All right. Where do I start?

I'm pretty sure you know where this is going.

If you've been hanging around my story for a while, you know my updates are freakishly long. 3 months? Half a year? In this state, it'll probably take way more than that.

And if you're new to my story and are waiting breathlessly for another chapter, well...

I'm sorry.

I really am.

I'm discontinuing Crossing Dimensions.

This story has been going on for more than a year. Honestly, it's hard to let go. But you see, it's just not going anywhere. I probably told you that I know where this is going, but at that time, I was just imagining a loose plot, not a solid one. I don't know where this story is heading.

Even if I continue, it'll be crap. It just doesn't excite me anymore. The first few chapters, I was always happy to start the next one. Now, I remind myself that I need to write the next chapter, and I get frustrated. I know you're waiting for it, that you want to know what comes next, that you want more crazy redheaded twins stuff. Me too. But I'm sorry, I can't finish this.

Plus, lately, life is pretty much starting to hate me. School is messing with me, I'm messing with me, everything's just going downhill. I don't have enough time to write fanfiction anymore. There's too much stuff going on. It's been months since I'd posted something, and it's not even a Crossing Dimensions chapter.

Please stop glaring at me.

I'm most likely going to delete this. Most likely. I mean, there's always that slight chance you may want to adopt it, which I'll allow. But yeah, fat chance. For now, I'll let Crossing Dimensions stay. For now.

So, um, if you were thinking, ''please don't let this be a hiatus, please don't let this be a hiatus, pLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.''

Ahahaha...yup, I gave you something worse!

I am so damn sorry.