Emma's POV

Everything hurt. My head, my body, my whole being. At the same time though I felt numb. I couldn't quite pin exactly what was going on. I couldn't move, I couldn't even open my eyes. What is happening to me? I try to force myself to remain calm. Maybe I'm asleep. Maybe this is all just some weird dream. As I concentrate I begin to hear sounds and noises around me. It's nothing I recognise. Beeping, the soft whirs of a machine. I listen more carefully and swear I can hear a voice. The voice gets louder and soon I feel a sensation in my hand. I wasn't even aware of it before, but now, now I can feel my body. I can feel that I am lying down and in fact am not asleep. I have never sensed anything like this in a dream before. My brain starts ticking away as I put the pieces together; beeping, machines, the weird numbness that courses through my body. Hospital. I start to panic but that voice calms me down. The feel of their hand on mine is all I can comprehend. The way they entwine their fingers with mine. I can feel their thumb stroking my own. It's a strange sensational, one I am not used to. Growing up in multiple foster homes affection was rare. I wished my eyes to open, I wished that I could give whoever it was some sort of acknowledgement, to show them I knew they were there. But despite my efforts my eyes stayed closed, my body remained motionless, and all I could do was be consumed by this persons touch, and listen to their soft pleas.

"Emma, sweetheart, please wake up. I know you've been through a lot but I need you to wake up. I can't lose you again. Your father is going crazy trying to find out who the other driver was…"

My father? Wait, this chick obviously has me confused with someone else. I have never known who my parents were. I was left abandoned on a highway, and went through multiple foster homes until I was old enough to get out. I do not have a family, let alone be close enough to someone who would call themselves my father. I couldn't help feel jealous though. The way this woman spoke to me, the pain in her voice. She obviously thought I was someone else. Someone she truly cared for. Oh my God! By the way the woman is talking, it's obvious I've been in some sort of car accident. What if my face is so messed up that I'm unrecognisable! That has to be it! Why else would she care so much for me. She doesn't even know me. I don't have a father, I have no one. They are watching over me, looking out for me, when the one they truly care for is somewhere by themselves! Wait a second. She called me by my name though. She said 'Emma'. I'm sure she did. Surely I was mistaken.

Confusion takes over me. I know I won't be able to figure any of this out so I all I can do is lie here and wait for something to make sense.

"Regina and Henry were here earlier today. Henry misses you terribly. He brings by his book every afternoon and reads to you, hoping that somehow that will be enough to wake you. He kisses you every day. He says he does it just to make sure you know he loves you, and that he is still here, but I know him better than that. I can see in his eyes that he's trying to make it work, like you did. True loves kiss. I see the hope in his eyes vanish every time you don't wake up but he keeps trying, every day now. I see through his smile, his confident demeanour. He's scared Emma. He's scared of losing you. So you need to wake up okay? He needs you to wake up. I need you, your father needs you… Regina.. needs you. So wake up. Please. Just wake up. Wake up so I know you are going to be okay. This isn't our ending. This isn't how it is supposed to go. You are my daughter! You will fight! We will get past this.. you just have to wake up."