knocking one of the monsters out in one shot.

"Hey!" Lisanna exclaimed as a golden magic circle appeared underneath her feet and moved up her body transforming her into her Tigress form as she took an extremely powerful swipe at one of the monsters literally slashing it in half.

"Save some of the fun for us!" Lucy exclaimed as she pulled out one of her Zodiac Gate Keys, "Open Gate of the Golden Bull Taurus!"

Once again, Lucy's bovine like spirit appeared out of a blue magic circle with his axe mounted on his back letting out a loud, "Mooooo!"

"You're looking smooth as usual Miss Lucy!" Taurus exclaimed with hearts in his eyes while cracking his knuckles.

Lucy tossed her hair behind her and closed her eyes while side facing Taurus, "Less passion! More bashin'!"

"She loves my moves!" Taurus exclaimed as he jumped up in the air brandishing his and extending the o's out to sound like a cow, swinging his axe around like a professional baton twirler, he went into a free fall raising his axe up into the sky and slamming it onto the ground in front and below him, sending a wave of rocks straight for the monsters slashing them up into little pieces.

"Elemental Empowerment!" Lisanna exclaimed as a reddish-orange magic circle appeared above and below her feet, "Fire Tigress!"

"Star Make!" Lucy exclaimed as she used her maker magic to form several shurikens in her hands, "Shuriken Storm!"

The storm of shurikens merged with the fire coming from Lisanna's claws after she executed a Fire Tigress Flaming Claw Slash, followed by a Fire Tigress' Roar.

Creating a..." Shuriken Fire Roar Storm!" The couple chimed together as they combined their strength.

Ice, Moonbeams, and Poison streams flew all around after having a Freeze Fist, Lethal Fist, and Icy Fist being executed by the resident Dragon Slayers. Several attacks were flying everywhere, as Erza, having requipped into her Heaven's wheel armor took to the sky with her twenty sword circling behind her. Not too mention Kyuri and Aspen doing their part with their freezing cold magic.

Sending her swords at several of the monsters slashing them into little pieces. Erza continued to fight along with the rest of the group. The whole ground around the cliff our heroes and heroines were on shook causing the same eerie red glow from earlier to appear.

"They just keep coming!" Lucy and Lisanna exclaimed worriedly in unison.

"Great..." Aspen started while the other newcomers continued,

"...what's..." Kyuri wondered as she added to Aspen's observation,

"...happening..." Luna wondered as well.

"" Chisame and Setsuko finished.

Several tentacles were surrounding our heroes as the red eerie glow got even more intense.

"The Magic Circle!" Gray exclaimed in shock.

"Are you kidding me?" Lisanna and Lucy asked at the same time.

"Oh wow! So pretty!" Happy exclaimed happily as he was hovering with the female flying cats surrounding him and waving his arms at the same time.

"Happy, I think you're..." Akiyuki started while pointing at the blue cat

"...missing the point..." Shiro said continuing what Akiyuki is saying.

"...again!" Roxie scolded angrily, then continued, "what's going on in that mixed up little head of yours?"

"This is bad," Erza said in a whisper as the magic circle continued to get bigger and began to absorb all of the monsters. The cliff the group was standing on began to crack and crumble, "run for it!"

As the whole group attempted to run for their lives, the cliff they were standing on gave way and collapsed causing Team Lucy to fall into the giant magic circle.

On the road again with hot sun shining brightly above the group...

Team Lucy and Makarov are making their way out of the valley heading back to the Guild Hall.

"I'm starving!" Aspen complained as she was walking slowly in exhaustion. "Like for real."

"We can't walk another step you guys." Akiyuki, Happy, Roxie, and Setsuko all shouted in sync as they were flying in the sky.

"Well good thing you all have wings, unlike the rest of us you show offs!" Gray exclaimed angrily toward the flying cats.

All the Dragon Slayers were just walking quietly with exhausted looks on their faces. The Poison Beauty then spoke up breaking the silence created by the Dragon Slayers and everyone else, "Um, yeah, I still don't get what happened."

"Um Master?" Erza asked.

"Yes?" Makarov asked.

"I'm still not satisfied with your explanation sir." Erza stated.

"Is that so..." Makarov said.

Flashback #1 begin, right after the group fell into the magic circle and the monsters vanished revealing a whole village full of people...

Team Lucy and Master Makarov encountered the Villagers that had cast the magic spell.

"Now spill it." Lucy ordered. "What were you trying to pull?"

"You realize what you did was very dangerous don't you?" Lisanna asked angrily her bangs covering her eyes in shadows and tears rolling down her face thinking of her departed friend, "That looked to me like some sort of Takeover Magic. If not used properly

"We were using the magic circle to cast forbidden spells." A short-haired woman with earrings in her ears and wearing a light brown hooded robe stated, then continued. "But those monsters appeared and took over everyone in town."

"So the monsters we fought, you were all trapped inside of them?" Erza asked.

"Ugh!, you made Li and I taste one of those things." Lucy blanched out in disgust along with an angry glare on her face toward the Scarlet-Haired Wizard.

"When you stepped into the circle, it activated the spell, and we no longer had any control of ourselves." A man with a palm tree growing out of his head wearing a purple robe said in regret.

"Well you won't have to worry about that happening again." Makarov said.

"What?" The villagers all asked together.

"What do you mean by that Gramps?" Gray asked.

"There's no need to sweat the details my boy." Makarov stated as he then used his left hand to point at and berate the villagers. "Now as for all you villagers, you should be grateful that someone came along to free you from your possession or you would be still stuck in there."

Makarov then put his left hand back behind his back and continued his berating of the villagers as the four flying felines stood behind him. "I assume you've learned your lesson from this gross misuse of magic, and as long as it doesn't happen again, I won't report you to the council. Is that a deal?"

"Yes of course," the short-haired woman responded. "We never wanna go through that again Thank you so much."

The short-haired woman then bowed apologetically.

"You have our word." The man with the palm tree growing out of his head also said as he bowed in agreement.

"Ha ha ha." Makarov said in response to the promise made by the villagers.

End Flashback #1.

Back to present time... Team Lucy and Makarov are making their way back to their guild...

"When we defeated the monsters, it seemed to activate some sort of self destruction spell within the magic circle." Erza said as she continued to walk beside Master Makarov. "That's when you came in."

Flashback #2 begin... Right after the group was about to fall into the magic circle...

"Run for it!" Erza exclaimed while clad in her Heaven's Wheel Armor.

The group all screamed as Master Makarov was floating down has he opened his eyes saving everyone.

Flashback #2 Continues while Erza is explaining what happened...

"In the blink of an eye, you saved us, freed the Dark Guild from the Take Over Spell, and destroyed the magic circle before it flattened the village and everyone in it." Erza said.

Flashback #2 Ends .

Back to Present Time... Erza was walking next to Makarov, everyone else was in front of them and the flying cats are still flying in the sky...

"How did you do it?" Erza asked after she confirmed what she saw with the Master.

"I'll tell you someday," Master Makarov said. "but what matters now is..."

"We're still hungry!" Everyone exclaimed together in sync.

Once again out of nowhere, Virgo popped out of the Celestial Spirit World using her own magic and set an expansive picnic lunch, long picnic table and all with all kinds of food on for everyone to chow down on.

"Thanks Big Sister Virgo!" Lucy exclaimed happily, "You're a life saver."

"Anything for my Princess, and her friends and family." Virgo said as she looked toward Lucy. "Punishment now Princess Lucy?"

"Not now Virgo, thanks for saving us from starving." Lucy said to her maid spirit.

Virgo curtsied, smiled, and returned to the Celestial Spirit World. Once Team Lucy and Makarov finished their expansive meal provided by Virgo, they all made their trek back to the guild together, extremely full and ready to continue the long journey back to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.

"Erza! Be warned! I won't lose this time!" Lisanna exclaimed. "I'm all fired up!"

"Also tell Mira-San that I won't lose this time either!" Lucy exclaimed excitedly, stars in her eyes ready to finally get the matches that her and Lisanna were promised.

"We will just see about that Lisanna, Lucy," Erza said, "we will just see."

"I can't wait to see a battle between Cousin Lu and Mira!" Luna exclaimed happily while holding Akiyuki, "I also can't wait to meet Mira. I bet you Cousin Laxus will be surprised to see how much I've grown."

"I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you Lune," Lucy admitted, the last time she saw Laxus and Luna at the same time was seven years ago at her mom's funeral, they were really close then, but Laxus had changed a lot more than Luna might think, "Laxus has become quite Power Hungry as of late, he sees the bulk of the Wizards as weaklings and not fit to be in his Fairy Tail(5). Don't be surprised if you don't recognize him when you see him."

Luna had a sad look on her face, had Laxus really changed that much in seven years? She really hoped Lucy's words weren't true. She hoped that her and Laxus could still be close.

"Sorry to bring bad news to you Luna, but Lu does have a point, he may not be the same Laxus you remember," Lisanna remarked in agreement with her girlfriend.

Setsuko and Chisame shivered in fear worried that Laxus, one of the strongest guys in the guild wouldn't remember his own cousin Luna.

"Luna, my dear," Makarov spoke up, "where have you been living the past seven years anyway? I haven't seen you around town since your Aunt Layla's funeral."

"I was living on Galuna Island in a cave behind a waterfall," Luna stated as she looked toward the group, "that seems to be the best place for me to recharge my energy because of how bright the moon is, but somehow over the past three years, the moon shining over Galuna Island seemed to turn purple."(6)

"That is very odd indeed my dear," Makarov stated as he continued to listen to what his Granddaughter had to say, "I wonder if there is some sort of ritual going on that would turn the moon purple."

The rest of the way to Magnolia, the group walked along in silence, spotting the town up ahead, Lucy and Lisanna with Happy trailing close behind rushed for the gates of city. After all, they had some battles to prepare for.

The rest of the group that was left in the dust thanks to Lucy and Lisanna just shrugged their shoulders and walked into the city at a leisurely pace.

Well with their Lullaby Mission behind them, Lucy and Lisanna prepare for the next step in their quest to become S-Class, will they win their battles against Mira and Erza respectively? Only time will tell. Be on the look out! The Lullaby Arc Conclusion is next.

To Be Continued...

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