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The Labyrinth Court Chapter One

"Mazia-sama! Please wake up!" The maids were outside Mazia's extravagant room where the tall platinum double doors stood proudly. Harunai Mazia, a new freshman at Seigaku Jr. High, knee-length midnight blue hair with soft light lilac-lavender eyes just like her father's. Her father is a president of one of the most powerful corporations.

"Coming." Mazia lazily opened her door. Clearly she had just woken and her yawns were proof of it. One maid handed her Seigaku's school uniform…and it wasn't the girls' uniform. A few days earlier she saw the hideous green uniform and if you know her she says it completely goes against her fashion rules. So, she settled for the boys' uniform instead.

"Mazia-sama, Lady Inarilis requests you to be in the dining room at seven sharp as she greatly requests to speak to you before you leave." The maids informed Mazia and they left leaving sleepy Mazia to her privacy.

"What does mother want to talk to me about?" Mazia yawned and quickly took care of her hygiene. Afterwards she had time to spare as she glanced in the mirror to check her reflection. She looked normal in her uniform but something bothered her greatly.

"Where did my cap go?" She paused knowing how clueless she was because it was right in front of her. The cap was a plain black with an 'H' that had been designed in real diamonds. Placing her cap on her head she still had much more time to spare before seven. Scanning through her phone contacts she found the name of her dear friend, Merylus. A few rings later she had picked up,


"Yeah, you're a student at Seigaku right?"

"Umm, yes and in my third year…why do you ask?"

"Why else? I'm transferring there of course."

"WHAT! I thought you had to go to Hyotei because of your dad's orders?"

"Yeah well, that's mine and my mom's secret. What father won't know won't hurt him right?" It wouldn't right? Mazia still wonders why her father would want her to transfer to a rich and well known school like Hyotei. She didn't want to go to a school where many spoiled and conceited rich people go to. Mazia wanted to have a school life that's normal and her mother wished for that as well.

"If you say so, Mazia. By the way are you still playing tennis?"

"I am and why do you ask? I thought that students at Seigaku ignored the girls' tennis team."

"Well you see this is why I'm asking, we have a team and a great one at that, and you did say that you would love to join a tennis team. It won't be so easy though."

"Meryl, what do you-" Mazia's eyes suddenly widen in surprise. She only had five minutes to get to the dining room.


"Meryl, I have only five minutes to go to the dining room in my home. Sorry I have to go!" Mazia quickly hung up and grabbed her bags as she ran through the majestic halls of her mansion. As quickly as she could she ran and she reached the stairs and slid down swiftly on the railing. Luckily she was incredibly light and petite but very strong so the railing didn't creak to startle her.

Having two minutes left, after all the flight of stairs when she could've taken the elevator she finally arrived with one second to spare. Across from Mazia, her mother sat in an elegant chair at the glass dining table. After taking a sip of tea, her mother smiled at Mazia as she sat down across from her in a similar chair.

"Mazia, Aria will be taking you to Seigaku in the small limousine." Her mother took another sip and Mazia nodded silently.

"Mazia, you're going to join the girls' tennis team at Seigaku right? I would love to watch your matches! My daughter is growing up so fast!" Her true personality came out and she suddenly started being comical. Eccentric was the perfect word to describe Mazia's mother.

"Thank you, mom. Meryl is a member of the team actually. So you'll get to see her really soon." Mazia smiled a bit and her mother smiled as well and glanced at the exquisite clock that's hung on the wall.

"It's time to leave for Seigaku, Mazia! Have fun and don't get into any trouble okay?"

"Alright, see you later mom." Mazia picked up her bags and was guided by Aria to the limousine. It was pure white and on the inside the seats were midnight blue and had a soft texture. Her ride was very quick and they stopped at the school gate. All students nearby had stared at the vehicle that Mazia was in. As she stepped out her midnight blue hair swirled behind her and her cap hid her eyes. Everyone stared at Mazia who ignored the looks and looked around for the tennis courts. Listening for the sound of tennis racquets she arrived…at the boys' court.

"Excuse me," Mazia spoke to a tall third year who had glasses. He was watching something and looked at her indifferently as if he was asking, 'What do you want?'.

"I'm looking for Ryuzaki-sensei who is the coach for the tennis teams here at Seigaku." He nodded and simply said, "She's at the girls tennis courts; it's to the far left from here." Mazia nodded and ran towards the girls' tennis courts. Tezuka watched as Mazia ran but for only a few seconds and turned towards his team.

Mazia arrived at the girls' tennis court and she quickly spotted Ryuzaki-sensei. Ryuzaki-sensei was a friend of her mother so Mazia only met her a few times. As she went up to Ryuzaki-sensei, Mazia noticed that the girls had absolutely little to none tennis ability. They kept missing shots, hitting the net, tripping on almost absolutely nothing, and it made Mazia feel puzzled. Did Merylus lie to her she wondered?

"Ryuzaki-sensei, I'm here to join Seigaku's girls' tennis team." Mazia straightforwardly spoken as Ryuzaki-sensei smiled at her. She knew that Mazia wanted to join because of what Merylus and Mazia's mother told her.

"Mazia, it's been long. First you should probably get changed into your tennis gear." Mazia nodded and quickly went to change. She wanted to play tennis immediately! She changed into a simple black t-shirt that had 'Harunai Mazia' written in glittery gold on the back. The shirt was loose around Mazia's shoulders so it rested a couple inches below her shoulders. She also wore simple black shorts and tennis shoes that matched and had her initials written in glittery gold on the sides.

"Ryuzaki-sensei, is there any certain requirements for me to fill?" Mazia rested her black and gold racquet on her shoulder loosely. Ryuzaki-sensei nodded and gestured Mazia to follow her. Curious, Mazia followed obediently and ended up somewhere in the trees with a small clearing that had colorful flowers. There had been some type of stone on the ground and Ryuzaki-sensei lifted it revealing a hole that's connected to some type of slide.

"Down here leads Seigaku's girls' tennis team where they specially train. It's a secret training area they use so other schools won't be able to collect as much data. Hibari Frelia, the captain, will tell you the rest. Good luck, Mazia." Ryuzaki-sensei pushed Mazia down the slide that led down towards…The Labyrinth Courts. Landing on a soft and fluffy mattress, Mazia glanced at her surroundings, it wasn't as dark as she thought it would be. There were many lanterns placed onto the high ceiling and they were inside a rock shield to protect it from getting hit.

"Welcome to The Labyrinth Court, Harunai Mazia. My name is Hibari Frelia, the captain of Seigaku's girls' tennis team." Frelia smiled at Mazia kindly. She had lime green hair that reached to her waist and kind soft honey colored eyes. Frelia was about a foot and a half taller than Mazia and her outfit colors were a simple lime green and baby blue. Mostly baby blue and a small amount of lime green as her hair did the job.

Mazia nodded and asked, "What do I have to do to join the team?" She was eager to play tennis and it showed in her eyes as they were flared in bright excitement. Frelia called over the other regulars on the team and one of them was Merylus. Mazia gave a small wave to Merylus who returned it with a thumbs up.

"Alright Mazia, you will be given an exam of statistics and one match you are required to win at least three games. The exam is split into sections, in this labyrinth are rooms that have a special specific training exercise, and each one will be part of your exam. There are five rooms and you have to get at least get seventy-five percent at each room. The rooms are based on statistics such as power, speed, control/accuracy, balance, and stamina and we have high expectations from you Mazia. At the end, you'll have to play against one of the regulars and win three games off her."

Mazia nodded, "Now, Meryl will escort you to the rooms. Good luck, Mazia." Merylus smiled happily at Mazia and gestured her to follow. Following her, Mazia was led into the first room which was the power room. The equipment seemed rather eccentric, there seemed to be rocks that were shaped like tennis balls and racquets made of rock were placed in the corner.

"Here's the power room where you have to use those rock racquets to hit those rock tennis balls. Every time you manage to hit it over the net the net will be higher by a two inches. Plus the rock tennis balls will be heavier each four inches and your goal is 144 inches higher." Merylus explained.

Mazia handed Merylus her racquet and grabbed a rock racquet from the corner. As she picked it up it was like dead weight to her. Her arm was twitching every once in a while and after the first ball it felt incredibly heavy. What kind of training is this?

"Feels heavy right, Mazia?" Mazia smirked but the twitch of her arm explained another story.

"I feel like I'm in heaven." Mazia swung the racquet a few times to get used to it. Merylus knew her arm was twitching under the weight, it was just like Mazia to be so reckless and daring.

'Everything just for tennis,' Merylus smiled and shook her head and watched Mazia swing the racquet.

"Alright, let's do this." Merylus pushed the button and the rocks came right at Mazia one at a time.

"I'm not going to give up." Mazia was already at 36 inches higher, but what was her arm's limit?

The rocks got heavier and the net got higher as well, Merylus observed Mazia's twitching arm closely. Was she actually going to make this without her arm collapsing under the pressure?

Only 36 more inches left and Mazia shown no sign of pain, although Merylus knew better and she knew that Mazia could hide her emotions easily. Should she stop it before Mazia gets herself hurt?

"Almost done, Meryl. Only 12 more inches!"

Then the next thing Mazia did surprised Merylus immensely.

Mazia switched the racquet to her other arm.

"Time to get serious."

The Labyrinth Court R Chapter One


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"Harunai Mazia is my name, not that it'd be relevant."

"Being disrespectful to your senpai will not go unpunished, kid."

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