Finn awoke from his nap after three hours and saw his friends still awake and looking at him as he awoke.

"Sup, guys. How are you all doing?"

"Finn. How are you?" asked the new Queen of The Candy Kingdom.

"Well I fought alongside my friends in a bloody and brooding war, got kidnapped, jumped from a three story window and became a god for about 10 minutes so yeah I'm feeling fine."

"Well thats great, Finn." said Flame Queen solenmly.

Jake noticed the way Flame Queen looked at Finn and interrupted.

"C'mon! Lets go check out the new Candy Kingdom!"

"That sounds like fun, Jake." said Marceline

They all got on Jake's back.

Surprisingly, Flame Queen's touch did no damage whatsoever and Marceline's skin was perfectly fine in the sunlight.

Jake stretched to the center of the Kingdom.

They took a look around at all the change.

"Look at the old music store! Its got old records and record players now."

"Yep. I brought stuff from the 21st century to the year 3006." said Finn proudly.

"Nice job little bro."

"That reminds me.I almost forgot to replace this artificial arm."

Finn said referring to when his old arm was severely injured at the beginning of the war and Queen Bubblegum replaced it.

Finn lifted his sword and it flashed.

Soon his artificial arm that looked like his old arm was replaced with his old arm.

Finn then used his sword to break the fourth wall and address the reader.

"Bet you didn't know my arm was gone did ya?"

He resumed talking to his friends.

"Lets go into the music store."

They headed into the new and improved store.

"So many electric basses." Said an excited Marceline.

"Don't forget the acoustic guitars." Remarked Finn as he picked up an amazing tannish brown acoustic guitar that seemed to be perfectly tuned.

He began to sing.

This is just a journey drop your worries you are gonna turn out fine. Fine You'll turn out fine.


The store owner called to him.

"I really want to thank you for what you did. So anything in my store is free to you and your friends."

Why do I have the feeling I'm gonna get this alot? thought Finn.

"Thank you very much sir.I'll take this guitar."

"No problem and please come back any time."

After a short while of shopping or rather picking, the group left the store.

Jake had gotten three new violas that he kept in large folds of his body.

Marceline got a dark blue bass with a red rose design on it.

Flame Queen got a keyboard.

"I can put watching the royal performers play keyboard to use."

And Queen Bubblegum got a drum set since it seemed like a complicated instrument for her to play.

"Finn can you do me a favor?"

"Me too?"

"Me three."

"I already know." Finn said as he opened three portals with his sword and sent his friends' instruments to their homes.

"So, where to next?" asked Finn

"Theres the Ice cream parlor!" exclaimed Jake.

They hurried over.

"It looks so cool."

Jake almost jumped onto the counter.

"I want a super large cone with 3 scoops of vanilla, 3 scoops of strawberry, 4 scoops of chocolate and covered with cookie crumbs and gummy bears."

"I want the all red special." Marceline ordered the Cinnamon cone, Strawberry shake, and Strawberry-Cinnamon cake.

"I'll have 3 scoops of bubblegum ice cream in a gummy cone."


"Something wrong Flame Queen?"

"Yes. I can touch stuff without burning or melting it now but, I don't think I can eat ice cream."

"Allow me." Finn walked to the counter.

"Can I have 3 scoops of cinnamon flavored ice cream melted in a bowl? I would also like a golden vanilla and banana crisp cone."

"Okay. Finn. That is absolutely no charge. Seriously. You brought me back to life, man. Thanks."

"No... Thank you."

The group recieved their ice cream and sat down to eat.

"Wow Finn, I'll bet you'll get free stuff all day." commented Jake.

"I'll bet its all year." said Marceline.

"It could even be forever." Said Queen Bubblegum.

"Well I don't care how long it lasts. This is the best day of my life!" Said Flame Queen


Finn pulled out his new guitar and began strumming a chord.

I had a dream so big and loud. I'd jump so high I'd touch the clouds.

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.

I stretch my hands out to the sky. We dance with monsters through the night

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.

I'm never gonna look back oh oh I'm never gonna give it up no please don't wake me now.

This is gonna be the best day of my liiife. My li-i-i-i-ife.

My li-i-i-i-ife!

I'd howl at the moon with friends and then the sun came crashing in.

Oh oh oh oh oh oh.

But all the possibilities no limits just epiphanies.

Oh oh oh oh oh oh.

This is gonna be this is gonna be the best day of my life!

Finn finished singing and everyone in the parlor began to clap.

"Finn that sounded amazing!" commented Marceline.

"Thanks Marcy."

They finished their ice cream and made their exit.

"Alright, lets go to the computer store."


They headed towards the computer store.

"Wow! Ipads, Ipods, Iphones. Macs. Apple. Asus. Toshiba."

"Marcy you're really amazed by all this huh?"

"Amazed excited. Its good seeing this stuff after all this time."

"Finn!" Finn was called to the counter by the owner.


"Finn you've saved this land and brought some major business to my store. Take whatever you want."

"Kay thanks!" Finn said quickly

"Another freebie?" questioned Jake


Finn grabbed an IPad, IPhone, and a 12-inch wide Toshiba Laptop

Marceline got an IPod, IPhone, and a nook.

Queen Bubblegum got one of everything.

Jake got a 12-Inch Toshiba Laptop that matched Finn's.

Flame Queen got an IPhone, IPad, and a 12-inch Toshiba Laptop just like Finn's and Jake's.

They left the store and decided to head to Finn and Jake's new tree mansion.

They went inside and crashed on the two new couches.

"Wow Finn nice job , you should have gotten an X-Box 360 for that HUGE tv hanging on the wall." said Marceline.

"That tv is awesome."commented Queen Bubblegum

"It comes with shows from 2010 and years before that. Anybody want to see Friends?"


They spent three hours watching friends on tv and Jake ,Marcy, and QB were fast asleep.

Finn was in his and Jake's new room working on a song.

He was strumming some guitar chords and had Bmo on record.

Atleast he thought he was recording until he realised Bmo was asleep.

Flame Queen walked into the room.

"You certainly did a nice job with the tree house."

"Thank you. I can't help but feel strange. I feel like doing a bunch of stuff at once."

"Like you have a lot of energy stored away?"

"Exactly.I need to release all this energy."

"Listen Finn. I need to talk to you."

"Okay." Finn said a bit akwardly.

"Finn. I still love you."

WHAT! Finn thought

"I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything, Finn."

Flame Queen leaned closer to Finn.

And Finn didn't move away.

They kissed and began to remove their clothes careful not to harm Bmo or awaken him.

The Next Morning

Finn woke up to see Bmo lying on his bed once again and Flame Queen gone.

"I guess I dreamt that."

He walked downstairs and found all of his friends still asleep on the couches. Including Flame Queen.

"Yep. Dreamt it."

Finn went outside for a breath of fresh air.

He took in the view and turned to the door.

There was a note on the door.

"The third war is near."


Finn cleared his mind as he went back inside.

This time everyone was awake sitting on one couch watching cartoons.

"Guys, I found this note on the door. It says the third war is near."

"Wonder who left that?"

"I don't know. But, I feel like something's up.I gotta go."

"Go where?"

"Some where. I need to find Prismo he can figure out who left this note."

"I'll come with you bro."

"Me too."

"I don't think I can come. My kingdom needs me."

"Mine too. Good luck."

"Its cool that you guys hold your kingdoms so close."

Finn grabbed his sword for a second and placed it down.

"I'll leave it here. Flame Queen. Can you protect it until we return?"

"Yes. Yes I can."

"Jake, we're gonna have to take the long way to Prismo's."


Finn, Jake, and Marceline prepared for their trip.

"Well, this is goodbye for a while girls. Princesses. QUEENS!"

Flame Queen and Queen Bubblegum giggled at Finn's mistake.

The three heroes began walking up the hill and stopped for a brief moment to take a look at the sun that had just risen.

They then began their journey to Prismo's home.

They reached the Badlands which was a very long walk.

Marceline flew at a super fast rate to cross the Badlands and Jake strecthed across.

Finn began to run.

He ran faster and faster until he heard a small sound. The sound of a barrier breaking.

And suddenly, Finn was at the very end of the Badlands.


"Finn! You ran across in like 5 seconds!"

"I guess... I guess this means I'm super fast."


Finn continued walking and brushed some hair out of his face.

A strand of his hair fell into his hand.

It was a whitish blonde color.

Almost completely white.

"Huh. I guess that's cool."

This story was super fun to write. I had writer's block alot while writing it but, I was always supported in the review section. And so I bid you farewell. This has been "The Great War."And yes I pretty much turned Finn into Quicksilver. GOODBYE!