chapter title: will we ever see it coming (will we ever let it go)

summary: It's been seven years since the Akatsuki took over, but in the dark underbelly of Konoha's criminal underworld a silent war is still raging. As the heirs of the city's fallen leaders are picked off one by one in a bloody rebellion, Uchiha Sasuke returns with vengeance in his heart for the one who betrayed his family

dedication: primaveras, because good god your reviews are one hell of a motivator. thank you for your kind words :)

dead end street

The ground beneath his feet rocked so suddenly that Sasuke lost his balance and – more worryingly – almost lost his hold on the firehose which was holding Sakura's weight. Cracks formed in the ceiling, he heard them sprouting along the walls and there was a roaring in his ears which made no sense. When he tried to raise his head, the world spun sickeningly.

Someone was screaming his name.


Mother's voice was barely distinguishable from the rest of the panicking crowd, all of them screaming, running for the nearest exits and upturning chairs in their desperate scramble for safety –

Somehow he was on the floor, too near to the gunshots firing indiscriminately into the crowd. Someone fell heavily on the floor next to him, a man, a bullet hole in the back of his head, blood and bone and brainmatter splattered everywhere and he could smell it, could smell the blood, could feel it on his face and arms and hands, like ocean-spray landing on him, but hot and – and –

"Sasuke-kun!" mother shouted, closer now. He couldn't move, couldn't open his mouth to cry out, could only stare in horror at the man, the dead man –

Hands seized him, warm and familiar and frightened. Mother's hair was falling out of its elegant chignon, a long, bloody scratch down the side of her face and she looked as frightened as he felt. She pulled him up and his legs felt like rubber beneath him and the gunshots were getting louder.

"Run!" she gasped. "Sasuke, run!"


He coughed hard, black smoke rising through the cracks in the floor. The hotel was still shuddering around them, beneath them – had there been an explosion? Sasuke rolled over, broken glass crunching beneath his weight and seized the cord which had gone slack in his grip with both hands.

"I've got you!" he tried to yell, but his throat was on fire and all that came out was a gasp. The hose was slipping through his fingers fast, the plastic already leaving a friction burn against his bare palms – he threw himself across the floor, braced his feet against the wall and pulled.

It was hell on his back, his shoulders – his arms trembled with the weight – but after what seemed like an age he saw a small, pale hand reach through the elevator doorway.

"I've got you!" he said again, grabbing hold of Sakura's skinny arm and hauling her – hauling both of them – up and into the smoke-filled hallway.

The Hyuuga girl was shuddering, lank dark hair in her face, blood crusted to her creamy pale skin and he saw the wire wrapped around her, that had bound her tight and held her suspended, like a puppet on a string. She could barely support her own weight – Sasuke seized her as bare legs began to collapse in on themselves. It wouldn't be long before the walls and floor started to collapse around them.

"Can you carry her?" Sakura asked, pulling a knife from her boot and tearing through the wire with shaking hands. "What the hell happened?"

He shook his head – no time for explanations – and pulled Hinata onto his back. He could feel her trembling against him, though she held on tight and stayed silent, her legs clasped tight around his hips.

"We have to get out of here now."

As he spoke the floor groaned beneath them, cracks opening around their feet and more black smoke billowed up through the gaps. How long until the building came down?

"There's a service stairwell," Sakura said, starting to cough on the smoke, the sulphuric air burning around them. He wanted to pull her onto his back too, as if that would be enough to keep her from harm. "Stay close behind me!"

He tried his best. Sasuke knew his legs were significantly longer than hers, but he had a half-dead girl clinging to his back like a sack of potatoes and his lungs were on fire. The smoke filling the halls was thick enough to obscure even the pale pink of Sakura's ridiculous hair if she pulled more than two metres ahead.

The smoke was not as thick in the stairwell, but it got hotter as they descended – so blisteringly hot that he had to wonder if the ground floor was still a viable exit. Hinata was coughing in his ear, her grip around his waist and shoulders beginning to loosen.

"Try and cover your mouth," he told her, pulling the head of shirt up and over the bridge of his nose. "And don't fucking fall off, your idiot boyfriend is just outside this old death trap waiting for you."

"Naruto's here?"

"You think he wouldn't come –"

There was a gunshot and in front of him, Sakura threw herself backwards, naked panic flitting across her face like a live wire.

"UP!" she shouted, herding him back the way they'd come, "Up, go up!"

More shots fired, sparking off the banisters where they only barely missed him by a few inches. Sasuke ducked low as he could, but one glance over his shoulder revealed a hulking shape following them a few storey's below – and the colours, red on black moving through the smoke. Sakura threw herself past him, desperation coming off her in waves.

"Come on!" she screamed at him over her shoulder, "come on, come on! Hurry up!"

Hinata was vulnerable on his back and slowing him down. Sasuke kicked in the door of the next emergency exit as Sakura turned and took aim, firing wildly at their pursuer. Returned shots whizzed by Sasuke's ear and he grabbed Sakura's wrist with the hand that wasn't anchoring Hinata to his back and pulled her into the smoke-filled fourth floor after him.

"We're not gonna lose him!" Sasuke shouted, running hard and dragging Sakura along with him. How had he got himself into this mess? Where the hell were Shikamaru and the rest of them? Back up could have been useful right about now.

Assuming they're not already dead.

"There's another stairwell, head to that!"

There was a loud bang of a door bouncing off the wall and Sasuke glanced over his shoulder to see four lackeys in Akatsuki gear following them. He let go of Sakura's wrist, grabbed the glock tucked into his belt and fired, once, twice, three times. One of their pursuers dropped like a stone, but the other three kept coming and Sasuke cursed.

There was an arching window at the end of every floor, overlooking the pier down the road. If they could just get to a lower floor –

The stairwell should just be around the corner – Sakura rounded it and staggered suddenly back, her balance toppling and Sasuke was too close on her heels to stop himself falling over her. They were all three on the floor and the gun had fallen from his hand –

Eyes wide Sasuke looked up and Hinata drew in a shaky breath as Naruto – stupid fucking idiot, Naruto, who was supposed to be waiting outside, damn it – rounded the corner Sakura had just attempted, raised the two guns in his hands over their heads and fired with cool precision.

Sasuke heard the slump of bodies hitting the floor and whipped around to see three men bleeding out on the floor, very obviously dead.

"What the hell –" he started, but the look on the blond's face silenced him. He didn't spare a look at either of them, just dropped the guns, stepped over Sakura's legs and reached a trembling hand to Hinata's pale-face.

"Fuck," he whispered, cupping her cheek possessively. He had the expression of a man who had been given a reprieve from a death sentence at the last moment as he leaned his forehead against Hinata's. Sasuke was startled to see the sheen of tears in his eyes. "Fuck, you're really here. You're – you're okay…"

"Naruto," Hinata whispered and flung her arms around him, uncontrollable sobs starting to leak from her mouth. "I'm s-sorry! I'm so sorry, I didn't – I tried to fight, I tried – !"

"It's okay," he said, "It's okay, I got you. I got you, we're gonna get you outta here. Don't cry, Hinata-chan."

He had to look away – the sheer relief coming off both of them, the tender way Naruto cradled her face in both hands made him feel like he was intruding on something private. Instead he picked up the guns from the floor and helped Sakura up.

"You okay?" he muttered, but she wasn't paying attention. There was a soft look on her face that he'd never seen before as she watched her friends reunite and whisper soft words in each other's ears. It shook something loose inside his chest.

"Get up," Sasuke told them, more harshly than he felt, "Have your lovefest later, dead-last, we gotta go."

Naruto glared up at him, but didn't let go of his girlfriend. "Where," he demanded, "is the gratitude? I just saved your precious ass, Sasuke!"

"You were supposed to wait outside!"

"Yeah, right! Like I was gonna sit there watching my nails grow when I saw Akatsuki coming up the street," the blond sneered. He swept Hinata up into his arms and stood, carrying her bridal style like a goddamn hero. "Sasuke take point, Sakura-chan follow along behind me okay? I need you to guard our backs."

"Just like always," she said, holding out her hand to Sasuke. The soft expression he'd seen was gone as cleanly as if had never been there. Reluctantly, he gave her one of Naruto's guns. "Please tell me you've got an exit, Naruto."

The blond idiot grinned, the same mischievous, shit-eating grin Sasuke remembered from their childhood. He groaned. Something told him he was not going to enjoy this.


Wind howled in the desert worse than it ever had at home.

Tenten knew she was supposedly safe out here; that Kin had done her best by her, but she couldn't help the feeling of prickling unease from creeping over her skin, leaving goosebumps behind. After a lukewarm shower and a dinner of instant ramen, all she'd wanted to do was sleep. Under Kin's sympathetic eye, she'd staggered to the nearest made up bed and more or less passed out.

How long ago had that been? The bedroom was dark, only a faint sliver of moonlight creeping in through the window, but she thought it must be very late and Kin's bed was empty.

"Kin?" she whispered, pushing herself up on her elbows. There was no answer but the wind rattling through the house and over the empty plains around them, a melancholy, haunting sound that raised the tiny hairs on the back of her neck.


Tenten took one step out of bed and her vision went skewed. Her head felt thick – about to burst. A wave of nausea rose up her throat and for a moment, she honestly thought she was going to be sick.

Do I have a concussion? she wondered, staggering into Kin's bed and breathing hard. It was like she'd been knocked out all over again, but when she raised a shaking hand to the back of her head, there was no blood – only the wound from the previous day scabbing over.

When the nausea passed, she managed to walk unsteadily to the window; the desert was dry and barren and howling. It was amazing, she thought, how closely the wind could resemble screaming when it was angry. The driveway was empty.

It sounds too close, she thought with a frown. That prickling feeling she'd woken up with trickled over her again, stronger this time. The more she listened the more Tenten wondered if it really was just the wind she was hearing. She turned her back on the window and in the moonlight, caught the gleam of something silvery on the floor, just under the bed as though it had been knocked off the nearby bedside table – a moment later, there was an empty syringe in her hand and a chill went down her back.

Under the skin, there was a tender spot on her upper arm which Tenten just knew would grow into a colourful bruise. She hadn't noticed it at first with the way her head was spinning, but it couldn't mean anything good. Suddenly it seemed like the stupidest thing in the world to come out here into the desert with someone she barely knew, taking only that person's word that it was safe.

And no one else knew where she was.

Tenten swallowed thickly and gripped the syringe in one hand, moving towards the door and heading out into the dark landing as quietly as she could. Her heart was beating fast inside her chest, so loud she thought someone must be able to hear it though the house was still and dark.

The front and back doors were locked from the outside, the phone line dead, the downstairs windows boarded over. No obvious way out. No weapons either, though she did search the kitchen for a knife.

And still she could hear something under the howling of the wind outside – it was nearby, not quite a scream but…

She found the basement door – also locked – but the lock was cheap and she had a hairpin. The handle turned reluctantly and she descended the stairs with her breath caught in her throat, the syringe gripped so tightly in her hand it hurt.

One step. Two steps. She was halfway down the stairs when she realised what she'd been hearing was someone's muffled screaming trying to make itself heard over the wind. Moonlight shone through the basement windows, casting shadows over the floor and she saw the person bound to the chair with zip ties, half-hidden in the dark. She saw the tape over their mouth, the way their eyes were blown wide with alarm.

(She did not hear the crunch of gravel on the drive or the slam of the car door).

Tenten stepped further into the basement, feeling like the wind had been knocked out of her.


"The ground floor is a little bit on fire," Naruto was saying as they hurried down the stairwell, conscious all the time of the building groaning and shuddering around them. "I dunno what happened – some kind of explosion –"

"Hana and Anko weren't supposed to set the C4 off until we were out," Sakura interrupted him and her voice was tight with anxiety, but she couldn't help it. "I don't think this was us."

"Even more of a time limit then," the blond said, apparently unfazed. She could never tell if he was stupidly brave, or just stupid – no one else she knew seemed to thrive on danger in the same way Naruto did. Most people didn't take the prospect of a second explosion as a challenge. Sakura really didn't want to be in the building when it started coming down.

They were about to hit the third floor. Ahead of their little group Sasuke moved down the stairwell quickly, every movement strangely graceful as he swept the floor for threats. There was something in the surety of his footwork that reminded her of Kakashi – more predator then prey. Wherever he'd been for the last seven years, he'd clearly learned not just how to kill, but how to hunt.

"Have you heard from the others?" she asked in a low voice, as Sasuke rounded the corner ahead of them.

"Not a peep. It all went real quiet before Akatsuki showed up."

His words were light, but there was something grim in his voice that she didn't want to think about. She hoped the others were okay, that they had got out – that they hadn't been caught in the blaze burning below them. Hope was all she had; there was no time left to try and find them.

She didn't want to think about how the Akatsuki knew they were here either, but she couldn't seem to stop herself.

"Think your source is compromised?" Sasuke's question floated back to her. What if he was right? What if this had been a trap for both of them and Sakura had gone ahead and sprung it with her impatience and her fear? What if she'd doomed her friends because she'd believed she knew better than Tsunade?

Her blood was pounding in her veins, a metronymic beat in her ears almost drowning out every other sound. The terror she'd felt in her parent's old suite was coming back thick and fast and it was a struggle to push it down.

How ironic it would be to die here.

How ironic it would be to be discovered. The three dead girls in her parent's suite had all been wearing pink wigs.

They hit the second floor. The air around them was scorching and she could see the lick of flames on the next set of stairs – the fire was spreading outwards and upwards. Sasuke stopped short, kicked open the door to the second floor hall and stepped forwards with the gun raised in his hands. After a moment he waved them through.

"Clear," he said shortly, as Naruto hurried past with Hinata in his arms. He pressed his hand to the small of Sakura's back as she passed him and she couldn't tell whether it was supposed to be comforting or a reminder of how urgent the situation was.

"This way!" the blond shouted, running ahead and she saw the arched window, saw where Naruto had smashed it on his way in. Broken glass littered the dusty carpet, catching in the lights from the abandoned pier outside.

"We just gotta climb down, hop over to the next alley and the van's waiting. I'll go first, Sasuke you pass Hinata down to me, okay?"

Wordlessly, Sasuke took Hinata's weight as Naruto began climbing backwards out the window and Sakura took up the guard, scanning the dark corridor behind them for threats. The fire was obviously spreading to this side of the building, because the smoke was growing thicker with every moment.

"Now, bastard!"

She couldn't see exactly what they were doing, but she was aware of Sasuke helping Hinata out the window. It would be a slow climb – one of them should've gone ahead to scout the ground below, make sure there was no one lying in wait outside –

"Now you," Sasuke said shortly, taking her arm and half pushing her onto the window sill. "Hurry up, this place is going to blow any moment."

Below her Naruto was descending the drainpipe slowly, Hinata wrapped around him as tightly as a baby monkey would cling to its mother in the trees and she could see flames licking the far side of the building. The night air was suffused with the smell of ash and smoke, blisteringly warm and Sakura ignored her dislike of heights as she clambered carefully out the window, reached for the metal drainpipe and followed him.

Above her the sky was almost blotted out by smoke and she could see Sasuke's pale face leaning out the window, his eyes intent on the alley below them – searching for threats, just as she'd supposed they should have done –

"Sasuke, hurry up!"

He scowled at her, but abandoned his post and clambered out onto the window ledge. Sakura was walking herself down the drainpipe as quickly as she could, mindful all the time of the way the metal groaned beneath their collective weight. When Sasuke swung onto it, the poor thing gave up and broke away from the wall completely –


Naruto was almost at the ground and she heard him drop with a sharp inhale of breath, but Sakura swung out over empty air as the metal fastenings holding the drainpipe to the building snapped.


"Go!" she hissed at him, holding onto the drainpipe tightly and praying none of her fear showed on her face. Sasuke had managed to swing himself back onto the window ledge, but had cut his hands on the glass. "Get her out of here, I'll – we'll catch up to you!"

"But –"

"Naruto," Sasuke said. There was something in his voice which brooked no argument and to her amazement, the blond nodded after a moment's hesitation. She didn't look down as he ran flat out in the direction of the van, but kept her eyes focused on Sasuke's face. He wedged himself in the window frame as best he could and reached for her arm.

"It's not that far, I can make it –"

"Drop from this height and you'll break your spine," he remarked, "Come on!"

Sakura dared a glance down; it was a longer fall than she was comfortable with, but reaching for Sasuke's extended arm seemed impossible. She could only cling to the protesting drainpipe, hovering over the asphalt like a flower on the verge of falling, unable to move.

"Haruno, come on! You just jumped down an elevator shaft, don't tell me you're turning chicken-shit now!"

She had. But it was different doing these things when you were doing them for someone else. The drainpipe groaned again, louder this time and she knew it wasn't going to hold her weight for much longer.

"Jump!" Sasuke roared. "Do it now!"

That was the last thing she heard before the thundering BOOM of an explosion tore the world in half.

All was quiet in the bedroom. Ino lay on her back with the silk sheets tangled around her bare legs, eyes on the woman beside her. Konan was collapsed into the mattress where she'd fallen five minutes ago – the only hint she wasn't peacefully asleep, her awkwardly twisted neck and half-empty eyes.

It had been easy, in a way. Once she'd she'd made up her mind to do it, it had been laughingly, ridiculously easy. They'd searched her for weapons and packets of powder when she turned up, but no one ever looked twice at a whore's favourite tube of lipstick.

Deidara and the rest had left maybe an hour ago. It took that long for the drug to kick in. Ino wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and glanced at the bedroom door – seeing the shadow of Konan's guard standing outside it.

I'll have to be quick about it then.

She reached for the dress on the floor and pulled it over her head and then for the silk scarf draped over the mirror. She wound it methodically around her aching throat, where she could still feel the bite of Konan's hands pressing in on her windpipe. Even now there were bruises blooming in a chain beneath her skin. Konan liked to choke her partners until they lost consciousness, or so she'd heard. She'd have done the same to poor, defenceless Hana if Ino hadn't already made up her mind the moment Neji and Hiashi left and put on the lipstick Tsunade had made for her.

"I didn't fucking consent to being strangled," she hissed at the body on the bed, before picking up the gun Konan kept on her bedside table. As if the girls and boys she brought in here needed any more of a threat to make them compliant, Ino thought furiously. She tested the weight in her hand, checked to make sure it was loaded and chose her position carefully, tucking herself against the wall right behind the door.

Then she screamed.

The bodyguard Pein kicked the door open immediately, as she'd known he would and he tore into the room with a gun already in his hand. He froze when he saw Konan on the bed, very obviously dead and Ino –

Ino, standing unseen behind him with her back flush against the wall, shot him in the back of the head. Her hand didn't tremble. Her aim didn't waver.

There was a ringing, heady silence – everything was white noise and unreal, the way it had been in the lift all those years ago while she waited for them to dig her out, when she'd known her mother was dead, but it wasn't real yet. It wasn't real until the moment they pried the doors open and carried her out of the wreckage, to the ambulances and the fire engines and the rows and rows of bodies in black bags.

"Two down," she said quietly, to the stillness of the room. Two against hundreds, including her mother. It was nowhere near fair, but it was a start.

Part of Ino wished she'd be able to see the rest of their stupid faces if and when the rest of the Akatsuki returned from the hotel and discovered the bodies – but needs must, she supposed and she planned to be long gone before then.

Ino lowered the gun and flicked her hair out of her face. The night was not yet over and she had work to do.

He didn't lose consciousness, but he did lose awareness somewhere in that screaming mess of the hotel collapsing around them. When the second explosion blew through the foundations, the shockwave had blown Sakura to the ground in front of his very eyes and Sasuke had jumped after her as the outside walls began to crumble.

Everything was black and burning and his ears were ringing so hard it even drowned out his heartbeat. Sasuke threw his hands over his head, covering Sakura's body with his own and prayed they wouldn't be crushed by chunks of falling building. He couldn't see through the dust and the smoke and he couldn't breathe.

It seemed to go on forever, or maybe it just seemed that way. He hadn't felt so small or so vulnerable since the day of the massacre, hiding under his father's desk as men with guns prowled through the police headquarters looking for the ones who'd escaped the emporium. His mother was dead by that point, but he hadn't known it. Not for certain.

Let it be over, some young voice inside him begged, as he was filled with the unfamiliar urge to scream. Let it be over, let it be over…

He could feel Sakura shuddering beneath him, her hands curled into the fabric of his shirt – the only real thing in the world. He clung to her as the hotel fell, unable to remember closing his eyes but equally unable to face up to opening them.

Finally, the roar of sound faded out at last. Sasuke slowly opened his eyes.

The scene that met him was unrecognisable. Everything was fire and rubble and smoke, the hotel was half-gone – blown away in a matter of minutes. He imagined this was what it would be like to wake up post-apocalypse; to a world transformed by fire and destruction.

Below him Sakura had gone limp and boneless – a doll half-buried in the ashes with him. Frantically, Sasuke pressed a hand against her throat and felt her pulse, erratic and barely there –

but alive.

They were both alive, somehow.

"Haruno," he said, or tried to – he could barely hear his own voice, as if it was coming from somewhere very far away, somehow underwater. "Haruno, wake up."

In the distance, something moved. A hand, pushing through the rubble. As he watched, the hand became an arm wearing a black and red jacket.


They were pinned like butterflies on a board, Sakura trapped under his weight and Sasuke trapped under the twisted remains of a fallen beam. Panic starting to rise in his bloodstream, he tried to throw the weight off but it wouldn't budge.

Fifty metres away, Kakuzu staggered to his feet – and if he survived, Sasuke just knew there would be others. All of that and they were still going to die. He couldn't believe it. Where was his gun?

"Fuck," Kakuzu's voice groaned, hoarse and almost animal-sounding. He could barely stand upright, one hand plastered to his bleeding head. "Hidan! Deidara!"

At that moment Sakura began to stir. Naked panic flickered across her ash-stained face as she registered their position and Kakuzu's voice so close by – Sasuke shoved a hand over her mouth before she could scream or something equally as foolish, frantically trying to unpin himself from the fallen beam.

"Shh," he whispered, not sure if he was actually whispering. Kakuzu's footsteps were staggering closer and closer, the gait of a drunk tottering home. He hoped with all his might that they'd be missed among all the rubble, that the murderous asshole would pass them by, half-blind and intent on escape but luck was not on their side.

Those staggering footsteps came to a halt.

"What's this?" Kakuzu grunted and Sasuke threw all pretence of staying calm to the wind. "Two little trapped rats waiting for a rescue?"

He looked down at them with savage amusement, the cold look of someone who was really, really pissed off. Sasuke swore viciously and Sakura went so tense she could've put a day old corpse to shame. He glanced down at her distractedly – a rookie mistake – to see blown out pupils almost drowning the green of her irises.

Kakuzu sighed, a strange and drawn out sound and Sakura flinched as he crouched down to loom over them.

"If it isn't itty-bitty Haruno," he mused, crouching down to loom over them. "Don't you know you're supposed to be dead, little girl? He's going tobe so pleased when he finds out."

"No," she said and there was something in her voice that was high and desperate and very young. "No, don't, don't –"

"Leave her alone," Sasuke snarled, but Kakuzu just ignored him, eyes focused on Sakura's pale hair, her small, heart-shaped face.

"Say bye to your boyfriend," he said, straightening up and reaching for the gun tucked into his belt. Sasuke looked up into the cold, barrel of a gun and knew it was futile. He was trapped and defenceless, with no way out.

He heard the gun go off. Kakuzu slumped and fell sideways, a look of comic surprise on his bloodied face as he collapsed to the rubble-strewn ground. Blood pooled beneath his still body from the wound in his throat, wet and coppery.

They both moved at the same moment, heads whipping around in sync in the direction of their unlikely saviour – a silhouette moving with slow deliberation through the smoke, towards them. Naruto, he thought, with a flood of humiliating relief.

"Y'know for an absolute idiot," he called, hating the weakness in his voice, "you have almost perfect timing! Hurry up and get us out of here, Naruto."

The silhouette became a shadow and then, stepping closer, became a ghost. Their saviour lowered the gun in their hand and looked down at Kakuzu distastefully with eyes that Sasuke had not seen in over seven years. He'd recognise them anywhere.

It wasn't Naruto who'd come to their rescue.

It was his brother.


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