Starry Heavens: Bonds of Friendship, Magic & Love

Episode 009: Lullaby Unleashed! The Strongest Team Fights On!

This chapter covers the following episode:

Episode 008: The Strongest Team

(Previously on Starry Heavens: Bonds of Friendship, Magic & Love...)

Team Lucy was officially formed consisting of Lucy Heartfilia, a Celestial and Star Make Wizard, Lisanna Strauss, a Take Over and Elemental Empowerment Wizard, Happy, a flying cat with the special ability Max Speed, as well as being able to use Aera Magic to fly, Erza Scarlet, also known as Titania the Queen of the Fairies, a Requip Weaponry/Armor Wizard more specifically, The Knight, Gray Fullbuster, and Aspen. Also, Kyuri Yuki Kuruwa joined up with Team Lucy before the group went after Eisenwald to save the Guild Masters. Also the person that was following Lucy and company was also finally revealed. It was none other than Lucy's cousin Luna Fate Heartfilia and her flying cat Akiyuki, who were tracking down the group, was in the shadows all along observing things. During this mission, Team Lucy encountered a Dark Guild known as Eisenwald led by a Dark Wizard known as Erigor, or more commonly referred to as Erigor the Reaper. For a while Team Lucy was trapped in the train station by a wind barrier created by Erigor, the Ace of Eisenwald. Once the group got passed the wind barrier thanks to Lucy's spirit Virgo and her Diver Magic, Lisanna and Happy went after Erigor to keep him from using the Lullaby Flute on the Guild Masters. Will Team Lucy succeed in defeating Erigor, Eisenwald, and Lullaby? Only time will tell.

(History of the Lullaby Flute...)

Years ago the evil wizard Zeref created a skull-shaped flute, infused with black magic. It is known as Lullaby, for its melody causes those unfortunate enough to hear it to fall into an eternal slumber. The battle for possession of this forbidden instrument is being waged at this very moment.

(At the battlefield with Erigor and Lisanna...)

Erigor and Lisanna are on the tracks, opposing each other in battle, Erigor cloaked in his wind barrier sending tons of wind toward Lisanna. She can't seem to land a hit on him.

"Lisanna!" Happy exclaimed, worrying about his second mother to no end.

"Now do you understand little fly?" Erigor asked, taunting the Fire Empowered Humanoid Tigress making her feel inferior to him. "Your fire can never defeat wind."

Lisanna, crossing her arms over her chest trying to keep herself from being blown away has changed her stance from offensive to defensive. "This is intense, it's like standing inside of a typhoon."

"It's time to blow your flame out for good!" Erigor said, moving his hand in a manner which activates another one of his magic seals in front of him, "Now! Storm Shred!"

Erigor sends multiple blades of wind straight toward Lisanna in a firing pattern similar to an automatic firearm, causing her to jump away from Erigor with her Tiger-like agility brought on by her Tigress Take Over form.

"Ahhhhhh!" Lisanna said, flaming up her claws and feet once again and jumping straight toward Erigor attempting to land a blow on the hovering wind wizard. Just as Lisanna is about to slash down with her Fire Tigress Flaming Claw Slash, Erigor stops her in her tracks. "Have to break through!"

Using his control over the wind, he blows Lisanna down to the ground. Where she lands, tons of dust and debris kick up from her impact on the tracks, thanks to her Tigress agility and skills, Lisanna is able to land on her feet.

"I can't even get close enough to land a punch on this guy," Lisanna said, trying to figure out what to do next. "Now what?"

"Feeling a little frustrated?" Erigor asked, an ere of superiority evident in his voice as he addresses Wild's Soul as he hovers in the air still clad in his storm mail armor. "Don't be too hard on yourself, you never stood a chance against me. Ha ha ha! But don't worry about it, I'm going to put an end to this now. My soaring Phoenix Magic rips everything to shreds. Emera Baram!" Bending his arms and pointing his hands towards the sky, with his index and middle fingers stretched. He places his two index and middle fingers in a "X" shape in front of him, generating a halo of light around his hands, from which a large, concentrated blast of wind blades is fired towards Lisanna, attempting to slice her up.

"That's a dangerous spell Lisanna, whatever you do don't let it touch you okay?" Happy said worriedly looking toward his reddish-orange and white streaked waist-length haired second mother.

Seeing the impact of the attack on Wild's Soul, Erigor thinks he finished the girl.

"Ha ha ha! Good Bye! Fairy Tail Fly!" Erigor exclaimed, sending Lisanna flipping back to the bridge causing her to be pushed along the ground ripping up railroad ties and the wind attack from Erigor attacking some of the steal beams holding the bridge up.

"Come on Lisanna, you have to get up please hurry!" Happy exclaimed worriedly as he looked at his injured mother.

"Oh-ho-ho." Erigor cackles looking at the state Lisanna is in. "I'm impressed her body is still in one piece after that attack. Not too shabby for a wizard so young."

"Lisanna no!" Happy exclaimed in worry seeing his second mother in her fragile state.

"After I play a melody on the Lullaby for those old guild fools they'll be joining you in your eternal rest." Erigor taunted, continuing his annoying reveal of his plan.

'What am I doing?' Lisanna thought to herself, remembering what Erigor said about fire and wind. 'Why am I using fire? I don't understand. My fire isn't as strong as Natsu's was, so why do I continue to use it. There has got to be a way for me to beat him.'

Lisanna was trying to think what to do next as she contemplated whether or not to go all out Natsu on this bastard. She was about to do just that when images of just a short time ago entered her mind not just from Lucy, but Gray as well.

(Inside Lisanna's Mind's Eye...)

Lisanna with her claws aflame charged at the barrier only to be thrown back time and time again.

Lucy rushes to Lisanna's aid and catches her. "Lis, why do you insist on acting like Natsu, I want to get out of here too, but without the barrier being dispelled we can't give chase."

"Yeah Lisanna, you're smarter than him. Just use your head like you usually do." Gray said with concern. "Every time you try and bust through you're going to get hurt."

"Use my head?! Lisanna asked angrily, "Gray you are making no sense at all! Natsu would never use his head he would always leap before he looks, that's one thing that Lu and I admired about him. Right Lu?"

Lucy shakes her head no. "I love Natsu too, and for a while I did admire his leap first and look later attitude, that is until that day happened. Didn't you learn anything from that day? Natsu saved our lives and took Elfman's hits instead of us. He was trying to protect us."

(Back outside at the fight, more words and images entered Lisanna's mind's eye...)

Lisanna remembered the events of two years ago when Natsu protected her and Lucy from a possessed Elfman. However this still didn't keep Lisanna from going all Natsu-like on Erigor as more words and images of her earlier conversation with Lucy and Gray continued to entered her mind.

"See Lis, you can't be so reckless, Natsu got what was coming to him when he jumped face first into a situation without thinking." Lucy said, trying to calm down her best friend. "We can try to get through the barrier a couple more times, but we have to do this together so we don't exhaust our magic like the both of us did back then."

Lisanna flared up her hands and nothing else. She then rushed at the wind barrier trying to break through and was knocked back again.

"Star Make!" Lucy said, crossing the knuckles of her right hand with the palm of her left hand. The palm of her right hand is in front of the palm of the left hand, a golden circle forming in front of her crossed hands. "Shuriken Storm!"

Several shurikens are created and start flowing out of the palm of her right hand as well as the fingertips of her left hand straight toward the barrier. Some of them break through, but the holes that are made by the Shuriken Storm are immediately filled in thanks to the barrier repairing itself.

"Ice Make." Gray said, stretching his hands out with the left fist over the right palm creating and sending several lances made of ice toward the barrier. Just like with the Shuriken Storm, the lances pierce the barrier trying to break it, once again, just like the shuriken storm, any and all of the holes made by the lances are immediately filled in by the wind barrier repairing itself.

"Please Kage! You have to wake up." Erza pleaded, trying to jostle the Shadow/Dispeller Wizard awake. "We need you to dispel the barrier."

No matter what Gray, Lucy and Lisanna tried the barrier just wouldn't budge. Lisanna tried lightning, earth, water, ice, and fire once again. She then got an idea. Switching to her Tigress form, a silver magic circle appears in front of her, her white hair becoming streaked with silver lines. Her white Guild Mark on her leg becomes outlined in silver. "Elemental Empowerment! Wind Tigress!" Lisanna said, transforming into her Wind Tigress form. Using her wind magic she flies up into the air, a silver magic circle appearing in front of her mouth as she gathers wind power from deep within herself. Opening her mouth, a tornado funnel comes out aiming for the wind barrier. "Roar of the Wind Tigress!" Several Tornadic cyclones fly out of her mouth impacting directly onto the wind barrier. Her wind breath doesn't work either as her wind magic is absorbed instantly by the wall. Eventually so much of her wind magic is absorbed by the barrier that she falls down rapidly. Lucy rushes underneath of her best friend, and just like she did two years ago, catches the white-haired girl bridal style as Lisanna switches back to her normal appearance and clothes, Natsu's muffler once again securely around her neck.

"Stop acting like Natsu." Lucy pleaded, holding her best friend close to her bosom. "You don't need to act like the heroine all the time just relax. Besides, I have absolutely no idea what I would do without you. Just be yourself and use that head of yours."

'I don't know what I would do without you either Lu.' Lisanna thought to herself blushing, trying to figure out what to do as well as Gray's words that also make a lot of sense. 'That's right, fire and wind repel each other fire can't even get through wind. That's it! I'm an Elemental Empowerment Wizard as well as a Take Over Wizard. I have to use every advantage I have over this half-naked dark wizard! Thank you Lu! Thank you Gray! I know what to do now!'

(Back in the land of the living and Lisanna's fight with Erigor...)

Lisanna slams her Tigress claws into the ground helping herself up. Just as easily as she dug her claws into the ground, she pulled them out and glared at the Wind Wizard.

"All you talk about is that stupid flute!" Lisanna exclaimed, finally bringing herself to a standing position deactivating her fire magic. "If you want to kill the guild masters you're going to have to get through me!"

"You tell him Lisanna! Lucy would be proud of you!" Happy exclaimed, looking toward the Take Over/Elemental Empowerment Wizard.

"Lucy." Lisanna said with a beet red blush on her face. "I have to win this for her as well as the Guild Masters and my entire guild!"

"Why is your face so red when you talk about Lucy?" Happy asked suspiciously. "Could it be, you looove her too!?"

"No it's not like that!" Lisanna said realizing what Happy just said. "What do you mean, I love her too? Did Lucy tell you something she didn't tell me?"

"N-no, what are you talking about Lisanna?" Happy asked in shock, continuing to smile at Lisanna. "I didn't say anything of the sort."

Happy tries to back away from Lisanna only to be scooped up by her into a hug. Scenes flashing through her head about everything her and Lucy have been through together, meeting for the first time, going on their first mission together, helping Natsu raise Happy after he hatched together. Finally to her closeness to the Celestial/Star Make Wizard that has developed since she met her. Then the most obvious sign, two years ago after Natsu died in her and Lucy's arms. Lucy catching her bridal style, her hugging Lucy in thanks and kissing her on the cheek causing her to blush madly, then Lucy cuddling with her while she was carrying her and kissing her on the cheek causing a massive blush to appear on her own face. That's when she knew it, she was in love with Lucy Heartfilia. But was it right? Enough of that, back to the battle at hand.

"Impossible how are you still even standing?" Erigor asked, surprise very evident in his voice.

"Enough talking!" Lisanna exclaimed, once again activating her Fire Tigress form. "Let's get back to fighting!"

Using the enhanced agility given to her by her fire empowerment magic, she once again jumps into the air crossing her claws over her chest. Wherever her clothes were blue, it was now a reddish-orange color. Her hair had once again gained the reddish-orange streaks in it. Her Guild Mark on her thigh is now outlined in reddish-orange as well. Once she knows she is up in the air high enough, she pounces down toward the wind wizard, a reddish-orange magic circle appearing in front of her crossed arms. Following the direction she concentrated her movement toward, she arcs down toward Erigor slashing her claws down in an X-shaped fashion attempting to slash a hole into the Storm Mail Armor, she is immediately blown back toward the tracks.

Landing on her feet still in her Tigress form, she deactivates it returning to her normal appearance, however her hair is still white and reddish-orange streaked and her clothes change from the normal color of a blue t-shirt and green short-shorts become embroidered with reddish-orange flames, including the muffler that Natsu gave to her two years ago.

"Ha ha ha!" Erigor cackles, still within his safe haven of his Storm Mail Armor thinking he still has the upper hand as he sees Lisanna light her hands on fire and grab onto one of the rails bending it enough so she can pull a section up from the ground breaking it off Flames surrounding the Take Over/Elemental Empowerment Wizard.

"What is wrong with me! I can't even get close enough to land a hit on this guy!" Lisanna exclaimed angrily at herself. "What am I going to do! I can't take it anymore!"

Lisanna breaks a section of rail off and thanks to her fire empowerment, breaks it in half.

"What's a matter Fairy Tail fly, can't take the heat?" Erigor said, blatantly taunting the white and reddish-orange streak haired Wizard.

"I have to win this! Not only for Lucy, but Master Makarov, Gray, Aspen, Happy, Erza, and Kyuri as well! I especially have to win this for Lucy so she will finally love me the way I want her to love me!" Lisanna said, blushing beet red at what she just said. "I want her to love me, the way I love her! I want to be more than best friends!"

The beet red of Lisanna's face is camouflaged within the flames surrounding her. She finally figures out what to do. Lisanna winks her right eye and pirouettes, a golden magic circle appearing underneath her feet activating her Tigress form once again. The magic circle changed into a reddish-orange color changing everything on her that was blue and black tiger-striped to reddish-orange and black tiger striped. Her white hair gaining orange streaks even more evident than before.

"What's this?!" Erigor thought to himself, a bit perturbed at how much power this little girl is exposing. "Her flames are becoming more and more intense the longer this battle goes on, but she doesn't seem angry by any means. What is driving her to display this power? Wait a minute, this girl said she loved someone. Could these flames be flames of love, but why is it a reddish-orange tint, love is pink isn't it?'

Suddenly Lisanna's flames gained a pink outline to it. 'Just as I thought, someone is driving her to do her best and try to beat me. Too bad that won't happen! Ha ha ha!' Erigor thought to himself.

Standing on her tiptoes and placing her hands above her head in a way reminiscent of someone diving into a pool, she starts to spin around in a clockwise like fashion as opposed to the counter-clockwise pattern that Erigor's storm mail is rotating in. Flames kick up from the reddish-orange magic circle underneath the tips of her toes, followed by a smaller reddish-orange magic circle forming at the tips of her fingertips above her head. While Erigor's wind barrier is spinning in an Anti-Cyclonic pattern because of the high pressure area he created within his storm mail, Lisanna's flaming Cyclone is spinning in Cyclonic pattern heating the air around her forming a low pressure area within her fire twister. She doesn't say a word about it, she is just spinning in place pulling the wind around Erigor toward herself.

"What, this girl is pulling my wind toward her, how is that even possible?" Erigor asked to no one in particular. "Is this the true power of a Fairy Tail Wizard?"

Happy studies the movement and actions of his white and reddish-orange streaked-haired mother, he doesn't seem to have any idea how this is happening either. He then realizes what is happening as he thinks to himself what Lisanna is doing.

'Lisanna is heating up the air around her creating a low pressure area with the fiery wind funnel she created rotating in a clockwise cyclonic fashion as opposed to an anti-cyclonic counter-clockwise fashion like Erigor is. Erigor's Storm Mail Armor created a high-pressure area, while Lisanna's flaming tornado created a low-pressure area. This in turn caused Erigor's wind power to be taken from him and drawn to Lisanna. The reason for this is because wind always goes from high pressure to low pressure. She is also using the emotion of love to make her powers even stronger. She must be really in love with someone but who?' Happy thought to himself, trying to figure out what power is driving Lisanna to perform even better than Natsu would with an attack.

Images start flying through Happy's head from when he was hatched by Lucy, Lisanna and Natsu. The more time that Lisanna seemed to spend with Lucy and vice versa kept on drawing the two girls ever closer to each other; even closer than sisters and best friends.

The images in his head continue to proceed throughout the time since he was hatched by the three best friends. One day Natsu vanished and Lisanna and Lucy got even closer. The two have been growing closer and closer to each other over the past six years or so. It has become even more evident since Natsu disappeared, died, or whatever. There was something special blossoming between his two mothers for a long time, finally it is coming to the surface of both girls' actions and behaviors toward each other. Finally, Happy got it! The unknowingly holding hands with each other, unknowingly linking arms with each other, the gentle manner these two girls showed toward each other, the helping out that Lucy did for Lisanna back at Everlue's Mansion, the comforting the two have done for each other, everything seemed to be changing drastically between the two best friends, it was leaning more toward soul mate type stuff than best friend type stuff. There was no doubt about it now. Lucy and Lisanna were in love with each other, but neither one knows how the other feels about things.

"Go Lisanna! You can do it! Do it not only for the Guild Masters and Master Makarov, but for your best friend Lucy as well! Take down this evil wizard!" Happy exclaimed, cheering for his second mother Lisanna.

Having taken all the wind away from Erigor, her reddish-orange fiery Tornado is replaced by a silver colored normal tornado. The reddish orange streaks in her hair replaced by the silver streaks in her hair. She is now in her Wind Tigress form as Erigor stood across from his opponent dumbfounded. He never knew that Fairy Tail Wizards were this powerful. He also caught wind of a slurping sound coming from his opponents direction as he watches in horror as what was once his Storm Mail Armor, has now become a meal for the Fairy Tail Fly that he was taking on. He also watched helplessly, witnessing a silver magic circle appearing in front of the Tigress girls mouth as she holds her arms straight out to her side, her cheeks puffing up with power much like something being gathered within her mouth. She then grabs her collapsible Bo staff off of her back, extends it and spins it around like a baton in her right hand as well as expelling some sort of propelling element from her feet as she takes to the sky. Lisanna then raises her staff up above her head, now holding it in both hands as Erigor the Reaper witnesses a trail of wind coming from her feet giving her propulsion into the air. Deciding to use something different as opposed to a breath attack to take down Erigor, her whole body begins to spin being completely cloaked in wind, her arms and legs extended in front of and behind respectively as far as she can go. Her attack hitting Mach 2 as she heads straight for Erigor's chest while spinning.

"Wind Tigress, Cyclonic Wind Drill Run!" Lisanna exclaimed, a silver magic circle appearing in front of and behind her giving her more power as she literally pile drives Erigor straight into the chest knocking him hard into the ground sending him into unconsciousness. Since Erigor is now unconscious, he drops the flute as he slams into the ground with a blank look on his face and swirls in his eyes indicating he's now out cold.

The three eyes of the skull-shaped flute glow an eerie purple glow for some strange reason.

Lisanna easily lands on her feet thanks to her Tigress form and agility and deactivates her tigress form leaving her clad in silver clothes because of her wind magic. Once she deactivates her wind magic, she returns to her normal form and surveys her work. Having used a lot of magic, she collapses to one knee, extending her right hand flat to the ground to give her a bit more balance and support. Lisanna then takes a breather as she attempts to catch her breath. She takes a knee as Happy looks at her happily jumping toward her.

"You did it Lisanna, you beat Erigor!" Happy exclaimed, jumping into Lisanna's chest and cuddling her bosom. "I bet you Lucy will be surprised. Speaking of Lucy, Lisanna how do you actually feel about her? I'm not here to make fun of you, I just am curious. I have a feeling that Lucy may be deciding something very important right now on how to tell you something."

Lisanna smiles and hugs the blue flying cat with a smile and a blush on her face. "It's just that Lucy has been so good to me since I came to Fairy Tail with Big Brother Elf and Big Sister Mira. Natsu was too, so I felt myself falling for him, and I could tell by the look on Lucy's face that she may have been falling for him too. My suspicions were confirmed when I caught her doodling in mid air with a light pen writing things like Lucy and Natsu forever, Lucy Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia Dragneel, and stuff like that. I also explained to Lucy how I felt about Natsu the more time I spent with him and her. I started doodling with a light pen in mid-air writing things like Lisanna Dragneel, Lisanna Strauss Dragneel, and stuff like that. The two of us argued a bit over him but when both of us were vying for Natsu's attention, he completely ignored us." Lisanna said to the blue cat.

"But that doesn't explain why you seem to be becoming closer to Lucy, it seems to me that your explaining a love triangle." Happy stated to the Take Over/Elemental Empowerment Wizard.

"Lucy and I decided not to fight over Natsu and decided to try and become his friends. He just seemed so lonely. Especially when he would stroke the muffler around his neck." Lisanna said, pointing to the muffler that Natsu had given to her two years ago. "The three of us started hanging out with each other and going on missions together, sometimes it was just us three, other times it was with Big Sister Mira or Big Brother Elf, or both of them. The three of us became fast friends and even faster best friends after we became friends. We built the hideout that we kept you warm in when you were an egg. The three of us became so close that we formed our own team and called it Team Natsu. Then Big Sister Mira and Erza became rivals and started fighting each other so much over which team Natsu, Lucy, and I were on that Lucy and I decided to join Big Sister Mira's team forming a bigger Team Mira, and Natsu and Gray joining Erza's Team forming Team Erza. I guess you can say that the time that Lu and I spent with Big Sister Mira, and Big Brother Elf is what led us to get even closer than sisters, and even closer than best friends. Yes occasionally we would go on missions with Natsu, but neither Erza, nor Mira took very kindly to it so Lucy and I formed our own team called Team Lucy and we've been becoming closer ever since. I just am not sure if Lu feels the same way about me as I feel about her because she is so pretty, that she probably wouldn't want to be with me because I'm a girl not a guy."

"That's weird, Lucy told me the exact same thing that you're telling me before the two of you decided to go to Hargeon together." Happy stated, earning a smile and an even deeper red blush from Lisanna.

"Really Happy?" Lisanna gasped in surprise, squeezing the blue fuzzball even more than she was causing him to cough. Realizing that she was squeezing too tight, Lisanna loosened her grip on the flying feline. "So it's possible that Lucy feels the same way I do? I'm going to have to ask her after we complete this mission."

Lisanna kissed the blue cat on the forehead thanking him. Happy blushed at the contact and smiled.

"Aye!" Happy chimed in his normal happy tone of voice. "No problem Mama Lisanna."

The flutes three eyes still are maintaining the eerie purple glow that it activated after Erigor was defeated. It was about ready to come to life when an all too familiar voice pierced the surrounding air and the sound of screeching tires could be heard coming toward them.

"Lisanna!" The voice exclaimed as the magic mobile with Erza driving it came to a stop. Kageyama and Gray popped out holding both doors open as Lucy exited the passenger compartment with a violet purple-haired girl wearing a black Yukata with purple butterfly designs embroidered all over it and a light purple flying cat wearing a light green Yukata with a purple obi/sash worn around her waist. The handle of something peaking above the light purple cats shoulder.

Gray, having opened the other side was holding the door open for Kyuri and Aspen to exit the vehicle.

Lucy ran up to Lisanna and grabbed her around the waist in a tight hug, a very apparent blush on her face. Lisanna returned the gesture also grabbing Lucy around the waist in a tight hug, an apparent blush also on her own face. Happy also detached himself from the tight grip he had on Lisanna so she could hold Lucy.

"Are you okay Lis?" Lucy asked with concern, holding the white-haired girl close as if she was trying to protect her. "Erigor didn't hurt you too bad did he?"

"I'm surprised you didn't ask if Lisanna didn't hurt Erigor too bad Lucy." Akiyuki and Luna giggled together in sync.

"Erigor doesn't deserve to be spared any pain." Lucy scoffed, still holding Lisanna protectively around her waist. "He is trying to kill the Guild Masters."

Lisanna giggled at the antics of her best friend and points to the ground behind her. "Lu, I don't think we have to worry about Erigor trying to kill the Guild Masters anymore, I just beat the crap out of the dress-wearing wimp."

Lucy looked toward the direction that Lisanna was pointing to. Seeing the state the Erigor is currently in, she giggles and smiles, the blush still apparent on her face. "I knew you could do it Li, I believed in you this whole time, that's why I decided to stay behind."

Akiyuki and Happy giggled at the position the two best friends were in.

"You two looove each other!" Akiyuki and Happy exclaimed together, trying their best to contain their laughter.

"We do noooot!" The two girls complained, this time not even budging from the position they were in. "We are just best friends worried about each other that's all."

"Oh rrrrrreaaaaallllly?" Luna asked not even bothering to bring attention to the position the two were in.

Erza then tried to get off the magic mobile after disconnecting herself from the SE plug and stumbled, immediately being supported by the white and black-haired Ice Sculpt Wizard on one side, and the Weather Wizard on the other. The both of them with one of Erza's arm around their neck to support her.

"Are you going to be okay Erza?" Aspen asked worriedly, supporting half of Titania's weight on her shoulder.

"Miss Erza, are you going to be able to fight if needed in your state?" Kyuri asked, also supporting half of Erza's weight on her shoulder. Being so much smaller and weaker than Aspen is, she is struggling to keep her balance.

"I'm going to be fine," Erza said trying to regain her balance from using so much magic on the Magic Mobile. "I'm proud of you Lisanna, I'm sure Natsu would be proud of you as well."

"Thanks Erza," Lisanna said as she turned her attention to Lucy and the violet purple-haired girl and the light purple cat, as she put her arms around the blonds waist and hugged her close, then asked, "So Lu, who is the violet purple-haired girl and light purple cat?" . "You mind introducing Happy and me to them?"

Lucy looks back toward Luna and Akiyuki, who after helping Happy tease Lucy and Lisanna is now back on the Moon Dragon Slayer's shoulder, and remembers that she has yet to introduce them.

"Oops sorry Lis, Happy; the violet purple-haired girl is my cousin Luna Fate Heartfilia." Lucy said, pointing to the girl in the yukata, then continued. "The light purple cat wearing the light green yukata is Akiyuki, her flying cat."

"Nice to meet the both of you." Luna and Akiyuki said at the same time, remember that they didn't even know the blue cat's name or the white-haired girls name for that matter. "What are your names?"

"My name is Lisanna Strauss, and this is my friend Happy." Lisanna said, cooly then continues on. "Lu, a good friend, and I raised Happy from an egg that he hatched out of six years ago."

Erza then realizes something still trying to regain her strength, but she is a bit stronger now. However, she still needs to lean on Aspen and Kyuri for support. She must've used a lot more magic with the magic mobile than she thought she did. "Luna, you never told us what magic you use."

"Oh yeah that's right," Luna said, remembering she forgot to tell them. Lucy already knew, but the others didn't. "I am a Moon Dragon Slayer, I also know a little bit of Ice Make Magic, but it's way too painful for me to use anymore due to an incident that happened seven years ago. My foster Grandmother , Yue the Moon Dragon and the rest of my family, mother, father, and siblings all disappeared seven years ago on the seventh of July just like the dragons did. My Aunt Layla also passed away on that day."

Tears threaten to flow down Lucy's face, then she realizes that her mother would want her to be happy. She seems to be finding happiness with Lisanna and the rest of the guild and her new friends, but she especially finds comfort with Lisanna as she blushes an even deeper red than she blushed before. Her and Lisanna still have yet to let go of each other. They seem to be comfortable being held by each other, is something wrong with them?

"Um, guys," Luna said to the two hugging girls, "don't we have to destroy that flute?"

"That is our mission after all, we can't let that flute get into anymore wrong hands." Akiyuki said to the group.

Kageyama is in awe, he can't believe that Erigor was defeated by a little girl nonetheless as he thought to himself, 'No way Erigor never loses.'

"So you used your head," Gray said as he looked at what little damage was done by Lisanna, then continued. "So you managed to defeat Erigor without trashing the bridge except for a few railroad ties, Natsu would've shattered it."

"I know that," Lisanna said as she continued to hold on to Lucy around the waist, "thanks to all of you I was able to limit my damage to make up for the damage I caused at the Oshibana station."

"Hey Li," Lucy said then held her closer, "you aren't the only one that caused damage at the Oshibana Station, we all did our fair share."

"Yeah Miss Lisanna," Kyuri said very politely, then continued, "Miss Lucy is right."

"I'm just glad you're safe," Aspen said to her leader, then continued, "truth be told, I was uncertain whether you would be able to win or not."

Lisanna and Lucy nod in acknowledgement to the Weather Wizard's truthful words.

"Anyway," Erza said still holding on to the shoulders of Aspen and Kyuri, then continued, "since we're so close to clover we should drop in on the Guild Master's Conference to tell them what happened and how to properly dispose of the Lullaby flute."

As Erza was saying that, Kageyama clenched his teeth and frowned, using his shadow magic he quickly made his way over to the magic mobile with flute in hand and commandeered it. Several shadow hands surrounding the magic mobile as Kage plugged himself into the SE Plug and took off. This didn't go unnoticed by Erza.

"Kage!" Erza exclaimed out in surprise and shock.

"What do you think you're doing?" Gray asked angrily toward the shadow/dispeller wizard while shielding his eyes from the dust that Kage kicked up as he took off toward the Town of Clover.

"Lullaby's mine now," Kageyama taunted with an ere of superiority to his voice, much the same way that Erigor said it, then continued on, "shouldn't have let your guard down flies Ha Ha Ha!"

With those parting words and the evil cackle, Kageyama took off toward Clover along the train tracks with the magic mobile getting him there effectively leaving Team Lucy in the dust.

Everyone's eyes turned into triangles without pupils or Irises as Lisanna and Lucy let their displeasure be known to all that could hear it in that canyon.

"That jerk!" Lisanna exclaimed angrily, her voice echoing through the walls of the canyon.

"This is how he pays us back for saving his life?!" Lucy exclaimed in just as much shock and surprise as Erza and the others did. This immediately prompted Lucy and Lisanna to let go of each other and just watch as Kageyama took off on the magic mobile toward the Guild Masters' conference.

"After him!" Erza exclaimed so loud that the entire Canyon could hear. At least the animals that make their homes in the Canyon could. "We have to get to Clover before Kage plays the Lullaby's song!"

(Elsewhere in the Country of Fiore...)

Several armor clad soldiers were marching or riding toward the Town of Clover. Each soldier was carrying a spear in one hand and a shield in the other. While many were marching in perfect sync and in a straight line, there were other soldiers that were mounted on horses as the Fiore Army continued to make their way to Clover on a mostly clear, full-moon lit night.

One of the Commanding officers spoke up, "we have received reports that Eisenwald is plotting to murder the guild masters at their confrence in Clover! I won't let that happen on my watch," the Commanding Officer continued, we have to stop them! Let's show those Wizards the might of the Fiore Army!"

"Yes Sir!" All the soldiers answered in response to their Commanding Officer as they continued to march or ride into the full moon moonlit night. The light of the moon being only shadowed by the few clouds in the sky and a ghostly image of the Lullaby Flute rotating in mid-air in front of the full moon with its three eyes glowing purple with evil intent!

(Meanwhile overlooking the Clover Meeting Hall from the crest of a nearby hill...)

Kageyama has his left arm raised to keep the blood from rushing to his injured fingertips on his left hand, which is currently raised and clenched in a fist, while his right hand his located in its normal location while holding onto the Lullaby flute contemplating whether or not this is a good place to release the song.

'Yeah, this will work,' Kageyama thought to himself while the sounds of the night echo throughout the atmosphere along with his inner voice of his mind as he continues to think to himself with his left eye closed, a bandage on his forehead, his left hand raised above his heart in the form of a fist and continued to think, 'finally, the time has come!'

Kageyama's thoughts were then interrupted by the sound of an old man making kissy-face sounds at something or someone. The specific someone making those kissy sounds is none other than Makarov Dreyar the current master of Magnolia's only Wizard Guild, Fairy Tail. The sound of the old many kissing someone or something completely broke Kageyama of his concentration forcing him to turn around and look at the diminutive third master of Fairy Tail.

"There's some hot little numbers in this weeks issue," Makarov bragged, then continued to make kissy sounds as he continued to read something while sitting on a rock that was mostly embedded into the ground, "wow, young wizarding ladies are so much more powerful than they were back in my day." Makarov then continued to look at the magazine as he winked causing a red heart to appear at the side of his head, as he continued to compliment the ladies in the magazine, "and sexier too!"

"Ya! I don't have time for this," Makarov said as he got up from his seat on the rock, his Sorcerer Weekly Magazine held behind his back as he began to walk forward while continuing to rant to himself, "I have to catch up with those fools before they destroy an entire town."

Makarov then sensed something behind him and abruptly turned around in shock while moving his hands up and down as if he was trying to avoid confrontation the second he thought that Kageyama was going to berate him about looking at Sexy Wizarding Ladies, "It's not what it looks like, I was doing some very important research on female wizards and I have no reason at all to be ashamed!"

Makarov's rant was abruptly cut off when Kageyama spoke up toward him, "I don't care what you're doing."

Makarov then immediately noticed the condition that Kageyama was in, seeing him all wrapped up he tried to off his help, "You've been hurt badly boy, you shouldn't be wandering around the woods in your condition."

"Yes sir you're right," Kageyama said while now holding the Lullaby flute in his right hand, then something came to his mind as he thought to himself with his eyes closed, 'Hold on, that's Makarov, the Master of the Fairy Tail Guild, why do I keep running into these flies.'

Once again, Kageyama spoke up this time actually trying to gain the attention of the aged Guild Master, "excuse me," Kageyama said, immediately gaining Makarov's attention.

"Huh?" Makarov asked as he regarded the young man in front of him.

Kageyama was about to bring the Lullaby flute to his mouth wondering if Makarov would let him play the deadly song for him, "I don't suppose you would care to hear a song?" Kageyama asked then chuckled while talking over the sounds of the night in the background of the hilltop over looking the Clover Meeting Hall, "They wouldn't let me play the flute while I was in the hospital. It'd mean a lot to play for someone again."

"Hmm, that's one creepy lookin' flute you got there," Makarov said while continuing to regard the young man in front of him, while still hiding his Sorcerer Weekly Magazine behind his back.

"I know," Kage said to the aged Guild Master of Fairy Tail, "but it has a beautiful sound."

"Hmm, Well I should be going," Makarov said as he closed his eyes ready to listen, "but I guess one song wouldn't hurt."

"Oh thank you," Kageyama said as his smile turned into an evil smirk and opened his eyes, he then thought to himself, 'We win!'

"Be sure to listen carefully, okay sir?" Kage said as he began to put the flute to his mouth.

"Yeah yeah," Makarov said standing in one place while he waited for Kageyama to play the flute.

'This is it.' Kageyama thought as he was about to place the flute to his lips when several pictures of people and several voices enter his mind.

'Who'd wanna join a legal guild anyway? They suck!'

'Those Fairy Tail guys are too weak to be talking such big talk!'

'The Lullaby song will be our revenge against those who stripped us of our rights and forced us to live in the darkness!' Erigor said with an evil grin on his face.

'Killing innocent people isn't going to help you get your rights back!'

'It's only going to make it worse! That's the whole reason you were kicked out of the wizard league in the first place!'

"You should really look on the bright side of things," Gray's voice said as it entered his mind, "you and your dark guild pals."

"Kage we could really use your help right now!" Erza exclaimed pleadingly as she addressed Kage while he was unconscious, how did he remember what Titania said when he was knocked out?

"He's a member of your guild! He trusted you and you tried to kill him!" Lisanna exclaimed angrily as she too chimed in on the matter of how Karacka tried to kill Kageyama.

All those voices entering Kageyama's head caused him to stop trying to play the flute.

(Meanwhile with Team Lucy...)

Up on the hill overlooking the position of Master Makarov and the Shadow/Dispelling Wizard, Team Lucy looked on as they spotted the Eisenwald Wizard about ready to play the flute.

"There he is!"Gray exclaimed.

"Gramps!" Lucy and Lisanna chimed together worriedly.

"Master!" Erza shouted out immediately following the outburst from the two leaders of Team Lucy with Happy and Akiyuki hovering behind the entire group.

Master Bob of the Blue Pegasus guild saw Gray and immediately had a heart over his head as he put his finger to his lips trying to shush the group, and spoke up, "We're just about to get to the good part."

The sudden appearance of Bob caused Lucy, Lisanna, Gray, Kyuri, Luna, and Aspen to suddenly flinch as the expressions on their face showed extreme surprise with their eyes wide open the absence of pupils and irises clearly evident on their faces.

"Well, are you yummy," Master Bob remarked toward Gray as the Ice Make Wizard put his hands up in front of his chest as a defensive guard position at the sudden compliment from the Guild Master of Blue Pegasus as he danced around getting closer to Gray. "So adorable!"

"Who the heck is that guy?" Aspen asked in shock at the sudden display of affection toward the Ice Make Wizard.

"Master Bob." Erza remarked as she pointed out the Master of the Blue Pegasus Guild to one of the newcomers that happened to be asking that question.

"He has always been that way for one reason or another," Lisanna remarked pointing out the oddly cross-dressing wizard with make up on his face.

"He is a real creep," Lucy pointed out as well in direct agreement with her best friend.

"WHAT!?" Aspen, Kyuri, and Luna a questioned in unison.

"Erza, Lucy, Lisanna;" Master Bob remarked as he noticed the three Fairy Tail Wizards standing in front of him, "you three have really filled out."

"So you're telling us that..." Aspen started then passed it on to the other two newcomers who continued where the Weather Wizard left off.

"...weirdo's..." Luna continued, then passed the buck to the Ice Sculpt Wizard.

"...the master of the Blue Pegasus Guild?" Kyuri asked curiously finishing up the sentence that was started by the other two newcomers.

Spotting that Kageyama lowered the flute from his mouth, Makarov sighs, then makes his inquiry known, "Well, I can't wait all night young man."

Kageyama then raises the flute to his mouth again and attempts to play the flute just as Lucy, Lisanna, Gray, and Erza gasp in surprise. "Oh no!" Erza exclaimed in realization while Bob was cuddling with Gray.

"Hey can you guys keep it down over there?" A wizard with a warlock's hat with spikes around the base on his head as well as a spiked collar around his neck, wearing sunglasses on his face, "We're just about to get to the good part."

"He's from Quatro Cerberus!" Aspen, Kyuri, Luna, and Akiyuki chimed in together.

"That's their master Goldmine." Erza remarked toward the newcomers that came to the realization of another guild master there.

"Hmm," Makarov grunted, then continued, "well?"

Kageyama continued to hesitate as an ominous sound invaded the surrounding atmosphere revealing the Lullaby flute with glowing purple eyes. It was apparent that whatever spirit was in that skull-shaped flute, that it was getting impatient at the stalling of the Shadow/Dispel Wizard.

'I can do this,' Kageyama thought to himself, still hesitating to put the flute to his lips, then continued thinking to himself, 'I just have to play one song! And that will change everything.'

Master Makarov closed his eyes and then sighed once again as he opened his eyes and turned to Kageyama as he spoke up, "Nothing's going to change."

"Huh?" Kageyama asked curiously, as well as in surprise. His attention drawn directly to Master Makarov.

"You cannot change the fact that those who are weak will forever remain weak," Makarov said as he continued with his explanation to everyone, "well maybe it's just me, but I don't think that's a bad thing."

As the group of wizards onlooking were listening intently to what the aged master of Fairy Tail had to say, Master Bob had his right hand to his right cheek, and Goldmine had his arms crossed over his chest as he too looked on while leaning against a tree. Lucy, and Lisanna had their hands crossed over each other as Luna, Erza, Kyuri, Akiyuki, Happy, Gray, and Aspen continued to look on in awe at the words of wisdom being given to them by the diminutive Orange and blue striped outfit clad Master of Fairy Tail. The group continued to look on in amazement as they listened intently to the words that Master Makrov had to say.

"I mean we humans are weak creatures by nature," Makarov explained as he continued on as his back is turned to his children as well as the currently present Guild Masters, "our insecurities are the reason that guilds even exist, Makarov continued on as he turned his head back toward Team Lucy, Goldmine and Bob, then continued on, "and they're the why we have friends." As Makarov was continuing his speech images of all the past adventures Team Lucy has had in just a short time together, meeting Aspen, followed later on by Kyuri and Luna along with Akiyuki. Scenes of Team Lucy's first mission together with Levy, which was the Daybreak Mission played through their heads. Along with Lucy and Lisanna going up to Mt. Hakobe with Happy and coming back with their long lost friend as Makarov's words of wisdom continue to be spoken. "When we're surrounded by Allies, it's easier to stay positive about the future." More images continued to play within the minds of the assembled group as Makarov continued on, "think of it this way, if we are clumsy, then we may stumble and bump into things, " Makarov continued to explain as he was talking to Kageyama with Team Lucy looking on as well as several more guild master looking out at Makarov's speech from inside the Clover Conference Hall as Makarov continues his very inspiring speech, "but as long as we have faith in our future, we continue marching forward our inner strength emerges on it's own," Kageyama continues to take all of the words in from Master Makarov's speech as the aged master continues to give advice and insight into the past, present and future; "but we have to choose that path and pledge to live our lives to the fullest, don't let that silly flute get in the way."

Moved by the words of wisdom form the user of Titan Magic among others that also happens to be the Guild Master of Fairy Tail, Kageyama let's the Lullaby Flute drop to the ground and then drops to his knees and bows to Makarov with all of Team Lucy and the entire congregation of guild masters looking on, Kageyama says the two words that no one really expected to here him say, "I surrender."

"Master!" Erza exclaimed as she ran toward along with Lucy, Lisanna, Gray, Aspen, and Kyuri while Luna and Akiyuki stayed behind and let the current members of Fairy Tail greet their master.

"You stopped it," Lucy and Lisanna remarked together as they stood on either side of Erza followed shortly by Gray.

"Good job Gramps!" Gray complimented the diminutive elderly Fairy Tail Guild Master.

As the group surrounded Makarov along with Happy, Fairy Tail's Guild Master was extremely surprised that his strongest team would show up in Clover at the conference.

"What?" Makarov asked in shock and surprise, he continued to ask questions of Team Lucy. "How did you kids end up in Clover?"

"Master Makarov," Erza said as she grabbed a hold of Master Makarov with that strong grip of hers and slammed him right into her Heart Kruz Armor, "your words touched me so deeply that I was almost moved to tears."

Feeling himself being crushed Makarov grunted as he felt the strong grip of Titania surround his fragile frame. "Ow!"

Erza let go of Makarov as Lisanna patted him on the head and Lucy patted his back with Happy jumping up and down in celebration. Aspen and Kyuri ran over toward Kageyama to make sure he was alright as Luna and Akiyuki just looked on.

Gray, after analyzing the situation crosses his arms over his bare chest with his Fairy Tail Insignia on his right pectoral exposed, as he comes to a forgone conclusion, "Well it looks like we got here just in time to see Gramps talk his way out of another one."

Makarov then looks toward Luna and Akiyuki and notices that he hasn't seen them before, then all of a sudden recognition dawns on him. It's his Granddaughter Luna Fate Heartfilia.

"Luna, my Grandchild," Makarov remarked immediately recognizing the violet-purple haired young lady in her black yukata embroidered with purple butterfly designs, "is that you my dear?"

"Yes Grandfather it's me," Luna stated as she made her way up to the rest of the group, "it's so good to see you after so long, I would like you to meet my best friend Akiyuki."

"It's a pleasure to meet you sir," Akiyuki said to the aged master with a curtsy, "Luna has told me a lot about you. She was so excited that she also remembered that her cousin also was a member of Fairy Tail. She wanted to join the guild, do you have the guild stamp with you by any chance?"

"Of course I do Akiyuki was it?" Makarov asked as he pulled out the magic Fairy Tail Insignia Stamper. "I never leave the guild hall without it."

"Can I join your guild Grandfather?" Luna asked hopefully as she looked into the eyes of her Grandfather for the first time in seven years since her favorite Aunt's funeral.

"I don't see why not, what about your kitty?" Makarov asked as he studied the light purple cat wearing the green Yukata in front of him, "Will she be joining as well?"

Luna nodded and so did Akiyuki, who then spoke up, "I think you need to stamp me first because of the location that Luna wants her guild insignia, I think it's best that you turn around and close your eyes."

Lucy then noticed that Akiyuki and Luna were talking to the Master and ran over there while Lisanna was celebrating with Happy. "Um Master, if you don't mind I would like to apply the stamp to Luna and Akiyuki."

"Why Lucy dear?" Makarov asked as he handed the stamp carefully to his beloved Celestial Spirit/Star Make Wizard. "Do they have a specific place they want it that is not appropriate for me to place it at?"

Lucy nods sheepishly and motions for Luna to go behind a nearby tree other than the one that Goldmine is leaning against and open the top of her Yukata. She then shot a glare toward Goldmine, Bob, and Makarov not to follow her. She also motioned for Akiyuki to follow Luna behind the same tree she went behind. Makarov can't really figure out why Luna doesn't want him to apply her guild mark, he then realizes how Luna is dressed and blushes out of embarrassment and turns away as he buries his face in his Sorcerer Weekly Magazine understanding the implied order from one of his strongest children. With his face buried in the magazine he motions for Lucy to quickly do what she has to do.

Lucy nods and follows Luna and Akiyuki behind the tree.

Behind the tree, Luna quickly opens the top of her yukata and points to the spot where she wants it. Right in the middle of her cleavage. "I want it right here and lavender please."

"I want mine to be Aqua-Turquoise in color and in the center of my back," Akiyuki said as she completely removed her Yukata.

Lucy nodded and quickly applied the stamps at the desired locations, motioned for her cousin and Akiyuki to put their Yukata's back on, and then quickly returned the stamp to Master Makarov. Makarov gratefully accepted the stamp, put it in one of his pockets and took his eyes out of the magazine while simultaneously closing it. He then spotted where Luna put her mark and nearly got a bloody nose just thinking what would've happened if he had applied the stamp to his Granddaughters chest. He nearly passed out from blood loss just thinking about it as he quickly ran back over to Erza, Lisanna, Gray, and Happy hiding his beet red blushing face.

The group continued to celebrate stopping Kageyama's mission when all of a sudden a very evil voice pierced the surrounding atmosphere as a certain death flute had an eerie purple glow to its three eyes as purple lightning arced off of it. "Ha ha ha ha ha!" The voice exclaimed while piercing the atmosphere around the newly expanded Team Lucy as well as the air around the assembled Guild Masters as it floated up into the air expelling dark smoke and purple lightning creating an eerie purple magic circle in the sky,

"I can no longer hold back!" The voice exclaimed angrily. "I shall come forth and devour you myself. I shall feast on your pitiful souls!" Two giant claws come from the sky the two legs are straddling the the Clover Conference hall as the monster's face is revealed to be skull like just like the flute with its three eyes glowing a deadly purple hue.

The flute has transformed into its demon form. Its demon form is an extremely tall beast that has three eyes, two legs, two arms and one head. There are many cutouts in its body.

This caused an extremely surprised, as well as terrified gasp from Team Lucy along with Makarov, Luna, Akiyuki, and Happy. "Um guys," Akiyuki remarked with an extremely scared tone to her voice.

"Something came out!" Happy exclaimed with extreme shock and fright as purple lightning arced toward the sky causing an eerie purple magic circle to appear above the Lullaby flute.

(About a mile away the Fiore Army also saw the giant circle in the sky...)

The whole entire Fiore Army gasped in shock as a giant purple magic circle with purple lightning arcing off of it made itself known.

"What is that?" One of the soldiers inquired as he as well as the rest of the Fiore Army gasped in collective shock.

(Back with the Lullaby flute, Team Lucy, Makarov, as well as Luna, Akiyuki, and the assembled Guild Masters...)

"I can no longer hold back," the piercing voice exclaimed evilly,then continued, "I shall come forth to devour you myself!"

Just as the voice said that the Lullaby flute floated even higher into the air as it sprouted giant legs and feet along with extremely large arms, hands, and fingers. The three eye sockets of the flute glowing a very evil looking purple color ready to go on a rampage as it continued its evil and malicious rant.

"I shall feast upon your pitiful souls!" The creature exclaimed evily as the night sky became even more dark and evil looking than it already was thanks to that purple magic circle.

"It's so big!" Aspen, Luna, Akiyuki and Kyuri chimed together.

"Way to state the obvious!" Happy, Lucy, and Lisanna chimed together in an obvious tone that points out the situation.

"What is that thing?" Kageyama asked in extreme shock and surprise as he continued on while looking up at the flute monster, "Erigor never said anything about a monster."

"We're in a pickle." Bob remarked as he placed the palm of his left hand to his lips.

"It must be a demon from the Book of Zeref." Goldmine said nonchalantly while crossing his arms and stating the obvious again.

Several of the Guild Master fled from the Clover Conference Hall as one of them spoke up. "You think we should help them?"

"I can't, I've got a bad back," another one of the Guild Masters said in a panicky voice as he fled the Clover Conference Complex.

"Um why did the flute turn into a monster?" Kyuri and Aspen asked together in unison while Luna and Akiyuki looked on.

"That's what Lullaby's true form looks like in the flesh," Goldmine remarked, then continued on, "it's forbidden black magic, living magic, Zeref's specialty."

"Living Magic?" Erza asked curiously.

"Who's Zeref?" Gray inquired, then continued, "Is he some ancient wizard?"

"He's the most evil wizard the world has ever known," Bob remarked toward Gray with an answer, "he was very powerful in his day, but in my wildest dreams I never thought his dark legacy would pop up again."

The Lullaby Monster moved and bent over to look at the assembled Wizards with malice as it spoke up in that evil and scratchy voice, "now which of these delectable souls should I dine on first?"

"Delectable huh?" Lisanna and Lucy inquired and were about to ask Gray if he thought souls were tasty, but then realized that only Natsu would ask something as stupid and hair brained as that. They thought better of that and got ready for a battle.

"Good, you two didn't ask the stupid questions he used to ask," Gray said to the two girls.

"Lisanna, Lucy, Gray get everyone to a safe place," Erza barked toward the group of two girls and one boy, "don't even think about arguing with me or else you know what will happen!"

Lucy and Lisanna gulped and grabbed onto each other for dear life and started running toward the group of onlookers. "Aye Aye!"

"Okay, now why do those two sound like Happy?" Aspen asked.

"I have no idea," Kyuri said with a shrug and then looked toward Luna and Akiyuki, "what about you two?"

"We have no idea." Luna and Akiyuki chimed together in sync.

"No giant wooden demon is going to scare off the Fiore Army!" The captain of the Fiore Army chimed in, then gave his orders, "Charge!"

"Yes sir!" the rest of the army said from their stake out location.

"YOU DOUBT MY POWER!?" The Lullaby Monster inquired Rhetorically as a purple magic circle appeared in front of its mouth, "I'll prove it to you!"

From the purple magic circle the Lullaby monster expelled a blast of dark magic aimed directly toward one of the mountains surrounding the meeting hall completely destroying it.

This caused Team Lucy, Luna, Akiyuki as well as all the guild masters to cringe at the shear display of power from the Lullaby Monster.

"Captain are we scared yet?" A random soldier inquired.

"Now men," The Captain exclaimed insistently. "Retreat! Run for your lives!"

Whistles blew from the area the army was at as they all ran away.

"I have no need for those pathetic humans," the Lullaby monster remarked, then continued, "I'm for the taste of a wizard's soul, and I will consume all of yours!"

"Oh yeah, I'd like to see you try!" Lisanna exclaimed with a sassy attitude as she transformed into her Tigress form and empowered her body with the power of fire causing her white hair that had gotten longer thanks to her Tigress form to be streaked with reddish orange. Her bikini was reddish-orange and black, she then continued taunting the Lullaby monster as she shouted out in a challenging voice toward the monster, "bring it on big guy!"

"Good Luck!" All the assembled Guild Masters said together in sync as they looked on.

"Lisanna, remember not to act like him, although we have to get the others to a safe place," Lucy said while reaching for her keys and turning to Aspen, Kyuri, Luna, Akiyuki, and Happy; "Aspen, you Luna, Kyuri, Akiyuki, and Happy get the Master and the rest of the Guild Masters to a safe place, we will take out this piece of work."

"Sure thing Cousin Lucy," Luna stated as she looked between her cousin and her team and the group of assembled Guild Masters. She really wanted to fight, but considering the fame that just Lucy and Lisanna alone have gained from their destructive missions, she decided it was best to stay back and protect the other guild masters and the other innocent bystanders as she continued speaking to her cousin, "I really want to battle, but I honestly think that five people will be overkill for just one giant monster, don't you agree Cousin Lucy?"

Lucy nodded in acknowledgement and understanding toward her cousin as she spoke up, "I know your motive for doing that cuz, you want to see how much I've improved right?"

Luna and Akiyuki nodded in response to the golden blond Celestial/Star Make Wizard, Akiyuki then spoke up, "I think Luna just wants to see what new spells you can do, I would very much enjoy watching you as well."

Lucy smiled in appreciation. She was very thankful that her cousin and her cat were going to leave the battle with the monster to the people that have been in Fairy Tail for a while.

The group did so.

"Ready!?" Lucy, Lisanna, and Erza all asked together.

"Yeah!"Gray exclaimed as he got ready to battle, a light blue magic circle appearing underneath his feet.

"Can those four defeat Lullaby all by themselves?" Aspen asked.

"Why don't you and Kyuri help out Aspen?" Happy asked, then continued, "You two are members of this team too aren't you? Luna and Akiyuki have already explained why they aren't fighting.

"Normally I would," Aspen said with a slight tremble to her voice, "but I am still recovering from my battle earlier, besides it's been a while since I've seen my friends in action."

"Good excuse," Happy taunted as he looked toward the brunette Weather Wizard, then turned to the Ice Sculpt Wizard, "how about you Kyuri?"

"Don't judge me cat!" Aspen exclaimed as she gave Happy a menacing glare.

Kyuri thought about it a while, then declined, "I am not fully recovered from my fight either, I'm not like Gray is with my Ice Sculpt Magic. I still have a ways to go before I can compete with the strongest team in Fairy Tail from what I've seen. Besides that, I am content just to see those four in action together, maybe I can learn a few things from them and adapt them to my own use."

Happy nodded in understanding as she perched on Kyuri's shoulder, "leaving it to the seasoned veterans I see, well that works for me."

"Why were you so mean to me Happy?" Aspen asked with a pout, "What did I ever do to you?"

"Calm down Aspen, I'm just kidding," Happy said from his perch on Kyuri's shoulder as he looked toward the the brunette, "I already know how good you are at your magic, I was just trying to have a little fun with you."

Aspen nodded, smiled and hugged the blue flying cat, "thank you so much Happy, I figured you were just joking. Besides that, someone needs to protect the Guild Masters and other innocent bystanders if things get out of control, which I have a feeling will happen very soon if I know Lucy and Lisanna like I think I do, when they set their minds to something they go all out if they can."

Lucy and Lisanna stood back to back as Lucy pulled out one of her silver keys followed by one of her four golden keys. "Open Gates of the Silver Eagle and Golden Bull! Aquila and Taurus!"

"I am here to serve you well my dear," Aquila said as she appeared in a silver dress in her human form and curtsied, "Which form do you want me in Lucy?"

"I think you should be in your Eagle form and touch Lisanna's flaming claw," Lucy said to her silver key spirit.

"Why Lu?" Lisanna inquired curiously as she stood ready to battle.

"Because we are going to need a lot of fire power to take this monster down," Lucy stated factually.

Aquila nodded and touched the flaming claw of Lisanna as her long silver hair gained orange-red streaks. Aquila then switched into her eagle form and activated her Flame Eagle Mode.

"Lucy Lisanna, how about a smooch!" Taurus said with hearts in his eyes as he stared at the two lovely teenage girls in front of him the words Lucy and smooch were stretched out by the Bovine Zodiac Spirit to sound like he was mooing while saying them..

"Get real pervert! It's time to fight!" Lucy and Lisanna chimed together in unison.

Taurus nodded and combined his axe with the flames of Lisanna creating a flaming Axe head.

Lucy slammed the palms of her hands together, her eyes downcast trying to focus on what she wanted to form, her bangs covering her eyes showing that she seemed to be deep in thought as a golden yellow magic circle appeared beneath her feet and in between her hands. Her eyes immediately shot up as she knew what she was going to use as she moved her whip hook to the back of her belt without taking her whip off of its hook. "Star Make..." Lucy stated as the magic circles in between her hands and underneath her feet got bigger, she then slowly pulled the palm of her hands apart using the power of the stars to form a long bladed weapon of sorts. Once her hands are completely pulled apart, the two magic circles merge dissolving into the sky forming a sword, Katana style sword. "Shooting Star Katana!" Lucy then took her sword holding the handle of it in both her hands since she is not very apt at brandishing it with one hand yet and swings it around through the air as she pirouettes and winks. She then held the sword out in front of her and pointed it toward Lisanna, "Okay Li time to charge this sword up with your flames so we can take down this monster more efficiently."

"Sure thing Lu," Lisanna said as she gently touched the tip of her claws to the tip of Lucy's katana igniting it in flames that stopped right before the handle guard as not to burn her best friend's hands.

"Look how those two work together as if they are in sync with each other along with those two Celestial Spirits." One of the guild masters remarked as he witnessed Lucy charging her Shooting Star Katana with the flames from Lisanna. As one the two teenage girls ran up the back of the Lullaby Demon slashed him with their flaming claws and sword and jumped off landing perfectly on Aquila's back as Taurus leaped up into the air swinging his flaming axe as skillfully as a baton twirler in a parade.

"Wow look at that cow, he certainly is something, how can Lucy keep two spirits out and still maintain the ability to use her maker magic?" Akiyuki asked curiously.

"She has had plenty of practice with Lisanna over the past six years," Happy chimed in happily, "those two girls are a lot more powerful than everyone thinks. Don't let their fragile flames fool you. Although, they may use a lot more magic than they think they will with this fight don't you agree Luna?"

"I have to agree with you there Happy," Luna responded, "Cousin Lucy may be strong, but she has her limits like everyone does, I just hope she will be okay."

Flame Eagle's Screech!" Aquila exclaimed loudly as a reddish-orange magic circle appeared in front of her mouth with little specks of silver inside of it creating a vortex of flame and space dust sending it swirling straight toward the dead center of the Lullaby flute monster.

Lisanna then did a front flip off of Aquila's head just as she released her screech and headed straight for the Lullaby monsters head while at the same time turning into a fiery spinning drill as she pressed the palms of her Tigress Claws together followed by the soles of her feet. Lisanna then shifted into her Fire Tigress Drill form.

"Fire Tigress flaming Drill Run!" Lisanna exclaimed as she bored her way through the stomach of the Lullaby Flute monster.

Erza followed Lisanna's lead and took to the sky slashing the two swords she now had in her hands into the Lullaby Monster causing it to scream in just as much if not more pain than what Lisanna caused.

"Take this you moonster! Taurus flaming golden axe slash!" Taurus exclaimed while slamming down with his flaming axe right on the top of his head.

Gray then placed his right hand in the palm of his left as mist appeared from his hands followed by a light blue magic circle. "Ice Make: Lance!" Gray exclaimed as he molded several lances made of ice and sent them straight toward the monster striking it hard.

"Ohhh!" The Lullaby monster exclaimed clearly in pain now, that is if it wasn't in extreme pain before.

"Aquila," Lucy said as she addressed her spirit and dissipated her katana after slashing the monster a couple of times, "when I fire my shuriken storm, I want you to ignite them with your flame vortex."

"Star Make Shuriken Collection!" Lucy exclaimed as she prepared to create her attack in a way similar to Gray. A golden yellow magic circle appeared in Lucy's right hand as she slammed her left fist into it. She pulled her left fist out of the palm of her right hand creating several shurikens stacked on top of each other as another golden yellow magic circle merged with the reddish orange circle emanating from the beak of the Silver Eagle. The Shuriken Collection was ignited in flames that merged with the golden yellow color of the shurikens. Lucy raised her right hand into the air and flung the flaming Shurikens toward the Lullaby Monster.

"As you wish my dear Lucy, " Aquila acknowledged the order her wizard and friend had given her as she jumped off of the Silver Flaming Eagle's head and activated her wings so she could fly.

"Star Make Flaming Shuriken Storm!" Lucy exclaimed while flying through the air releasing her barrage of shurikens into the flaming vortex from her eagle.

"Wow Cousin Lucy, you sure have gotten a lot stronger than you were the last time I saw you, " Luna remarked matter-of-factly.

"I have to agree with Luna," Aspen said truthfully, she may not be in this fight right now, but she also remembered that she had to protect the Guild Masters with her magic if it was needed.

"Wow, I am really going to enjoy being part of this team and part of Fairy Tail!" Kyuri exclaimed happily, just glad she found such a powerful team to be a member of. Just the memories of the whole group fighting the Eisenwald thugs together in Oshibana Station brought a smile to her usual cold and reserved face as she thought to herself, 'My dear big brother, wherever you are, I hope you have found a nice family to be a part of as well, maybe you found someone to take good care of just like you did with me when we were together.'

"Wow!" One of the Guild Masters exclaimed in shock and surprise, "Those four work together so well, I can see why you're guild is the strongest Makarov."

"Thank you very much," Makarov said to the Guild Master that just spoke up.

Seeing her golden opportunity, Lucy took to the sky and gently swung her two Celestial Keys through the air. "Thanks for all your help Aquila and Taurus, now it's time to show the group how good I am at Star Make Magic so take a nice rest and thanks for your help. I just hope I will have enough strength left to make it back to Fairy Tail."

Taurus with hearts in his eyes holstered his axe and blew a kiss toward Lucy. "Miss Lucy, Miss Lisanna, you both owe me a big old smooch for helping out!"

"Just return to the Celestial Spirit World already!" Lisanna and Lucy chimed together in unison toward the bovine spirit with an angry edge to their voices which would even make Demon Mirajane quake in her shoes.

"Thank you for summoning us my dear, Taurus and I shall take our leave now, " Aquila remarked as she used her giant talons to pick up Taurus and return to the spirit world with him in her talons

Several golden yellow magic circles surround Lucy as she once again called on her Star Make Shooting Star Katana and began to spin it and herself around with average skill. "Shooting Star Sword Tornado Slash!" The spinning Slash from herself and her sword looked like a giant tornado that seemed to be digging into the monster violently causing said monster to screech out in pain almost falling over from dizziness, but luckily the Lullaby Monster maintained its balance.

Gray then raised his hands up above his head creating a giant ice weapon sending millions of shards of ice toward the Lullaby monster hitting it dead on.

Lisanna then stopped spinning around and landed while crossing her arms over her chest and glared at the Lullaby monster, then spoke up. "I'm not finished with you! Fire Tigress..." Lisanna remarked as flames ignited on the tips of her Tigress Claws as she jumped up into the air toward the monster slashing down in an X-like pattern across the face, "flaming claw slash!"

The impact of Lisanna's attack caused flames to fly toward the group of onlookers.

"That's incredible," Kageyama said, then continued, "their combination attacks are so powerful."

"And they're in sync," Akiyuki remarked in just as much shock and surprise as Kage.

"I am so glad my cousin found a strong team to be a part of," Luna said while looking on with a smile on her face, then continued, "it really seems that Lu is a lot happier than she was the last time I saw her."

"Aye," Happy said, having to chime in his two cents.

Fed up with the resistance of the onlookers and its opponents, the Lullaby Flute Monster raised its head toward the sky and expelled a giant purple magic circle.

"This can't be good!" Akiyuki and Luna exclaimed worriedly as the shuddered and covered their ears to protect themselves from the death song.

"Here comes its song," Happy said worriedly preparing for the worst.

"Look all the plants are dying," Akiyuki remarked from her spot next to Happy.

"Lullaby's sucking the life out of them," Happy remarked stating the obvious.

"It's been fun meeting you all," Aspen said worriedly as she shuddered and looked on in fear as the monster prepared to play its song, "but I think this is the end."

"Is it just me or has it gotten a lot colder out here?" Kyuri asked as she shivered, which is really something considering she is an Ice Sculpt Wizard and the cold really never bothered her until now, maybe it was just the darkness being emitted from the monster that made it seem even colder than she was used to.

"Just one note and your souls will be mine!" The Lullaby monster exclaimed evilly as it tried to play its song while nearly every onlooker covered his or her ears.

However due to the attacks from Erza, Lisanna, Lucy, and Gray; the only sound that came out of the monster was a little wheeze.

"What happened?" Akiyuki asked curiously.

"That was unexpected," Luna sighed in a very surprised tone as she rolled her eyes.

"Nothing happened," Happy said as he jumped up into the air next to Akiyuki with earplugs in.

"Wow, that was..." Kyuri said while deep in thought, then continued, "disappointing."

"I don't understand," the Lullaby monster stated in apparent surprise, "why can't I play my melody of death?"

"It must be all those attacks," Kageyama remarked.

"They punched so many holes in that thing that it completely messed up its song," Akiyuki remarked factually, then continued while shrugging, "all that build up for this? Talk about going out with a whimper."

Luna, Aspen, and Kyuri nodded in agreement with the light purple cat.

"Yeah flutes are pretty lame to begin with," Happy said nonchalantly.

"You dare mock me?!" the Lullaby monster exclaimed in anger as he went on a rampage destroying everything he kicked.

"And now it's really mad!" A random guild master exclaimed.

"As if things weren't bad enough!" Another random guild master agreed.

Gray and Lucy used their quick thinking to land on the ground in front of the group, Lucy dispelling her wings and sheathing her Shooting Star Katana, and began chanting their respective spells as they pointed their hands toward the ground

"Ice Make," Gray started activating his blue magic circle in front of him, followed shortly by Lucy.

"Star Make," Lucy remarked activating her golden yellow magic circle. Once the two maker wizards had their magic ready, they all chanted a defensive spell at the same time.

"Shield!" Both Gray and Lucy finished as a dual colored shield appeared in front of them and the group of onlookers.

Once the shields were activated flames kicked up. Luckily the two maker wizards protected the group from the flames.

"Oh wow!" A Guild Master with a haircut like a clown and reddish-orange goatee exclaimed.

"Those kids' maker magics are amazing," another guild master, this one wearing what appeared to be a fez with a mustache chimed in.

"What's maker magic, I remember hearing about at one point," Akiyuki said looking toward her partner Luna, who confirmed her suspicions with a nod.

"Akiyuki, remember what my other magic is?" Luna asked of her partner.

Akiyuki nodded in understanding at Luna's question.

"It's users can give their magical energy a tangible form," Happy pointed out as he made his eyes really big and continued, "however, there is another type of magic that can destroy it."

"Uh huh." Akiyuki responded with a nod.

The three human newcomers continued to watch as the battle reached its climax.

"I will kill you all," the Lullaby monster cackled evilly as a slurping sound could be heard as flames started coalescing into a specific direction. The monster then spotted Lisanna sucking in the flames.

"Oh yeah, As a really good friend once said," Lisanna said after she finished her fire feast and glared at the monster, "now I've got a fire in my belly and it's dying to get out!"

"You're not human!" the Lullaby monster accused, then continued as it swung one of its hand toward the takeover/elemental empowerment wizard, "You're a monster!"

"Oh like you can talk ugly!" Lisanna exclaimed as she leaped on the monsters back and began climbing it followed shortly by Lucy trailing close behind with her katana still sheathed.

"Stop climbing me!" the monster ordered.

Erza then jumped back into the fray as a red magic circle appeared in front of her. "Requip!"

Erza's armor changed again into a mostly black armor complete with a pair of black wings on her back and a black sword in her hand.

"Her armor is lovely," one of the guild masters remarked with hearts around his head. Several other guild masters had hearts around their heads as well.

"It's called Black-Winged Armor and it amplifies the power of her attacks," another guild master remarked.

"Ice/Star Make." Gray and Lucy chimed together in sync with their hands down on their left hips. "Saucer/Star Shuriken!"

Gray created a bladed saucer that was spinning around in place at the same time as Lucy created a much bigger shuriken than she ever had before with sharp edges, but it wasn't even half the size of Gray's Saucer. However, just like Gray's saucer, it was spinning around. The saucer and star shuriken from Gray and Lucy respectively spun rapidly as the spinning projectiles slammed into opposite sides of the monster causing massive damage causing the monster to let out a horrendous scream as it struggled to keep its footing.

Erza then used the ability of her flight armor to slash the monster again, while Lucy jumped up in the air with her Shooting Star Katana drawn and cut the monster's arms off, then set her sights on its legs.

"My arms, I can't move my arms!" The monster exclaimed in extreme pain, "Stop the pain already!"

Lucy then proceeded to cut the monster's legs off with her Shooting Star Katana as well. Then dispelled her sword and activated her wings to catch up to Lisanna almost ready to deal the finishing blow. Once Lucy caught up to Lisanna on a nearby cliff, she dispelled her wings and prepared for the final blow with her friend.

"Not my legs too!" the Lullaby Monster screeched as the only thing that was left of his body was its ugly head and his torso.

"Lucy, Lisanna!" Gray shouted.

Lucy stood behind Lisanna and grabbed onto her shoulders while a golden yellow magic circle appeared on Lucy's back symbolizing that Lucy had called forth her Star Make Wings once again.

Since Lisanna was in direct contact with Lucy her fire empowerment magic combined with Lucy's Star Make Magic causing Lucy's hair to gain reddish-orange streaks in her hair as well. "Firestar Tigress Make Combination Attack, Flaming Shooting Star Smash!" Lucy and Lisanna chimed together as the two best friends combined their different abilities into a shooting star-like attack slamming straight through the back of the Demon flutes head sending it up into the sky and shattering it to pieces as the two best friends descended gently to the ground, Lucy dispelling her wings and Lisanna returning to her normal Tigress form, then glowing in a gold light regaining her normal form. The two linked hands once again and smiled at the assembled group. The two girls then immediately fell to their hands and knees and were huffing and puffing to catch their breath.

"Wow, that was..." Lucy said through multiple gasps for air attempting to regain her balance enough to stand up, and looking toward her friend who seemed to be in the same fatigued state as she was.

"...a major drain on our magical energy," Lisanna said through the same amount of gasps that Lucy had as she too was trying to regain balance enough to stand up as well, "we have never done that before."

Lucy and Lisanna then fainted while clinging on to each other.

"Lucy!" Luna and Akiyuki exclaimed worriedly as they rushed over to the two.

"Lisanna!" Kyuri and Aspen also exclaimed as they followed the Moon Dragon Slayer and her flying cat partner over to the duo, "Are you guys okay?"

"Oh my," Makarov sighed as he went to tend to his children followed by Gray and Erza.

"Are you two okay?" Erza asked the two girls who she had grown to see as the younger sisters she never had.

"Lucy-Mama, Lisanna Mama!" Happy exclaimed worriedly as he used his max speed to rush over to his two mothers, "Natsu would be so proud of you."

Gray gasped as he ran over to his teammates and felt for a pulse on both of the girls' wrists. Finding out the two girls were alive brought a great sigh of relief to the assembled Fairy Tail Members.

The golden blond fluttered her eyes open and looked around to the assembled group as Lucy regained her equilibrium and attempted to get up only to realize that Lisanna had fallen on her chest and was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face, "Li, time to wake up. We need to get back to the guild soon."

Lucy stroked the hair on Lisanna's head and had a smile on her face as Lisanna's crystal blue eyes fluttered open to look into the honey brown eyes of her friend, both friends had a deep red blush on their faces as Lisanna spoke up, "Lu, did we win?"

"Yes we did Li, although I think we used up a lot of our magic in doing so, are you well enough to get up?" Lucy asked as she continued to stroke the white hair of the Take Over/Elemental Empowerment Wizard.

"I am, come on, we need to get that flute somewhere safe so no one uses it again," Lisanna said as she regrettably pulled herself off of her best friends chest, a red blush still apparent on both girls' faces, "s-sorry Lu, I didn't mean to land on you like that."

Lucy smiled as she allowed Lisanna to help her up as she smiled toward her friend, "I can't believe we have become so strong, although we still have a long way to go to be able to be like Erza and Mirjane."

"Mm-hm," Lisanna said as she continued to hold onto Lucy's hand after she had helped her up, "you got that right Lu."

Happy, Akiyuki, and the three human newcomers smiled in a teasing grin, "Lucy and Lisanna looove each other!"

"We dooo noooot!" Lucy and Lisanna chimed in unison as they blushed even deeper red and turned away from each other, while still continuing to link hands.

"How come you two are holding hands and blushin?" Erza taunted, "Are you two really that way?"

"No!" The two girls said as they immediately released their hands and turned their backs toward each other a pout and a blush on their pretty faces.

"Could've fooled us." The newcomers and Happy all chimed together in unison.

"They did it!" All the guild master exclaimed happily in celebration.

"They really are the strongest team." Goldmine chimed in as he looked on at what Team Lucy had accomplished. The group of four wizards cheered together in unison and waved at the group of onlookers. The weapons that have been used were either dispelled or returned to their storage place, or clipped on belts.

Everyone began to celebrate the accomplishment of defeating Lullaby and Eisenwald as they looked at the cracked up Lullaby Flute on the ground, it seems the monster reverted to its flute form right after it was defeated. Laying on the ground in a cracked mess was the Lullaby flute. One of the Guild Masters picked it up and placed it in a jar to give to the Magic Council. Lisanna then motioned Lucy toward her.

"Lu, there is something I've been meaning to tell you for a couple years now, ever since you saved my life on that mission." Lisanna said with a deep red blush on her face. "Can we please go and talk somewhere private."

Lucy nodded and recommended the clover meeting hall. As the two girls were headed toward where the meeting hall was, all they saw was a big hole in the ground where the meeting hall used to be. The two girls sweat dropped as did the other members of Team Lucy, including Akiyuki, Aspen, Luna, Kyuri, Makarov, and Happy.

"That was an epic battle right Akiyuki?" Luna asked of her partner.

"I have to agree with you Luna," Akiyuki acknowledged, "but I think those four may have done too much."

Kyuri heard this and wondered what the light purple cat was talking about, then looked toward where the meeting hall once was and gasped in awe and fear, "Um, I think it's a good thing that the three of us didn't take part in the battle don't you?"

Luna and Akiyuki nodded in agreement as Aspen saw the results of the battle and nodded as well, "that was an awesome battle but, they overdid it!"

Lisanna and Lucy looked at the destruction and took off quickly into the woods hand-in-hand so they could get some privacy.

"Li, now that we are alone," Lucy started then looked into the clear blue eyes of her best friend, a very deep red blush on her cheeks, "I too have been wanting to tell you something for two long years now, ever since you woke up from your coma after our S-Class Mission with Mira and Elfman. I just really didn't know how to say it until now because I didn't know how you would react or if you felt the same for me."

"Well speak up Lu, we don't have all night," Lisanna said with a smile and a cute blush on her face as she stared into those deep brown eyes of Lucy's. "I want to hear you say it first so I can make sure you are feeling the same way as me."

Lucy and Lisanna stared into each others eyes as their hearts began to beat much faster than usual and then felt butterflies in their stomachs as they placed their arms around each other's necks and embraced, their lips just inches apart. Without saying a word, the two best friends tilted their heads in opposite directions and locked lips in a kiss, they were about to use their tongues but then thought better of it as they pulled apart.

"Li, it's too soon for us to go an all out full kiss with the tongue," Lucy said to her friend, "we are just now beginning to discover our feelings for each other, we need to take it slow, we have yet to go on a date yet, we have to do that before we go all passionate. I know this probably hurts you, but it's just not right, we may have known each other for six years, but..." Lucy was quickly cut off by Lisanna placing her finger on her lips.

"I understand Lu-Chan, we have got to start thinking first before we get real serious and passionate with our kisses," Lisanna said as she removed her finger from her blond friend's lips, "we have to take it slow, pecks at first. We have yet to go on a date, we have to have each others permission to kiss. Does that work for you?"

Lucy nodded in agreement with her white-haired friend as the two just quickly kissed each other on the lips without the tongue. Do they love each other? It's too soon to tell, the one thing they knew is that they are now closer to each other than they have ever been.

The two girls smiled lovingly at each other and linked hands and headed back to the battle scene only to see the rest of their team backed up against a ruined tree on a hill overlooking the hole in the ground that now stood where the meeting hall once was. The assembled guild masters including Bob and Goldmine glaring at them angrily.

"So do you want us to hunt down whoever is responsible for this?" Aspen asked

"We will help you in anyway we can." Luna and Akiyuki said with curtsies.

"Just tell us what to do and we will search down the responsible party." Kyuri said very unsure of herself at this time.

Lucy and Lisanna sweat dropped because they immediately knew who was responsible and so did Erza and Gray.

Erza picked up Master Makarov and held him on her back in a piggy back fashion, while Gray, Lisanna, and Lucy ran as fast and as far away as they could to get away from the angered guild masters, it was obvious they regained all their strength that they lost from the preceding battle. Not wanting to be left behind, Aspen, Kyuri, Akiyuki, Luna and Happy ran/flew after the fleeing group of Fairy Tail Wizards.

"You're all responsible for the destruction!" All the assembled guild masters exclaimed in unison as they gave Fairy Tail chase.

"Oops..." Aspen stated with fear.

"...I think we need to..." Akiyuki and Luna chimed together in unison.

"...get outta here!" Kyuri, Gray, Lisanna, Lucy and Erza all exclaimed as the seven wizards of Team Lucy ran off, or in Akiyuki and Happy's cases flew, into the night carrying a very scared Guild Master as well.

The group then looked back at a very happy Lucy and Lisanna holding hands and giggling, this meant only one thing to the group, they all laughed or giggled and gave the new couple a thumbs up as they looked at how happy the two finally were. It's the happiest they ever saw the two ever since the incident two years ago that still played very vividly in the older Guild Members' minds, at least the ones that were members then, and Luna, who had received several letters from Lucy explaining everything that transpired over the past two years.

"Glad to see you two have moved on," Makarov said as he glanced back toward the new couple, "I was getting worried about you two for a while there."

"Aye Sir!" Happy said, chiming in his two cents.

"I knew you two have become a lot closer since two years ago," Gray remarked at the two girls holding hands.

"Good for you," Erza stated as she looked back toward the new couple, "you two finally confessed, but now we must keep running because the rest of the guild masters are gaining really fast!"

The group all looked back toward where Clover meeting hall used to be and panicked even more as they sped up quickly losing them, as well as getting themselves lost as well.

To Be Continued...

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