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Zatanna was sound asleep in her bed when she heard a faint knocking at the door. She was still exhausted from her earlier mission in the Philippines that had lasted over ten days. She meagerly crawled out of bed, seeing that it was two in the morning. She sighed, mentally noting to tell the person that this was an insane hour and she was not a morning person.

When she opened the door of her apartment, she was surprised to see Dick Grayson. Since Wally's death two weeks ago, no one had seen him. Not even Batman, though he insisted his ward was okay.


"Zatanna, I need your help. I think I found a way to get Wally back."

"Dick, why don't you come inside?" Zatanna said, still staring at him in confusion. Zatanna walked over to her coffee machine and began to make a pot. She sat Dick down at the kitchen table and watched as he simply stared into empty space. No, he was definitely not the Dick she used to know five years ago. Becoming Nightwing, then seeing his best friend die had changed Dick. Zatanna hoped he wouldn't become like his mentor.

"Dick, I'm not a necromancer and I refuse to use dark magic to resurrect Wally. I know you're hurting, but-"

"I'm not thinking about necromancy. Wally died because of kinetic energy. Without a medium for it to travel through though like a car it didn't quite kill him. Instead, his atoms dispersed into the air nearby. If we can use magic to reassemble his atoms, then we can bring him back without using necromancy."

Zatanna stared in horror at Dick. He had gone insane, leaving behind this compulsion to get his friend back. She sat next to him, handing him his cup of coffee, black, the way he liked. She kissed him slowly, trying to see if the boy she onced loved was still there. He pushed her away, standing up. Tears were falling down his cheek.

"When I lost my parents, it was the worse thing I ever thought possible. Becoming Robin, it helped a lot, but it often wasn't enough. Then I met Wally. I admit, I found him the most annoying person on the planet; he wouldn't shut up. I had become so accustomed to silence that jokes and laughter, they seemed strange. But he healed me. He helped me live again."

Zatanna wasn't sure what to say or if she should say anything at all.

"I can't let him go, Zee. It would be like losing me parents all over again. I can't, Zee. I can't-"

Zatanna stood up and began to massage his shoulders. They were tense, stiff, burdened. She sighed slowly. "Of course I'll help you, Dick. I'll do everything I can to help you get Wally back."

Dick nodded, the tears beginning to slowly cease. He walked over to the couch and lied down, fitful sleep overcoming him. Zatanna walked to the kitchen after putting a blanket on top of him and started cleaning the dishes. She sighed, her own tears springing forth. She knew that if this worked, then it would help everyone, especially Dick and Artemis. And she thought that is could work.

But if that was true, then why did she feel like she was about to do more harm than good?

Artemis was in the Watchtower, waiting for Kaldur to arrive so she could debrief him on her solo mission. She looked over the earth, her eyes drawn to white land mass at the south pole. She felt a tear begin to fall down her cheek. Her finger fiddled with a ring around her neck. She could remember walking up to his parent's house to tell them the terrible news. They had embraced her upon seeing her teary and red eyes. They both knew. They took her in as their own, both knowing what she meant to their son. She sat there, crying with them well into the next morning. Then, when his father went to the store to buy donuts, his favorite, his mother walked out of the room, saying she would be back in a moment. When she did come back, she brought out a small box and gave it to Artemis. There was a ring inside. His mother explained that he had been waiting for the right moment to propose to her. Artemis cried even more, wishing she could have at least had the chance to say yes.

That had all happen two weeks ago. Artemis had overworked herself since then. She felt it was the only way to keep her head clear and block the pain. But still moments like these would appear and she could feel the sorrow flood into her and the tears fall.

"You did well, Tigress." Aqualad, Superboy, and M'gann walked in together, all sensing the support their friend needed. She hid the ring under her uniform quickly. They didn't need more reminders why to be sad like her

"Thanks," she replied curtly. With him gone, it seemed like the mission was the most important thing now. She had tried mission with Bart, but seeing him as Kid Flash brought up too many memories. Since then, she requested to try thing alone. At least for now.

"Are you feeling better?" M'gann asked. M'gann had sensed a change in Artemis recently. While she was fill with sorrow, there was also something else, as if she was even more alive than before. M'gann couldn't explain this feeling. It was a contradiction alright.

Artemis sighed, deciding to tell the the truth about the nausea she had been experiencing for a couple days now. "No, not really. But I know why now and I suppose it's only fair that you guys be the first to know since he isn't here any more." She smiled sadly, wondering how her best friends would take the news. "I'm pregnant."