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The two of of them run with silent footsteps through the artificially lit streets. Night coated the terra, offering superficial protection to the forms. The street they enter is vacant, highly unusual for the city that never heart beats are erratic but their breaths come out in short steady bursts.

They keep a pace that does not slow, even though they carry an unconscious male form between them. Running through New York is no easy feat at the best of times. But with a beaten mess being half dragged, half carried through this part of town, the police should be here already. They know that. But these residents are allies. Comrades.

There are too many rats in the system now, so they support these individuals in their little endeavors. Either through fear or respect.
The trio stop at a building made of a grey stone that is at least seven stories high. After the third floor, each room has large French doors and a small balcony, a Parisian theme evident and typical for this slightly wealthier area.

They reach the building's stone staircase, both grunting as they manoeuvre the body up several stairs towards the glass doors, already open in preparation for their arrival. As they drag the body through the door and across the polished checkered floor, a shrill squeak is emitted from the beaten males shoes, causing both assailants to cringe. A curse is uttered as one individual aggressively punches the button, calling the elevator to their level.

A sharp ding seconds later signals its arrival, to which they drag the lifeless form into the box with them. The aggressive action is repeated at the button for floor number 7. With a quick shudder the elevator comes to life and starts its ascent. The offending signal causes the individuals to bail out of the elevator swiftly and avert their eyes to the oak doors, either side of them. Several steps later they find it.



They drop the unconscious form carelessly at the door and one knocks softly before they both run down the auburn corridor.

And it's here, with this body and door our story begins.

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