Wally slipped as he skidded to a halt. As his back thudded on the ground, Dick was there offering his hand. Wally sheepishly took the outstretched hand as he stood up. Dick wore his half smirk and looked at the scene.

There was no snow falling though, only ice, cutting through the team's skins. The winds were blowing hard, knocking anything and everything down. Zatanna had to cast a spell to keep everyone up; they all saw the energy it was taking out of her, too. Superboy had arrived a few moments after everyone else and was confused to see red hair in the suit and not Bart's brown. As he put it together though, he walked up and practically squished Wally with the bear hug.

They all stared at the super storm, all well aware of the time remaining and all unsure of how to stop it. They tossed some ideas, but none were ideal. Eventually the plan the was forged was for everyone to use everything they got to contain the storm and starve it. Zatanna would use her magic. Superboy would use a shield and fly around in the upper atmosphere in counterclockwise while Wally did the same thing only clockwise on the ground. The idea was the wind forces would cancel out, a vacuum would be formed and the when they stopped, there would be extreme winds as the storm collapsed, but after the initial collapse of the system, the climate would turn to normal. Well, somewhat normal. Who knew if Zatanna's flowers would survive?

They started quickly, and continued hard. Dick also placed small reactors on the ground and began an endothermic reaction which would draw away some of the heat feeding this monster. As Dick was mixing in the last element, he saw the red bioship passing overhead. He sighed in relief as M'gann connected a psychic link only to freeze with horror when he discovered Artemis aboard.

"What is she doing here? This isn't the place for her," Dick cried.

"She can hear you, you know." Artemis narrowed her brow.

"Is that Artemis?"

"Wally?" The team could feel Artemis's heart begin to flutter.

"Hey, beautiful."

"You're dead!"

"You should know by now that nothing will keep me away from you."

"You were in the house."

"I had to see-"

"Can we finish this conversation later? We have a storm to deal with." Dick broke in, but everyone knew he was grinning at the reunion of his best friend and his girlfriend.

Everyone agreed and fought the hard fight. They fought against Mother Nature and all her fury. As they raced against time, Artemis watched the yellow and red flash by at the base of the storm. As she and M'gann approached the storm, they could see it was huge. She was unsure if the team could handle it.

Her hand rested on her bulging belly. He was back. Wally was here, in costume and in time to see their children. And the doctor had told her to expect them soon. True, they weren't due for another month and a half, but the doctor said that often when the womb reached a certain size, no matter whether the child was developed or not, the body would naturally start to give birth. The doctor had prescribed some medication and little activity to make sure the fetuses were as developed as possible, but he said they would most likely come early. And now Wally would be able to see them.

She had a couple names in mind before, but now that he was back, she wasn't sure about any of them now that he was here. What if he didn't like any of them?

"Any name you like, I'll love." His voice came over the link. Artemis felt her heart leap and safety envelop her as Wally wasn't freaking out at the thought of becoming a father like most men she knew would have.

She watched him with adoration before noticing the winds dying down. Hesitantly, Dick told everyone to slow down. Connor stopped first and not a moment too soon. His shield was finished and would have fallen if not for M'gann catching him. He smiled exhaustively. Dick gave to okay for Wally to slow down. As he slid over to where everyone was gathered, the final winds came howling through and picked up debris, launching it straight into his lower back.

Artemis screamed as he fell to the ground. She knelt on the ground, stroking his hair as he reacted the quickest though, checking the area he had been struck. Artemis saw in his eyes a hardness. But that soon turned to conviction and determination as he began to shout out orders.

"M'gann, left him up carefully to the bioship. We need to get him to a hospital ASAP."

Artemis sat in the chair in the waiting room as Wally was prepped for surgery. She watched Dick pace back and forth. Connor was staring out the window. M'gann was rubbing Artemis's shoulders comfortingly with Zatanna close by. The doctors said they were confident that they could heal Wally. There were slight concerns about his ability to walk, but they were all annoyingly bright about it.

"They say he'll make a full recovery," Zatanna whispered. Artemis nodded, too confused to trust her voice. She got up and walked to Dick, still pacing. She grabbed his arm and smiled. They began to walk together.

It was silent at first, both comforting each other in the one way they knew how when words were not enough. Only raw emotions. They reached the garden outside. There were a few others outside, but no one was nearby. They sat for a while together like that, side by side when Dick spoke first.

"I can't lose him again."

"I don't think either of us can."

Silence fell over them again, but this wasn't the awkward silence between classmates thrusted together for a huge project. This silence comforted both of them when no one else could.

"You never told me how Wally came back." Artemis spoke first this time.

Dick chuckled, remembering his crazed self all those months ago. "I had a crazy idea. It worked."

After a couple hours, the two stood up and walked back inside. As they went through the door, the head surgeon came out, still in uniform and informed them that Wally was going to make a full recovery. Everyone let out a sigh of relief. Artemis cracked out a smile. He was back.

Dick was about to ask when they could visit him, when Artemis screeched, bent over, and her hands flew to her swollen belly. She looked up at Dick and he knew. The baby was coming.

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