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Zatanna was nearly freezing in the cold Antarctic. Even the spells she had cast for warmth for quickly fading. The thick fur coats that she and Dick both wore were already covered in ice. She knew that Dick knew what he was doing, but she was worried still. He was hurt and broken. If this didn't work, would he ever give up? Or would he just keep on trying to find a way to "bring Wally back?"

She watched as he walked around with a little GPS in his hands, finding the exact position where Wally had died. She could tell by his eyes that they were close and he was frantic. She bit her lip, not noticing from the cold that her teeth pierced flesh and the small amount of blood that poured out froze over.

"Are we here?" She asked, eagerly awaiting to get this over with. She missed Wally dearly, but from experience with her father, she knew that sometimes it was best to leave those you loved behind.

"Yes, here. Now remember, you need to reassemble his atoms. It shouldn't be too hard, but I'm not too familiar with magic. Most villains I face are complete jokers."

Zatanna cracked a smile as she saw he was trying to make a joke. Not a good one, but enough to make her have hope that that man she knew was still inside the empty shell. She lifted her hands, mentally preparing herself for the spell, when she looked back at Dick.

"How long will this last?"

"The assembly shouldn't take more than a few minutes. We should know right away if I'm right."

"What if it doesn't?"

"I thought you said you were going to help me." His brow narrowed and his eyes became a stormy gray blue. She could see the despair and betrayal in his eyes.

"I am. But is this doesn't work, then when will it stop? Will it ever stop?"

He looked away. "What if's are dangerous questions. You should perform the spell right here."

Zatanna sighed, vowing that if this didn't work, she wouldn't help Dick anymore. She would just be enabling her. She thought about what to say to best perform the magic and not use necromancy. Already, this was bordering too close to what her father would call black magic. She breathed in and released the spell.

"Tel eht seceip fo ruo dneirf Yllaw emoc kcab rehtegot ot eb elohw ecno erom."

She felt her energy instantly drain from her. It was an incredible amount, but she felt Dick's hand on her shoulder. That small little gesture reminded her of everything she was doing this for. Power flowed from her and in her mind's eye, she saw something working. But after a few moments, she doubted herself. She felt her strength waning and soon, the connection she had to her magic was gone. She dropped the spell. She heard Dick cry no, falling to his knees. Zatanna felt her own tears begin to form with Dick's.

"He's really gone," Dick whispered.

A rapid beeping from Dick's wrist. It was Aqualad trying to get a hold of him. Zatanna nudged him, but he didn't respond. She took the com and answered. "Aqualad?"

"Zatanna? Is Dick there?"

"He's... away for the moment. What's up?"

"Meet me and Artemis at the Watchtower. And bring Dick. He'll want to hear this."

It took a bit of encouragement from Zatanna to help Dick move. He pushed her away and eventually she had to use magic to calm him down and bring him there. And once there, he grew still. He drifted off and a glassy look swelled in his eyes. Zatanna hoped that whatever news Kaldur had, it would be good.

Kaldur was standing with the rest of the original team. They were all smiling and their happiness was only tained by the slight sorrow of Wally's loss. Zatanna threw a curious glance, but left it be. As she led Dick to them, she could see Artemis had the greatest mixture of joy and sadness. There was something else too. She seemed to glow.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Zatanna asked since Dick was stoically silent.

"Wally's not gone." Artemis said, as Dick perked up, confusion in his eyes, but perhaps relief too. "I'm pregnant with his child."

Zatanna could see that this was not what Dick expected, but she saw his humanity come back. He grinned genuinely for the first time since that day and she could sense a flicker of life inside him. She knew that this child would be a way of healing for Dick. Hopefully he wouldn't become like Batman.

"Congrats, Artemis."

"Thanks, Dick."

Zatanna looked at Dick. She knew that it would all be okay. She wondered if Dick would still fanaticize about bringing Wally back, but she knew that Dick would also do everything he could for this child. There was an unspoken promise that night. As they all decided that they would protect this child, everyone knew that Dick would become the father figure in its life simply because everyone knew that he would take the his best friend's kid under his wing.

Everyone knew that in some way, Wally would always be with them.

In the icy tundra of the antarctic, the winds were still swirling with magic. The creatures could still feel it. Something was happening. Penguins had gathered, forming a circle along with several other birds that flew the greet the magic that enhanced them. An unknown side effect, they would later find out. But the sounds of the animals grew louder and louder and people on the edge of the continent would swear that they could hear an ominous thunder. Something was happening. They couldn't see it, but on the molecular level, atoms were assembling. The magician had come in time. If they had waited much longer, there would not be enough of him to rebuild.

A consciences likewise still remained. It was about to finally leave when it sensed a body coming back, calling it. It would take much longer before it was functional, but it still kept the conscience nearby. It didn't know much about itself. Any memories of key features identifying itself had disappeared, but as it wondered and its body solidified in the months to follow, two things became certain.

His name was Wally and he would travel north.