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''Tono!'' Hikaru and Kaoru called.

''What?'' Tamaki asked.

''We're BORED!''

''So why don't you watch me pour some tea?'' Tamaki spun gracefully and finished with a pose. ''After all, what's better than seeing your handsome king serve deliciously-made beverages to our lovely guests?'' He then proceeded toward the coffee table where a teapot and several cups stood.

The twins looked incredulously at each other. They haven't even had any guests at all today.

''Well,'' Kaoru said, ''I guess we're just gonna have to sit out another thirty minutes and wait for today's meeting to blow over.''

''Or,'' Hikaru persuaded, ''We can study for tomorrow's exam.''

A short silence followed before both brothers cried in unison, ''NAH!''

Everybody was busy reviewing for their tests. Kyoya and Haruhi warned the mischievous Hitachiins not to bother anyone. And though they would have happily disobeyed, they didn't want to upset the latter.

They sat in silence, waiting for 5:30 pm to roll in so they could leave, go home, and play pranks on their family maids, when a sudden idea crept through the older twin's mind.

''We haven't been to the basement for a while,'' Hikaru whispered to his clone's ear.

Kaoru grinned and replied, ''Good idea. Why don't we go now?''

The basement was also the school's storage where they put all the props and junk from festivals, parties, and other events that occurred earlier. The last time Hikaru and Kaoru visited, they found a box of old, unused firecrackers, and ''accidentally'' set them off in the courtyard. They were let off the hook at the time considering they were only kindergartners then. But they were given a ban from ever going down there again. The teachers and staff probably forgot about that though.

The twins walked casually to the exit, not caring whether somebody saw them or not. A moment later, Tamaki caught sight of them and yelled, ''Where do you two think you're going?'' He grabbed their collars and pulled them backward.

Behind them, they could hear Honey's yawn. They turned around and found Honey sitting up slowly, rubbing his eyes; Tamaki's idiotic voice woke him up from his nap.

''Oh no.'' Tamaki shuddered, letting go of the Little Devils, and forgetting about them completely. They took this chance and pelted outside.

''Uh-oh, looks like Ono's in trouble,'' they giggled, making their way down the stairs. Nobody in their right mind would dare interrupt any of Honey's naps. It seems as though a horrible, horrible fate awaited the Host Club's king.

They reached for the handle of the metal entrance to the basement. When they opened the door, they found loads of new items stored inside over the years: parade floats, mannequins, and a bunch of other stuff. In fact, the entire place was so crowded that they had to squeeze themselves in. They started walking around, checking out the different objects scattered around the area, but failing to find anything of their interest.

After a while, Hikaru came across an old wooden chest at the far corner of the room.

''Hey, take a look at this,'' he called. Kaoru went over to him. ''What do you think's inside?''

''I dunno, treasure?''


They opened the lid and found a dozen glass orbs, each with colorful lights swirling inside.

''What are they?'' Kaoru wondered.

''Decorations probably,'' Hikaru said in a disappointed tone. ''I mean, we can't use them for anything else, can we?'' He picked up one of them and said, ''Whoa, it's light as a feather!''

''Lemme see that.'' Kaoru grabbed the orb from his brother and examined it. ''Wow, it really is light!'' He played with it, twirling it through his fingers and finally dropping it.

At first, they thought it would simply shatter, as they supposed it was made of glass. But instead, a streak of bright, blue light erupted from it, forming some sort of portal.

The twins gasped in shock and stumbled down a coat rack. Like the orb, the portal also had colorful lights swirling inside. It took several moments for them to recover but eventually got up and observed it.

''Maybe we should see how it works,'' Kaoru thought aloud.

''No way! It might be dangerous,'' Hikaru protested.

''And we might never see such a thing happen again!''

''But what if we get in trouble?''

''Since when have you cared about getting in trouble?''

''You're right!'' Hikaru laughed.

''And I thought you were always the one who came up with the crazy ideas,'' Kaoru chuckled.

They each put a finger through the portal. But not a second has passed since they found their bodies being pulled through as well, like some kind of force. Before they knew it, they were spinning; spinning to another dimension.