The Labyrinth Court R Chapter Five

Hello everyone for another installment of The Labyrinth Court R! In this chapter, we will get a feel of –dun dun dun- THE ASSASSIN PAIR~! The Assassin Pair are the two lovely Maiden of Gemini and Maiden of Libra, Akari and Kai, the girls who will cut their way to victory!

The Labyrinth Court R

Akari and Kai had nodded to each other before stepping into the court to greet their opponents, Tsuki and Seira; these two girls are Gyokurin's best doubles pair. The four shook hands with each other before deciding who'll serve first, "Smooth or rough, Tsuki-san?" Kai asked as she held the racquet from the handle upside down. "Rough," Both Tsuki and Seira answered in unison and Kai spun her racquet. The girls watched as it landed on rough before taking their respective positions. Akari was currently at the service box waiting for Tsuki to serve and Kai was at the net along with Seira.

"Get ready, Haruka-san!" Tsuki had exclaimed as she served quite… normally. Akari returned it with no problem as Seira volleyed, "How about a little fun?" Kai smiled as she hit a top spin and Seira blinked as if to recover her eyes. The ball had passed right between her legs and slightly bounced earning the Assassin Pair a point, "15-love,"

"Bouseki Kyokugeishi (Translation: Spinning Acrobat)," Kai grinned as she switched places with Akari. Tsuki served again and Kai returned it with a lob, "Chance ball!" Tsuki had smashed the ball at the space in between Kai and Akari. However, Akari was already there ready to receive the ball with her Pas De Deux. "30-love,"

"Pas De Deux Smash," Mazia mumbled as the other members nodded. "The Assassin Pair will show no mercy," Reika had added and Mazia sighed. 'Maybe I'll get a drink later…'

Akari softly descended onto the clay court, "Already using your Pas De Deux?" Kai grinned faintly as Akari shrugged. "Quick-kills are the best, you of all girls should know that Kai." She smirked as the two girls switched places again.

"Game Haruka-Shinsei pair, 1 game to love,"

The Assassin Pair exchanged a smile as Akari got into position to serve with Kai at the net. Kai had signed from behind her back as Akari discreetly smirked and served. The ball had spun at the very corner of the service box and lifted itself upwards a few inches and instantaneously shot itself to the wall. "15-love," Akari prepared herself to deliver another serve as she glanced at Kai again. 'Quick… spin…' Akari served with a large under spin and the ball had spun and spun until you could see multiples of balls shoot up from the ground. Finally, the ball gently tapped the wall behind them. "30-love,"

Akari served again with the same serve, "40-love," Kai signed something again behind her back as Akari served normally. Seira returned it with a drop shot and Kai instinctively lobbed the ball as it had shot up for Tsuki to smash. "40-15," Seira and Tsuki smiled as they finally had gotten a point. Akari served rather fast this time but Tsuki caught up to it and fired a straight shot in between Kai and Akari, "40-30,"

Kai signed something to Akari again and she served the same fast serve from last time, Seira returned it with a crosscourt shot and Kai volleyed it towards Seira. After Seira returned the volley, Tsuki and Seira switched places as Akari returned it with a simple straight shot. Seira volleyed it towards Akari but Kai returned it with a volley of her own, "Sorry but I'm going to end this rally now." Kai smiled after Seira volleyed and fired a shot that hit past Seira and hit the very corner of the baseline. "Game Haruka-Shinsei pair, 2 games to love,"


Mazia grabbed her racquet and stood from her seat as Kyoko glanced at her, "Going to warm-up?" She asked as Mazia nodded and replied, "I'll come back soon." The midnight blue haired girl left the bleachers as she sighed.

"Watermelon, orange, cherry or grape, I wonder which flavor would taste better?" Mazia mumbled as she closed her eyes and randomly pushed a button. She opened her eyes from hearing the pound of the vending machine and grabbed the soda, "Grape Ponta," Mazia hummed and walked to a vacant court as she drank the soda. 'Not bad,' she grinned as she quickly drank the rest of the drink and served to the wall. '?' Mazia suddenly sneezed softly but the tennis ball quickly passed her. Although, somehow the ball had come back and Mazia blinked as she returned it. Looking up, she saw Ryoma with his racquet. "Your hair's too long, you should cut it…" He commented and caught the ball with his red racquet.

"Doesn't matter if I put it up," Mazia replied and neatly tied her midnight blue hair into a ponytail. "Which match are you playing?" She asked as Ryoma bounced the tennis ball towards her and she caught it with ease. "I've already played," He simply replied and stared at her. "I'm going to play soon, help me warm up?" "Sure,"

"You serve first," Mazia nodded and both had gotten to their sides of the court. 'I might as well go through with my usual Trick Style,' she thought and served the ball. It spun continuously before lifting up a few millimeters and glided around Ryoma's ankle, "Oh?" He blinked as the ball simply bounced after that. "I call it Trick's Air," Mazia smiled and Ryoma returned it with a smirk, 'This is getting interesting…'


'Right now the score is 3-0 with us in the lead,' Akari thought from the net as Kai was bouncing the ball. Kai served and Tsuki returned it with ease, "Let's do it Seira!" "Alright!" The ball suddenly had hit the space between Akari and Kai and launched itself up to the fence behind them and spun continuously in its spot on the fence. "What was that…?" Kai glanced at the hole the ball had made when it spun on the fence. "So much power… where did she get it from?"


Kai pursed her lips and bounced the tennis ball up and down, 'That move can be sealed but how can I get this to Akari?' She glanced at Akari who didn't make a single sign, 'We were saving this for the Nationals but I guess it's okay to show it off now, no harm done.' Kai bounced the ball a bit faster and tapped the tip of her foot to the hard court three times. 'Alright, let's win this in a classic 6-0!' Kai served the ball with an extra spin and Seira returned it.

"Alright we'll show you our hidden weapon, Prima Gaidoku Hensei (Translation: Prima Poison Formation)!" Akari exclaimed and bounced over to the ball gracefully with the tips of her toes. "En Pointe!" The ball soared back over to Seira immediately and she lobbed the ball instinctively. "Seira, she's going for a smash!" Akari rose up to the skies with her Pas De Deux and was going in for a smash… but it was a feint. The ball went over to Kai who was patiently waiting and delivered a… Hadokyuu! It smashed right next to Tsuki's foot and shot itself upwards to the wall behind them.

"15 all,"

"S-Shinsei-san, was that a H-Hadokyuu?" Tsuki asked with wide eyes and Kai grinned, "I call that Gaidoku Kumori (Translation: Poison Shadow), my version of Hadokyuu."

XXxxxXX- Mazia VS Ryoma

"Heh, you're pretty good." Ryoma grinned and panted heavily as he returned the ball to Mazia, "Not too bad yourself," She replied with a small smile and hit a drop shot which Ryoma managed to catch in time. "Mada mada dane," He smirked and quickly got up on his feet and backed up to the baseline only to have Mazia hit a cord ball winning the point. "Looks like you need to take your own advice Ryoma-kun," Mazia teased and added, "By the way, the score is now 1-love."

"Glitch Style: Drop Shot!" The ball looked as if it was landing like a normal drop shot but somehow zapped to another side. "30-love,"

Both first years dropped to the ground in sweat and breathed heavily, "You're… not a bad player Ryoma-kun," Mazia managed to say between breaths and Ryoma threw her a glance, "You still… have a long ways to go… Mazia-san," He replied and stared at her smiling face, "Ha… never had a match… this close before…" Mazia removed her black cap and wiped the sweat dripping down her forehead. "Maybe I should get a cap of a different color…" Ryoma glanced at the black cap she was holding and mumbled, "Silver…" She glanced at him and smiled, "Silver… would be a good color." Ryoma felt heat rising up to his cheeks but ignored it and pulled his cap over his face.


"Game and Match Haruka-Shinsei pair, 6-love!" The Assassin Pair smiled at Seira and Tsuki who were gasping for air. "Good game you two," Akari and Kai shook hands with the two girls and left the court with good feelings this time. "Oh hey, looks like Mazia-chan is back!" Hikage leapt over and glomped onto the unsuspecting Mazia. Too bad she sidestepped out of the way and Hikage ended up falling on the floor face first.

"Please refrain from doing that Hikage-san; you'll end up like that every time." Kyoko sighed and picked up Hikage from her shirt collar placing her on her feet. "Okay Kyoko-fukubuchou…" Hikage pouted and Frelia walked over to Mazia, "You've been warming up I believe?" She nodded and the lime haired girl grinned, "That's the spirit of a Seigaku Girls' Tennis Regular! Now, go play to your heart's content."

"Singles Three will be starting, Seigaku's Harunai Mazia VS Gyokurin's Toudou Mika!"


Sorry it's so short I'm just short of ideas and slightly sleep deprived. Anyway I think that the next match between Mazia and Mika will be pretty long depending how hard I'm going to make it for her so wait for it please.