Bol'Jivvin walked with the swagger befitting a drow noble. Especially one of his reputation. While House Veldrinn may be only the twenty third house in the city, they possess tenacity and power befitting a house much higher than theirs, especially when his house was backed by House Barrison Del'Armgo. He was looking for a bit of mischief for the day and found it in a bar. As he was hustling many patrons of the tavern in games of sava, he eyed a particularly comely female. She noticed his gaze, and he gave a quick wink. The priestess scowled at him. To prove his insolence, he gave a motion for her to play against him. She smirked and began to walk over. Halfway, a male crossed her path and she pulled her whip on the poor fool. Staring Bol'Jivvin in the eye all the while, she mercilessly beat the poor commoner.

She sat down and said, "You are obviously full of insolence, male. I should have you flayed here and now."

"Aye, you could try and have every right to," he replied and shrugged allowing his house insignia to be seen.

"Ahh, a member of House Veldrinn, I see. Not only do I outrank you, my house outranks yours. You are truly a fool to threaten a high priestess of House Vandree." The haughty woman replied.

Oh, if only she knew it was no idle threat, he silently chuckled. "So it appears, fool I may be, but you may flay me later this evening. If you don't mind a room upstairs, I'm sure I could more than make up the slight in a bedroom," he grinned that cocky grin of his.

He quickly beat her out of her coin purse, "You know, if you want you could win all of this back."

"Or I could simply take it from you," the female replied seductively.

"We could always just get that room?" he winked.

"Fine, I guess I can take my money back after, you filth," she rose from her seat and lashed her whip to her belt. They walked up the stairs of the tavern together.

After he wet two blades, Bol'Jivvin began on his way to House Veldrinn humming a hymn to Lolth. Halfway there, he met with a couple of males from House Vandree. Now, surely they haven't found out about that bitch already, he thought half heartedly to himself.

"Hello, what might I do for you kind gentlemen?" he chuckled at his own cunning.

"Oh, nothing really to difficult, just provide a new sheathe for my sword." The lankier of the two said as he drew his sword. Bol'Jivvin recognized him as a noble, Anton Vandree.

Ahh, he was in the Academy with me. I hope mother will provide me with an even greater prize for striking two blows to the Vandrees today. He drew his two longswords and chuckled lightly. "Are you still mad I bested you in Melee Magthere?" He dove in and slashed recklessly. He stayed on the offensive to ensure that he would not allow them to attack a single time. He recognized their ploy as Anton began to strafe to the side. "Not trying to trick me, are you?" Bol'Jivvin broke off from Anton for a moment and delivered two strikes to his companion, one to the throat and another to the inside of his new. He deftly spun out of the way of a lunge from Anton and with a flourish, hamstrung him. He let Anton compose himself best as he could. He even allowed him time to attack. When Bol'Jivvin parried the blow, his blade was sheared in half.

He stared in astonishment and quickly recovered, splitting the drow's skull. He picked up the Vandree's blade and swiftly arrived at his home.