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Chapter 7: Pop Tarts
When Tony woke up the next day it was morning. The thought seemed preposterous, Tony Stark waking earlier than midday? He looked at the alarm clock on his left, 9.28 AM. Hangover free, he thought why waste the day? He got up and got dressed when he realized: Loki, I need to order him some clothes.
"JARVIS, you took a full body scan yeah, so you have his measurements on file."
"Of course sir"
"Pull up the most recent catalog from that brand, what was it called? You know, the one with the leather."
"Do you mean Alfheim, sir?"
"Yeah, that one" The catalog appeared on screen. Tony selected about 2 dozen outfits, clothes shoes and erm, underwear and pressed purchase. JARVIS took care of the order and relayed:
"The clothes should be here in two hours."
Tony opened the door to the corridor and was immediately hit by the smell of Pop Tarts. Apple ones, his favorite. He followed the smell to the kitchen where Loki was popping Pop Tarts.
"Pop Tarts?" he asked grabbing one and heading to the living room.
"An unhealthy breakfast, I agree, but I didn't have the correct ingredients to prepare anything remotely healthy. Is this how you always eat?" Loki asked grabbing his and the plate and following Tony.
"Well... Sometimes I get take-outs... That's healthy, I get side salads..." Tony replied.
"Oh please, that muck they call a salad is not healthy, It's full of salt and you don't know where it's been and for how long, it could have been stored in freezers for decades. The farms in which they got it from was probably-"
"You sure know a lot about this stuff don't you. How is that?" He asked
"This is not my first time on Midgard, I have often visited this realm, mostly England. I had a a flatmate in London who dabbled in cooking, he was kind of obsessive about eating healthy. There were no instant meals and definitely no take-outs. He taught me a few things, quite a lot actually. I miss him." Loki said dumping the plate in the kitchen.
"How long ago was this?"
"About two years ago now. I hardly had a chance to say goodbye" Loki said sinking down to the sofa, holding his head in his hands as he thought of Valkyrie. He thought of Alfhiem, but most of all he thought of Celestrian and how much he missed him. Two years is a lot of time.
"We should go, you know pop round, say hi and everything" Tony said seeing the utter misery on Loki's face.
"Really?" Loki replied as he looked up a hopeful expression crossed his face as he bit his lip, this look was one of both hope and confusion, confusion at the kindness his so-called enemy was showing towards him.
"Really" Tony replied, seeing Loki chewing his lip made him think, it made him imagine, it made him fantasize about biting it, running his fingers down his spine. He leaned forward...
All of a sudden the window exploded. The God of Thunder appeared, well this is awkward Tony thought.
"Brother, you have to get away from here. Odin knows you're here and is coming for you. Mother is distracting him while I am to warn you. Do you have enough power to transport?"
"No, Thor what are you saying, that I run from him. Br- Thor I don't have the energy to fully heal the scars never mind to teleport. No, I stay and fight, he's not taking me down to the dungeons again, I won't go back there." Loki replied, slightly panicking at the thought of his so called father.
"Loki, It's too dangerous, and I just had the floor redone. I have transport. I have been working on an escape hatch for you so to speak. We can fly, both our suits have retro-reflect panels so we should remain undetected, the blocking algorithm should help as well. The suit I built for you will fit, I had JARVIS take measurements. I can have the luggage snook onto a plane, which brings us to our next question: Where are we going?" Tony asked.
"London." Loki replied, grinning from ear to ear.

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