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Summary: Rose is the richest girl in town with the hottest looks too, but Rose has a very arrogant attitude. She is about to be married off Dimitri! But, is she ever going to fall in love with Dimitri, or is she going to hate him forever? Please R & R!

Chapter 1:


I was walking around in my maroon, tight fitting dress and yet it doesn't show too much of my skin. I received more than 1 hungry look from the males around me and I loved that attention. I practically strutted around in my 6-inch black heels. My best friend, Lissa, was walking beside me, not liking the attention that we have at all. I turned to look at her dressing: an emerald green dress that was long and flowing, not hugging her figure and not accentuating her curves at all. Her dress was the total opposite of mine. I sighed. Nothing could ever change her fashion sense. Just then, I heard my name being called by my bodyguard, Mason, whom I have ordered him to leave us for a while. Mason jogged up to us and said, " Mrs Janine wants you back in the house, and she said it is very important." I nodded and bid goodbye to Lissa. She waved and I waved back. Mason immediately fetched the carriage and I hopped onto it and set off for my mansion.

The minute I reached, I went up to the study room of my father's as I heard from one of the servants say that my mother is there with my father. When I reached, I curtsied to my father and mother. "Father, Mother, what brings the great pleasure of calling me here?" I said with sarcasm dripping off my every word. I saw Janine's face turn tomato red and opened her mouth but not before my father, Abe, stopped her. "Kizim, your mother and I have decided on marrying you to either the Duke of Russia, Dimitri Belikov or the Duke of England, Adrian Ivashkov. Both of them are coming on this Thursday, so I expect you to be on your best behaviour this Thursday." I sucked in a shocked gasp. I wasn't expecting my marriage to be so soon. Lissa was engaged to the Duke of Britain, Christian Ozera. Tears filled up my eyes at the mere thought of my lost freedom. "But baba, you promised me that I will only married when I find my suitor." I whispered. My father shook his head and answered, "Sorry Kizim, but your mother and I feel that you have taken too long to find a suitor."

I ran up to my room as my tears streamed down my face. My servant hastily bowed down to me as I ran passed them but today I was too sad to even care about their correct bowing position.

On Thursday, my personal maid, Mia, knocked on my door and woke me up. I sighed and picked out my nicest dress, baby blue of color and hugs my curves perfectly and doesn't puff out at the skirt. I ordered Mia in to help me set up a hot bath and help me inside. I sighed at the feeling of the warm water and began scrubbing my body. After an hour or so, I slipped on the dress and put on my five-inch silver stilettos and walked down the stairs to the dining area. My chef immediately started cooking my normal breakfast, bacons with scrambled eggs with sausages and two chocolate glazed donuts. After a few minutes, my chef hastily placed my breakfast down on the table and bowed and greeted me, Miss Mazur. I nodded at him and sulkily dug into my breakfast. After I ate my breakfast, my parents immediately summoned me to the study room. I let out a loud sigh before storming up the stairs reluctantly. I knocked on the door and step in before closing it. "Kizim, both dukes are coming in an hour so I expect you to be in your best, no snarky attitude or anything else except for a prim and proper, ladylike attitude." Baba said in a stern voice. I meekly nodded my head and left the room. Both dukes' names are Dimitri Belikov and Adrian Ivashkov. Adrian is notorious for partying around and sleeping with any woman he can lay his eyes onto. I so did not want to marry Adrian. Dimitri on the other hand, had a totally clean record so I will most likely choose him. As I pondered on this, I walked to my room and sat on the bed.

I decided on the pros and cons of both men, and in the end decided that their looks will be the last and deciding point. After an hour, I got summoned back to the study room again and when I entered, I saw 2 new people on the chairs facing baba. I knew they were Dimitri Belikov and Adrian Ivashkov.

So what is going to happen next? Will Rose find Dimitri or Adrian handsomer and hotter? Just stay tuned to the next chapter and you will find out!

-Pearlyn Belikov Hathaway