Artemis's hands clenched around M'gann's hands as she tried not to scream. As agonizing contractions racked her body, she bit her lip and clenched her teeth, hoping the foul language racing through her mind would not leave her mouth. As blood from the lip began to trickle down her lip, she screamed for the doctor. Within a moment, he came, but a moment too long for the soon to be mother.

"What the hell took you so long?" she shouted.

The doctor was calm in his response, irking Artemis. "I'm sorry; it takes a while to prep for a C-section. but I'm here now and the nurses are on there way. Now if you don't mind, we're going to give you something for the pain. You won't feel a thing."

Artemis's eyes glazed over in moments. She was still there, but it was an effect similar to laughing gas. Lucid enough to know what's going on, but not enough to be fully aware of the doctors performing surgery. She only kept on asking where Wally was and if he would be there soon.

"Dick is on his way to get him." Zatanna whispered calmly as she brushed away the sweaty hair from Artemis's face. Then quietly to herself, "Hurry, Dick."

"I'm sorry, but no. Even if he was awake, which he won't be for a while, he is still too weak to go across the hospital."

"Three little children that he fathered are about to born." Dick's voice slowly grew into a shout. "Two boys a one little girl! This is his first time . He has been late too many times. He missed most of this pregnancy! HE WILL BE THERE!"

The doctor opened his mouth to reply when Wally, still dressed in a gown, stumbled out sleepily from the room. "Why are you shouting, Dick? Did I miss something?"

Dick smiled. "The birth of your first three kids. Artemis is on the other side of the hospital. Now let's go."

Wally flashed out of the room as Dick threw a change of clothes at him with a faint thanks shouted back from the end of the hallway. Dick knew he would never catch up, but he didn't need to. So long as Wally made it in time. He was about to rush out of the room when he remembered the confused doctor standing there, confused about Wally's early waking, his ability to stand immediately after surgery, and his superspeed.

"H...Ho...How? Tha... That's impossible."

Dick snickered as he did when he was younger. "You better get used to it. He's has triplets."

Dick left, following Wally. He barely missed seeing the doctor faint at the thought.

They started to wean Artemis off of the painkillers as the third child was born. She quickly came to, especially at the crying of her children. She anxiously waited for the nurses to finish measuring her children and making sure they were healthy being born prematurely. As the first one, a little girl, the eldest, was placed in her arms, she smiled beautifully and Wally came through the door. He was wearing normal clothes, but he pulling the shirt over his head as the door swung open. The middle child, a boy, was placed in Artemis's other arm. And finally, the youngest, another boy, was placed in Wally's arms after he walked up and kissed Artemis's sweaty forehead gently.

The two new parents were smiling beaming. Wally laughed, amazed at what had happened over the last several months. The looked at each other, both knowing names must be announced when Dick walked through the door. They smiled at him and felt pride sweep through their bodies.

"Have you decided on names yet?" M'gann asked.

Artemis looked at Wally. He kissed her forehead. "I want to know as well."

Artemis looked down at her children. "I decided a while ago the girl would be named Mary Iris, after you mother and aunt." She searched for approval from Wally. With his huge smile, she gather confidence and moved on. The second, I was thinking of Dash Mason. They were some of my closest normal friends at Gotham Academy."

Everyone laughed at this. Wally rested a hand on Artemis's shoulder. She looked up and nodded. He spoke hesitantly. "The last and youngest will Richard Barry after my uncle and Dick. You brought me back, Dick. Instead of death, now I get to watch my three children grow up. I get to have a beautiful family of my own. Who knows, it might be growing in the future."

"Don't bet on it, Wally," Artemis laughed, but the team could see how well motherhood suited her.

Dick, with the slightest tear in his eye, walked up to Wally and embraced him tightly, careful though not to squish little Richard. He grabbed his best friend's hand and placed a tiny box inside it. He whispered into his ear, "Now's your chance. Ask her."

Wally smiled. He leaned over Artemis and kissed her forehead. He slowly revealed the box to her. She recognized it immediately. She was slightly confused as to how the ring she wore almost constantly on her neck ended back in the box, but an amused look from Dick confirmed her suspicions. All the emotions she had been holding in for the last several months came tumbling out at once. Tears streamed down her face and she could barely nod when Wally asked the most important question in a girl's life.

"Will you marry me?"

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